This layer is intended to be a central point for networking-related packages and configuration. It should be useful directly on top of oe-core and compliments meta-openembedded. It should be primarily useful to the following groups: - Anyone building a small networking device (eg. a home router / bridge / switch). - Anyone wanting to add network services to their device (eg. anything that might benefit from a small ftp/tftp server)

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The meta-networking layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aoetools 36 ATA over Ethernet Tools
arno-iptables-firewall 2.0.1g IPTables based firewall scripts
arptables 0.0.4+gitX Administration tool for arp packet filtering
atftp 0.7.1+gitX Advanced TFTP server and client
autofs 5.1.2 Kernel based automounter for linux
bridge-utils 1.6 Tools for ethernet bridging
c-ares 1.13.0+gitrX c-ares is a C library that resolves names asynchronously.
chrony 3.2 Versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol
cifs-utils 6.7 A a package of utilities for doing and managing mounts of the Linux CIFS filesystem.
cim-schema-docs 2.40.0 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema
cim-schema-exper 2.50.0 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema
cim-schema-final 2.40.0 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema
conntrack-tools 1.4.4 Connection tracking userspace tools for Linux
corosync 2.4.3 The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces
crda 3.18 Wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent
ctdb 2.5.6 CTDB is a cluster implementation of the TDB database used by Samba and other projects to store temporary data. If an application is already using TDB for temporary data it is very easy to convert that application to be cluster aware and use CTDB instead.
curlpp 0.8.1 C++ library for client-side URL transfers
cyrus-sasl 2.1.26 Generic client/server library for SASL authentication
dante 1.4.1 A free SOCKS server
daq 2.0.6 The dump DAQ test the various inline mode features
dhcpcd 6.11.5 dhcpcd - a DHCP client
dibbler 1.0.1+1.0.2RC1+gitc4b0ed52e751da7823dd9a36e91f93a6310e5525 Dibbler DHCPv6 client
dlm 4.0.2 dlm control daemon and tool
dnsmasq 2.78 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dnssec-conf 2.02 DNSSEC and DLV configuration and priming tool
dovecot 2.2.33 Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 email server
drbdblacklisted 9.0.8-1 Distributed block device driver for Linux
drbd-utils 8.9.6 Distributed block device driver for Linux
ebtables 2.0.10-4 Filtering tool for a Linux-based bridging firewall
esmtp 1.2 User configurable send-only Mail Transfer Agent
ez-ipupdate 3.0.11b7 daemon that sends updates when your IP changes
fetchmail 6.3.26 Fetchmail retrieves mail from remote mail servers and forwards it via SMTP
fping 3.5 sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
freediameter 1.2.1 An open source implementation of the diameter protocol
freeradius 3.0.15 High-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server
fwknop 2.6.9 fwknop - Single Packet Authorization
geoip 1.6.11 C library for country/city/organization to IP address or hostname mapping
geoip-perl 1.50 GeoIP perl API library to access location database
geoipupdate 2.5.0 Crontab entry to provide weekly updates of the GeoIP free databases.
grpc 1.8.5 A high performance, open source, general-purpose RPC framework. Provides gRPC libraries for multiple languages written on top of shared C core library (C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)
ifenslave 2.9 Configure network interfaces for parallel routing
iftop 1.0pre4 iftop does for network usage what top(1) does for CPU usage
igmpproxy 0.1 simple dynamic multicast routing daemon that only uses IGMP signalling
inetutils 1.9.4 The GNU inetutils are a collection of common networking utilities and servers including ftp, ftpd, rcp, rexec, rlogin, rlogind, rsh, rshd, syslog, syslogd, talk, talkd, telnet, telnetd, tftp, tftpd, and uucpd.
ipcalc 0.2.2 Tool to assist in network address calculations for IPv4 and IPv6.
ippool 1.3 An IP address pool manager
ipsec-tools 0.8.2 IPsec-Tools is a port of KAME's IPsec utilities to the Linux-2.6 IPsec implementation.
ipvsadm 1.26 Linux Virtual Server administration Utility
iscsi-initiator-utils 2.0.876 iSCSI daemon and utility programs
iscsitargetblacklisted iSCSI Enterprise Target is aimed to develop an open source iSCSI target with professional features, that works well in enterprise environment under real workload, and is scalable and versatile enough to meet the challenge of future storage needs and developments.
