Oryx Embedded Linux distribution from Togán Labs.

Setup information

Git repository

https://gitlab.com/oryx/meta-oryx.git web repo

Last commit: 4 years, 1 month ago (zeus branch)



The meta-oryx layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
image-json-file 1.0 Create oryx image.json file
oryx-apps 0.3.0 Oryx Applications
oryx-image 1.0 Oryx universal image recipe.
oryx-local-feed 1.0 Create a local feed of Oryx guest images to allow offline creation of guests
oryx-mender-update-module 1.0 Create Mender Update Module artifact for an Oryx image
oryx-mender-update-script 1.0 Oryx guest update handler for Mender update modules
oryx-preconfig-test 1.0 Test recipe for Oryx preconfigured guest support
python3-betatest 0.1.0 Testing helpers for Python 3.6+
start-sshd 1.0.0 Start script for sshd
oryx Oryx Embedded Linux