Title Version Milestone Date Committer Commit
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.17 5.0.17+gitAUTOINC+2bc19ce252_fa6f061d0d 2.8 M1 2019-06-02 Bruce Ashfield 3faea669be
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.19 5.0.19+gitAUTOINC+9262e21627_00638cdd8f 2.8 M1 2019-06-02 Bruce Ashfield a05ca00a3c
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.13 5.0.13+gitAUTOINC+d26eec23cf_f990fd0ce1 2.8 M1 2019-05-31 Bruce Ashfield a4544d19b4
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.5 5.0.5+gitAUTOINC+2070c41a1d_8d265b9329 2.7 M4 2019-04-16 Bruce Ashfield 0e08b8dc41
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.7 5.0.7+gitAUTOINC+7477b32eaf_9c40ed0d86 2.7 M4 2019-04-16 Bruce Ashfield ccf8683a60
linux-yocto/5.0: update to v5.0.3 5.0.3+gitAUTOINC+0c703cb023_3df4aae607 2.7 M4 2019-03-25 Bruce Ashfield c7042659b1
linux-yocto: introduce 5.0 versioned recipe 5.0+gitAUTOINC+8ae7073a93_1a0da7e50b 2.7 M3 2019-03-06 Bruce Ashfield c802c355f0
linux-yocto/4.19: update to v4.19.19 4.19.19+gitAUTOINC+4c0da29403_ad24af0809 2.7 M3 2019-02-07 Bruce Ashfield 29d4b668e2
linux-yocto/4.19: update to v4.19.14 4.19.14+gitAUTOINC+d9a3d567a7_eebb51300a 2.7 M2 2019-01-14 Bruce Ashfield 969049ede5
linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.17 4.18.17+gitAUTOINC+5a99020e69_218a250008 2.7 M1 2018-12-18 Bruce Ashfield 9c7770cf62
linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.20 4.18.20+gitAUTOINC+85fa5f0caa_3ec998a9e3 2.7 M1 2018-12-18 Bruce Ashfield 77939f82e2
linux-yocto: introduce 4.19 recipes 4.19.5+gitAUTOINC+f7bff5bff6_ba6690e7b6 2.7 M1 2018-12-18 Bruce Ashfield d52d68adff
linux-yocto/4.19: update to v4.19.8 4.19.8+gitAUTOINC+085d8f700a_e727c70583 2.7 M1 2018-12-18 Bruce Ashfield 40d6b10ebe
linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.14 4.18.14+gitAUTOINC+bf98e195a4_33859b3077 2.6 M4 2018-10-18 Bruce Ashfield d81dd54365
linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.7 4.18.7+gitAUTOINC+a0f78294ba_2a412d007e 2.6 M4 2018-09-22 Bruce Ashfield db4c334fc3
linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.9 4.18.9+gitAUTOINC+0e108d3aae_0cdc8564c6 2.6 M4 2018-09-22 Bruce Ashfield 0f455c8a37
linux-yocto/4.18: update to 4.18.5 4.18.5+gitAUTOINC+80d3da10b8_71799edb8a 2.6 M3 2018-09-04 Bruce Ashfield 7de607cb0b
linux-yocto: introduce 4.18 recipes 4.18.3+gitAUTOINC+1f78e20cc9_eba03655e8 2.6 M3 2018-08-28 Bruce Ashfield e08069b685
linux-yocto/4.15: update to v4.15.18 4.15.18+gitAUTOINC+125963a34e_260fd93569 2.6 M1 2018-06-08 Bruce Ashfield 7dd52d9e39
linux-yocto/4.15: update to v4.15.13 4.15.13+gitAUTOINC+6918258c9e_f73fd8783a 2.5 M4 2018-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 6af2a29142
linux-yocto/4.15: update to v4.15.7 4.15.7+gitAUTOINC+03267fd15a_3247d5a26c 2.5 M3 2018-03-08 Bruce Ashfield 9740c4b037
linux-yocto/4.15: update to v4.15.3 4.15.3+gitAUTOINC+030f397472_a6a3a6a73d 2.5 M3 2018-02-19 Bruce Ashfield f91f60e916
linux-yocto: introduce 4.14 recipes 4.14.16+gitAUTOINC+0e964663a7_ae0fb21fdd 2.5 M3 2018-02-09 Bruce Ashfield 04254d4cc9
linux-yocto: introduce 4.15 recipes 4.15+gitAUTOINC+64ad69e5b4_9c2e6c0fc7 2.5 M3 2018-02-09 Bruce Ashfield 2bb69c16b4
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.19 4.12.19+gitAUTOINC+44a22d45cb_257f843ea3 2.5 M2 2018-01-26 Bruce Ashfield 222537d8dc
