Recipes and distro configuration for complete LuneOS images.

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The meta-luneos layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
activitymanager 3.0.0-123+gitX Open webOS component to manage all running activities.
android-property-service 0.1.0-1+gitX Simple service to retrieve, set and get notified about android properties.
app-services 3.0.1-4+gitX JavaScript services for apps
audio-service 0.1.0-10+gitX Service interface to control pulseaudio through a ls2 based API.
c-ares 1.10.0 c-ares is a C library that resolves names asynchronously.
certmgrd 0.1.0-1+gitX Certificate Management Service
configurator 3.0.0-59+gitX Creates the database schema for Open webOS apps
connman 1.28 A daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices
cordova 2.3.0-1+gitX PhoneGap is a web platform that exposes native mobile device apis and data to JavaScript.
core-apps 3.0.0-2+gitX Core applications that are part of Open webOS
crash-handler 0.6+gitrX Tim Bird's experimental crash_handler program.
db8 3.2.0-145+gitX A userspace service that provides access to the Open webOS database
enyo-1.0 1.0-128.2+gitX Enyo 1.0 JavaScript application framework
filecache 2.0.0-63+gitX Open webOS daemon to cache filesystem requests
fingerterm 1.0.3+gitrX A terminal emulator with a custom virtual keyboard
foundation-frameworks 1.1-3+gitX Loadable foundation frameworks for apps and services
geoclue 2.2.0 The Geolocation Service
gtest 1.7.0 Google C++ Testing Framework
hunspell 1.3.2 Hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer
imaccountvalidator 3.0.5+gitrX Instant Messaging Account Validator service
imlibpurpleservice 3.0.5+gitrX Instant Messaging service
jemalloc 0.20080828a-0webos9-12+gitX Open webOS edition of the open-source FreeBSD memory allocation library
keymanager 0.1.0+gitrX Keymanager implementation for webOS ports
leveldb-tl 0.1.1 LevelDB Template Library
libconnman-qt 1.0.74+gitrX Qt bindings for the connman dbus API
libpalmsocket 2.0.0-32+gitX Palm Socket Library with SSL Support
libqofono 0.49+gitrX Qt 5 bindings for the ofono dbus API
librdx-stub 2.0.0-9+gitX Stubbed version of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Library
libsandbox 2.0.0-16+gitX libsandbox is a collection of APIs for separating running programs
libsdl2 2.0.2-8197 Simple DirectMedia Layer
libsuspend 1.0.0-2+gitX Small library implementing Android suspend mechanism
libwebos-application 0.1.0-3+gitX libwebos-application implements lifecycle support for native applications.
loadable-frameworks 1.0.1-2+gitX Loadable frameworks component for the core applications
location-service 0.1.0+gitX LuneOS Location service
luna-applauncher 4.0.0-2+gitX Just Type application for Open webOS
luna-appmanager 1.0.0-19+gitX webOS ports Application Manager
luna-init 2.0.1-10+gitX Initialization, setup, and font files used by luna-sysmgr and luna-sysservice
luna-next-cardshell 0.1.0-43+gitX Card shell implementation for the next generation webOS UI
luna-qml-launcher 0.1.0-5+gitX The qml application launcher for the Luna Next webOS UI platform.
luna-sysmgr 3.0.0-3+gitX Open webOS System Manager
luna-sysmgr-conf 3.0.0-3+gitX Open webOS System Manager - machine specific configuration files
luna-sysservice 2.0.1-38+gitX Provides image manipulation, preference, timezone and ringtone services for Open webOS components
luna-systemui 2.0.0-2+gitX WebOS user interface support module
luna-universalsearchmgr 2.0.0-1+gitX Open webOS Just Type daemon
luna-webappmanager 0.2.0-8+gitX This is the web application launcher for the Luna Next webOS UI platform.
