This layer provides LAT (Linux Assembly Tool). Use this tool to perform a number of tasks to help manage your images, such as building and publishing RPM packages, generating images from package feeds for specific hardware, generating an updated SDK, and verifying the sanity of the SDK build. In addition, you can add or remove packages, and specify any pre- and post-build (do_build) instructions for the build, which lets you customize your image to meet your needs. This tool uses *.yaml input files to define many aspects of the build, packages and package-related configuration for a variety of uses. It provides validation for the *.yaml input files that define your intended project output to help identify any incorrect or misspelled options. With the exampleyamls positional argument, you can generate a list of different sample *.yaml files, which you can use as a basis for customizing your builds. These reusable files provide a data reference for all your image customizations. LAT is a tool that assembles various types of images using binary package feeds. Currently it supports three types of package feeds. rpm: Yocto RPM feeds deb: Yocto DEB feeds external-debian: Debian package feeds

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Recipe name Version Description
appsdk-native 1.0 Wind River Linux Assembly Tool appsdk
container-base 1.0 Provides image to generate AppSDK for Wind River Linux Assembly Tool.
genimage-native 1.0 Full image create script
initramfs-ostree 1.0 Basic init for initramfs to mount ostree and pivot root
initramfs-ostree-image 1.0 OSTree initramfs image
nativesdk-appsdk 1.0 Wind River Linux Assembly Tool appsdk
nativesdk-genimage 1.0 Full image create script
ostree-upgrade-mgr 1.0 ostree upgrade config manager
startup-container 1.0 Load and Run container images into Docker
u-boot-uenv 2.0 U-Boot boot.scr SD boot environment generation for ARM targets
lat OpenEmbedded
ostree OpenEmbedded
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May 28, 2024, 9:03 a.m.