Used by myStromer S-Pedelecs of model year 2018 or newer.

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The meta-medusa-dist layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
barebox 2016.11.0-phy4 The barebox bootloader
barebox-targettools 2016.11.0-phy4 The barebox bootloader
bareboximd 2016.11.0-phy4 The barebox bootloader
bluez-tools git Bluez Tools
ccze 0.2.1-2+gitrX This is CCZE, a fast log colorizer written in C, intended to be a drop-in replacement for colorize (
daemontools-encore 1.11+gitrX daemontools-encore
g3log 1.3.2 G3log is an asynchronous, crash safe, logger that is easy to use with default logging sinks or you can add your own.
lnav 0.8.5+gitrX Log file navigator.
medusa-image 1.0 Medusa image
medusa-scripts 1.0 Stromer Medusa scripts
medusa-version nodistro.0 Stromer Medusa version
mt3339-utils 1.0.4 Tools for MT3339/PA6H Based GPS
mt3339-utils-python3 1.0.4 Tools for MT3339/PA6H Based GPS
mt333x-fw-utils git Tools for updating and dumping firmware from GPS receivers utilizing the MT3333 or MT3339 chipset
pristine-tar-fwu 1.42.4+gitrX pristine-tar can regenerate a pristine upstream tarball using only a small binary delta file and a revision control checkout of the upstream branch
python3-requests-lite 2.21.0+gitX Lite version (without HTTPS) of Python HTTP for Humans.
python3-urllib3-lite 1.24.3+gitX Lite version (without HTTPS) of Python HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post support, sanity friendly, and more
sdma-firmware 1.0 i.MX6 SDMA firmware
systemd-udev 1.0 Specific udev rules for systemd
systemd-units 1.0 Specific services for systemd
tar 1.29 GNU file archiving program
tiny-font git A tiny console 4x6 font