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The meta-gnome layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
abiword 3.0.2 AbiWord is free word processing program similar to Microsoft(r) Word
dconf 0.18.0 configuation database system
desktop-file-utils 0.18 desktop-file-utils contains a few command line utilities for working with desktop entries:
devilspie2 0.43 Devilspie2 is a window matching utility, allowing the user to perform scripted actions on windows as they are created
evince 3.24.0 Evince is a document viewer for document formats like pdf, ps, djvu
evolution-data-server 3.26.3 Evolution database backend server
faenza-icon-theme 1.3 An icon theme for Gnome
gedit 2.30.4 GNOME editor
glade3 3.8.5 Glade - A User Interface Designer
gnome-bluetooth 3.18.2 GNOME bluetooth manager
gnome-keyring 3.20.0 Password and keyring managing daemon
gnome-menus3 3.10.1 GNOME menus
gnome-system-monitor 3.26.0 Gnome system monitor
gparted 0.31.0 A partition editor to graphically manage disk partitions
gtksourceview-classic-light 1.0 Gtksourceview Classic-Light theme
gtksourceview2 2.10.5 Portable C library for multiline text editing
gtksourceview3 3.24.6 Portable C library for multiline text editing
gvfs 1.36.0 gvfs is a userspace virtual filesystem
keybinder 3.0+gitX keybinder is a library for registering global key bindings, for gtk-based applications.
libgdata 0.16.1 GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol
libgnome-keyring 3.12.0 Compatibility library for accessing secrets
libgnomekbd 3.22.0 GNOME keyboard library
libgsf 1.14.29 GNOME Structured File Library
libgtkstylus 0.5 GTK plugin for stylus based systems
libgtop 2.38.0 LibGTop2
libtimezonemap 0.4.5 Time zone map widget for Gtk+
libwnck 2.31.0 Window navigation construction toolkit
libwnck3 3.20.1 Window navigation construction toolkit
libxklavier 5.4 Helper lib for keyboard management
metacity 3.38.0 Metacity is the boring window manager for the adult in you
nautilus 3.18.5 File manager for GNOME
network-manager-applet 1.8.10 GTK+ applet for NetworkManager
obexd 0.48 OBEX Server and Client
onboard 1.4.1 An onscreen keyboard
pinpoint 0.1.4+gitrX A simple presentation tool for hackers
usermode 1.111 The usermode contains the userhelper program, which can be used to allow configured programs to be run with superuser privileges by ordinary users, and several graphical tools for users: * userinfo allows users to change their finger information. * usermount lets users mount, unmount, and format filesystems. * userpasswd allows users to change their passwords.
wv 1.2.4 Programs for accessing Microsoft Word documents