AsteroidOS is a free and open-source operating system for smartwatches. This layer provides recipes for building an AsteroidOS image.

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The meta-asteroid layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
android-init 1.0 This installs an android-init service which loads /system/bin/init with the /init.rc file which loads logd and servicemanager
asteroid-alarmclock +gitX Asteroid's alarm clock app
asteroid-btsyncd +gitX Asteroid's BLE synchronization daemon.
asteroid-calculator +gitX Asteroid's calculator app
asteroid-calendar +gitX Asteroid's calendar app
asteroid-compass +gitX Asteroid's compass app
asteroid-icons-ion +gitX Asteroid's default set of icons, based on Ion Icons
asteroid-image 1.0 Asteroid image for users
asteroid-image-dbg 1.0 Asteroid image for debuggers, contains debugging tools
asteroid-image-dev 1.0 Asteroid image for developers, contains development and debugging tools
asteroid-launcher +gitX Asteroid's launcher based on lipstick
asteroid-music +gitX Asteroid's music app
asteroid-settings +gitX Asteroid's system settings app
asteroid-stopwatch +gitX Asteroid's stopwatch app
asteroid-timer +gitX Asteroid's timer app
asteroid-wallpapers +gitX Asteroid's default set of wallpapers, licensed under CC BY 2.0
asteroid-weather +gitX Asteroid's weather app
buteo-mtp +gitX NemoMobile's MTP Stack
buteo-syncfw +gitX NemoMobile's Buteo Synchronization daemon
cor +gitX Nemomobile's Cor
dsme +gitX Nemomobile's DSME
farstream git The Farstream (formerly Farsight) project is an effort to create a framework to deal with all known audio/video conferencing protocols
firmwared git Linux Firmware Loader Daemon
geoclue 0.12.99 The Geolocation Service
geoclue-provider-hybris +gitX Libhybris backend for GeoClue
gst-droid +gitX Droid plugin for GStreamer
kcalcore +gitX Mer's Qt5 fork of KDE PIM 4's core component
kf5bluezqt +gitX Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API, with partial support for BlueZ 4 backends
libaccounts-glib +gitX GLib-based client library for the accounts database
libaccounts-qt5 +gitX Accounts management library for Qt applications
libdsme +gitX Nemomobile's libdsme.
libiodata +gitX Nemomobile's libiodata
libiphb +gitX Nemomobile's libiphb.
libmlocale +gitX Meego Locale library
libngf +gitX Nemomobile's libngf
libngf-qt +gitX Nemomobile's libngf-qt
libprofile-qt +gitX Device profile handling library for Qt.
libqtsparql +gitX Mer's libqtsparql
libresource +gitX Nemomobile's libresource
libresourceqt +gitX Nemomobile's libresourceqt
libsailfishkeyprovider +gitX Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API, with partial support for BlueZ 4 backends
libshadowutils +gitX Nemomobile's libshadowutils
libsignon-qt5 +gitX Single Sign On framework
lipstick +gitX Lipstick is a project aimed at offering easy to modify user experiences for varying mobile device form factors, e.g. handsets, netbooks, tablets.
mapplauncherd +gitX Daemon that helps to launch applications faster by preloading dynamically linked libraries and caching stuff
mapplauncherd-booster-qtcomponents +gitX QtComponents plugin for mapplauncherd
mapplauncherd-qt +gitX Qt plugin for mapplauncherd
mce +gitX Nemomobile's MCE.
mce-plugin-libhybris +gitX libhybris plugin for the Nemomobile's MCE.
mcedevel +gitX Nemomobile's MCE's development files.
mkbootimg-tools git A tool to read/write/update android boot images
mkcal +gitX Mer's fork of KCal
mlite +gitX A light version of meegotouch, pulling in useful parts without requiring the full heavy library.
msm-fb-refresher git Some qualcomm devices need a refresher ioctl to show something on screen. This is a simple soft that does that on boot.
nemo-keepalive +gitX Keeps the system from automatically blanking the display
nemo-qml-plugin-alarms +gitX QML Plugin for alarms on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-calendar +gitX QML Plugin for calendar on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-configuration +gitX QML Plugin for configuration on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-connectivity +gitX QML Plugin for connectivity on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit +gitX QML Plugin for contextkit on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-dbus +gitX QML Plugin for DBus on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-devicelock +gitX QML Plugin for devicelock on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-models +gitX QML Plugin for models on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-notifications +gitX QML Plugin for notifications on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-policy +gitX QML Plugin for media policy on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-social +gitX QML Plugin for social on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings +gitX QML Plugin for system settings on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer +gitX QML Plugin for thumbnails generation on Nemo
nemo-qml-plugin-time +gitX QML Plugin for time on Nemo
ngfd +gitX Nemomobile's non graphical feedback daemon
ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator +gitX Nemomobile's non graphical feedback daemon's hybris plugin
ngfd-plugin-pulse +gitX Nemomobile's non graphical feedback daemon's pulse plugin
profiled +gitX Daemon for device profile handling.
pulseaudio-modules-droid +gitX Android/hybris plugin for PulseAudio
pulseaudio-modules-nemo +gitX Nemo plugin for PulseAudio
qml-asteroid +gitX QML components for AsteroidOS
qofonoext +gitX A library for accessing nemomobile specific ofono extensions, and a declarative plugin for it.
qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin 5.6.1+gitrX This QPA plugin allows rendering on top of libhybris-based hwcomposer EGL platforms. The hwcomposer API is specific to a given Droid release, and sometimes also SoC type (generic, qcom, exynos4, ...).
qtaround +gitX C++ library providing miscelaneous handy wrappers around Qt classes/functionality. Initially it was created as the port of cutes-js to C++ to port (the-)vault to C++.
qtdbusextended +gitX Extended DBus for Qt
qtmpris +gitX Qt and QML MPRIS interface and adaptor
sensorfw +gitX Nemomobile's sensorfw
statefs +gitX Plugin-based filesystem to access and change the state of the system
statefs-loader-qt +gitX Nemomobile's statefs-loader-qt
statefs-providers +gitX Nemomobile's statefs-providers
statefs-qt +gitX Nemomobile's statefs-qt
supported-languages +gitX Set of config files describing the languages that are available on AsteroidOS
telepathy-farstream +gitX telepathy-farstream is a GObject-based C library that uses Telepathy GLib, Farstream and GStreamer to handle the media streaming part of channels of type Call
telepathy-qt +gitX Telepathy-Qt is a Qt high-level binding for Telepathy
timed +gitX Nemomobile's time daemon
ttf-asteroid-fonts 1.0 AsteroidOS fonts set
tut-dev +gitX TUT is a small and portable unit test framework for C++.
tzdata-timed +gitX Nemomobile's time daemon's time zone data
usb-moded +gitX This is a daemon which can hanlde setting different usb profiles with gadget drivers
usb-moded-qt5 +gitX usb_moded Qt bindings.
voicecall +gitX voicecall is a daemon (and QML plugin) for implementing dialer UIs