BSP layer for Arm reference and virtual platforms

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The meta-arm-bsp layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
corstone1000-external-sys-tests 1.0+gitX CORSTONE1000 external systems communications tests
corstone1000-image 1.0 This is the main image which is the container of all the binaries generated for the Corstone1000 platform.
corstone1000-initramfs-image 1.0 This is the main Linux image which includes an initramfs kernel/rootfs bundle.
external-system 0.1.0+gitX External system Cortex-M3 Firmware
firmware-image-juno 1.0 Firmware Image for Juno to be copied to the Configuration microSD card
n1sdp-board-firmware 2022.06.22 Board Firmware binaries for N1SDP
sdcard-image-n1sdp 0.1 Firmware image recipe for generating SD-Card artifacts.
tc-artifacts-image 1.0 Total Compute Images
u-boot 2022.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
corstone1000-fvp Corstone1000 64-bit FVP
corstone1000-mps3 Corstone1000 64-bit MPS3 FPGA board
corstone500 Corstone-500 platform
fvp-base Armv8-A Base Platform FVP model
fvp-base-arm32 Armv7-A Base Platform FVP model
fvp-baser-aemv8r64 FVP BaseR AEMv8r64
juno Juno
musca-b1 Musca-B1
musca-s1 Musca-S1
n1sdp N1SDP
sgi575 SGI575
tc1 TC1