keepalived 1.4.2 High Availability monitor built upon LVS, VRRP and service pollers
lftp 4.7.7 LFTP is a sophisticated file transfer program with command line interface. It supports FTP, HTTP, FISH, SFTP, HTTPS and FTPS protocols
libauthen-radius-perl 0.22 Authen::Radius - provide simple Radius client facilities
libdnet 1.12 dumb networking library
libesmtp 1.0.6 SMTP client library
libldb 1.3.1 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors
libmemcached 1.0.7 open source C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
libmemcached 1.0.18 open source C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
libnetfilter-acct 1.0.3 libnetfilter_acct accounting infrastructure.
libnetfilter-conntrack 1.0.6 Netfilter connection tracking library
libnetfilter-cthelper 1.0.0 Netfilter connection tracking helper library
libnetfilter-cttimeout 1.0.0 Netfilter connection tracking timeout library
libnetfilter-log 1.0.1+gitX Netfilter logging library
libnetfilter-queue 1.0.2+git981025e103d887fb6a9c9bb49c74ec323108d098 Netfilter packet queue access library
libnfnetlink 1.0.1 Low-level library for netfilter related kernel/userspace communication
libnftnl 1.0.7+gitX Library for low-level interaction with nftables Netlink's API over libmnl
libowfat 0.31 reimplement libdjb
libtalloc 2.1.11 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors
libtdb 1.3.15 The tdb library
libtevent 0.9.36 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors
linux-atm 2.5.2 Drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux
lksctp-tools 1.0.17+gitX The Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol (lksctp) project
lldpd 0.9.8 A 802.1ab implementation (LLDP) to help you locate neighbors of all your equipments
lowpan-tools 0.3.1+gitX Utilities for managing the Linux LoWPAN stack
macchanger 1.5.0 Tool to view/change network interface MAC addresses
mbedtls 2.8.0 Lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library
mdns 765.50.9 Publishes & browses available services on a link according to the Zeroconf / Bonjour protocol
memcached 1.5.0 A high-performance memory object caching system
miniupnpd 2.0 Lightweight UPnP IGD daemon
mtr 0.87+gitX Combined traceroute and ping utility
nbd 3.11 Network Block Device
ncftp 3.2.6 A sophisticated console ftp client
ncp 1.2.4 a fast file copy tool for LANs
ndisc6 1.0.4+gitX This package includes some useful diagnostics tools for IPv6 networks, including ndisc6, rdisc6, tcptraceroute6 and traceroute6.
net-snmp 5.7.3 Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol
netcat 0.7.1 GNU Netcat
netcat-openbsd 1.105 OpenBSD Netcat
netcf 0.2.8+gitX netcf
netkit-ftp 0.17 netkit-ft includes the ftp client.
netkit-rpc 0.17 netkit-rpc includes rpcinfo and rpcgen.
netkit-rsh 0.17 netkit-rsh includes the rsh daemon and client.
netkit-rusers 0.17 netkit-rusers includes rusers - Displays who is logged in to machines on local network rusersd - Logged in users server
netkit-rwho 0.17 netkit-rwho includes, ruptime rwho and rwhod (Daemon to maintain data for rwho/ruptime)
netkit-telnet 0.17 netkit-telnet includes the telnet daemon and client.
netkit-tftp 0.17 tftp - Trivial file transfer protocol client
netperf 2.7.0+gitX A networking benchmarking tool
networkmanager 1.10.6 NetworkManager
networkmanager-openvpn 1.2.8 NetworkManager-openvpn-plugin
nfacct 1.0.2 nfacct is the command line tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects
nftables 0.7 Netfilter Tables userspace utillites
nghttp2 1.26.0 HTTP/2 C Library and tools
nopoll 0.4.2.b297 OpenSource WebSocket Toolkit
ntimed 0.0+gitX Network time synchronization software, NTPD replacement
ntop 5.0.1 ntop is network top
ntp 4.2.8p11 Network Time Protocol daemon and utilities
nuttcp 7.2.1 network performance measurement tool
open-isns 0.97 iSNS daemon and utility programs
openconnect 7.08 Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN
openflow 1.0+gitX OpenFlow communications protocol
openflow 1.0 OpenFlow communications protocol
openhpi 3.6.1 Hardware Platform Interface Library and Tools
openipmi 2.0.24 IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) library and tools
openl2tp 1.8 An L2TP client/server, designed for VPN use.
