This layer contains for example a recipe for the 'barebox' bootloader, a class for creating bootspec-based rootfs images and full support for the 'genimage' image creation tool.

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The meta-ptx layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
barebox 2022.03.0 Barebox - a bootloader that inherits the best of U-Boot and the Linux kernel
confuse 3.2.2 Library for parsing configuration files
dt-utils 2021.03.0 device-tree and barebox-related tools
genext2fs 1.4.1 Ext2 filesystem generation tool
genimage 16 Image generation tool
memtool 2018.03.0 A handy tool to manipulate and read memory mapped registers
microcom 2019.01.0 Minimalistic terminal program for communicating with devices over a serial connection
platsch 0.1+gitX Simple splash screen application
ptx-profile 1.0 PTX distro specific profile
systemd-rc-once 1.0 Execute initial services once with rw mount