BSP layer for the NVIDIA Jetson family of SoMs and development kits, based on L4T and JetPack

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The meta-tegra layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
argus-samples 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Argus API sample programs
arm-trusted-firmware 2.6-l4t-r35.2.1 Trusted Firmware-A - L4T distribution
cuda-cccl 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-cccl
cuda-command-line-tools 11.4.19-1 Dummy recipe for bringing in CUDA command-line tools
cuda-compiler 11.4.19-1 Dummy recipe for bringing in CUDA compilation tools
cuda-compiler-check-native 1.0 CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK wrapper for CUDA
cuda-cudart 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-cudart
cuda-cuobjdump 11.4.315-1 CUDA package cuda-cuobjdump
cuda-cupti 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-cupti
cuda-cuxxfilt 11.4.300-1 CUDA package cuda-cuxxfilt
cuda-driver 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-driver
cuda-gdb 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-gdb
cuda-libraries 11.4.14-1 Dummy recipe for bringing in CUDA libraries
cuda-nvcc 11.4.315-1 CUDA package cuda-nvcc
cuda-nvcc-headers 11.4.315-1 CUDA package cuda-nvcc-headers
cuda-nvdisasm 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-nvdisasm
cuda-nvml 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-nvml
cuda-nvprof 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-nvprof
cuda-nvprune 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-nvprune
cuda-nvrtc 11.4.300-1 CUDA package cuda-nvrtc
cuda-nvtx 11.4.300-1 CUDA package cuda-nvtx
cuda-profiler-api 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-profiler-api
cuda-samples 11.4.300-1 CUDA sample programs
cuda-sanitizer 11.4.298-1 CUDA package cuda-sanitizer
cuda-target-environment 1.0 SDK environment setup for CUDA targets
cuda-toolkit 11.4.19-1 Dummy recipe for bringing in CUDA tools and libraries
cudnn NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network library
cudnn-samples NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network samples
edk2-firmware-tegra 35.2.1 UEFI EDK2 Firmware
egl-gbm 1.1.0 EGL backend for libgbm
egl-wayland 1.1.9 Wayland EGL external platform library
eglexternalplatform 1.1 EGL external platform interface
gcc-8 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
gcc-8-cross-canadian-i686 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers (cross-canadian for i686 target)
gcc-8-cross-i686 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
gcc-8-crosssdk-x86_64-oesdk-linux 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
gcc-8-runtime 8.5.0 Runtime libraries from GCC
gcc-source-8.5.0 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvarguscamerasrc 1.0.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA nvarguscamerasrc GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvcompositor 1.20.5-r35.2.1 NVIDIA compositor GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvdrmvideosink 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA DRM video sink GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nveglgles 1.2.3-r35.2.1 NVIDIA EGL/GLES GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvjpeg 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA accelerated JPEG GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvtee 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA video tee GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvv4l2camerasrc 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA v4l2camerasrc GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvvidconv 1.20.5-r35.2.1 NVIDIA video converter GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvvideo4linux2 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA v4l2 GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvvideosinks 1.14.0-r35.2.1 NVIDIA video sinks GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-tegra 1.14.0-r35.2.1 Dummy recipe for Tegra gstreamer plugins metapackage
gstreamer1.0-plugins-tegra-binaryonly 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA prebuilt binary-only GStreamer plugins
kern-tools-tegra-native 0.3+gitX Tools for managing Yocto Project style branched kernels
kernel-bup-payload 1.0 Generates a bootloader update payload for use with nv_update_engine when using a kernel with bundled initramfs
l4t-graphics-demos 35.2.1-20230124153320 L4T graphics demo programs
l4t-launcher-extlinux 1.0 Generate an extlinux.conf for use with L4TLauncher UEFI application
l4t-nvidia-glheaders 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Jetson-specific EGL and GLES2 extension headers
l4t-usb-device-mode 1.0 Configuration for setting up L4T USB device mode gadgets
libconfig-tegra 1.7.3 C/C++ Configuration File Library - tegra-specific build for initrd flashing support
libcublas CUDA package libcublas
libcudla 11.4.298-1 CUDA package libcudla
libcufft CUDA package libcufft
libcurand CUDA package libcurand
libcusolver CUDA package libcusolver
libcusparse CUDA package libcusparse
libdrm-nvdc 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA DRM compatibility library
libgcc-8 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
libgcc-8-initial 8.5.0 GNU cc and gcc C compilers
libglvnd 1.4.0 libglvnd is a vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors.