luneos-components 0.1.0+gitrX LuneOS QML components
luneos-default-wallpapers 1.0.0-1+gitX LuneOS default wallpapers
luneos-dev-emulator-appliance 1.0 Developers LuneOS emulator appliance
luneos-dev-image 1.0 Developers LuneOS image
luneos-dev-package 1.0.1+gitX
luneos-emulator-appliance 1.0 LuneOS emulator appliance
luneos-image 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
luneos-package 1.0.1+gitX
luneos-sdk 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
lxc 1.0.1 lxc aims to use these new functionnalities to provide an userspace container object
media-permission-service 0.1.0+gitrX Node.js service to ask for permission to media indexer database.
mediaindexer 0.1.0-14+gitX The mediaindexer service component
memnotify-module 1.0.0+gitrX System-wide memory meter and notifier pseudo-device
mmsd 0.0+gitrX Open Source MMS management daemon
mojoloader 1.1-11+gitX JavaScript loader for foundation frameworks and other loadable libraries
mojolocation-stub 2.0.0-2+gitX Location stub service
mojomail-common 2.0.0-99+gitX Common Email Service Library used by other email services
mojomail-imap 2.0.0-99+gitX IMAP sync transport for Open webOS
mojomail-pop 2.0.0-99+gitX POP3 email transport service for Open webOS
mojomail-smtp 2.0.0-99+gitX SMTP transport service for sending emails
mojoservice-frameworks 1.1-3+gitX Loadable frameworks for sync services
mojoservicelauncher 3.0.1-81+gitX Open webOS component responsible for launching the node.js services
mtp-server 0.0.3+gitrX Small server implementation of MTP (based on Android)
node-dbus 0.2.8+gitrX node-dbus is a D-Bus binding for Node.js
node-gyp-native 0.12.2 Node.js native addon build tool
node-gyp-packages-native 0.12.2 Dependent packages and registry for node-gyp
node-sqlite3 2.2.0+gitrX Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings for Node.js
node-taglib 0.8.0+gitrX node-taglib is a simple binding to TagLib in Javascript
nodejs 0.10.25 nodeJS Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript
nodejs-module-webos-dynaload 3.0.1-14+gitX A module for nodejs that allows dynamic loading and execution of Javascript files
nodejs-module-webos-pmlog 3.0.1-18+gitX A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS logging system
nodejs-module-webos-sysbus 3.0.1-31+gitX A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS system bus
novacomd 2.0.0-124+gitX NovaCOMd -- Daemon for NovaCOM (device and host)
nyx-conf 1.0 Machine specific configuration file for the Nyx hardware abstraction layer
nyx-modules 6.1.0-94+gitX webOS portability layer - qemux86-specific modules
nyx-modules-hybris 0.1.0-1+gitX webOS portability layer - libhybris based modules
nyx-utils 1.3.0-19+gitX Command line utilities for the Open webOS Platform Portability Layer
ofono-conf 1.0 Machine specific configuration for ofono
org.webosinternals.ipkgservice 2.0.0-2+gitX Package management service for Open webOS
org.webosinternals.preware 2.0.2+gitrX Preware is a webOS on-device homebrew installer.
org.webosinternals.tweaks 3.0.1+gitrX Tweaks for your webOS device. 0.5.0-14+gitX Browser application written from scratch for webOS ports 0.1.1+gitrX Calculator app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1+gitrX Calendar app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1+gitrX Contacts app for LuneOS 1.0.0+gitrX File manager application for webOS ports 0.3.0-7+gitX webOS Ports First Use application 0.0.1+gitrX Google Maps app re-written from scratch in Enyo 2 1.0.7+gitrX Memos app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1-2+gitX Messaging app written from scratch for webOS ports 1.0.0+gitrX PDF viewer application based on Mozilla's pdf.js 0.1.0-6+gitX Phone app written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1+gitrX Photos & Videos app re-written from scratch in Enyo 2 0.3.0-1+gitX Settings app written from scratch for Open webOS 0.1.0+gitrX Testing app for webOS ports
org.webosports.cdav 0.3.33+gitrX Node.js service to provide synergy connector for CardDav and CalDav
org.webosports.service.devmode 0.1.0+gitrX webOS Ports Developer mode management service
org.webosports.service.licenses 0.1.0+gitrX License management service for the webOS ports project
org.webosports.service.lumberjack 0.1.0+gitX Lumberjack is an easy tool for viewing logfiles for a specific application.
