Name libstrictures-perl
Version 2.000006
Summary strictures - turn on strict and make all warnings fatal
Description I've been writing the equivalent of this module at the top of my code for about a year now. I figured it was time to make it shorter. Things like the importer in \"use Moose\" don't help me because they turn warnings on but don't make them fatal -- which from my point of view is useless because I want an exception to tell me my code isn't warnings-clean. Any time I see a warning from my code, that indicates a mistake. Any time my code encounters a mistake, I want a crash -- not spew to STDERR and then unknown (and probably undesired) subsequent behaviour. I also want to ensure that obvious coding mistakes, like indirect object syntax (and not so obvious mistakes that cause things to accidentally compile as such) get caught, but not at the cost of an XS dependency and not at the cost of blowing things up on another machine. Therefore, \"strictures\" turns on additional checking, but only when it thinks it's running in a test file in a VCS checkout -- although if this causes undesired behaviour this can be overridden by setting the PERL_STRICTURES_EXTRA environment variable.
Section libs
License Artistic-1.0 | GPL-1.0+
Recipe file recipes-perl/libstrictures/
Layer meta-perl (master branch)
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