Name docker-ce
Version 25.0.2-ce+gitfce6e0ca9bc000888de3daa157af14fa41fcd0ff
Summary Linux container runtime
Description Linux container runtime Docker complements kernel namespacing with a high-level API which operates at the process level. It runs unix processes with strong guarantees of isolation and repeatability across servers. . Docker is a great building block for automating distributed systems: large-scale web deployments, database clusters, continuous deployment systems, private PaaS, service-oriented architectures, etc. . This package contains the daemon and client, which are officially supported on x86_64 and arm hosts. Other architectures are considered experimental. . Also, note that kernel version 3.10 or above is required for proper operation of the daemon process, and that any lower versions may have subtle and/or glaring issues.
Section base
License Apache-2.0
Recipe file recipes-containers/docker/
Layer meta-lmp-base (master branch)
  • go
  • goarch
  • linuxloader
  • pkgconfig
  • systemd
  • update-rc.d
  • useradd
  • useradd_base
  • base-files
  • base-passwd
  • btrfs-tools
  • compose-file
  • go-capability
  • go-cli
  • go-connections
  • go-context
  • go-dbus
  • go-distribution
  • go-fsnotify
  • go-logrus
  • go-mux
  • go-patricia
  • go-pty
  • go-systemd
  • grpc-go
  • initscripts
  • libseccomp
  • libtool
  • libtool-native
  • lvm2
  • notary
  • pkgconfig-native
  • shadow
  • shadow-native
  • shadow-sysroot
  • sqlite3
  • update-rc.d
  • virtual/core2-32-go
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-compilerlibs
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-gcc
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-go-runtime
  • virtual/libc
  • docker-init
  • transient-config




Patch Status
docker-ce/0001-dynbinary-use-go-cross-compiler.patch Inappropriate [embedded specific]
files/0001-cli-use-external-GO111MODULE-and-cross-compiler.patch Inappropriate [embedded specific]


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Other branches

This recipe in other branches of meta-lmp-base:

Branch Recipe
master docker-ce 25.0.2-ce+gitfce6e0ca9bc000888de3daa157af14fa41fcd0ff (this recipe)
kirkstone (Yocto Project 4.0) docker-ce 20.10.21-ce+git3056208812eb5e792fa99736c9167d1e10f4ab49
honister (Yocto Project 3.4) docker-ce 20.10.14-ce+git87a90dc786bda134c9eb02adbae2c6a7342fb7f6
dunfell (Yocto Project 3.1) docker-ce 19.03.12-ce+git48a66213fe1747e8873f849862ff3fb981899fc6