Name psqlodbc
Version 09.05.0300
Summary ODBC driver for PostgreSQL
Description This package provides a driver that allows ODBC-enabled applications to access PostgreSQL databases. ODBC is an abstraction layer that allows applications written for that layer to access databases in a manner that is relatively independent of the particular database management system. . You need to install this package if you want to use an application that provides database access through ODBC and you want that application to access a PostgreSQL database. This package would need to be installed on the same machine as that client application; the PostgreSQL database server can be on a different machine and does not need any additional software to accept ODBC clients.
Section libs
License LGPLv2
Recipe file recipes-dbs/psqlodbc/
Layer meta-oe (master branch)
  • autotools
  • pkgconfig
  • ptest
  • siteconfig
  • siteinfo
  • autoconf-native
  • automake-native
  • gnu-config-native
  • libtool-cross
  • libtool-native
  • pkgconfig-native
  • postgresql
  • unixodbc



Patch Status
files/psqlodbc-remove-some-checks-for-cross-compiling.patch Inappropriate [not a real bug,just for cross-compiling]
files/psqlodbc-donot-use-the-hardcode-libdir.patch Pending
files/psqlodbc-fix-for-ptest-support.patch Inappropriate [OE ptest specific]