Recipe and machine for the gem5 simulator system.

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meta-gem5 web subdirectory

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The meta-gem5 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
gem5-aarch64-bootloader v20.1.0.5 Gem5 AARCH64 boot loader
gem5-aarch64-dtb 1.0
gem5-aarch64-native v20.1.0.5 A modular platform for computer-system architecture research
gem5-m5ops v20.1.0.5 m5ops provide pseudo-instructions to trigger gem5 functionality
gem5-m5readfile 1.0 Enables reading any script at simulation launch time
gem5-m5term-native v20.1.0.5 m5term allows users to connect to gem5's simulated console
linux-yocto 5.4.205+gitX Linux kernel