NOTE: This recipe is for OE-Classic, the older monolithic version of OpenEmbedded which is no longer actively developed. See below for migration information. If no replacement is available in current OpenEmbedded layers, you may be able to migrate the recipe yourself.
oe-classic OpenEmbedded
Name cairo-native cairo (Provided (BBCLASSEXTEND)) verified
Version 1.8.0 1.18.0
Summary The Cairo 2D vector graphics library
Description Cairo graphics library Cairo is a multi-platform library providing anti-aliased vector-based rendering for multiple target backends. Paths consist of line segments and cubic splines and can be rendered at any width with various join and cap styles. All colors may be specified with optional translucence (opacity/alpha) and combined using the extended Porter/Duff compositing algebra as found in the X Render Extension.
Section libs libs
License MPL LGPL (MPL-1.1 | LGPL-2.1-only) & GPL-3.0-or-later
Bug tracker
Package/recipe file recipes/cairo/ recipes-graphics/cairo/
Origin openembedded-core (master branch)
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oe-classic OpenEmbedded


oe-classic OpenEmbedded
Patch Status
cairo/cairo-get_bitmap_surface-bsc1036789-CVE-2017-7475.diff Submitted []

configure options

oe-classic OpenEmbedded
-Dgtk_doc=false -Dxcb=enabled -Dxlib=enabled