libnpp CUDA package libnpp
libnvidia-container-jetson 0.11 NVIDIA container runtime library for Jetson platforms
libnvidia-container-tools 1.9.0 NVIDIA container runtime library
libnvvpi2 2.2.4 Vision Programming Interface(VPI) is an API for accelerated computer vision and image processing for embedded systems.
libtirpc126 1.2.6 Transport-Independent RPC library
libusbgx-tegra-initrd-flash 0.2.0+gitX USB Gadget neXt Configfs Library build for Tegra initrd flashing
libv4l2-minimal 1.18.0 libv4l2 from v4l-utils, minimally built
libv4l2-nvvidconv-wrapper 1.0.1 Wrapper for libv4l2_nvvidconv to work around STREAMOFF segfault issue
linux-tegra 5.10.104+gitX Linux kernel
nativesdk-cuda-environment 1.0 SDK environment setup for CUDA toolchain
nativesdk-packagegroup-cuda-sdk-host 1.0 Host packages for CUDA SDK toolchain
nsight-systems-cli 2022.5.2.120-32316741v0 NVIDIA Nsight Systems is a multi-core CPU sampling profiler that provides an interactive view of captured profiling data, helping improve overall application performance.
nv-tegra-release 35.2.1-20230124153320 Release version information file from L4T
nvdisp-init 32.7.2 nvdisp-init based on cboot bootloader for Tegra194
nvgstapps 35.2.1 NVIDIA GStreamer applications
nvidia-container-toolkit 1.9.0 NVIDIA container runtime
nvidia-display-driver 35.2.1 Linux kernel modules for Nvidia Display
nvidia-docker 2.10.0 nvidia-docker CLI wrapper
nvidia-drm-loadconf 1.0 Adds a modprobe and modules load config for nvidia drm
nvidia-l4t-optee 35.2.1-20230124153320 Prebuilt OPTEE normal-world binaries
optee-client 3.19.0-l4t-r35.2.1 OP-TEE Client API
optee-nvsamples 35.2.1 NVIDIA OP-TEE sample applications for Jetson platforms
optee-os 3.19.0-l4t-r35.2.1 OP-TEE Trusted OS
optee-os-tadevkit 3.19.0-l4t-r35.2.1 OP-TEE Trusted OS TA devkit
optee-test 3.19.0-l4t-r35.2.1 OP-TEE sanity testsuite
python3-tensorrt 8.5.2 Python bindings for TensorRT
sbsigntool-native 0.9.4-gitX Utility for signing and verifying files for UEFI Secure Boot
setup-nv-boot-control 1.0 Script and systemd service to set up the boot control configuration file needed for tegra redundant boot support
standalone-mm-optee-tegra 35.2.1 UEFI EDK2 Firmware
tar-l4t-workaround-native 1.0 tar wrapper script for handling zstd suffix
tegra-argus-daemon 35.2.1 nvargusdaemon initscript/service
tegra-binaries 35.2.1 NVIDIA L4T binaries
tegra-bluetooth 1.0 Scripts and configuration files for setting up the integrated Bluetooth module on Tegra SoMs that have one.