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v.4.12.18 4.12.18+gitAUTOINC+0eb9d6eb80_79394be830 2.5 M1 2017-12-21 Bruce Ashfield d3a8565e17
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.16 4.12.16+gitAUTOINC+146a863c24_42a33c00cd 2.5 M1 2017-12-21 Bruce Ashfield 72a9b142c3
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.14 4.12.14+gitAUTOINC+daacede608_1348b764f8 2.5 M1 2017-11-03 Bruce Ashfield e611aef364
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.12 4.12.12+gitAUTOINC+4fdd56fe60_873830670b 2.4 M4 2017-09-14 Bruce Ashfield d932cd6069
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.10 4.12.10+gitAUTOINC+42965d664f_b5c8cfda2d 2.4 M4 2017-08-31 Bruce Ashfield 180acc0b10
linux-yocto: introduce 4.12 recipes 4.12.7+gitAUTOINC+edb42d4805_d09f2ce584 2.4 M4 2017-08-23 Bruce Ashfield 4e5044bcea
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.17 4.10.17+gitAUTOINC+4b89f331d4_6648a34e00 2.4 M2 2017-06-12 Bruce Ashfield de5b0d918f
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.15 4.10.15+gitAUTOINC+4d929fac34_d2c1ed3c0c 2.4 M1 2017-05-18 Bruce Ashfield 58063bcdb7
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.9 4.10.9+gitAUTOINC+ad2e885015_fe0fb8da3d 2.3 M4 2017-04-12 Bruce Ashfield 5674ca07a9
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.5 4.10.5+gitAUTOINC+01f18cba44_53be19cad6 2.3 M4 2017-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 22dc7a7246
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.1 4.10.1+gitAUTOINC+976e613c70_705df69291 2.3 M4 2017-03-14 Bruce Ashfield 8ec83eb8fe
linux-yocto/4.10: update to v4.10.2 4.10.2+gitAUTOINC+69bfa87234_827a1164b1 2.3 M4 2017-03-14 Bruce Ashfield b4fae40422
linux-yocto: introduce 4.10 recipes 4.10+gitAUTOINC+805ea440c7_b259a5d744 2.3 M4 2017-03-03 Bruce Ashfield e8f07d2966
linux-yocto/4.9: bump to v4.9.8 4.9.8+gitAUTOINC+2c9c93fb14_c85c54f5bf 2.3 M3 2017-02-19 Bruce Ashfield 83722e8811
linux-yocto/4.9: update to v4.9.9 4.9.9+gitAUTOINC+b6e2f3d63b_d0c402280c 2.3 M3 2017-02-19 Bruce Ashfield e1866b78d8
linux-yocto/4.9: update to v4.9.6 4.9.6+gitAUTOINC+0f58ab9949_0b52a52fb8 2.3 M3 2017-02-05 Bruce Ashfield 629ec06de1
linux-yocto/4.9: update to 4.9.4 4.9.4+gitAUTOINC+78e8e39c7c_6fdf2bca12 2.3 M3 2017-02-05 Bruce Ashfield 9b4c9986eb
linux-yocto/4.9: -stable update to v4.9.2 4.9.2+gitAUTOINC+155d2810fa_441291bf1b 2.3 M3 2017-01-23 Bruce Ashfield 338874156b
linux-yocto/4.9: merge 4.9.3 and ethernet config changes 4.9.3+gitAUTOINC+03a2d3f7f9_881cba95ae 2.3 M3 2017-01-23 Bruce Ashfield 0f72ddb55b
kernel: introduce linux-yocto v4.9 recipes 4.9+gitAUTOINC+c56f2da94e_617635e43a 2.3 M3 2017-01-23 Bruce Ashfield e8a1f4ccb1
linux-yocto/4.8: update to v4.8.12 4.8.12+gitAUTOINC+b22e477396_45f25516ed 2.3 M1 2016-12-09 Bruce Ashfield beb9adb476
linux-yocto/4.8: update to v4.8.10 4.8.10+gitAUTOINC+1dc615a677_f5d46e2168 2.3 M1 2016-12-07 Bruce Ashfield b5e43be6aa
linux-yocto/4.8: update from v4.8.6 -> v4.8.8 4.8.8+gitAUTOINC+1eac0b697a_6745463c22 2.3 M1 2016-11-30 Bruce Ashfield f959030127
linux-yocto/4.8: update to 4.8.6 4.8.6+gitAUTOINC+87e5fc8b7c_9d5f74f941 2.3 M1 2016-11-03 Bruce Ashfield 2a7d3173c7
linux-yocto/4.8: update to v4.8.3 4.8.3+gitAUTOINC+6d028d2818_1adf9d3633 2.2 M4 2016-10-25 Bruce Ashfield deb7d22d00
