Provides kernel, bootloader and other support for the TOPIC Miami family of system-on-modules and carriers

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The meta-topic layer depends upon:


The meta-topic layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
bootscript 2 U-Boot Bootscript
device-tree-static 1.0 BSP device tree
dtb-miami-florida-gen-reference 1.0 Devicetree overlay for Topic Miami Florida GEN board
dtb-tdkz10-reference 1.0 Devicetree overlay for tdkz10 board
dtb-tdpzu-reference 1.0 Devicetree overlay for tdpzu boards
dtb-ttpzu9-reference 1.0 Devicetree overlay for ttpzu9 board
dtb-xdp-reference 2 Devicetree overlay for XDP reference FPGA image
firmware-imageon-edid 1.0 EDID firmware blob for ADV7604 driver
fpga-bit-to-bin 3.1 FPGA bitstream image loader, loads fpga.bin early at boot
fpga-firmware-load 1.0 FPGA bitstream image loader, loads fpga.bin early at boot
fpga-image-adi-vivado 2.X FPGA bitstream image from userspace and tools. Requires Vivado or XPS on the build host to build.
fpga-image-load 1.0 FPGA bitstream image loader, loads fpga.bin early at boot
fpga-image-miami-florida-gen-reference v3r0.1 FPGA bitstream for Miami Florida GEN boards
fpga-image-miami-florida-pci-reference v1r2 FPGA bitstream for Miami Florida PCIe boards
fpga-image-miamimp-florida-gen-reference v3r0.4 FPGA bitstream for Miami Florida GEN boards
fpga-image-pr-reference 38+8838cd5 FPGA image for Partial Reconfiguration demo
fpga-image-tdk-reference 174+94c73c4 FPGA referene design bitstream
fpga-image-tdp-reference 137+6ddb002 FPGA bitstream for tdpzu
fpga-image-ttp-reference 81+0d29b3c FPGA bitstream for ttpzu9
fpga-image-wizard 1.0 FPGA bitstream from local wizard
fpga-image-xdp-reference 2 FPGA bitstream for XDP board reference design
haveged-once 1.0 Run haveged --once at boot
murata-firmware 1.0 Temporary provider for Murata BLE and SDIO firmware additions
xdp-hwdetect 3 Hardware detection script for XDP