The meta-cgl layer tries to offer CGL (Carrier Grade Linux) compliant packages to be used for a Linux distribution. The layer contains a core package group ( that should aggregate all the other available package groups. The recommandation is to group all CGL compliant features into specific package groups. An CGL compliant Linux image is also available into the layer. Its use is to facilitate the development of a CGL compliant OS. The core image name is:

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Recipe name Version Description
cluster 3.2.0 Red Hat Cluster
cluster-glue 1.0.12 Cluster Glue is a set of libraries, tools and utilities suitable for the Heartbeat/Pacemaker cluster stack. In essence, Glue is everything that is not the cluster messaging layer (Heartbeat), nor the cluster resource manager (Pacemaker), nor a Resource Agent.
core-image-cgl 1.0 An image containing packages that are required to conform to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) specification.
core-image-cgl-initramfs 1.0 Initramfs used to mount multipath device as root file system
crmsh 2.3.2 Pacemaker command line interface for management and configuration
heartbeat 3.0.6 Messaging and membership subsystem for High-Availability Linux
initramfs-cgl-boot 1.0 Support for having multipath iSCSI devices as root file system
libhtml-tagset-perl 3.20 HTML Tagset bits.
libmailtools-perl 2.18 MailTools is a set of Perl modules related to mail applications
libsocket6-perl 0.23 Perl extensions for IPv6
libtest-pod-perl 1.51 Test::Pod - check for POD errors in files
libwww-perl 6.05 libwww-perl provides a simple and consistent API to the World Wide Web
monit 5.20.0 Monit is a tool used for system monitoring and error recovery
ocfs2-tools 1.8.5 Tools for managing the Ocfs2 cluster file system
openais 1.1.4 Implementation of the Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specification (AIS)
pacemaker 1.1.16 Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
packagegroup-cgl 1.0 Packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
packagegroup-cgl-applications 1.0 Application packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
packagegroup-cgl-kernel 1.0 Kernel packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
packagegroup-cgl-middleware 1.0 Middleware packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
packagegroup-cgl-swdevtools 1.0 Software development tools packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
racoon2 20100526a An implementation of key management system for IPsec
resource-agents 4.0.1 OCF resource agents for use by compatible cluster managers
ucarp 1.5.2 Common Address Redundancy Protocol for Unix