A layer providing static code analysis tools for at least C,C++,Python & shell. Easy to setup on large projects. Results are stored in checkstyle-format, which could be easily used in e.g. Jenkins.

Git repository

https://github.com/priv-kweihmann/meta-sca.git web repo

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The meta-sca layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alexkohler-native 1.0 Alex Kohler static go analyzer tools
ansible-dev-sec-ansible-mysql-hardening 2.2.1 This Ansible role provides security configuration for MySQL
ansible-dev-sec-ansible-nginx-hardening 2.1.0 This Ansible role provides secure nginx configurations
ansible-dev-sec-ansible-os-hardening 7.5.0 All-round base protection ansible role
ansible-dev-sec-ansible-ssh-hardening 9.7.0 All-round base SSH protection ansible role
ansible-konstruktoid-ansible-role-hardening 1.3.2 Ansible role to apply a security baseline. Systemd edition.
ansible-role-merger-native 1.0 Merge ansible roles
ansible-sansible-security-hardening 2.1.5 Some security fixes for Ubuntu machines, more info on Sansible
ansible-sca-native 1.0 Ansible playbooks
ansibleroles-sca-native 1.0 Ansible roles
bad-ansible 1.0 Bad ansible testcode
bad-bitbake 1.0 Bad bitbake testcode
bad-css 1.0 Bad css testcode
bad-go 1.0 Just some test code for GO
bad-html 1.0 Bad html testcode
bad-javascript 1.0 Bad javascript testcode
bad-json 1.0 Bad json testcode
bad-lua 0.23.0 Bad lua testcode
bad-nginx 1.0 Bad nginx-config for testing
bad-package 1.0 A really bad package
bad-perl 1.0 Bad perl testcode
bad-php 1.0 Bad php testcode
bad-po 1.0 Bad po test files (based on msgcheck tests)
bad-python-reqs 1.0 Bad python requirements.txt test file
bad-python-types 1.0 Bad typed python testcode
bad-spelling 1.0 Bad spelling testcode
bad-systemd 1.0 Bad systemd-service testcode
bad-text 1.0 Bad text testcode
bad-xml 1.0 Bad xml testcode
bad-yaml 1.0 Bad yaml testcode
bitbake-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for bitbake
bloaty-native 20200312 Bloaty McBloatface: a size profiler for binaries
cbmc-native 5.28.0 C Bounded Model Checker
checkbashism-native 2.21.1 check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts
checksec 2.4.0 Linux system security checks
clang-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for clang
composer-native 2.0.12 Dependency Manager for PHP
configcheck-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for configcheck
core-image-minimal-scatest 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot.
cppcheck-native 2.4.1 Static code analyzer for C/C++
cpplint-native 1.5.4 CPPLint - a static code analyzer for C/C++
cspell 2.0.3 A Spell Checker for Code! (intentionally outdated for testing)
cspell-native 1.0 sca definition for cspell
cspell-user-dict-native 1.0 User definied dictionary for cspell
cvecheck-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for cvecheck
eslint-native 1.0 sca definition for eslint
flint++-native 20180407 Static code analyzer for C/C++
gcc-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for gcc
github.com-alexkohler-dogsled-native 20181108 analysis tool to find assignments/declarations with too many blank identifiers
github.com-alexkohler-identypo-native 20180915 static analysis tool to find typos in identifiers
github.com-alexkohler-nakedret-native 20200128 static analysis tool to find naked returns in greater than specified
github.com-alexkohler-nargs-native 20200419 static analysis tool to find unused arguments in function declarations
github.com-alexkohler-noret-native 20190804 static analysis tool to find unused arguments in function declarations
github.com-alexkohler-prealloc-native 20200410 static analysis tool to find slice declarations that could potentially be preallocated
github.com-alexkohler-unimport-native 20171106 static analysis tool to find unnecessary import aliases
github.com-blang-semver-native 4.0.0 Semantic Versioning (semver) library written in golang
github.com-boyter-golangvectorspace-native 20190624 An implementation of the Vector Space model in GoLang
github.com-boyter-lc-native 1.3.1 command line application which identifies what software license things are under
github.com-briandowns-spinner-native 1.12.0 Go (golang) package with 70+ configurable terminal spinner/progress indicators
github.com-burntsushi-toml-native 0.3.1 TOML parser for Golang with reflection
github.com-cpuguy83-go-md2man-native 2.0.0 Converts markdown into roff (man pages)
github.com-creack-pty-native 1.1.11 PTY interface for Go
github.com-davecgh-go-spew-native 1.1.1 Implements a deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging
github.com-fatih-color-native 1.10.0 Color package for Go (golang)
github.com-fatih-structtag-native 1.2.0 Parse and modify Go struct field tags
github.com-frankban-quicktest-native 1.11.3 Quick helpers for testing Go applications
github.com-fsnotify-fsnotify-native 1.4.9 Cross-platform file system notifications for Go
github.com-go-check-check-native 20201130 Rich testing for the Go language
github.com-go-logr-logr-native 0.4.0 A simple logging interface for Go
github.com-go-tomb-tomb-native 20141024 The tomb package helps with clean goroutine termination in the Go language
github.com-go-yaml-yaml-native 2.4.0 YAML support for the Go language
github.com-golang-glog-native 20160127 Leveled execution logs for Go
github.com-golang-protobuf-native 1.3.5 Go support for Google's protocol buffers
github.com-google-btree-native 1.0.1 in-memory B-Tree implementation for Go
github.com-google-go-cmp-native 0.5.5 Package for comparing Go values in tests
github.com-google-renameio-native 20210226 renameio provides a way to atomically create or replace a file or symbolic link
github.com-gookit-color-native 1.3.8 Terminal color rendering tool library
github.com-hpcloud-tail-native 1.0.0 Go package for reading from continously updated files
github.com-jgautheron-goconst-native 1.4.0 Find repeated strings that could be replaced by a constant
github.com-kr-pretty-native 0.2.1 Pretty printing for Go values
github.com-kr-pty-native 1.1.8 PTY interface for Go
github.com-kr-text-native 0.2.0 Miscellaneous functions for formatting text
github.com-lib-pq-native 1.10.0 Pure Go Postgres driver for database/sql
github.com-mattn-go-runewidth-native 0.0.10 wcwidth for golang
github.com-mgechev-dots-native 20190921 Implements the wildcard file matching in Go
github.com-mitchellh-go-homedir-native 1.1.0 Go library for detecting and expanding the user's home directory without cgo
github.com-mozilla-tls-observatory-native 1.3.19 An observatory for TLS configurations, X509 certificates, and more
github.com-mvdan-sh-native 3.1.2 A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter (sh/bash/mksh)
github.com-nbutton23-zxcvbn-go-native 20210217 zxcvbn password complexity algorithm in golang
github.com-niemeyer-pretty-native 20200227 Pretty printing for Go values
github.com-olekukonko-tablewriter-native 0.0.5 ASCII table in golang
github.com-onsi-native 20190808 Ginkgo modules
github.com-peterbourgon-diskv-native 3.0.0 A disk-backed key-value store
github.com-pkg-diff-native 20190930 Package diff
github.com-pkg-errors-native 0.9.1 Simple error handling primitives
github.com-pmezard-go-difflib-native 1.0.0 Partial port of Python difflib package to Go
github.com-rivo-uniseg-native 0.2.0 Unicode Text Segmentation for Go
github.com-rogpeppe-fastuuid-native 1.2.0 Fast generation of 192-bit UUIDs
github.com-russross-blackfriday-native 2.0.1 Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go
github.com-ryanuber-columnize-native 2.1.2 Easy column formatted output for golang
github.com-ryanuber-go-glob-native 1.0.0 Basic string globs in golang
github.com-shabbyrobe-xmlwriter-native 20200324 procedural XML generation based on libxml2's xmlwriter module
github.com-shurcool-sanitized-anchor-name-native 1.0.0 Package sanitized_anchor_name provides a func to create sanitized anchor names
github.com-stretchr-native 1.6.1 common assertions and mocks library
github.com-tealeg-xlsx-native 3.2.3 Google Go (golang) library for reading and writing XLSX files
github.com-urfave-cli-native 2.3.0 A simple, fast, and fun package for building command line apps in Go
goconst-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for goconst
golang.org-lib-native 20190724 Go supplementary libraries
golint-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for golint
gopkg.in-check.v1-native 20201130 Rich testing for the Go language
gopkg.in-yaml.v2-native 2.4.0 YAML support for the Go language
gopkg.in-yaml.v3-native 2.3.0 YAML support for the Go language
gosec-native 2.7.0 Golang security checker
htmlhint-native 1.0 sca definition for htmlhint
inspec-apache-baseline 2.1.3 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-linux-baseline 2.7.0 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-mysql-baseline 4.0.3 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-nginx-baseline 2.4.1 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-php-baseline 1.0.3 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-postgres-baseline 3.0.0 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
inspec-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for inspec
inspec-ssh-baseline 2.6.3 This Compliance Profile ensures that all hardening quality
jshint-native 1.0 sca definition for jshint
jsonlint-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for json linter
k8s.io-klog-native 2.8.0 Leveled execution logs for Go
kconfig-hardened-check-native 0.5.9 script for checking on linux kernel hardening
libtalloc-native 2.3.2 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors
libtalloc-native 2.1.14 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors
licensecheck-helper-native 1.0 License check helper
licensecheck-sca-native 1.0 Check license settings
linux-smart-enumeration 3.1 Linux enumeration tool for pentesting and CTFs with verbosity levels
luacheck-native 0.23.0 A tool for linting and static analysis of Lua code
luarocks-native 3.7.0 LuaRocks is the package manager for the Lua programming language
lynis 3.0.3 Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems
mvdan.cc-editorconfig-native 20210322 EditorConfig support in Go
mvdan.cc-sh-native 3.1.2 A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter (sh/bash/mksh)
nixauditor 2.0 The Unix security audit and intrusion detection tool
nodejs-native 12.22.1 nodeJS Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript
npm-acorn-jsx-native 5.3.1 NPM: acorn-jsx
npm-acorn-native 8.1.1 NPM: acorn
npm-adverb-where-native 0.2.2 NPM: adverb-where
npm-agent-base-native 6.0.2 NPM: agent-base
npm-ajv-native 8.1.0 NPM: ajv
npm-alex-native 9.1.0 NPM: alex
npm-ansi-align-native 3.0.0 NPM: ansi-align
npm-ansi-colors-native 4.1.1 NPM: ansi-colors
npm-ansi-regex-native 6.0.0 NPM: ansi-regex
npm-ansi-styles-native 6.0.0 NPM: ansi-styles
npm-argparse-native 2.0.1 NPM: argparse
npm-aria-query-native 4.2.2 NPM: aria-query
npm-array-filter-native 1.0.0 NPM: array-filter
npm-array-includes-native 3.1.3 NPM: array-includes
npm-array-iterate-native 2.0.0 NPM: array-iterate
npm-array-timsort-native 1.0.3 NPM: array-timsort