opensaf 5.18.02 OpenSAF is an open source implementation of the SAF AIS specification
openvpn 2.4.4 A full-featured SSL VPN solution via tun device.
phytool 1.0.1+gitX PHY interface tool for Linux
pimd 2.3.2 pimd is a lightweight stand-alone PIM-SM v2 multicast routing daemon.
postfix 3.2.2 Postfix Mail Transport Agent
pptp-linux 1.9.0 Client for Microsoft PPTP VPNs
proftpd 1.3.6 Secure and configurable FTP server
ptpd 2.3.1 The PTP daemon (PTPd)
pure-ftpd 1.0.42 FTP Server with a strong focus on software security
python-ldap 2.4.41 Provides a wrapper in Python to LDAP
python-networkmanager 2.0.1 Easy communication with NetworkManager from Python
quagga 1.2.4 BGP/OSPF/RIP routing daemon
radiusclient-ng 0.5.6 RADIUS protocol client library
radvd 2.17 IPv6 router advertisement daemon
rdate 1.5 Tool for getting the date/time from a remote machine.
rdist 6.1.5 Remote file distribution client and server
relayd 0.0.1+gitX Layer 3 relay daemon
rp-pppoe 3.12 A user-mode PPPoE client and server suite for Linux
ruli 0.36 RULI stands for Resolver User Layer Interface It's a library built on top of an asynchronous DNS stub resolver
samba 4.7.6
sethdlc 1.0 set Linux HDLC packet radio modem driver port information
smcroute 2.0.0 Static Multicast Routing Daemon
snort snort - a free lightweight network intrusion detection system for UNIX and Windows.
squid 3.5.26 A fully-featured http proxy and web-cache daemon for Linux
ssmping 0.9.1 ssmping is a tool for checking whether one can receive SSM from a given host
ssmtp 2.64 extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub
strongswan 5.6.2 strongSwan is an OpenSource IPsec implementation
stunnel 5.35 Program for providing universal TLS/SSL tunneling service
tcpdump 4.9.2 A sophisticated network protocol analyzer
tcpreplay 4.2.6 Use previously captured traffic to test network devices
tcpslice 1.2a3 tcpslice
tftp-hpa 5.2 Client for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol
tinyproxy 1.8.4 Lightweight http(s) proxy daemon
tnftp 20151004 Enhanced NetBSD ftp client
traceroute 2.1.0 A new modern implementation of traceroute(8) utility for Linux systems
tsocks 1.8beta5 Libraries and wrapper for using a SOCKS proxy
tunctl 1.5 Tool for controlling the Linux TUN/TAP driver
uftp 4.9.3 Encrypted UDP based FTP with multicast
ufw 0.33 Uncomplicated Firewall
usrsctp git This is a userland SCTP stack supporting FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
vblade 22 Virtual EtherDrive blade AoE target
vlan 1.9 VLAN provides vconfig utility
vpnc 0.5.3r550-2jnpr1 A client for the Cisco3000 VPN Concentrator
vsftpd 3.0.3 Very Secure FTP server
wireguard-module 0.0.20171221 WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN
wireguard-tools 0.0.20171221 WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN
wireless-regdb 2016.06.10 Wireless Central Regulatory Domain Database
wireshark 2.4.8 wireshark - a popular network protocol analyzer
wolfssl 3.12.0 wolfSSL Lightweight, Embedded SSL Library
wpan-tools 0.8+gitX Userspace tools for Linux IEEE 802.15.4 stack
xl2tpd 1.3.9+gitX Xelerance version of the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) daemon
xl2tpd 1.3.6 Xelerance version of the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) daemon
yp-tools 4.2.3 NIS client programs
yp-tools 2.14 NIS client programs
ypbind-mt 2.4 Multithreaded NIS bind service (ypbind-mt). ypbind-mt is a complete new implementation of a NIS binding daemon for Linux. It has the following features. Supports ypbind protocol V1 and V2. Uses threads for better response. Supports multiple domain bindings. Supports /var/yp/binding/* file for Linux libc 4/5 and glibc 2.x. Supports a list of known secure NIS server (/etc/yp.conf) Binds to the server which answered as first. This is the final IPv4-only version of ypbind-mt.
zeroconf 0.9 IPv4 link-local address allocator
znc 1.6.0 ZNC, an advanced IRC bouncer