meta-measured is a collection of recipes and configurations that enable software measurement in Linux distros based on OE. Currently this includes the open source TCG TSS, related TPM tools, and tools enabling the use of Intels TXT. Reference images are also provided as a reference for the use of these tools in minimal builds. My goals for this layer include: 1) extending the measurement scheme to arbitrary software components (not just boot modules & fs images) at boot and runtime 2) enabling measured launch for arbitrary system images 3) supporting non-Intel platforms with hardware support for boot time measurements and the TPM.

Setup information

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The meta-measured layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
3rd-gen-i5-i7-sinit 67 ACM for Intel Ivy Bridge (IVB) machines
4th-gen-i5-i7-sinit 75 ACM for Intel Haswell (HSW) machines
5th-gen-i5-i7-sinit 79 ACM for Intel Broadwell machines
core-image-tpm 1.0 Image with Trousers daemon.
core-image-tpm-initramfs 1.0 Small image capable of booting a device. Trousers daemon and tpm-tools are included for measured launch of root files sytem.
core-image-txt 1.0 Image with TXT stuff and the TPM utils.
initramfs-boot-tpm 1.0 A live image init script with support for the TPM
measured-image-bootimg 1.0
packagegroup-tboot 1.0 Basic packagegroup for tboot & ACMs.
packagegroup-tpm 1.0 Basic packagegroup for TCG TSS and utilities that use it.
packagegroup-txt-utils 1.0 Utilities for interacting with TXT.
pcr-calc git Tools necessary to calculate PCR values.
pcr-extend 0.1
pyelftools git Python library and tools for doing stuff with EFL files.
tboot 1.8.3 Multi-boot module to perform measured / verified launch using Intel (R) Trusted Execution Technology (Intel(R) TXT).
tpm-quote-tools 1.0.1 The TPM Quote Tools is a collection of programs that provide support for TPM based attestation using the TPM quote mechanism.
tpm-tools 1.3.8 The tpm-tools package contains commands to allow the platform administrator the ability to manage and diagnose the platform's TPM.
trousers 0.3.13 TrouSerS - An open-source TCG Software Stack implementation, created and released by IBM.