npm-array-union-native 3.0.1 NPM: array-union
npm-array.prototype.find-native 2.1.1 NPM: array.prototype.find
npm-array.prototype.flat-native 1.2.4 NPM: array.prototype.flat
npm-array.prototype.flatmap-native 1.2.4 NPM: array.prototype.flatmap
npm-arrify-native 2.0.1 NPM: arrify
npm-asap-native 2.0.6 NPM: asap
npm-asn1-native 0.2.4 NPM: asn1
npm-assert-plus-native 1.0.0 NPM: assert-plus
npm-assign-symbols-native 2.0.2 NPM: assign-symbols
npm-ast-types-flow-native 0.0.7 NPM: ast-types-flow
npm-astring-native 1.7.4 NPM: astring
npm-async-native 3.2.0 NPM: async
npm-asynckit-native 0.4.0 NPM: asynckit
npm-at-least-node-native 1.0.0 NPM: at-least-node
npm-autoprefixer-native 10.2.5 NPM: autoprefixer
npm-available-typed-arrays-native 1.0.2 NPM: available-typed-arrays
npm-aws-sign2-native 0.7.0 NPM: aws-sign2
npm-aws4-native 1.11.0 NPM: aws4
npm-axe-core-native 4.1.4 NPM: axe-core
npm-axobject-query-native 2.2.0 NPM: axobject-query
npm-azu-format-text-native 1.0.1 NPM: @azu/format-text
npm-azu-style-format-native 1.0.0 NPM: @azu/style-format
npm-babel-code-frame-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/code-frame
npm-babel-compat-data-native 7.13.15 NPM: @babel/compat-data
npm-babel-core-native 7.13.15 NPM: @babel/core
npm-babel-eslint-parser-native 7.13.14 NPM: @babel/eslint-parser
npm-babel-generator-native 7.13.9 NPM: @babel/generator
npm-babel-helper-compilation-targets-native 7.13.13 NPM: @babel/helper-compilation-targets
npm-babel-helper-function-name-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/helper-function-name
npm-babel-helper-get-function-arity-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/helper-get-function-arity
npm-babel-helper-member-expression-to-functions-native 7.13.12 NPM: @babel/helper-member-expression-to-functions
npm-babel-helper-module-imports-native 7.13.12 NPM: @babel/helper-module-imports
npm-babel-helper-module-transforms-native 7.13.14 NPM: @babel/helper-module-transforms
npm-babel-helper-optimise-call-expression-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/helper-optimise-call-expression
npm-babel-helper-replace-supers-native 7.13.12 NPM: @babel/helper-replace-supers
npm-babel-helper-simple-access-native 7.13.12 NPM: @babel/helper-simple-access
npm-babel-helper-split-export-declaration-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/helper-split-export-declaration
npm-babel-helper-validator-identifier-native 7.12.11 NPM: @babel/helper-validator-identifier
npm-babel-helper-validator-option-native 7.12.17 NPM: @babel/helper-validator-option
npm-babel-helpers-native 7.13.10 NPM: @babel/helpers
npm-babel-highlight-native 7.13.10 NPM: @babel/highlight
npm-babel-parser-native 7.13.15 NPM: @babel/parser
npm-babel-runtime-corejs3-native 7.13.10 NPM: @babel/runtime-corejs3
npm-babel-runtime-native 7.13.10 NPM: @babel/runtime
npm-babel-template-native 7.12.13 NPM: @babel/template
npm-babel-traverse-native 7.13.15 NPM: @babel/traverse
npm-babel-types-native 7.13.14 NPM: @babel/types
npm-bail-native 2.0.1 NPM: bail
npm-balanced-match-native 2.0.0 NPM: balanced-match
npm-base64-js-native 1.5.1 NPM: base64-js
npm-bash-color-native 0.0.4 NPM: bash-color
npm-bcrypt-pbkdf-native 1.0.2 NPM: bcrypt-pbkdf
npm-bind-decorator-native 1.0.11 NPM: bind-decorator
npm-boundary-native 1.0.1 NPM: boundary
npm-boxen-native 5.0.1 NPM: boxen
npm-brace-expansion-native 2.0.1 NPM: brace-expansion
npm-braces-native 3.0.2 NPM: braces
npm-browserslist-native 4.16.4 NPM: browserslist
npm-bubble-stream-error-native 1.0.0 NPM: bubble-stream-error
npm-buffer-from-native 1.1.1 NPM: buffer-from
npm-buffer-native 6.0.3 NPM: buffer
npm-builtin-modules-native 3.2.0 NPM: builtin-modules
npm-cacheable-lookup-native 6.0.0 NPM: cacheable-lookup
npm-cacheable-request-native 7.0.1 NPM: cacheable-request
npm-call-bind-native 1.0.2 NPM: call-bind
npm-callsites-native 3.1.0 NPM: callsites
npm-camelcase-keys-native 6.2.2 NPM: camelcase-keys
npm-camelcase-native 6.2.0 NPM: camelcase
npm-caniuse-lite-native 1.0.30001209 NPM: caniuse-lite
npm-caseless-native 0.12.0 NPM: caseless
npm-chalk-native 4.1.0 NPM: chalk
npm-character-entities-html4-native 2.0.0 NPM: character-entities-html4
npm-character-entities-legacy-native 2.0.0 NPM: character-entities-legacy
npm-character-entities-native 2.0.0 NPM: character-entities
npm-character-reference-invalid-native 2.0.0 NPM: character-reference-invalid
npm-charenc-native 0.0.2 NPM: charenc
npm-check-ends-with-period-native 1.0.1 NPM: check-ends-with-period
npm-chrono-node-native 2.2.6 NPM: chrono-node
npm-ci-info-native 3.1.1 NPM: ci-info
npm-cities-list-native 1.0.3 NPM: cities-list
npm-clean-regexp-native 1.0.0 NPM: clean-regexp
npm-cli-boxes-native 3.0.0 NPM: cli-boxes
npm-cli-native 1.0.1 NPM: cli
npm-cli-table-native 0.3.6 NPM: cli-table
npm-clone-regexp-native 3.0.0 NPM: clone-regexp
npm-clone-response-native 1.0.2 NPM: clone-response
npm-colorette-native 1.2.2 NPM: colorette
npm-colors-native 1.4.0 NPM: colors
npm-combined-stream-native 1.0.8 NPM: combined-stream
npm-comma-separated-tokens-native 2.0.0 NPM: comma-separated-tokens
npm-commander-native 7.2.0 NPM: commander
npm-comment-json-native 4.1.0 NPM: comment-json
npm-concat-stream-native 2.0.0 NPM: concat-stream
npm-configstore-native 6.0.0 NPM: configstore
npm-confusing-browser-globals-native 1.0.10 NPM: confusing-browser-globals
npm-console-browserify-native 1.2.0 NPM: console-browserify
npm-contains-path-native 1.0.0 NPM: contains-path
npm-convert-source-map-native 1.7.0 NPM: convert-source-map
npm-core-js-pure-native 3.10.1 NPM: core-js-pure
npm-core-util-is-native 1.0.2 NPM: core-util-is
npm-cosmiconfig-native 7.0.0 NPM: cosmiconfig
npm-crc-native 3.8.0 NPM: crc
npm-create-eslint-index-native 1.0.0 NPM: create-eslint-index
npm-cross-spawn-native 7.0.3 NPM: cross-spawn
npm-crypt-native 0.0.2 NPM: crypt
npm-crypto-random-string-native 4.0.0 NPM: crypto-random-string
npm-cspell-cspell-bundled-dicts-native 5.3.12 NPM: @cspell/cspell-bundled-dicts
npm-cspell-cspell-types-native 5.3.12 NPM: @cspell/cspell-types
npm-cspell-dict-ada-native 1.1.2 NPM: @cspell/dict-ada
npm-cspell-dict-aws-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-aws
npm-cspell-dict-bash-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-bash
npm-cspell-dict-companies-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-companies
npm-cspell-dict-cpp-native 1.2.3 NPM: cspell-dict-cpp
npm-cspell-dict-cryptocurrencies-native 1.1.2 NPM: cspell-dict-cryptocurrencies
npm-cspell-dict-csharp-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-csharp
npm-cspell-dict-css-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-css
npm-cspell-dict-django-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-django
npm-cspell-dict-dotnet-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-dotnet
npm-cspell-dict-elixir-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-elixir
npm-cspell-dict-en-gb-native 1.2.1 NPM: cspell-dict-en-gb
npm-cspell-dict-en-us-native 1.3.2 NPM: cspell-dict-en_us
npm-cspell-dict-filetypes-native 1.2.2 NPM: cspell-dict-filetypes
npm-cspell-dict-fonts-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-fonts
npm-cspell-dict-fullstack-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-fullstack
npm-cspell-dict-golang-native 1.2.0 NPM: cspell-dict-golang
npm-cspell-dict-haskell-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-haskell
npm-cspell-dict-html-native 1.2.2 NPM: cspell-dict-html
npm-cspell-dict-html-symbol-entities-native 1.1.2 NPM: cspell-dict-html-symbol-entities
npm-cspell-dict-java-native 1.1.1 NPM: cspell-dict-java
npm-cspell-dict-latex-native 1.1.4 NPM: cspell-dict-latex
npm-cspell-dict-lorem-ipsum-native 1.1.0 NPM: cspell-dict-lorem-ipsum
npm-cspell-dict-lua-native 1.1.2 NPM: cspell-dict-lua
npm-cspell-dict-node-native 1.1.4 NPM: cspell-dict-node
npm-cspell-dict-npm-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-npm
npm-cspell-dict-php-native 1.1.0 NPM: cspell-dict-php
npm-cspell-dict-powershell-native 1.1.2 NPM: cspell-dict-powershell
npm-cspell-dict-python-native 1.1.4 NPM: cspell-dict-python
npm-cspell-dict-ruby-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-ruby
npm-cspell-dict-rust-native 1.1.0 NPM: cspell-dict-rust
npm-cspell-dict-scala-native 1.1.2 NPM: cspell-dict-scala
npm-cspell-dict-software-terms-native 1.1.6 NPM: cspell-dict-software-terms
npm-cspell-dict-typescript-native 1.1.3 NPM: cspell-dict-typescript
npm-cspell-glob-native 5.3.12 NPM: cspell-glob
npm-cspell-io-native 5.3.12 NPM: cspell-io
npm-cspell-lib-native 5.3.12 NPM: cspell-lib
npm-cspell-native 5.3.12 NPM: cspell
npm-cspell-trie-lib-native 5.3.12 NPM: cspell-trie-lib
npm-cssesc-native 3.0.0 NPM: cssesc
npm-cuss-native 1.21.0 NPM: cuss
npm-damerau-levenshtein-native 1.0.6 NPM: damerau-levenshtein
npm-dashdash-native 2.0.0 NPM: dashdash
npm-dayjs-native 1.10.4 NPM: dayjs
npm-debug-native 4.3.2 NPM: debug
npm-debuglog-native 1.0.1 NPM: debuglog
npm-decamelize-keys-native 1.1.0 NPM: decamelize-keys
npm-decamelize-native 5.0.0 NPM: decamelize
npm-decompress-response-native 7.0.0 NPM: decompress-response
npm-deep-equal-native 2.0.5 NPM: deep-equal
npm-deep-extend-native 0.6.0 NPM: deep-extend
npm-deep-is-native 0.1.3 NPM: deep-is
npm-defer-to-connect-native 2.0.1 NPM: defer-to-connect
npm-define-properties-native 1.1.3 NPM: define-properties
npm-define-property-native 2.0.2 NPM: define-property
npm-delayed-stream-native 1.0.0 NPM: delayed-stream
npm-dezalgo-native 1.0.3 NPM: dezalgo
npm-diff-native 5.0.0 NPM: diff
npm-dir-glob-native 3.0.1 NPM: dir-glob
npm-doctrine-native 3.0.0 NPM: doctrine
npm-dom-serializer-native 1.3.1 NPM: dom-serializer
npm-domelementtype-native 2.2.0 NPM: domelementtype
npm-domhandler-native 4.2.0 NPM: domhandler
npm-domutils-native 2.6.0 NPM: domutils
npm-dot-case-native 3.0.4 NPM: dot-case
npm-dot-prop-native 6.0.1 NPM: dot-prop
npm-dotfile-regex-native 1.0.2 NPM: dotfile-regex
npm-e-prime-native 0.10.4 NPM: e-prime
npm-ecc-jsbn-native 0.2.0 NPM: ecc-jsbn
npm-electron-to-chromium-native 1.3.717 NPM: electron-to-chromium
npm-emoji-regex-native 9.2.2 NPM: emoji-regex
npm-en-inflectors-native 1.0.12 NPM: en-inflectors
npm-en-lexicon-native 1.0.11 NPM: en-lexicon
npm-en-pos-native 1.0.16 NPM: en-pos
npm-en-stemmer-native 1.0.3 NPM: en-stemmer
npm-end-of-stream-native 1.4.4 NPM: end-of-stream
npm-end-with-native 1.0.2 NPM: end-with
npm-enquirer-native 2.3.6 NPM: enquirer
npm-ent-native 2.2.0 NPM: ent
npm-entities-native 2.2.0 NPM: entities
npm-error-ex-native 1.3.2 NPM: error-ex
npm-es-abstract-native 1.18.0-next.2 NPM: es-abstract
npm-es-get-iterator-native 1.1.2 NPM: es-get-iterator
npm-es-to-primitive-native 1.2.1 NPM: es-to-primitive
npm-es6-promisify-native 6.1.1 NPM: es6-promisify
npm-escalade-native 3.1.1 NPM: escalade
npm-escape-goat-native 4.0.0 NPM: escape-goat
npm-escape-html-native 1.0.3 NPM: escape-html
npm-escape-string-regexp-native 5.0.0 NPM: escape-string-regexp
npm-eslint-ast-utils-native 1.1.0 NPM: eslint-ast-utils
npm-eslint-config-airbnb-base-native 14.2.1 NPM: eslint-config-airbnb-base
npm-eslint-config-google-native 0.14.0 NPM: eslint-config-google
npm-eslint-config-standard-jsx-native 10.0.0 NPM: eslint-config-standard-jsx