org.webosports.service.messaging 0.1.0+gitrX webOS Ports Messaging service
org.webosports.service.update 0.1.0+gitrX webOS Ports system update service
packagegroup-luneos-development 1.0 Development components use by the webOS ports project
packagegroup-luneos-extended 1.0 Basic set of components use by the webOS ports project
packagegroup-webos-extended 1.0 meta-webos components used in Open webOS
packagegroup-webos-telephony 1.0 Telephony components use by the Open webOS ports project
phonesim 1.19 Phone Simulator for modem testing
pmcertificatemgr 2.0.0-29+gitX Provides certificate storage and wrapper API on openssl certificate manipulation functions
pmklogd 2.0.0-17+gitX Kernel logging daemon
pmlogctl 3.0.0-17+gitX Open webOS logging control application
pmlogdaemon 3.0.0-120+gitX Open webOS logging daemon
pmstatemachineengine 2.0.0-13+gitX Open webOS library for implementing finite state machines
powerd 4.0.0-25+gitX Power policy daemon
powerstat 0.01.32 Powerstat measures the power consumption of a laptop using the ACPI battery information.
presage 0.8.9 Presage is an intelligent predictive text entry system.
ptmalloc3 1.0 Multi-thread malloc implementation
pulseaudio-distro-conf 1.0 Distribution specific configuration for Pulseaudio
pulseaudio-modules-droid 5.0.16+gitrX PulseAudio Droid HAL modules
python-tz-native 2014.1 pytz brings the Olson tz database into Python
qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin 5.2.0+gitrX This QPA plugin allows rendering on top of libhybris-based hwcomposer EGL platforms. The hwcomposer API is specific to a given Droid release, and sometimes also SoC type (generic, qcom, exynos4, ...).
qtscenegraph-adaptation 5.4.0+gitrX System specific changes for the Qt Quick Scene Graph.
qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin 5.4.0+gitX Sensorfw plugin for qtsensors
sdl2-opengles-test 1.0.6+gitrX SDL2 OpenGL ES Test Applications
sensorfw 0.8.5+gitrX Sensor Framework provides access to hardware sensors and additional logical products calculated from them.
sleepd 1.1.1-30+gitX Sleep scheduling policy daemon
smemstat 0.01.10+gitrX Smemstat reports the physical memory usage taking into consideration shared memory.
snowshoe 0.2.6+gitrX Snowshoe is an open source project to build a cross platform browser application with multiple user interfaces while sharing the same core engine, based on Qt5 and WebKit2 technologies.
tidy-html5 0.99+gitrX Tidy corrects and cleans up HTML content by fixing markup errors.
underscore 0.6.0-8+gitX The underscore.js utility-belt library for JavaScript made into an Open webOS loadable framework
vboxguestdrivers 4.3.22 VirtualBox Linux Guest Drivers
voicecall 0.0.0+gitrX Voice call management engine
webos-connman-adapter 1.0.0-11+gitX Open webOS component for managing network connections using connman
webos-keyboard 0.99.0+gitX webOS on-screen keyboard based on the Ubuntu Touch keyboard
webos-system-update 1.0.0-4+gitX Application to start and monitor the update of the WebOS-Ports system
webos-systemd-services 1.0+gitrX Service configurations run Open webOS daemons with systemd
webos-systemsounds 1.0.0+gitX System sounds effects for webOS
webos-telephonyd 0.1.0-1+gitX LuneOS Telephony management daemon