linux-yocto: introduce v4.8 recipes 4.8-rc4+gitAUTOINC+8cb7317502_a7d71794e4 2.2 M4 2016-09-05 Bruce Ashfield 3585c71dc5
linux-yocto/4.1/4.4: -stable updates and configuration changes 4.4.18+gitAUTOINC+dab902b4cf_0a0c93f29c 2.2 M3 2016-08-23 Bruce Ashfield 18c6fb387a
linux-yocto/4.4: bump to v4.4.15 4.4.15+gitAUTOINC+8c6158ec5e_1238684aa5 2.2 M3 2016-08-01 Bruce Ashfield 605e7b4bfa
linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.14 4.4.14+gitAUTOINC+e775f4ed1e_62acc21a6d 2.2 M3 2016-07-20 Bruce Ashfield 9c0c00e7b8
linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.13 4.4.13+gitAUTOINC+870134f4bf_bc64c81245 2.2 M2 2016-06-15 Bruce Ashfield b3ff02b56b
linux-yocto/4.4: bump to v4.4.12 4.4.12+gitAUTOINC+8900370d33_8149f5840e 2.2 M1 2016-06-06 Bruce Ashfield 10ddce2006
linux-yocto/4.4: integrate v4.4.11 4.4.11+gitAUTOINC+6ec93aaa70_628bf62756 2.2 M1 2016-05-25 Bruce Ashfield bb4ead9b7b
linux-yocto/4.4: gcc6 build fixes (powerpc and mips) 4.4.10+gitAUTOINC+d6ee402d46_578ff2a886 2.2 M1 2016-05-15 Bruce Ashfield f1c75b93a4
linux-yocto/4.4: bump to v4.4.8 4.4.8+gitAUTOINC+9ab4787fe2_b18090556c 2.2 M1 2016-05-13 Bruce Ashfield 7ec1682e94
linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.9 4.4.9+gitAUTOINC+812e62b35a_242f3e2d6e 2.2 M1 2016-05-13 Bruce Ashfield d8d93df328
linux-yocto/4.4: beaglebone: Enable drm for omap 4.4.9+gitAUTOINC+344bfd3a9d_242f3e2d6e 2.2 M1 2016-05-13 Bruce Ashfield 8d2b635cc2
linux-yocto/4.4: bump to v4.4.10 4.4.10+gitAUTOINC+b7ce076447_fe7ff38448 2.2 M1 2016-05-13 Bruce Ashfield 4f2898f598
linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.3 4.4.3+gitAUTOINC+8b6a7d8034_ff4c4ef15b 2.1 M4 2016-03-02 Bruce Ashfield 61fb6887a4
linux-yocto/4.4: update to -stable 4.4.2 4.4.2+gitAUTOINC+4d2d541ae0_abb7da90b7 2.1 M4 2016-03-02 Bruce Ashfield 0f623b99b1
linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.1 4.4.1+gitAUTOINC+4940c6e551_0194c76586 2.1 M3 2016-02-11 Bruce Ashfield 1a6e4c4a4c
linux-yocto: introduce v4.4 standard/preempt-rt/standard kernel 4.4+gitAUTOINC+ad9d3f0130_2dadc3524f 2.1 M2 2016-01-17 Bruce Ashfield 2dbc788bc3
linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.15 4.1.15+gitAUTOINC+46bb64d605_788dfc9859 2.1 M2 2015-12-27 Bruce Ashfield 1df3a79cf4
linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.13 4.1.13+gitAUTOINC+1fb60461e4_49e2f2d48a 2.1 M1 2015-12-01 Bruce Ashfield 12be8565b1
linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.8 -stable 4.1.8+gitAUTOINC+3d8f1378d0_cf940efcae 2.0 M4 2015-10-01 Bruce Ashfield 0cd10fc32f
linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.6 and v4.1.6-rt5 4.1.6+gitAUTOINC+833214b333_59b8c4f5e8 2.0 M4 2015-08-30 Bruce Ashfield 576fb9f267
linux-yocto: introduce 4.1 versioned recipes 4.1.2+gitAUTOINC+45393dd54f_4e30e64c44 2.0 M2 2015-07-25 Bruce Ashfield c027c1283e
linux-yocto/3.19: configuration updates and stable integration 3.19.5+gitAUTOINC+1b28e65444_d5d30ba4d2 2.0 M1 2015-04-27 Bruce Ashfield 2b163b8bbe
linux-yocto/3.19: configuration updates and stable import 3.19.2+gitAUTOINC+8fc194dece_31b35da6a5 1.8 M4 2015-03-24 Bruce Ashfield 486c40b6d9
linux-yocto/3.19: integrate korg -stable update 3.19.1+gitAUTOINC+e3303ca4bd_8c38c1015b 1.8 M4 2015-03-20 Bruce Ashfield 1e60b5216a
linux-yocto: introduce 3.19 versioned recipes 3.19+gitAUTOINC+8897ef68b3_43b9eced9b 1.8 M4 2015-02-20 Bruce Ashfield 329a028bec
linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.8 3.17.8+gitAUTOINC+f24c2bf9c2_0409b1fbed 1.8 M3 2015-02-08 Bruce Ashfield 4d342c2531
linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.6 3.17.6+gitAUTOINC+b81030f9ec_5ff54d8fbf 1.8 M2 2014-12-20 Bruce Ashfield 4408bfc7dd
linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.1 3.17.1+gitAUTOINC+229ce53386_0caf16d385 1.8 M2 2014-12-20 Bruce Ashfield 82f93cfed9
linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.2 3.17.2+gitAUTOINC+3283372105_cad8f6f707 1.8 M2 2014-12-20 Bruce Ashfield d63b126b8d
linux-yocto: introduce v3.17 3.17-rc4+gitAUTOINC+7df849fc7e_1a3939eb74 1.7 M4 2014-09-10 Bruce Ashfield 0731586145
linux-yocto/3.14: update to v3.14.17 3.14.17+gitAUTOINC+ccad961c4c_e0f04763ab 1.7 M4 2014-09-01 Bruce Ashfield 1bb73c05ff
linux-yocto/3.14: update to v3.14.13 3.14.13+gitAUTOINC+3a897e59cb_6fc66b1dbd 1.7 M3 2014-08-23 Bruce Ashfield bb1b6b7e58
linux-yocto/3.14: update to v3.14.5 3.14.5+gitAUTOINC+135b9fb4b8_4aa0cb556f 1.7 M1 2014-06-17 Bruce Ashfield c6a44b388f
linux-yocto/3.14: update to v3.14.4 3.14.4+gitAUTOINC+6fe191e807_4aa41764bf 1.7 M1 2014-05-28 Bruce Ashfield 5c0088767a
linux-yocto/3.14: update to v3.14.2 3.14.2+gitAUTOINC+4df1e2ed99_3904476fb8 1.6 M5 2014-05-06 Bruce Ashfield 34afc38d86
linux-yocto/3.14: introduce versioned recipes 3.14+gitAUTOINC+fc8c30398d_0143c6ebb4 1.6 M5 2014-03-31 Bruce Ashfield 9277609376
linux-yocto/3.10: fix qemuarm build failure 3.10.34+gitAUTOINC+df3aa753c8_c7739be126 1.6 M5 2014-03-30 Bruce Ashfield 2116e326d9
linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.33 3.10.33+gitAUTOINC+284e958943_21df0c8486 1.6 M4 2014-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 9acc956c23
linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.34 3.10.34+gitAUTOINC+cce9fc32c1_2ee37bfe73 1.6 M4 2014-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 4d63639643
linux-yocto/3.10: update intel common meta data 3.10.34+gitAUTOINC+df3aa753c8_2ee37bfe73 1.6 M4 2014-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 821b1c03db
linux-yocto/3.10: fix drm build failure 3.10.34+gitAUTOINC+df3aa753c8_c7739be126 1.6 M4 2014-03-28 Bruce Ashfield 42c0eba4fa
linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.32 3.10.32+gitAUTOINC+7b3b87d4d5_a86e2b1ead 1.6 M3 2014-02-28 Bruce Ashfield 66d976af75
linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.28 3.10.28+gitAUTOINC+713abc0efa_25d0ebad3e 1.6 M3 2014-02-14 Bruce Ashfield 91fb7cfaeb
linux-yocto/3.10: update to 3.10.25 3.10.25+gitAUTOINC+778d5f6259_79af968f2f 1.6 M2 2014-01-15 Bruce Ashfield 85ec7e0bb1
linux/yocto-3.10: merge v3.10.19 3.10.19+gitAUTOINC+41072c6288_2d96adf459 1.6 M1 2013-11-30 Bruce Ashfield 1da738722c
linux-yocto/3.10: meta: ARM: OMAP3: Add USB PHY driver for Beagleboard 3.10.17+gitAUTOINC+c16a2cf7b0_c03195ed6e 1.6 M1 2013-11-14 Bruce Ashfield 2a99445143
Initial import at 1.6 release start. 3.4.59+gitAUTOINC+f36797c2df_ea977edd05 1.6 M1 2013-11-12 No maintainer
Initial import at 1.6 release start. 3.8.13+gitAUTOINC+19e686b473_f20047520a 1.6 M1 2013-11-12 No maintainer
Initial import at 1.6 release start. 3.10.17+gitAUTOINC+f1c9080cd2_c03195ed6e 1.6 M1 2013-11-12 No maintainer



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