npm-eslint-config-standard-native 16.0.2 NPM: eslint-config-standard
npm-eslint-eslintrc-native 0.4.0 NPM: @eslint/eslintrc
npm-eslint-import-resolver-node-native 0.3.4 NPM: eslint-import-resolver-node
npm-eslint-module-utils-native 2.6.0 NPM: eslint-module-utils
npm-eslint-native 7.24.0 NPM: eslint
npm-eslint-plugin-array-func-native 3.1.7 NPM: eslint-plugin-array-func
npm-eslint-plugin-deprecate-native 0.7.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-deprecate
npm-eslint-plugin-es-native 4.1.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-es
npm-eslint-plugin-filenames-native 1.3.2 NPM: eslint-plugin-filenames
npm-eslint-plugin-fp-native 2.3.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-fp
npm-eslint-plugin-html-native 6.1.2 NPM: eslint-plugin-html
npm-eslint-plugin-immutable-native 1.0.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-immutable
npm-eslint-plugin-import-native 2.22.1 NPM: eslint-plugin-import
npm-eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y-native 6.4.1 NPM: eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
npm-eslint-plugin-no-loops-native 0.3.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-no-loops
npm-eslint-plugin-no-secrets-native 0.8.9 NPM: eslint-plugin-no-secrets
npm-eslint-plugin-no-use-extend-native-native 0.5.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-no-use-extend-native
npm-eslint-plugin-node-native 11.1.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-node
npm-eslint-plugin-promise-native 5.1.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-promise
npm-eslint-plugin-react-hooks-native 4.2.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-react-hooks
npm-eslint-plugin-react-native 7.23.2 NPM: eslint-plugin-react
npm-eslint-plugin-security-native 1.4.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-security
npm-eslint-plugin-sql-native 1.2.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-sql
npm-eslint-plugin-standard-native 4.1.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-standard
npm-eslint-plugin-this-native 0.2.3 NPM: eslint-plugin-this
npm-eslint-plugin-unicorn-native 29.0.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-unicorn
npm-eslint-plugin-vue-native 7.9.0 NPM: eslint-plugin-vue
npm-eslint-plugin-xss-native 0.1.10 NPM: eslint-plugin-xss
npm-eslint-scope-native 5.1.1 NPM: eslint-scope
npm-eslint-template-visitor-native 2.3.2 NPM: eslint-template-visitor
npm-eslint-utils-native 2.1.0 NPM: eslint-utils
npm-eslint-visitor-keys-native 2.0.0 NPM: eslint-visitor-keys
npm-espree-native 7.3.1 NPM: espree
npm-esprima-native 4.0.1 NPM: esprima
npm-esquery-native 1.4.0 NPM: esquery
npm-esrecurse-native 4.3.0 NPM: esrecurse
npm-estraverse-native 5.2.0 NPM: estraverse
npm-esutils-native 2.0.3 NPM: esutils
npm-eventemitter3-native 4.0.7 NPM: eventemitter3
npm-execall-native 3.0.0 NPM: execall
npm-exit-native 0.1.2 NPM: exit
npm-extend-native 3.0.2 NPM: extend
npm-extend-shallow-native 3.0.2 NPM: extend-shallow
npm-extsprintf-native 1.4.0 NPM: extsprintf
npm-fast-deep-equal-native 3.1.3 NPM: fast-deep-equal
npm-fast-glob-native 3.2.5 NPM: fast-glob
npm-fast-levenshtein-native 3.0.0 NPM: fast-levenshtein
npm-fastest-levenshtein-native 1.0.12 NPM: fastest-levenshtein
npm-fastq-native 1.11.0 NPM: fastq
npm-fault-native 2.0.0 NPM: fault
npm-figgy-pudding-native 3.5.2 NPM: figgy-pudding
npm-figures-native 3.2.0 NPM: figures
npm-file-entry-cache-native 6.0.1 NPM: file-entry-cache
npm-fill-range-native 7.0.1 NPM: fill-range
npm-fimbul-bifrost-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/bifrost
npm-fimbul-mimir-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/mimir
npm-fimbul-valtyr-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/valtyr
npm-fimbul-ve-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/ve
npm-fimbul-wotan-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/wotan
npm-fimbul-ymir-native 0.24.0 NPM: @fimbul/ymir
npm-find-line-column-native 0.5.2 NPM: find-line-column
npm-find-up-native 5.0.0 NPM: find-up
npm-flat-cache-native 3.0.4 NPM: flat-cache
npm-flatted-native 3.1.1 NPM: flatted
npm-foreach-native 2.0.5 NPM: foreach
npm-forever-agent-native 0.6.1 NPM: forever-agent
npm-form-data-native 4.0.0 NPM: form-data
npm-format-native 0.2.2 NPM: format
npm-fraction.js-native 4.0.13 NPM: fraction.js
npm-fs-extra-native 9.1.0 NPM: fs-extra
npm-fs.realpath-native 1.0.0 NPM: fs.realpath
npm-function-bind-native 1.1.1 NPM: function-bind
npm-functional-red-black-tree-native 1.0.1 NPM: functional-red-black-tree
npm-gensequence-native 3.1.1 NPM: gensequence
npm-gensync-native 1.0.0-beta.2 NPM: gensync
npm-get-caller-file-native 2.0.5 NPM: get-caller-file
npm-get-intrinsic-native 1.1.1 NPM: get-intrinsic
npm-get-set-props-native 0.1.0 NPM: get-set-props
npm-get-stdin-native 9.0.0 NPM: get-stdin
npm-get-stream-native 6.0.1 NPM: get-stream
npm-get-url-origin-native 1.0.1 NPM: get-url-origin
npm-getify-eslint-plugin-proper-arrows-native 10.0.0 NPM: @getify/eslint-plugin-proper-arrows
npm-getpass-native 0.1.7 NPM: getpass
npm-gingerbread-native 0.6.0 NPM: gingerbread
npm-git-diff-tree-native 1.1.0 NPM: git-diff-tree
npm-git-spawned-stream-native 1.0.1 NPM: git-spawned-stream
npm-glob-base-native 0.3.0 NPM: glob-base
npm-glob-native 7.1.6 NPM: glob
npm-glob-parent-native 5.1.2 NPM: glob-parent
npm-global-dirs-native 3.0.0 NPM: global-dirs
npm-global-modules-native 2.0.0 NPM: global-modules
npm-global-prefix-native 3.0.0 NPM: global-prefix
npm-globals-native 13.8.0 NPM: globals
npm-globby-native 11.0.3 NPM: globby
npm-globjoin-native 0.1.4 NPM: globjoin
npm-gonzales-pe-native 4.3.0 NPM: gonzales-pe
npm-got-native 11.8.2 NPM: got
npm-graceful-fs-native 4.2.6 NPM: graceful-fs
npm-har-schema-native 2.0.0 NPM: har-schema
npm-har-validator-native 5.1.3 NPM: har-validator
npm-hard-rejection-native 2.1.0 NPM: hard-rejection
npm-has-flag-native 5.0.0 NPM: has-flag
npm-has-native 1.0.3 NPM: has
npm-has-own-prop-native 2.0.0 NPM: has-own-prop
npm-has-symbols-native 1.0.2 NPM: has-symbols
npm-has-yarn-native 2.1.0 NPM: has-yarn
npm-hast-native 0.0.2 NPM: hast
npm-hast-util-embedded-native 1.0.6 NPM: hast-util-embedded
npm-hast-util-from-parse5-native 6.0.1 NPM: hast-util-from-parse5
npm-hast-util-has-property-native 1.0.4 NPM: hast-util-has-property
npm-hast-util-is-body-ok-link-native 1.0.4 NPM: hast-util-is-body-ok-link
npm-hast-util-is-element-native 1.1.0 NPM: hast-util-is-element
npm-hast-util-parse-selector-native 2.2.5 NPM: hast-util-parse-selector
npm-hast-util-phrasing-native 1.0.5 NPM: hast-util-phrasing
npm-hast-util-to-nlcst-native 1.2.8 NPM: hast-util-to-nlcst
npm-hast-util-to-string-native 1.0.4 NPM: hast-util-to-string
npm-hast-util-whitespace-native 1.0.4 NPM: hast-util-whitespace
npm-hastscript-native 6.0.0 NPM: hastscript
npm-hosted-git-info-native 4.0.2 NPM: hosted-git-info
npm-html-tags-native 3.1.0 NPM: html-tags
npm-htmlhint-native 0.14.2 NPM: htmlhint
npm-htmlparser2-native 6.1.0 NPM: htmlparser2
npm-http-cache-semantics-native 4.1.0 NPM: http-cache-semantics
npm-http-signature-native 1.3.5 NPM: http-signature
npm-http2-wrapper-native 2.0.3 NPM: http2-wrapper
npm-https-proxy-agent-native 5.0.0 NPM: https-proxy-agent
npm-humannames-native 1.0.5 NPM: humannames
npm-iconv-lite-native 0.6.2 NPM: iconv-lite
npm-ieee754-native 1.2.1 NPM: ieee754
npm-ignore-native 5.1.8 NPM: ignore
npm-import-fresh-native 3.3.0 NPM: import-fresh
npm-import-lazy-native 4.0.0 NPM: import-lazy
npm-import-local-native 3.0.2 NPM: import-local
npm-import-modules-native 2.1.0 NPM: import-modules
npm-imurmurhash-native 0.1.4 NPM: imurmurhash
npm-indent-string-native 5.0.0 NPM: indent-string
npm-indexes-of-native 1.0.1 NPM: indexes-of
npm-inflight-native 1.0.6 NPM: inflight
npm-inherits-native 2.0.4 NPM: inherits
npm-ini-native 2.0.0 NPM: ini
npm-internal-slot-native 1.0.3 NPM: internal-slot
npm-interpret-native 2.2.0 NPM: interpret
npm-inversify-native 5.0.5 NPM: inversify
npm-is-alphabetical-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-alphabetical
npm-is-alphanumerical-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-alphanumerical
npm-is-arguments-native 1.1.0 NPM: is-arguments
npm-is-arrayish-native 0.3.2 NPM: is-arrayish
npm-is-bigint-native 1.0.1 NPM: is-bigint
npm-is-boolean-object-native 1.1.0 NPM: is-boolean-object
npm-is-buffer-native 2.0.5 NPM: is-buffer
npm-is-callable-native 1.2.3 NPM: is-callable
npm-is-capitalized-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-capitalized
npm-is-ci-native 3.0.0 NPM: is-ci
npm-is-core-module-native 2.2.0 NPM: is-core-module
npm-is-date-object-native 1.0.2 NPM: is-date-object
npm-is-decimal-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-decimal
npm-is-descriptor-native 3.0.0 NPM: is-descriptor
npm-is-dotfile-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-dotfile
npm-is-empty-native 1.2.0 NPM: is-empty
npm-is-extendable-native 1.0.1 NPM: is-extendable
npm-is-extglob-native 2.1.1 NPM: is-extglob
npm-is-extglob-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-extglob
npm-is-file-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-file
npm-is-fullwidth-code-point-native 4.0.0 NPM: is-fullwidth-code-point
npm-is-get-set-prop-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-get-set-prop
npm-is-glob-native 4.0.1 NPM: is-glob
npm-is-hexadecimal-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-hexadecimal
npm-is-installed-globally-native 0.4.0 NPM: is-installed-globally
npm-is-js-type-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-js-type
npm-is-map-native 2.0.2 NPM: is-map
npm-is-negated-glob-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-negated-glob
npm-is-negative-zero-native 2.0.1 NPM: is-negative-zero
npm-is-npm-native 5.0.0 NPM: is-npm
npm-is-number-native 7.0.0 NPM: is-number
npm-is-number-object-native 1.0.4 NPM: is-number-object
npm-is-obj-native 3.0.0 NPM: is-obj
npm-is-obj-prop-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-obj-prop
npm-is-path-inside-native 3.0.3 NPM: is-path-inside
npm-is-plain-obj-native 4.0.0 NPM: is-plain-obj
npm-is-plain-object-native 5.0.0 NPM: is-plain-object
npm-is-proto-prop-native 2.0.0 NPM: is-proto-prop
npm-is-regex-native 1.1.2 NPM: is-regex
npm-is-regexp-native 3.0.0 NPM: is-regexp
npm-is-set-native 2.0.2 NPM: is-set
npm-is-string-native 1.0.5 NPM: is-string
npm-is-symbol-native 1.0.3 NPM: is-symbol
npm-is-typed-array-native 1.1.5 NPM: is-typed-array
npm-is-typedarray-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-typedarray
npm-is-unicode-supported-native 1.0.0 NPM: is-unicode-supported
npm-is-weakmap-native 2.0.1 NPM: is-weakmap
npm-is-weakset-native 2.0.1 NPM: is-weakset
npm-is-yarn-global-native 0.3.0 NPM: is-yarn-global
npm-isarray-native 2.0.5 NPM: isarray
npm-isexe-native 2.0.0 NPM: isexe
npm-isobject-native 4.0.0 NPM: isobject
npm-isstream-native 0.1.2 NPM: isstream
npm-iterable-to-stream-native 1.0.1 NPM: iterable-to-stream
npm-js-tokens-native 6.0.0 NPM: js-tokens
npm-js-types-native 2.1.0 NPM: js-types
npm-js-yaml-native 4.1.0 NPM: js-yaml
npm-jsbn-native 1.1.0 NPM: jsbn
npm-jsesc-native 3.0.2 NPM: jsesc
npm-jshint-native 2.12.0 NPM: jshint
npm-json-buffer-native 3.0.1 NPM: json-buffer
npm-json-parse-even-better-errors-native 2.3.1 NPM: json-parse-even-better-errors
npm-json-schema-native 0.3.0 NPM: json-schema
npm-json-schema-traverse-native 1.0.0 NPM: json-schema-traverse
npm-json-stable-stringify-without-jsonify-native 1.0.1 NPM: json-stable-stringify-without-jsonify
npm-json-stringify-safe-native 5.0.1 NPM: json-stringify-safe
npm-json5-native 2.2.0 NPM: json5
npm-jsonfile-native 6.1.0 NPM: jsonfile
npm-jsprim-native 2.0.0 NPM: jsprim
npm-jsx-ast-utils-native 3.2.0 NPM: jsx-ast-utils
npm-keyv-native 4.0.3 NPM: keyv
npm-kind-of-native 6.0.3 NPM: kind-of
npm-known-css-properties-native 0.21.0 NPM: known-css-properties
npm-language-subtag-registry-native 0.3.21 NPM: language-subtag-registry
npm-language-tags-native 1.0.5 NPM: language-tags
npm-latest-version-native 5.1.0 NPM: latest-version
npm-levn-native 0.4.1 NPM: levn
npm-libnpmconfig-native 1.2.1 NPM: libnpmconfig
npm-limit-spawn-native 0.0.3 NPM: limit-spawn
npm-lines-and-columns-native 1.1.6 NPM: lines-and-columns
npm-load-json-file-native 6.2.0 NPM: load-json-file
npm-load-plugin-native 3.0.0 NPM: load-plugin
npm-locate-path-native 6.0.0 NPM: locate-path
npm-lodash-native 4.17.21 NPM: lodash
npm-lodash.camelcase-native 4.3.0 NPM: lodash.camelcase
npm-lodash.clonedeep-native 4.5.0 NPM: lodash.clonedeep
npm-lodash.difference-native 4.5.0 NPM: lodash.difference
npm-lodash.flatten-native 4.4.0 NPM: lodash.flatten
npm-lodash.get-native 4.4.2 NPM: lodash.get
npm-lodash.intersection-native 4.4.0 NPM: lodash.intersection
npm-lodash.kebabcase-native 4.1.1 NPM: lodash.kebabcase
npm-lodash.snakecase-native 4.1.1 NPM: lodash.snakecase
npm-lodash.sortby-native 4.7.0 NPM: lodash.sortby
npm-lodash.truncate-native 4.4.2 NPM: lodash.truncate
npm-lodash.uniq-native 4.5.0 NPM: lodash.uniq
npm-lodash.uniqwith-native 4.5.0 NPM: lodash.uniqwith
npm-lodash.upperfirst-native 4.3.1 NPM: lodash.upperfirst
npm-lodash.zip-native 4.2.0 NPM: lodash.zip
npm-log-symbols-native 5.0.0 NPM: log-symbols
npm-longest-streak-native 3.0.0 NPM: longest-streak
npm-loose-envify-native 1.4.0 NPM: loose-envify
npm-lower-case-native 2.0.2 NPM: lower-case
npm-lowercase-keys-native 2.0.0 NPM: lowercase-keys
npm-lru-cache-native 6.0.0 NPM: lru-cache
npm-map-age-cleaner-native 0.1.3 NPM: map-age-cleaner
npm-map-like-native 2.0.0 NPM: map-like
npm-map-obj-native 4.2.1 NPM: map-obj
npm-match-casing-native 2.0.0 NPM: match-casing
npm-match-index-native 1.0.3 NPM: match-index
npm-mathml-tag-names-native 3.0.1 NPM: mathml-tag-names
npm-md5-native 2.3.0 NPM: md5
npm-mdast-comment-marker-native 1.1.2 NPM: mdast-comment-marker
npm-mdast-util-from-markdown-native 0.8.5 NPM: mdast-util-from-markdown
npm-mdast-util-frontmatter-native 0.2.0 NPM: mdast-util-frontmatter
npm-mdast-util-to-markdown-native 0.6.5 NPM: mdast-util-to-markdown
npm-mdast-util-to-nlcst-native 4.0.1 NPM: mdast-util-to-nlcst
npm-mdast-util-to-string-native 2.0.0 NPM: mdast-util-to-string
npm-mem-native 8.1.0 NPM: mem
npm-meow-native 9.0.0 NPM: meow
npm-merge2-native 1.4.1 NPM: merge2
npm-micromark-extension-frontmatter-native 0.2.2 NPM: micromark-extension-frontmatter
npm-micromark-native 2.11.4 NPM: micromark
npm-micromatch-native 4.0.3 NPM: micromatch
npm-mime-db-native 1.47.0 NPM: mime-db
npm-mime-types-native 2.1.30 NPM: mime-types
npm-mimic-fn-native 4.0.0 NPM: mimic-fn
npm-mimic-response-native 3.1.0 NPM: mimic-response
npm-min-indent-native 1.0.1 NPM: min-indent
npm-minimatch-native 3.0.4 NPM: minimatch
npm-minimist-native 1.2.5 NPM: minimist
npm-minimist-options-native 4.1.0 NPM: minimist-options
npm-misspellings-native 1.1.0 NPM: misspellings
npm-mkdirp-native 1.0.4 NPM: mkdirp
npm-moment-native 2.29.1 NPM: moment
npm-ms-native 2.1.3 NPM: ms
npm-multimap-native 1.1.0 NPM: multimap
npm-nanoid-native 3.1.22 NPM: nanoid
npm-natural-compare-native 1.4.0 NPM: natural-compare
npm-nlcst-is-literal-native 1.2.2 NPM: nlcst-is-literal
npm-nlcst-normalize-native 2.1.5 NPM: nlcst-normalize
npm-nlcst-search-native 2.0.0 NPM: nlcst-search
npm-nlcst-to-string-native 2.0.4 NPM: nlcst-to-string
npm-no-case-native 3.0.4 NPM: no-case
npm-no-cliches-native 0.3.2 NPM: no-cliches
npm-node-fetch-native 2.6.1 NPM: node-fetch
npm-node-releases-native 1.1.71 NPM: node-releases
npm-nodelib-fs.scandir-native 2.1.4 NPM: @nodelib/fs.scandir
npm-nodelib-fs.stat-native 2.0.4 NPM: @nodelib/fs.stat
npm-nodelib-fs.walk-native 1.2.6 NPM: @nodelib/fs.walk
npm-normalize-glob-native 0.0.2 NPM: normalize-glob
npm-normalize-package-data-native 3.0.2 NPM: normalize-package-data
npm-normalize-path-native 3.0.0 NPM: normalize-path
npm-normalize-range-native 0.1.2 NPM: normalize-range
npm-normalize-selector-native 0.2.0 NPM: normalize-selector
npm-normalize-url-native 6.0.0 NPM: normalize-url
npm-npm-normalize-package-bin-native 1.0.1 NPM: npm-normalize-package-bin
npm-oauth-sign-native 0.9.0 NPM: oauth-sign
npm-obj-props-native 1.3.0 NPM: obj-props
npm-object-assign-native 4.1.1 NPM: object-assign
npm-object-inspect-native 1.10.2 NPM: object-inspect
npm-object-is-native 1.1.5 NPM: object-is
npm-object-keys-native 1.1.1 NPM: object-keys
npm-object-values-native 0.1.2 NPM: object_values
npm-object.assign-native 4.1.2 NPM: object.assign
npm-object.entries-native 1.1.3 NPM: object.entries
npm-object.fromentries-native 2.0.4 NPM: object.fromentries
npm-object.values-native 1.1.3 NPM: object.values
npm-once-native 1.4.0 NPM: once
npm-optionator-native 0.9.1 NPM: optionator
npm-p-cancelable-native 2.1.0 NPM: p-cancelable
npm-p-defer-native 4.0.0 NPM: p-defer
npm-p-limit-native 3.1.0 NPM: p-limit
npm-p-locate-native 5.0.0 NPM: p-locate
npm-p-memoize-native 4.0.1 NPM: p-memoize
npm-p-queue-native 7.1.0 NPM: p-queue
npm-p-timeout-native 5.0.0 NPM: p-timeout
npm-package-json-native 6.5.0 NPM: package-json
npm-param-case-native 3.0.4 NPM: param-case
npm-parent-module-native 2.0.0 NPM: parent-module
npm-parse-english-native 5.0.0 NPM: parse-english
npm-parse-entities-native 3.0.0 NPM: parse-entities
npm-parse-glob-native 3.0.4 NPM: parse-glob
npm-parse-json-native 5.2.0 NPM: parse-json
npm-parse-latin-native 5.0.0 NPM: parse-latin
npm-parse5-native 6.0.1 NPM: parse5
npm-parse5-sax-parser-native 6.0.1 NPM: parse5-sax-parser
npm-passive-voice-native 0.1.0 NPM: passive-voice
npm-path-exists-native 4.0.0 NPM: path-exists
npm-path-is-absolute-native 1.0.1 NPM: path-is-absolute
npm-path-key-native 4.0.0 NPM: path-key
npm-path-parse-native 1.0.6 NPM: path-parse
npm-path-starts-with-native 2.0.0 NPM: path-starts-with
npm-path-to-glob-pattern-native 1.0.2 NPM: path-to-glob-pattern
npm-path-type-native 5.0.0 NPM: path-type
npm-performance-now-native 2.1.0 NPM: performance-now
npm-pg-formatter-native 1.2.0 NPM: pg-formatter
npm-picomatch-native 2.2.3 NPM: picomatch
npm-pkg-conf-native 3.1.0 NPM: pkg-conf
npm-pkg-dir-native 5.0.0 NPM: pkg-dir
npm-pluralize-native 8.0.0 NPM: pluralize
npm-postcss-html-native 0.36.0 NPM: postcss-html
npm-postcss-less-native 4.0.1 NPM: postcss-less
npm-postcss-media-query-parser-native 0.2.3 NPM: postcss-media-query-parser
npm-postcss-native 8.2.10 NPM: postcss
npm-postcss-resolve-nested-selector-native 0.1.1 NPM: postcss-resolve-nested-selector
npm-postcss-safe-parser-native 5.0.2 NPM: postcss-safe-parser
npm-postcss-sass-native 0.4.4 NPM: postcss-sass
npm-postcss-scss-native 3.0.5 NPM: postcss-scss
npm-postcss-selector-parser-native 6.0.4 NPM: postcss-selector-parser
npm-postcss-syntax-native 0.36.2 NPM: postcss-syntax
npm-postcss-value-parser-native 4.1.0 NPM: postcss-value-parser
npm-prelude-ls-native 1.2.1 NPM: prelude-ls
npm-progress-native 2.0.3 NPM: progress
npm-prop-types-native 15.7.2 NPM: prop-types
npm-property-information-native 6.0.0 NPM: property-information
npm-proto-props-native 3.0.0 NPM: proto-props
npm-psl-native 1.8.0 NPM: psl
npm-pump-chain-native 1.0.0 NPM: pump-chain
npm-pump-native 3.0.0 NPM: pump
npm-punycode-native 2.1.1 NPM: punycode
npm-pupa-native 2.1.1 NPM: pupa
npm-pyright-native 1.1.132 NPM: pyright
npm-qs-native 6.10.1 NPM: qs
npm-queue-microtask-native 1.2.3 NPM: queue-microtask
npm-quick-lru-native 6.0.0 NPM: quick-lru
npm-quotation-native 2.0.1 NPM: quotation
npm-rc-config-loader-native 4.0.0 NPM: rc-config-loader
npm-rc-native 1.2.8 NPM: rc
npm-react-is-native 17.0.2 NPM: react-is
npm-read-installed-native 4.0.3 NPM: read-installed
npm-read-package-json-native 3.0.1 NPM: read-package-json
npm-read-pkg-native 6.0.0 NPM: read-pkg
npm-read-pkg-up-native 8.0.0 NPM: read-pkg-up
npm-readable-stream-native 3.6.0 NPM: readable-stream
npm-readdir-scoped-modules-native 1.1.0 NPM: readdir-scoped-modules
npm-rechoir-native 0.7.0 NPM: rechoir
npm-redent-native 3.0.0 NPM: redent
npm-reflect-metadata-native 0.1.13 NPM: reflect-metadata
npm-regenerator-runtime-native 0.13.8 NPM: regenerator-runtime
npm-regex-not-native 1.0.2 NPM: regex-not
npm-regexp-tree-native 0.1.23 NPM: regexp-tree
npm-regexp.prototype.flags-native 1.3.1 NPM: regexp.prototype.flags
npm-regexpp-native 3.1.0 NPM: regexpp
npm-registry-auth-token-native 4.2.1 NPM: registry-auth-token
npm-registry-url-native 6.0.0 NPM: registry-url
npm-rehype-parse-native 7.0.1 NPM: rehype-parse
npm-rehype-retext-native 2.0.4 NPM: rehype-retext
npm-remark-frontmatter-native 3.0.0 NPM: remark-frontmatter
npm-remark-mdx-native 2.0.0-next.8 NPM: remark-mdx
npm-remark-message-control-native 6.0.0 NPM: remark-message-control
npm-remark-native 13.0.0 NPM: remark
npm-remark-parse-native 9.0.0 NPM: remark-parse
npm-remark-retext-native 4.0.0 NPM: remark-retext
npm-remark-stringify-native 9.0.1 NPM: remark-stringify
npm-repeat-string-native 1.6.1 NPM: repeat-string
npm-req-all-native 1.0.0 NPM: req-all
npm-request-native 2.88.2 NPM: request
npm-require-from-string-native 2.0.2 NPM: require-from-string
npm-requireindex-native 1.2.0 NPM: requireindex
npm-reserved-words-native 0.1.2 NPM: reserved-words
npm-resolve-alpn-native 1.1.2 NPM: resolve-alpn
npm-resolve-cwd-native 3.0.0 NPM: resolve-cwd
npm-resolve-from-native 5.0.0 NPM: resolve-from
npm-resolve-global-native 1.0.0 NPM: resolve-global
npm-resolve-native 2.0.0-next.3 NPM: resolve
npm-responselike-native 2.0.0 NPM: responselike
npm-retext-english-native 3.0.4 NPM: retext-english
npm-retext-equality-native 5.7.0 NPM: retext-equality
npm-retext-profanities-native 6.1.0 NPM: retext-profanities
npm-retire-native 2.2.4 NPM: retire
npm-reusify-native 1.0.4 NPM: reusify
npm-rimraf-native 3.0.2 NPM: rimraf
npm-rousseau-native 1.0.5 NPM: rousseau
npm-run-parallel-native 1.2.0 NPM: run-parallel
npm-safe-buffer-native 5.2.1 NPM: safe-buffer
npm-safe-regex-native 2.1.1 NPM: safe-regex
npm-safer-buffer-native 2.1.2 NPM: safer-buffer
npm-select-section-native 0.4.6 NPM: select-section
npm-semver-diff-native 3.1.1 NPM: semver-diff
npm-semver-native 7.3.5 NPM: semver
npm-sentence-splitter-native 3.2.1 NPM: sentence-splitter
npm-shebang-command-native 2.0.0 NPM: shebang-command
npm-shebang-regex-native 3.0.0 NPM: shebang-regex
npm-shell-quote-native 1.7.2 NPM: shell-quote
npm-shelljs-native 0.8.4 NPM: shelljs
npm-side-channel-native 1.0.4 NPM: side-channel
npm-signal-exit-native 3.0.3 NPM: signal-exit
npm-simple-lru-cache-native 0.0.2 NPM: simple-lru-cache
npm-sindresorhus-is-native 4.0.0 NPM: @sindresorhus/is
npm-slash-native 4.0.0 NPM: slash
npm-slice-ansi-native 5.0.0 NPM: slice-ansi
npm-sliced-native 1.0.1 NPM: sliced
npm-slide-native 1.1.6 NPM: slide
npm-source-map-native 0.7.3 NPM: source-map
npm-space-separated-tokens-native 2.0.0 NPM: space-separated-tokens
npm-spawn-to-readstream-native 0.1.3 NPM: spawn-to-readstream
npm-spdx-correct-native 3.1.1 NPM: spdx-correct
npm-spdx-exceptions-native 2.3.0 NPM: spdx-exceptions
npm-spdx-expression-parse-native 3.0.1 NPM: spdx-expression-parse
npm-spdx-license-ids-native 3.0.7 NPM: spdx-license-ids
npm-specificity-native 0.4.1 NPM: specificity
npm-split-lines-native 3.0.0 NPM: split-lines
npm-split-native 1.0.1 NPM: split
npm-split-transform-stream-native 1.0.0 NPM: split-transform-stream
npm-sql-parse-native 0.1.5 NPM: sql-parse
npm-sshpk-native 1.16.1 NPM: sshpk
npm-stable-native 0.1.8 NPM: stable
npm-standard-engine-native 14.0.1 NPM: standard-engine
npm-standard-native 16.0.3 NPM: standard
npm-string-decoder-native 1.3.0 NPM: string_decoder
npm-string-width-native 5.0.0 NPM: string-width
npm-string.prototype.matchall-native 4.0.4 NPM: string.prototype.matchall
npm-string.prototype.trimend-native 1.0.4 NPM: string.prototype.trimend
npm-string.prototype.trimstart-native 1.0.4 NPM: string.prototype.trimstart
npm-stringify-entities-native 4.0.0 NPM: stringify-entities
npm-strip-ansi-native 7.0.0 NPM: strip-ansi
npm-strip-bom-native 5.0.0 NPM: strip-bom
npm-strip-indent-native 3.0.0 NPM: strip-indent
npm-strip-json-comments-native 3.1.1 NPM: strip-json-comments
npm-structured-source-native 3.0.2 NPM: structured-source
npm-style-search-native 0.1.0 NPM: style-search
npm-stylelint-config-recommended-native 4.0.0 NPM: stylelint-config-recommended
npm-stylelint-config-standard-native 21.0.0 NPM: stylelint-config-standard
npm-stylelint-native 13.12.0 NPM: stylelint
npm-stylelint-postcss-css-in-js-native 0.37.2 NPM: @stylelint/postcss-css-in-js
npm-stylelint-postcss-markdown-native 0.36.2 NPM: @stylelint/postcss-markdown
npm-sugarss-native 3.0.3 NPM: sugarss
npm-supports-color-native 9.0.0 NPM: supports-color
npm-svg-tags-native 1.0.0 NPM: svg-tags
npm-szmarczak-http-timer-native 4.0.5 NPM: @szmarczak/http-timer
npm-table-native 6.1.0 NPM: table
npm-text-table-native 0.2.0 NPM: text-table
npm-textlint-ast-node-types-native 4.4.2 NPM: @textlint/ast-node-types
npm-textlint-ast-tester-native 2.3.4 NPM: @textlint/ast-tester
npm-textlint-ast-traverse-native 2.3.4 NPM: @textlint/ast-traverse
npm-textlint-feature-flag-native 3.3.4 NPM: @textlint/feature-flag
npm-textlint-filter-rule-comments-native 1.2.2 NPM: textlint-filter-rule-comments
npm-textlint-fixer-formatter-native 3.3.4 NPM: @textlint/fixer-formatter
npm-textlint-kernel-native 3.4.4 NPM: @textlint/kernel
npm-textlint-linter-formatter-native 3.3.4 NPM: @textlint/linter-formatter
npm-textlint-markdown-to-ast-native 6.3.4 NPM: @textlint/markdown-to-ast
npm-textlint-module-interop-native 1.2.4 NPM: @textlint/module-interop
npm-textlint-native 11.9.0 NPM: textlint
npm-textlint-plugin-html-native 0.2.0 NPM: textlint-plugin-html
npm-textlint-plugin-rst-native 0.1.1 NPM: textlint-plugin-rst
npm-textlint-regexp-string-matcher-native 1.1.0 NPM: @textlint/regexp-string-matcher
npm-textlint-rule-abbr-within-parentheses-native 1.0.2 NPM: textlint-rule-abbr-within-parentheses
npm-textlint-rule-alex-native 3.0.0 NPM: textlint-rule-alex
npm-textlint-rule-apostrophe-native 2.0.0 NPM: textlint-rule-apostrophe
npm-textlint-rule-common-misspellings-native 1.0.1 NPM: textlint-rule-common-misspellings
npm-textlint-rule-date-weekday-mismatch-native 1.0.5 NPM: textlint-rule-date-weekday-mismatch
npm-textlint-rule-diacritics-native 1.0.0 NPM: textlint-rule-diacritics
npm-textlint-rule-en-capitalization-native 2.0.3 NPM: textlint-rule-en-capitalization
npm-textlint-rule-en-max-word-count-native 1.1.0 NPM: textlint-rule-en-max-word-count
npm-textlint-rule-ginger-native 2.2.1 NPM: textlint-rule-ginger
npm-textlint-rule-helper-native 2.1.1 NPM: textlint-rule-helper
npm-textlint-rule-helper-native 1.2.0 NPM: textlint-rule-helper
npm-textlint-rule-max-comma-native 1.0.4 NPM: textlint-rule-max-comma
npm-textlint-rule-max-number-of-lines-native 1.0.3 NPM: textlint-rule-max-number-of-lines
npm-textlint-rule-ng-word-native 1.0.0 NPM: textlint-rule-ng-word
npm-textlint-rule-no-dead-link-native 4.7.0 NPM: textlint-rule-no-dead-link
npm-textlint-rule-no-empty-section-native 1.1.0 NPM: textlint-rule-no-empty-section
npm-textlint-rule-no-exclamation-question-mark-native 1.1.0 NPM: textlint-rule-no-exclamation-question-mark
npm-textlint-rule-no-nfd-native 1.0.2 NPM: textlint-rule-no-nfd
npm-textlint-rule-no-start-duplicated-conjunction-native 2.0.2 NPM: textlint-rule-no-start-duplicated-conjunction
npm-textlint-rule-no-surrogate-pair-native 1.0.1 NPM: textlint-rule-no-surrogate-pair
npm-textlint-rule-no-todo-native 2.0.1 NPM: textlint-rule-no-todo
npm-textlint-rule-period-in-list-item-native 0.3.2 NPM: textlint-rule-period-in-list-item
npm-textlint-rule-rousseau-native 1.4.6 NPM: textlint-rule-rousseau
npm-textlint-rule-stop-words-native 2.0.9 NPM: textlint-rule-stop-words
npm-textlint-rule-terminology-native 2.1.5 NPM: textlint-rule-terminology
npm-textlint-rule-textlint-rule-no-invalid-control-character-native 1.2.0 NPM: @textlint-rule/textlint-rule-no-invalid-control-character
npm-textlint-rule-unexpanded-acronym-native 1.2.4 NPM: textlint-rule-unexpanded-acronym
npm-textlint-rule-write-good-native 1.6.2 NPM: textlint-rule-write-good
npm-textlint-source-code-fixer-native 3.4.4 NPM: @textlint/source-code-fixer
npm-textlint-text-to-ast-native 3.3.4 NPM: @textlint/text-to-ast
npm-textlint-textlint-plugin-markdown-native 5.3.4 NPM: @textlint/textlint-plugin-markdown
npm-textlint-textlint-plugin-text-native 4.3.4 NPM: @textlint/textlint-plugin-text
npm-textlint-types-native 1.5.4 NPM: @textlint/types
npm-textlint-util-to-string-native 3.1.1 NPM: textlint-util-to-string
npm-textlint-utils-native 1.2.4 NPM: @textlint/utils
npm-through-native 2.3.8 NPM: through
npm-through2-native 4.0.2 NPM: through2
npm-to-fast-properties-native 3.0.1 NPM: to-fast-properties
npm-to-regex-native 3.0.2 NPM: to-regex
npm-to-regex-range-native 5.0.1 NPM: to-regex-range
npm-to-vfile-native 6.1.0 NPM: to-vfile
npm-tokenize-english-native 1.0.3 NPM: tokenize-english
npm-tokenize-htmltext-native 1.0.0 NPM: tokenize-htmltext
npm-tokenize-text-native 1.1.3 NPM: tokenize-text
npm-too-wordy-native 0.3.1 NPM: too-wordy
npm-tough-cookie-native 4.0.0 NPM: tough-cookie
npm-traverse-native 0.6.6 NPM: traverse
npm-trim-native 1.0.1 NPM: trim
npm-trim-newlines-native 3.0.0 NPM: trim-newlines
npm-trough-native 1.0.5 NPM: trough
npm-try-resolve-native 1.0.1 NPM: try-resolve
npm-tsconfig-paths-native 3.9.0 NPM: tsconfig-paths
npm-tslib-native 2.2.0 NPM: tslib
npm-tslint-native 6.1.3 NPM: tslint
npm-tsutils-native 3.21.0 NPM: tsutils
npm-tunnel-agent-native 0.6.0 NPM: tunnel-agent
npm-tweetnacl-native 1.0.3 NPM: tweetnacl
npm-txt-ast-traverse-native 1.2.1 NPM: txt-ast-traverse
npm-type-check-native 0.4.0 NPM: type-check
npm-type-fest-native 1.0.2 NPM: type-fest
npm-typedarray-native 0.0.6 NPM: typedarray
npm-typedarray-to-buffer-native 4.0.0 NPM: typedarray-to-buffer
npm-types-cacheable-request-native 6.0.1 NPM: @types/cacheable-request
npm-types-hast-native 2.3.1 NPM: @types/hast
npm-types-http-cache-semantics-native 4.0.0 NPM: @types/http-cache-semantics
npm-types-json5-native 0.0.30 NPM: @types/json5
npm-types-keyv-native 3.1.1 NPM: @types/keyv
npm-types-mdast-native 3.0.3 NPM: @types/mdast
npm-types-minimist-native 1.2.1 NPM: @types/minimist
npm-types-node-native 14.14.41 NPM: @types/node
npm-types-normalize-package-data-native 2.4.0 NPM: @types/normalize-package-data
npm-types-parse-json-native 4.0.0 NPM: @types/parse-json
npm-types-parse5-native 6.0.0 NPM: @types/parse5
npm-types-responselike-native 1.0.0 NPM: @types/responselike
npm-types-structured-source-native 3.0.0 NPM: @types/structured-source
npm-types-unist-native 2.0.3 NPM: @types/unist
npm-typescript-native 4.2.4 NPM: typescript
npm-unherit-native 2.0.0 NPM: unherit
npm-unified-diff-native 3.1.0 NPM: unified-diff
npm-unified-engine-native 8.1.0 NPM: unified-engine
npm-unified-message-control-native 3.0.3 NPM: unified-message-control
npm-unified-native 9.2.1 NPM: unified
npm-uniq-native 1.0.1 NPM: uniq
npm-unique-concat-native 0.2.2 NPM: unique-concat
npm-unique-string-native 3.0.0 NPM: unique-string
npm-unist-util-filter-native 2.0.3 NPM: unist-util-filter
npm-unist-util-find-all-after-native 3.0.2 NPM: unist-util-find-all-after
npm-unist-util-inspect-native 7.0.0 NPM: unist-util-inspect
npm-unist-util-is-native 4.1.0 NPM: unist-util-is
npm-unist-util-map-native 3.0.0 NPM: unist-util-map
npm-unist-util-modify-children-native 3.0.0 NPM: unist-util-modify-children
npm-unist-util-position-native 4.0.0 NPM: unist-util-position
npm-unist-util-stringify-position-native 3.0.0 NPM: unist-util-stringify-position
npm-unist-util-visit-children-native 2.0.0 NPM: unist-util-visit-children
npm-unist-util-visit-native 2.0.3 NPM: unist-util-visit
npm-unist-util-visit-parents-native 3.1.1 NPM: unist-util-visit-parents
npm-universalify-native 2.0.0 NPM: universalify
npm-unorm-native 1.6.0 NPM: unorm
npm-update-notifier-native 5.1.0 NPM: update-notifier
npm-uri-js-native 4.4.1 NPM: uri-js
npm-util-deprecate-native 1.0.2 NPM: util-deprecate
npm-util-extend-native 1.0.3 NPM: util-extend
npm-uuid-native 8.3.2 NPM: uuid
npm-v8-compile-cache-native 2.3.0 NPM: v8-compile-cache
npm-validate-npm-package-license-native 3.0.4 NPM: validate-npm-package-license
npm-verror-native 1.10.0 NPM: verror
npm-vfile-find-up-native 5.0.1 NPM: vfile-find-up
npm-vfile-location-native 3.2.0 NPM: vfile-location
npm-vfile-message-native 2.0.4 NPM: vfile-message
npm-vfile-native 4.2.1 NPM: vfile
npm-vfile-reporter-native 6.0.2 NPM: vfile-reporter
npm-vfile-sort-native 2.2.2 NPM: vfile-sort
npm-vfile-statistics-native 1.1.4 NPM: vfile-statistics
npm-void-elements-native 3.1.0 NPM: void-elements
npm-vscode-uri-native 3.0.2 NPM: vscode-uri
npm-vue-eslint-parser-native 7.6.0 NPM: vue-eslint-parser
npm-walkdir-native 0.4.1 NPM: walkdir
npm-weasel-words-native 0.1.1 NPM: weasel-words
npm-web-namespaces-native 2.0.0 NPM: web-namespaces
npm-which-boxed-primitive-native 1.0.2 NPM: which-boxed-primitive
npm-which-collection-native 1.0.1 NPM: which-collection
npm-which-native 2.0.2 NPM: which
npm-which-typed-array-native 1.1.4 NPM: which-typed-array
npm-widest-line-native 3.1.0 NPM: widest-line
npm-word-wrap-native 1.2.3 NPM: word-wrap
npm-wrap-ansi-native 8.0.0 NPM: wrap-ansi
npm-wrappy-native 1.0.2 NPM: wrappy
npm-write-file-atomic-native 3.0.3 NPM: write-file-atomic
npm-write-good-native 1.0.8 NPM: write-good
npm-xdg-basedir-native 5.0.1 NPM: xdg-basedir
npm-xml-escape-native 1.1.0 NPM: xml-escape
npm-xml-native 1.0.1 NPM: xml
npm-yallist-native 4.0.0 NPM: yallist
npm-yaml-native 1.10.2 NPM: yaml
npm-yargs-parser-native 20.2.7 NPM: yargs-parser
npm-yocto-queue-native 0.1.0 NPM: yocto-queue
npm-zwitch-native 2.0.2 NPM: zwitch
npmaudit-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for npmaudit
p7zip-native 0.1602 7-zip is a commandline utility handling 7z archives.
packagegroup-ansible-roles 1.0 Packagegroup for ansible security roles
packagegroup-inspec-profiles 1.0 Packagegroup for inspec profiles
packagegroup-sca-test 1.0 A packagegroup for testing with meta-sca
perl-b-keywords-native 1.22 Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
perl-class-data-inheritable-native 0.08 Inheritable, overridable class data
perl-class-inspector-native 1.36 Get information about a class and its structure
perl-class-tiny-native 1.008 Minimalist class construction
perl-clone-native 0.45 recursively copy Perl datatypes
perl-config-tiny-native 2.26 Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible
perl-critic-native 1.140 The leading static analyzer for Perl. Configurable, extensible, powerful
perl-devel-stacktrace-native 2.04 An object representing a stack trace
perl-en-lingua-inflect-native 1.905 Convert singular to plural
perl-exception-class-native 1.44 A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl
perl-exporter-tiny-native 1.002002 an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies
perl-extutils-config-native 0.008 A wrapper for perl's configuration
perl-extutils-helper-native 0.026 Various portability utilities for module builders
perl-extutils-installpaths-native 0.012 Build.PL install path logic made easy
perl-file-sharedir-install-native 0.13 Install shared files
perl-file-sharedir-native 1.118 Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
perl-file-spec-native 3.75 portably perform operations on file names
perl-file-which-native 1.24 Perl implementation of the which utility as an API
perl-io-string-native 1.08 Emulate file interface for in-core strings
perl-list-moreutils-native 0.430 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
perl-list-utils-native 1.56 A selection of general-utility list subroutines
perl-module-build-tiny-native 0.039 A tiny replacement for Module::Build
perl-module-pluggable-native 5.2 automatically give your module the ability to have plugins
perl-params-util-native 1.07 Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions
perl-path-tiny-native 0.118 File path utility
perl-perl-tidy-native 20210402 Parses and beautifies perl source
perl-pod-parser-native 1.63 Various pod modules
perl-pod-shell-native 1.20 a formatter for spellchecking Pod
perl-ppi-native 1.270 Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)
perl-ppix-quotelike-native 0.017 Parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things
perl-ppix-regexp-native 0.080 Represent a regular expression of some sort
perl-ppix-utilities-native 1.001000 Extensions to PPI
perl-readonly-native 2.05 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes
perl-sca-native 1.0 SCA description for perl
perl-string-format-native 1.18 sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions
perl-task-weaken-native 1.06 Ensure that a platform has weaken support
perl-term-ansicolor-native 5.01 Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences
perl-test-deep-native 1.130 Extremely flexible deep comparison
perl-text-parsewords-native 3.30 parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays
phan-native 4.0.4 Phan is a static analyzer for PHP
php-ast-native 1.0.10 Extension exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree
phpcodefixer-native 2.0.25 PHP code analyzer
phpcodesniffer-native 3.6.0 PHP static code analyzer
phpcs-security-audit-native 2.0.1 PHP vulnerability finder
phpmd-native 2.9.1 PHP code metrics
phpstan-native 0.12.83 PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it!
pkgqaenc-native 1.0 Enhanced package qa
progpilot-native 0.7.0 A static analysis tool for security
proot-native 20212201 chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc without privilege/setup for Linux
pscan-native 1.3 A limited problem scanner for C source files
pyright-native 1.0 sca definition for pyright
python3-ansible 3.2.0 Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure
python3-ansible-core 2.11.0b1 Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure
python3-ansiblelint-native 5.0.7 Checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could potentially be improved
python3-anytree-native 2.8.0 Powerful and Lightweight Python Tree Data Structure
python3-appdirs-native 1.4.4 Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs
python3-asn1crypto 1.4.0 Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API
python3-astor-native 0.8.1 Python AST read/write
python3-astpretty-native 2.1.0 Pretty print the output of python stdlib ast.parse
python3-astroids-native 2.5.3 A common base representation of python source code for pylint and other projects
python3-atomicwrites-native 1.4.0 Powerful Python library for atomic file writes
python3-attrs-native 20.3.0 Classes Without Boilerplate
python3-babel-native 2.9.0 Internationalization utilities
python3-banal-native 1.0.6 Commons of banal micro-functions for Python
python3-bandit-native 1.7.0 Bandit is a tool designed to find common security issues in Python code
python3-bashate-native 2.0.0 A pep8 equivalent for bash scripts
python3-bcrypt-native 3.2.0 Modern(-ish) password hashing for your software and your servers
python3-beautifulsoup4-native 4.9.3 library that makes it easy to scrape information from web pages
python3-binaryornot-native 0.4.4 Ultra-lightweight pure Python package to check if a file is binary or text
python3-bitarray-native 2.0.0 provides an object type which efficiently represents an array of booleans
python3-black-native 20.8b1 The uncompromising Python code formatter
python3-boolean.py-native 3.8 Implements boolean algebra in one module
python3-bracex-native 2.1.1 Bash style brace expander
python3-cached-property-native 1.5.2 A decorator for caching properties in classes
python3-capstone-native 4.0.2 Capstone disassembly/disassembler framework
python3-certifi-native 2020.12.5 curated collection of Root Certificates
python3-cffi 1.14.5 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
python3-chardet-native 4.0.0 Python 2/3 compatible character encoding detector
python3-click-native 7.1.2 Python composable command line interface toolkit
python3-cognitive-complexity-native 1.2.0 Library to calculate Python functions cognitive complexity via code
python3-colorama-native 0.4.4 Simple cross-platform colored terminal text in Python
python3-commoncode-native 21.1.21 functions and utilities for handling various things like paths, dates, files and hashes
python3-commonmark-native 0.9.1 Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec
python3-configargparse-native 1.4 A drop-in replacement for argparse
python3-contextlib2-native 0.6.0.post1 contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library’s contextlib module
python3-coverage-native 5.5 Code coverage measurement for Python
python3-cryptography 3.3.1 cryptography exposes cryptographic primitives
python3-cython-native 0.29.23 The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language
python3-darglint-native 1.8.0 A python documentation linter
python3-debian-inspector-native 0.9.10 Utilities to parse Debian package, copyright and control files
python3-debian-native 0.1.39 Debian package related modules
python3-decorator-native 5.0.7 Better living through Python with decorators
python3-dennis-native 0.9 PO files linter to ease development and improve quality
python3-detect-secrets-native 1.1.0 An enterprise friendly way of detecting and preventing secrets in code
python3-distro-native 1.5.0 Distro is an OS platform information API
python3-docutils-native 0.17.1 Docutils -- Python Documentation Utilities
python3-dparse2-native A parser for Python dependency files
python3-enrich-native 1.2.6 Enriched extends rich library functionality
python3-entrypoints-native 0.3 Discover and load entry points from installed packages
python3-enum-compat-native 0.0.3 enum/enum34 compatibility package
python3-eradicate-native 2.0.0 Removes commented-out code
python3-extractcode-7z-system-provided-native 16.5.210223 plugin to provide system package provided sevenzip binary
python3-extractcode-libarchive-system-provided-native provide a system package provided libarchive shared library
python3-extractcode-native 21.2.24 universal archive extractor using z7zip, libarchve, other libraries
python3-fasteners-native 0.16 A python package that provides useful locks
python3-fingerprints-native 1.0.3 library that helps with the generation of fingerprints for entity data
python3-flake8-2020-native 1.6.0 flake8 plugin which checks for misuse of `sys.version` or `sys.version_info`
python3-flake8-annotations-complexity-native 0.0.6 flake8 plugin to validate annotations complexity
python3-flake8-bandit-native 2.1.2 Automated security testing using bandit and flake8
python3-flake8-broken-line-native 0.3.0 Flake8 plugin to forbid backslashes (\) for line breaks
python3-flake8-bugbear-native 21.4.3 A plugin for Flake8 finding likely bugs and design problems in your program
python3-flake8-builtins-native 1.5.3 Check for python builtins being used as variables or parameters
python3-flake8-coding-native 1.3.2 Adds coding magic comment checks (coding:) to flake8
python3-flake8-commas-native 2.0.0 Flake8 lint for trailing commas
python3-flake8-comprehensions-native 3.4.0 A flake8 plugin to help you write better list/set/dict comprehensions
python3-flake8-debugger-native 4.0.0 flake8 debug statement checker
python3-flake8-dlint-native 0.10.2 encouraging best coding practices for python code
python3-flake8-docstrings-native 1.6.0 Extension for flake8 which uses pydocstyle to check docstrings
python3-flake8-eradicate-native 1.0.0 Flake8 plugin to find commented out or dead code
python3-flake8-executable-native 2.1.1 A Flake8 plugin for checking executable permissions and shebangs
python3-flake8-expression-complexity-native 0.0.9 flake8 plugin to validate expressions complexity
python3-flake8-fixme-native 1.1.1 Check for FIXME, TODO and other temporary developer notes
python3-flake8-functions-native 20200512 flake8 plugin for validation of function parameters (length, complexity, etc)
python3-flake8-import-order-native 0.18.1 Flake8 plugin that checks import order against various Python Style Guides
python3-flake8-isort-native 4.00 flake8 plugin that integrates isort
python3-flake8-logging-format-native 0.6.0 Flake8 extension to validate (lack of) logging format strings
python3-flake8-mutable-native 1.2.0 flake8 extension for mutable default arguments
python3-flake8-native 3.9.1 the modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co
python3-flake8-pep3101-native 1.3.0 Checks for old string formatting
python3-flake8-polyfill-native 1.0.2 Polyfill package for Flake8 plugins
python3-flake8-print-native 4.0.0 print statement checker plugin for flake8
python3-flake8-quotes-native 3.2.0 Flake8 extension for checking quotes in python
python3-flake8-requirements-native 1.4.0 Package requirements checker, plugin for flake8
python3-flake8-rst-docstrings-native 0.1.2 Python docstring reStructuredText (RST) validator
python3-flake8-sca-native 1.0 Meta recipe for flake8 and plugins
python3-flake8-strict-native 0.2.1 Flake8 plugin that checks Python code against a set of opinionated style rules
python3-flake8-string-format-native 0.3.0 Check that indexed parameters are used in strings
python3-flake8-variables-names-native 0.0.2 A flake8 extension that helps to make more readable variables names
python3-flawfinder-native 2.0.15 a static analysis tool for finding vulnerabilities in C/C++ source code
python3-ftfy-native 6.0.1 fixes text for you
python3-future-native 0.18.2 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
python3-gemfileparser-native 0.8.0 Parse Ruby Gemfile, .gemspec and Cocoapod .podspec files using Python
python3-gitdb-native 4.0.7 IO of git-style object databases
python3-gitpython-native 3.1.14 GitPython is a python library used to interact with Git repositories
python3-gixy-native 0.1.20 Nginx configuration static analyzer
python3-html5lib-native 1.1 html5lib is a pure-python library for parsing HTML
python3-idna-native 3.1 Internationalized Domain Names for Python
python3-importlab-native 0.6.1 A library to calculate python dependency graphs.
python3-importlib-metadata-native 3.10.1 Read metadata from Python packages
python3-intbitset-native 2.4.1 C-based extension implementing fast integer bit sets
python3-isodate-native 0.6.0 An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter
python3-isort-native 5.8.0 A Python utility / library to sort imports
python3-jaraco-functools-native 3.3.0 Additional functools in the spirit of stdlib’s functools
python3-javaproperties-native 0.8.0 Read & write Java .properties files
python3-jinja2 2.11.3 A small but fast and easy to use template engine written in pure python
python3-joblib-native 0.14.1 Lightweight pipelining: using Python functions as pipeline jobs
python3-jsonmerge-native 1.8.0 Merge a series of JSON documents
python3-jsonschema-native 3.2.0 An(other) implementation of JSON Schema for Python
python3-jsonstreams-native 0.6.0 A JSON streaming writer
python3-license-expression-native 1.2 Utility library to parse, normalize and compare License expressions
python3-looong-native 20180128 Discovery of Long Parameter List
python3-lxml-native 4.6.3 Powerful and Pythonic XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API
python3-mando-native 0.7.0 Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all!
python3-markupsafe 1.1.1 Safely add untrusted strings to HTML/XML markup
python3-mccabe-native 0.6.1 McCabe complexity checker for Python
python3-more-itertools-native 8.7.0 More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools
python3-msgcheck-native 3.1 Gettext file checker
python3-multimetric-native 1.2.0 Calculate code metrics in various languages
python3-mypy-extensions-native 0.4.3 Type system extensions for programs checked with the mypy typechecker
python3-mypy-native 0.812 Optional static typing for Python 3 and 2 (PEP 484)
python3-networkx-native 2.5.1 Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
python3-ninja-native 1.10.0.post2 Ninja is a small build system with a focus on speed
python3-nltk-native 3.6.1 Natural Language Toolkit
python3-normality-native 2.1.3 micro-package that contains a small set of text normalization
python3-nose-native 1.3.7 nose is nicer testing for python
python3-oelint-adv-native 2.2.5 Advanced oelint
python3-oelint-parser-native 1.0.11 alternative parser for bitbake recipes
python3-packageurl-python-native 0.9.4 purl aka. Package URL parser and builder
python3-packaging 20.9 Core utilities for Python packages
python3-paramiko-native 2.7.2 The leading native Python SSHv2 protocol library
python3-patch-native 1.16 Library to parse and apply unified diffs
python3-pathlib2-native 2.3.5 Object-oriented filesystem paths
python3-pathspec-native 0.8.1 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths
python3-pbr-native 5.5.1 Python Build Reasonableness
python3-pdfminer-six-native 20201018 PDF parser and analyzer
python3-pefile-native 2019.4.18 Python PE parsing module
python3-pep8-naming-native 0.11.1 Naming Convention checker for Python
python3-pep8-native 1.7.1 Python style guide checker
python3-pkginfo-native 1.7.0 Query metadatdata from sdists / bdists / installed packages
python3-pluggy-native 0.13.1 A minimalist production ready plugin system
python3-plugincode-native 21.1.21 plugincode is a library that provides plugin functionality for ScanCode toolkit
python3-ply-native 3.11 Python Lex & Yacc
python3-polib-native 1.1.1 A library to manipulate gettext files (po and mo files)
python3-proselint-native 0.10.2 A linter for prose
python3-publicsuffix2-native 2.20191221 Get a public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List
python3-py-native 1.10.0 Library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
python3-pyahocorasick-native 1.4.2 a fast and memory efficient library for multi-pattern string search
python3-pyasn1-native 0.4.8 ASN.1 types and codecs
python3-pybind11-native 2.6.2 Seamless operability between C++11 and Python
python3-pycodestyle-native 2.7.0 Simple Python style checker in one Python file
python3-pycparser 2.20 C parser in Python
python3-pycryptodome-native 3.10.1 Cryptographic library for Python
python3-pydocstyle-native 6.0.0 docstring style checker
python3-pyelftools-native 0.27 Parsing ELF and DWARF in Python
python3-pyenchant-native 3.2.0 spellchecking library for python
python3-pyfindinjection-native 0.1.1 simple python ast consumer which searches for common SQL injection attacks
python3-pyflakes-native 2.3.1 A simple program which checks Python source files for errors
python3-pygments-native 2.8.1 Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python
python3-pylama-native 7.7.1 Simple Python style checker in one Python file
python3-pylazy-object-proxy-native 1.5.2 A fast and thorough lazy object proxy for Python
python3-pylint-native 2.7.4 Pylint is a tool that checks for errors in Python code
python3-pymaven-patch-native 0.3.0 Python access to maven. nexB advanced patch
python3-pynacl-native 1.4.0 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
python3-pyparsing 2.4.7 Python parsing module
python3-pyrsistent-native 0.17.3 Persistent/Immutable/Functional data structures for Python
python3-pysymbolcheck-native 2.1 Tool for checking elf-symbols against rules
python3-pytest-native 6.2.3 Easy to write small tests
python3-pytest-runner-native 5.3.0 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution
python3-python-magic-native 0.4.22 A python wrapper for libmagic
python3-pytype-native 2021.4.15 Python type inferencer
python3-pytz-native 2021.1 World timezone definitions, modern and historical
python3-pyyaml 5.4.1 PyYAML is a YAML parser and emitter for Python
python3-radon-native 4.5.0 Various code metrics for Python code
python3-rdflib-native 5.0.0 RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF
python3-regex-native 2021.4.4 Alternative regular expression module, to replace re
python3-requests-native 2.25.1 Python HTTP Requests for Humans
python3-resolvelib 0.7.0 Resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones
python3-restructuredtext-lint-native 1.3.2 reStructuredText linter
python3-reuse-native 0.12.1 reuse is a tool for compliance with the REUSE recommendations
python3-rich-native 10.1.0 Render rich text, tables, progress bars, syntax highlighting
python3-ropgadget-native 6.5 Find ROP exploitation pattern
python3-ruamelyaml-native 0.17.4 ruamel.yaml is a YAML parser/emitter that support comment preservation
python3-ruamelyamlcli-native 0.2.2 C version of reader, parser and emitter for ruamel.yaml derived from libyaml
python3-safety-native 1.10.3 Safety checks your installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities
python3-saneyaml-native 0.5.2 Dump readable YAML and load safely any YAML
python3-scancode-native 21.3.31 ScanCode is a tool to scan code for license, copyright
python3-scandir-native 1.10.0 Better directory iterator and faster os.walk()
python3-scikit-build-native 0.11.1 Improved build system generator for CPython
python3-setuptools-lint-native 0.6.0 expose pylint as a lint command into setup.py
python3-setuptools-scm-git-archive-native 1.1 setuptools_scm plugin for git archives
python3-setuptools-scm-native 5.0.2 the blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags
python3-simplejson-native 3.17.2 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
python3-six 1.15.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility library
python3-smmap-native 4.0.0 A sliding memory map manager
python3-snowballstemmer-native 2.1.0 Snowball compiler and stemming algorithms
python3-sortedcontainers-native 2.3.0 Sorted Containers -- Sorted List, Sorted Dict, Sorted Set
python3-soupsieve-native 2.2.1 Soup Sieve is a CSS selector library designed to be used with Beautiful Soup 4
python3-spdx-tools-native 0.6.1 SPDX parser and tools
python3-stevedore-native 3.3.0 Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications
python3-systemdlint-native 1.1.17 Systemd Linter
python3-systemdunitparser-native 0.1 configparser extension for systemd files
python3-tempora-native 4.0.2 Objects and routines pertaining to date and time
python3-tenacity-native 7.0.0 general-purpose retrying library
python3-testfixtures-native 6.17.1 a collection of helpers and mock objects
python3-text-unidecode-native 1.3 the most basic port of the Text::Unidecode Perl library
python3-tlv-native 1.0.2 Too less variation - A tool to discover code duplication in various languages
python3-toml-native 0.10.2 Python Library for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language
python3-tqdm-native 4.52.0 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter
python3-typecode-libmagic-system-provided-native plugin to provide a system package provided libmagic binary and database
python3-typecode-native 21.2.24 typecode provides file type detection functionality to ScanCode toolkit
python3-typed-ast-native 1.4.3 a fork of Python 2 and 3 ast modules with type comment support
python3-typing-extensions-native Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python
python3-typing-native Type Hints for Python
python3-unicodecsv-native 0.14.1 unicodecsv is a drop-in replacement for Python 2.7’s csv module
python3-urllib3-native 1.21.1 Python HTTP library
python3-urlpy-native 0.5 Simple URL parsing, canonicalization and equivalence
python3-vulture-native 2.3 Find dead Python code
python3-wcmatch-native 8.1.2 Wildcard/glob file name matcher
python3-wcwidth-native 0.2.5 Python library that measures the width of unicode strings rendered to a terminal
python3-webencodings-native 0.5.1 Python implementation of the WHATWG Encoding standard
python3-wemake-python-styleguide-native 0.15.2 The strictest and most opinionated python linter ever!
python3-wheel-native 0.36.2 The official binary distribution format for Python
python3-wrapt-native 1.12.1 Module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching
python3-xmltodict-native 0.12.0 Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON
python3-yamllint-native 1.26.1 A linter for YAML files
python3-yg-lockfile-native 2.3 Lockfile object with timeouts and context manager
python3-zc-lockfile-native 2.0 Basic inter-process locks
python3-zipp-native 3.4.1 Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files
qemu-static-native 5.1.0 Fast open source processor emulator (compiled statically)
rats-native 20190324 Rough Auditing Tool For Security
reconbf 20160909 Recon system hardening scanner
reek-native 6.0.3 Code smell detector for Ruby
retire-native 1.0 sca definition for retire
revive-native 1.0.5 faster, stricter, configurable, extensible, and beautiful than golint
ruby-activesupport RubyGem: activesupport
ruby-addressable 2.7.0 RubyGem: addressable
ruby-addressable-native 2.7.0 Addressable is an alternative implementation to the URI implementation
ruby-ast-native 2.4.2 RubyGem: ast
ruby-aws-eventstream 1.1.1 RubyGem: aws-eventstream
ruby-aws-partitions 1.445.0 RubyGem: aws-partitions
ruby-aws-sdk-apigateway 1.62.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-apigateway
ruby-aws-sdk-apigatewayv2 1.32.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-apigatewayv2
ruby-aws-sdk-applicationautoscaling 1.51.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-applicationautoscaling
ruby-aws-sdk-athena 1.37.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-athena
ruby-aws-sdk-autoscaling 1.60.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-autoscaling
ruby-aws-sdk-batch 1.47.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-batch
ruby-aws-sdk-budgets 1.38.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-budgets
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudformation 1.50.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudformation
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudfront 1.49.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudfront
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudhsm 1.30.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudhsm
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudhsmv2 1.33.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudhsmv2
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudtrail 1.34.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudtrail
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudwatch 1.51.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudwatch
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudwatchevents 1.45.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudwatchevents
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudwatchlogs 1.40.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cloudwatchlogs
ruby-aws-sdk-codecommit 1.42.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-codecommit
ruby-aws-sdk-codedeploy 1.40.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-codedeploy
ruby-aws-sdk-codepipeline 1.44.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-codepipeline
ruby-aws-sdk-cognitoidentity 1.31.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cognitoidentity
ruby-aws-sdk-cognitoidentityprovider 1.50.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-cognitoidentityprovider
ruby-aws-sdk-configservice 1.61.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-configservice
ruby-aws-sdk-core 3.114.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-core
ruby-aws-sdk-costandusagereportservice 1.31.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-costandusagereportservice
ruby-aws-sdk-databasemigrationservice 1.53.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-databasemigrationservice
ruby-aws-sdk-dynamodb 1.60.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-dynamodb
ruby-aws-sdk-ec2 1.234.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ec2
ruby-aws-sdk-ecr 1.42.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ecr
ruby-aws-sdk-ecs 1.76.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ecs
ruby-aws-sdk-efs 1.39.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-efs
ruby-aws-sdk-eks 1.51.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-eks
ruby-aws-sdk-elasticache 1.55.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-elasticache
ruby-aws-sdk-elasticbeanstalk 1.42.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-elasticbeanstalk
ruby-aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancing 1.31.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancing
ruby-aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2 1.61.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2
ruby-aws-sdk-elasticsearchservice 1.51.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-elasticsearchservice
ruby-aws-sdk-firehose 1.37.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-firehose
ruby-aws-sdk-glue 1.86.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-glue
ruby-aws-sdk-guardduty 1.45.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-guardduty
ruby-aws-sdk-iam 1.52.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-iam
ruby-aws-sdk-kafka 1.35.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-kafka
ruby-aws-sdk-kinesis 1.32.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-kinesis
ruby-aws-sdk-kms 1.43.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-kms
ruby-aws-sdk-lambda 1.62.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-lambda
ruby-aws-sdk-organizations 1.58.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-organizations
ruby-aws-sdk-ram 1.25.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ram
ruby-aws-sdk-rds 1.118.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-rds
ruby-aws-sdk-redshift 1.61.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-redshift
ruby-aws-sdk-route53 1.49.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-route53
ruby-aws-sdk-route53domains 1.30.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-route53domains
ruby-aws-sdk-route53resolver 1.25.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-route53resolver
ruby-aws-sdk-s3 1.93.1 RubyGem: aws-sdk-s3
ruby-aws-sdk-secretsmanager 1.46.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-secretsmanager
ruby-aws-sdk-securityhub 1.42.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-securityhub
ruby-aws-sdk-servicecatalog 1.59.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-servicecatalog
ruby-aws-sdk-ses 1.38.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ses
ruby-aws-sdk-shield 1.37.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-shield
ruby-aws-sdk-sms 1.29.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-sms
ruby-aws-sdk-sns 1.39.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-sns
ruby-aws-sdk-sqs 1.38.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-sqs
ruby-aws-sdk-ssm 1.108.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-ssm
ruby-aws-sdk-states 1.39.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-states
ruby-aws-sdk-transfer 1.32.0 RubyGem: aws-sdk-transfer
ruby-aws-sigv4 1.2.3 RubyGem: aws-sigv4
ruby-axiom-types-native 0.1.1 Powerful, flexible and configurable coercion library. And nothing more.
ruby-azure-graph-rbac 0.17.2 RubyGem: azure_graph_rbac
ruby-azure-mgmt-key-vault 0.17.7 RubyGem: azure_mgmt_key_vault
ruby-azure-mgmt-resources 0.18.2 RubyGem: azure_mgmt_resources
ruby-azure-mgmt-security 0.19.0 RubyGem: azure_mgmt_security
ruby-azure-mgmt-storage 0.23.0 RubyGem: azure_mgmt_storage
ruby-builder 3.2.4 RubyGem: builder
ruby-chef-config 16.13.16 RubyGem: chef-config
ruby-chef-telemetry 1.0.29 RubyGem: chef-telemetry
ruby-chef-utils 16.13.16 RubyGem: chef-utils
ruby-codeclimate-engine-rb-native 0.4.1 JSON issue formatter for the Code Climate engine
ruby-coderay 1.1.3 RubyGem: coderay
ruby-coercible-native 1.0.0 Powerful, flexible and configurable coercion library. And nothing more.
ruby-concurrent-ruby 1.1.8 RubyGem: concurrent-ruby
ruby-connection-pool 2.2.5 RubyGem: connection_pool
ruby-cross-i686 3.0.0 An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language
ruby-cross-i686 2.7.2 An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language
ruby-declarative 0.0.20 RubyGem: declarative
ruby-declarative-option 0.1.0 RubyGem: declarative-option
ruby-descendants-tracker-native 0.0.4 Module that adds descendant tracking to a class
ruby-diff-lcs 1.4.4 RubyGem: diff-lcs
ruby-docile-native 1.3.5 RubyGem: docile
ruby-docker-api 2.1.0 RubyGem: docker-api
ruby-domain-name 0.5.20190701 RubyGem: domain_name
ruby-equalizer-native 0.0.11 Module to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
ruby-erubi 1.10.0 RubyGem: erubi
ruby-erubis-native 2.7.0 Erubis is an implementation of eRuby
ruby-excon 0.80.1 RubyGem: excon
ruby-faraday 1.4.0 RubyGem: faraday
ruby-faraday-cookie-jar 0.0.7 RubyGem: faraday-cookie_jar
ruby-faraday-excon 1.0.0 RubyGem: faraday-excon
ruby-faraday-middleware 1.0.0 RubyGem: faraday_middleware
ruby-faraday-net-http 1.0.1 RubyGem: faraday-net_http
ruby-faraday-net-http-persistent 1.0.3 RubyGem: faraday-net_http_persistent
ruby-ffi 1.15.0 RubyGem: ffi
ruby-ffi-yajl 2.4.0 RubyGem: ffi-yajl
ruby-flay-native 2.12.1 Flay analyzes code for structural similarities
ruby-flog-native 4.6.4 Flog reports the most tortured code in an easy to read pain report
ruby-fuzzyurl 0.9.0 RubyGem: fuzzyurl
ruby-gems 1.2.0 RubyGem: gems
ruby-google-api-client 0.53.0 RubyGem: google-api-client
ruby-google-apis-core 0.3.0 RubyGem: google-apis-core
ruby-google-apis-discovery-v1 0.2.0 RubyGem: google-apis-discovery_v1
ruby-google-apis-generator 0.2.0 RubyGem: google-apis-generator
ruby-googleauth 0.16.1 RubyGem: googleauth
ruby-gssapi 1.3.1 RubyGem: gssapi
ruby-gyoku 1.3.1 RubyGem: gyoku
ruby-hashie 4.1.0 RubyGem: hashie
ruby-http-cookie 1.0.3 RubyGem: http-cookie
ruby-httpclient 2.8.3 RubyGem: httpclient
ruby-i18n 1.8.10 RubyGem: i18n
ruby-ice-nine-native 0.11.2 Deep Freeze Ruby Objects
ruby-inifile 3.0.0 RubyGem: inifile
ruby-inspec 4.32.0 RubyGem: inspec
ruby-inspec-bin 4.32.0 RubyGem: inspec-bin
ruby-inspec-core 4.32.0 RubyGem: inspec-core
ruby-jmespath 1.4.0 RubyGem: jmespath
ruby-json 2.5.1 RubyGem: json
ruby-jwt 2.2.2 RubyGem: jwt
ruby-kwalify-native 0.7.2 Kwalify is a parser, schema validator, and data binding tool for YAML and JSON.
ruby-launchy-native 2.5.0 Launchy is helper class for launching cross-platform applications
ruby-libyajl2 2.1.0 RubyGem: libyajl2
ruby-license-acceptance 2.1.13 RubyGem: license-acceptance
ruby-little-plugger 1.1.4 RubyGem: little-plugger
ruby-logging 2.3.0 RubyGem: logging
ruby-memoist 0.16.2 RubyGem: memoist
ruby-method-source 1.0.0 RubyGem: method_source
ruby-mini-mime 1.1.0 RubyGem: mini_mime
ruby-minitest 5.14.4 RubyGem: minitest
ruby-mixlib-config 3.0.9 RubyGem: mixlib-config
ruby-mixlib-log 3.0.9 RubyGem: mixlib-log
ruby-mixlib-shellout 3.2.5 RubyGem: mixlib-shellout
ruby-ms-rest 0.7.6 RubyGem: ms_rest
ruby-ms-rest-azure 0.12.0 RubyGem: ms_rest_azure
ruby-multi-json 1.15.0 RubyGem: multi_json
ruby-multipart-post 2.1.1 RubyGem: multipart-post
ruby-net-http-persistent 4.0.1 RubyGem: net-http-persistent
ruby-net-scp 3.0.0 RubyGem: net-scp
ruby-net-ssh 6.1.0 RubyGem: net-ssh
ruby-nori 2.6.0 RubyGem: nori
ruby-os 1.1.1 RubyGem: os
ruby-parallel 1.20.1 RubyGem: parallel
ruby-parser-native RubyGem: parser
ruby-parslet 2.0.0 RubyGem: parslet
ruby-pastel 0.8.0 RubyGem: pastel
ruby-path-expander-native 1.1.0 PathExpander helps pre-process command-line arguments
ruby-pry 0.14.1 RubyGem: pry
ruby-psych-native 3.3.1 RubyGem: psych
ruby-public-suffix 4.0.6 RubyGem: public_suffix
ruby-public-suffix-native 4.0.6 PublicSuffix can parse and decompose a domain name
ruby-rainbow-native 3.0.0 Colorize printed text on ANSI terminals
ruby-representable 3.1.1 RubyGem: representable
ruby-retriable 3.1.2 RubyGem: retriable
ruby-rexml 3.2.5 RubyGem: rexml
ruby-rexml-native 3.2.5 RubyGem: rexml
ruby-rspec 3.10.0 RubyGem: rspec
ruby-rspec-core 3.10.1 RubyGem: rspec-core
ruby-rspec-expectations 3.10.1 RubyGem: rspec-expectations
ruby-rspec-its 1.3.0 RubyGem: rspec-its
ruby-rspec-mocks 3.10.2 RubyGem: rspec-mocks
ruby-rspec-support 3.10.2 RubyGem: rspec-support
ruby-ruby-parser-native 3.15.1 RubyGem: ruby_parser
ruby-ruby2-keywords 0.0.4 RubyGem: ruby2_keywords
ruby-rubyntlm 0.6.3 RubyGem: rubyntlm
ruby-rubyzip 2.3.0 RubyGem: rubyzip
ruby-semverse 3.0.0 RubyGem: semverse
ruby-sexp-processor-native 4.15.2 RubyGem: sexp_processor
ruby-signet 0.15.0 RubyGem: signet
ruby-simplecov-html-native 0.12.3 Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool
ruby-simplecov-json-formatter-native 0.1.2 JSON formatter for SimpleCov
ruby-simplecov-native 0.21.2 RubyGem: simplecov
ruby-sslshake 1.3.1 RubyGem: sslshake
ruby-strings 0.2.1 RubyGem: strings
ruby-strings-ansi 0.2.0 RubyGem: strings-ansi
ruby-thor 1.1.0 RubyGem: thor
ruby-thread-safe-native 0.3.6 Thread-safe collections for Ruby
ruby-timeliness 0.4.4 RubyGem: timeliness
ruby-tomlrb 2.0.1 RubyGem: tomlrb
ruby-trailblazer-option 0.1.1 RubyGem: trailblazer-option
ruby-train 3.6.2 RubyGem: train
ruby-train-aws 0.1.67 RubyGem: train-aws
ruby-train-core 3.6.2 RubyGem: train-core
ruby-train-habitat 0.2.22 RubyGem: train-habitat
ruby-train-winrm 0.2.12 RubyGem: train-winrm
ruby-tty-box 0.7.0 RubyGem: tty-box
ruby-tty-color 0.6.0 RubyGem: tty-color
ruby-tty-cursor 0.7.1 RubyGem: tty-cursor
ruby-tty-prompt 0.23.1 RubyGem: tty-prompt
ruby-tty-reader 0.9.0 RubyGem: tty-reader
ruby-tty-screen 0.8.1 RubyGem: tty-screen
ruby-tty-table 0.12.0 RubyGem: tty-table
ruby-tty-which-native 0.4.2 Platform independent implementation of Unix which command
ruby-tzinfo 2.0.4 RubyGem: tzinfo
ruby-uber 0.1.0 RubyGem: uber
ruby-unf 0.1.4 RubyGem: unf
ruby-unf-ext RubyGem: unf_ext
ruby-unicode-display-width 2.0.0 RubyGem: unicode-display_width
ruby-unicode-utils 1.4.0 RubyGem: unicode_utils
ruby-virtus-native 1.0.5 Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
ruby-webrick 1.7.0 RubyGem: webrick
ruby-winrm 2.3.6 RubyGem: winrm
ruby-winrm-elevated 1.2.3 RubyGem: winrm-elevated
ruby-winrm-fs 1.3.5 RubyGem: winrm-fs
ruby-wisper 2.0.1 RubyGem: wisper
ruby-zeitwerk 2.4.2 RubyGem: zeitwerk
rubycritic-native 4.6.1 RubyCritic is a tool that wraps around various static analysis gems
rubycritic-test 4.3.0 Ruby critic test code
sca-image-ansible-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for ansible at images
sca-image-ansiblelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for ansiblelint at images
sca-image-bandit-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for bandit at images
sca-image-bashate-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for bashate at images
sca-image-checkbashism-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for checkbashism at images
sca-image-checksec-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for checksec at images
sca-image-configcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for configcheck at images
sca-image-detectsecrets-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for detectsecrets at images
sca-image-eslint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for eslint at images
sca-image-flake8-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for flake8 at images
sca-image-gixy-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for gixy at images
sca-image-htmlhint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for htmlhint at images
sca-image-inspec-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for inspec at images
sca-image-jshint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for jshint at images
sca-image-jsonlint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for jsonlint at images
sca-image-lse-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for lse at images
sca-image-lynis-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for lynis at images
sca-image-multimetric-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for multimetric at images
sca-image-mypy-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for mypy at images
sca-image-nixauditor-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for nixauditor at images
sca-image-oelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for oelint at images
sca-image-proselint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for proselint at images
sca-image-pyfindinjection-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pyfindinjection at images
sca-image-pylint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pylint at images
sca-image-reconbf-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for reconbf at images
sca-image-shellcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for shellcheck at images
sca-image-slick-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for slick at images
sca-image-standard-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for standard at images
sca-image-stank-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for stank at images
sca-image-stylelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for stylelint at images
sca-image-sudokiller-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for sudokiller at images
sca-image-systemdlint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for systemdlint at images
sca-image-tiger-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for tiger at images
sca-image-upc-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for upc at images
sca-image-vulture-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for vulture at images
sca-image-wotan-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for wotan at images
sca-image-xmllint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for xmllint at images
sca-image-yamllint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for yamllint at images
sca-image-yara-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for yara at images
sca-recipe-alexkohler-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for alexkohler at recipes
sca-recipe-ansiblelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for ansiblelint at recipes
sca-recipe-bandit-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for bandit at recipes
sca-recipe-bashate-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for bashate at recipes
sca-recipe-cbmc-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for cbmc at recipes
sca-recipe-checkbashism-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for checkbashism at recipes
sca-recipe-clang-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for clang at recipes
sca-recipe-cppcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for cppcheck at recipes
sca-recipe-cpplint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for cpplint at recipes
sca-recipe-cspell-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for cspell at recipes
sca-recipe-darglint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for darglint at recipes
sca-recipe-dennis-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for dennis at recipes
sca-recipe-detectsecrets-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for detectsecrets at recipes
sca-recipe-eslint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for eslint at recipes
sca-recipe-flake8-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for flake8 at recipes
sca-recipe-flawfinder-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for flawfinder at recipes
sca-recipe-flint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for flint++ at recipes
sca-recipe-gcc-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for gcc at recipes
sca-recipe-goconst-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for goconst at recipes
sca-recipe-golint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for golint at recipes
sca-recipe-gosec-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for gosec at recipes
sca-recipe-htmlhint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for htmlhint at recipes
sca-recipe-jshint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for jshint at recipes
sca-recipe-jsonlint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for jsonlint at recipes
sca-recipe-kconfighard-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for kconfighard at recipes
sca-recipe-licensecheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for licensecheck at recipes
sca-recipe-looong-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for looong at recipes
sca-recipe-luacheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for luacheck at recipes
sca-recipe-msgcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for msgcheck at recipes
sca-recipe-multimetric-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for multimetric at recipes
sca-recipe-mypy-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for mypy at recipes
sca-recipe-npmaudit-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for npmaudit at recipes
sca-recipe-oelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for oelint at recipes
sca-recipe-perl-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for perl at recipes
sca-recipe-perlcritic-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for perlcritic at recipes
sca-recipe-phan-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phan at recipes
sca-recipe-phpcodefixer-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phpcodefixer at recipes
sca-recipe-phpcodesniffer-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phpcodesniffer at recipes
sca-recipe-phpmd-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phpmd at recipes
sca-recipe-phpsecaudit-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phpsecaudit at recipes
sca-recipe-phpstan-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for phpstan at recipes
sca-recipe-pkgqaenc-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pkgqaenc at recipes
sca-recipe-progpilot-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for progpilot at recipes
sca-recipe-proselint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for proselint at recipes
sca-recipe-pscan-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pscan at recipes
sca-recipe-pyfindinjection-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pyfindinjection at recipes
sca-recipe-pylint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pylint at recipes
sca-recipe-pyright-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pyright at recipes
sca-recipe-pysymcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pysymcheck at recipes
sca-recipe-pytype-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for pytype at recipes
sca-recipe-rats-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for rats at recipes
sca-recipe-reek-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for reek at recipes
sca-recipe-retire-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for retire at recipes
sca-recipe-reuse-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for reuse at recipes
sca-recipe-revive-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for revive at recipes
sca-recipe-rubycritic-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for rubycritic at recipes
sca-recipe-safety-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for safety at recipes
sca-recipe-scancode-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for scancode at recipes
sca-recipe-setuptoolslint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for setuptoolslint at recipes
sca-recipe-shellcheck-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for shellcheck at recipes
sca-recipe-slick-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for slick at recipes
sca-recipe-sparse-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for sparse at recipes
sca-recipe-standard-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for standard at recipes
sca-recipe-stank-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for stank at recipes
sca-recipe-stylelint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for stylelint at recipes
sca-recipe-systemdlint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for systemdlint for recipes
sca-recipe-textlint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for textlint at recipes
sca-recipe-tscancode-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for tscancode at recipes
sca-recipe-vulture-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for vulture at recipes
sca-recipe-wotan-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for wotan at recipes
sca-recipe-xmllint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for xmllint at recipes
sca-recipe-yamllint-rules-native 1.0 SCA ruleset for yamllint at recipes
shellcheck-native 0.7.1-1 Static code analyzer for shell-scripts
simple-c 1.0 Simple helloworld application
slick-native 0.0.3 a CI-ready shell language syntax checker
sparse-native 0.6.3 Sparse - a Semantic Parser for C
standard-native 1.0 sca definition for standard
stank-native 0.0.19 Find rotten POSIX shell scripts
stylelint-native 1.0 sca definition for stylelint
sudokiller 20210324 Find misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within sudo
textlint-native 1.0 sca definition for textlint
tiger 20190819 The Unix security audit and intrusion detection tool
tracefiles-native 1.0 Map package files to source files
tscancode-native 20190324 A static code analyzer for C++, Lua
upc 20210207 Shell script to check for simple privilege escalation vectors on Unix systems
wotan-native 1.0 sca definition for wotan
yara-native 4.0.5 The pattern matching swiss knife
yara-rules-native 20181116 mikesxrs YARA Rules Collection
z3-native 4.8.10 Z3 is a theorem prover from Microsoft Research
scatest SCA Test distribution