This layer provides an installation program based on OE platform. The installation program is anaconda from fedora, which is the installer of distribution Fedora, RedHat and Centos. The version of anaconda in meta-installer is 26.21.11 which is based on Fedora 26.

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Recipe name Version Description
anaconda-init 1.0 Simple Init Script for Anaconda
core-image-anaconda 1.0 An image with Anaconda to do installation.
core-image-anaconda-initramfs 1.0 The initramfs contains anaconda installer, which supports PXE install (net boot installation)
packagegroup-anaconda-support 1.0 Packages required by target build to help the installation
packagegroup-installer-x11-anaconda 1.0 Tasks for desktop X11 applications to support anaconda
python3-anaconda 30.25.6 The anaconda package
python3-productmd 1.21 ProductMD is a Python library providing parsers for metadatarelated to composes and installation media
python3-simpleline 1.3 A text UI framework
yocto-compat-logos 1.0 Yocto project compatible logos for branding