The meta-aws layer provides mechanisms for building and installing off-cloud software to make it easier for you to build solutions for AWS on embedded hardware that you own and operate for yourself or your customers.

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The meta-aws layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aws-greengrass-core-sdk-c git AWS Greengrass Core SDK C with Example
aws-greengrass-core-sdk-python 1.5.0 AWS Greengrass Core Python SDK
greengrass 1.10.1 AWS IoT Greengrass Core Recipe
greengrass 1.10.0 AWS IoT Greengrass Core Recipe
neo-ai-dlr 1.1 NEO-AI Deep Learning Runtime
neo-ai-treelite 1.0 Treelite is a model compiler for efficient deployment of decision tree ensembles.
neo-ai-tvm 0.5 Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack