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The meta-multimedia layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
dvb-apps 1.1.1 Linux DVB API applications and utilities.
fluidsynth 1.1.1 Fluidsynth is a software synthesizer
gssdp 0.13.2 Resource discovery and announcement over SSDP
gssdp Resource discovery and announcement over SSDP
gst-rtsp 0.10.8 GStreamer RTSP server
gst123 0.3.1 Flexible CLI player in the spirit of mpg123, based on GStreamer
gupnp 0.19.3 UPnP framework
gupnp 0.18.4 UPnP framework
gupnp-av 0.11.6 Helpers for AV applications using UPnP
gupnp-av 0.10.3 Helpers for AV applications using UPnP
gupnp-dlna 0.9.2 Helpers for AV applications using DLNA
gupnp-igd 0.2.2 Helpers for interacting with Internet Gateway Devices over UPnP
gupnp-tools 0.8.1 Tools for GUPnP
libebml 1.2.2 libebml is a C++ libary to parse EBML files.
libmatroska 1.3.0 libmatroska is a C++ libary to parse Matroska files (.mkv and .mka)
libmpd 11.8.17 Music Player Daemon library
libmusicbrainz 5.0.1+gitX MusicBrainz client library
media-service-demo 0.0+gitX demonstration UI for dleyna
media-service-upnp 0.4.0 discover, browse and search UPNP/DLNA media servers
mkvtoolnix 5.9.0 MKVToolNix -- Cross-platform tools for Matroska
mpd 0.17.1 Music Player Daemon
mpg123 1.15.3 Audio decoder for MPEG-1 Layer 1/2/3
openal-soft 1.15.1 OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio API
oscam 1.10+X OSCam: Open Source Conditional Access Module
renderer-service-upnp 0.3.0 discover and manipulate UPNP/DLNA media renderers
sox 14.4.0 SoX is the Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools. It converts audio files among various standard audio file formats and can apply different effects and filters to the audio data.
tvheadend 3.3 Tvheadend TV streaming server
xbmc 11.0 XBMC Media Center