tegra-bootfiles 35.2.1
tegra-brcm-patchram 35.2.1-20230124153320 Broadcom patchram utility for Tegra modules with on-board Bluetooth interfaces
tegra-bup-payload 1.0 Install tegra bup payload file in the location expected by nv_update_engine
tegra-cmake-overrides 1.0.3 Replacement modules for CMake to fix issues with FindCUDA
tegra-configs 35.2.1-20230124153320 Miscellaneous configuration files provided by L4T
tegra-configs-alsa 35.2.1-20230124153320 Sound configuration files provided by L4T
tegra-container-passthrough 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-drm-headers 35.2.1-20230124153320 Tegra-specific DRM header file
tegra-eeprom-tool 2.0.1 Tegra ID EEPROM tools
tegra-espimage 1.0 EFI system partition image for Jetson platforms
tegra-firmware 35.2.1-20230124153320 Tegra-specific firmware from the L4T BSP
tegra-flash-init 1.0 Minimal initramfs init script for initrd flashing
tegra-flash-reboot 1.0 Utility to force reboot into recovery mode
tegra-flashtools-native 35.2.1
tegra-flashvars 35.2.1 Machine-specific variables for tegraflash
tegra-helper-scripts-native 35.2.1 Flash helper scripts
tegra-initrd-flash-initramfs 1.0 Minimal initramfs image for initrd flashing
tegra-libraries-camera 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-core 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-cuda 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-eglcore 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-gbm-backend 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-glescore 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-glxcore 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-multimedia 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-multimedia-utils 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-multimedia-v4l 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-nvdsseimeta 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA SEI metadata support library for GStreamer
tegra-libraries-nvsci 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-omx 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-pva 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-vulkan 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-libraries-winsys 35.2.1-20230124153320
tegra-minimal-init 1.0 Minimal initramfs init script
tegra-minimal-initramfs 1.0 Minimal initramfs image for Tegra platforms
tegra-mmapi 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Tegra Multimedia API headers subset for Argus, nvosd, and nvbuf APIs
tegra-mmapi-samples 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Tegra Multimedia API sample programs
tegra-nv-boot-control-config 35.2.1
tegra-nvfancontrol 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Fan Control
tegra-nvphs 35.2.1 nvphs startup files
tegra-nvphs-base 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA Power Hinting Service
tegra-nvpmodel 35.2.1 nvpmodel startup files
tegra-nvpmodel-base 35.2.1-20230124153320 nvpmodel tool and configuration files
tegra-nvpower 35.2.1-20230124153320 nvpower tool and configuration files
tegra-nvs-base 35.2.1-20230124153320 NVIDIA sensor HAL daemon
tegra-nvs-service 35.2.1 nvs-service startup files
tegra-nvsciipc 35.2.1 nvsciipc startup files
tegra-nvsciipc-base 35.2.1-20230124153320 NvSciIpc initialization tool
tegra-nvstartup 35.2.1 nvstartup initscript/service
tegra-redundant-boot 35.2.1 Startup files for Tegra bootloader redundancy support
tegra-redundant-boot-base 35.2.1-20230124153320 L4T bootloader update support tools
tegra-redundant-boot-rollback 35.2.1
tegra-tools 35.2.1-20230124153320 Miscellaneous tools provided by L4T
tegra-udrm-gbm 1.1.0 Tegra GBM backend for mesa
tegra-uefi-keys-dtb 1.0 Generates DTB overlay containing UEFI certificate information for Tegra platforms
tegra-uefi-prebuilt 35.2.1
tegra-wifi 1.0 Configuration files for WiFi on Tegra platforms
tensorrt-core 8.5.2-1 NVIDIA TensorRT Core (GPU Inference Engine) for deep learning
tensorrt-plugins 8.5.2 NVIDIA TensorRT Plugins for deep learning
tensorrt-plugins-prebuilt 8.5.2-1 NVIDIA TensorRT Prebuilt Plugins for deep learning
tensorrt-samples 8.5.2-1 NVIDIA TensorRT Samples for deep learning
tensorrt-trtexec 8.5.2-1 NVIDIA TensorRT trtexec utility
tensorrt-trtexec-prebuilt 8.5.2-1 NVIDIA TensorRT Prebuilt Plugins for deep learning
tos-optee 35.2.1 Construct a trusted OS image with ATF and OP-TEE
tos-prebuilt 35.2.1
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia 35.2.1-20230124153320
clara-agx-xavier-devkit NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit
jetson-agx-orin-devkit Nvidia Jetson Orin dev board
jetson-agx-xavier-devkit Nvidia Jetson Xavier dev board
jetson-xavier-nx-devkit Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX development kit with
jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX development kit with QSPI+eMMC
p3509-a02-p3767-0000 Nvidia Jetson Orin NX module in P3509 carrier