The KDE Frameworks 6 consist of a set of Qt add-on modules extending and improving Qt. Developed by and for the KDE project, but in no way tied to the KDE Plasma desktop.

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The meta-kf6 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
attica 6.2.0 Open Collaboration Services API
baloo 6.2.0 Baloo is a file indexing and searching framework
bluez-qt 6.2.0 Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API
breeze-icons 6.2.0 Breeze icon theme
extra-cmake-modules 6.2.0 Extra CMake modules
frameworkintegration 6.2.0 Workspace and cross-framework integration plugins
karchive 6.2.0 File compression
kauth 6.2.0 Abstraction to system policy and authentication features
kbookmarks 6.2.0 Support for bookmarks and the XBEL format
kcalendarcore 6.2.0 The KDE calendar access library
kcmutils 6.2.0 Utilities for working with KCModules
kcodecs 6.2.0 Text encoding
kcolorscheme 6.2.0 Classes to interact with KColorScheme
kcompletion 6.2.0 Text completion helpers and widgets
kconfig 6.2.0 Configuration system
kconfigwidgets 6.2.0 Widgets for configuration dialogs
kcontacts 6.2.0 Support for vCard contacts
kcoreaddons 6.2.0 Addons to QtCore
kcrash 6.2.0 Support for application crash analysis and bug report from apps
kdav 6.2.0 An DAV protocol implementation with KJobs
kdbusaddons 6.2.0 Addons to QtDBus
kdeclarative 6.2.0 Provides integration of QML and KDE Frameworks
kded 6.2.0 Extensible daemon for providing system level services
kdesu 6.2.0 Integration with su for elevated privileges
kdnssd 6.2.0 Abstraction to system DNSSD features
kdoctools 6.2.0 Documentation generation from docbook
kfilemetadata 6.2.0 A file metadata and text extraction library
kglobalaccel 6.2.0 Add support for global workspace shortcuts
kguiaddons 6.2.0 Addons to QtGui
kholidays 6.2.0 Holiday calculation library
ki18n 6.2.0 Advanced internationalization framework
kiconthemes 6.2.0 Support for icon themes
kidletime 6.2.0 Monitoring user activity
kimageformats 6.2.0 Image format plugins for Qt
kio 6.2.0 Resource and network access abstraction
kirigami 6.2.1 QtQuick plugins to build user interfaces based on the KDE human interface guidelines
kitemmodels 6.2.0 Models for Qt Model/View system
kitemviews 6.2.0 Widget addons for Qt Model/View
kjobwidgets 6.2.0 Widgets for tracking KJob instances
knewstuff 6.2.0 Support for downloading application assets from the network
knotifications 6.2.0 Abstraction for system notifications
knotifyconfig 6.2.0 Configuration system for KNotify
kpackage 6.2.0 Library to load and install packages of non binary files as they were a plugin
kparts 6.2.0 Document centric plugin system
kpeople 6.2.0 Provides access to all contacts and the people who hold them
kplotting 6.2.0 Lightweight plotting framework
kpty 6.2.0 Pty abstraction
kquickcharts 6.2.0 A QtQuick module providing high-performance charts.
krunner 6.2.0 Parallelized query system
kservice 6.2.0 Advanced plugin and service introspection
kstatusnotifieritem 6.2.0 Implementation of Status Notifier Items
ksvg 6.2.0 Plugin based UI runtime used to write primary user interfaces
ktexteditor 6.2.0 Advanced embeddable text editor
ktexttemplate 6.2.0 Library to allow application developers to separate the structure of documents from the data they contain.
ktextwidgets 6.2.0 Advanced text editing widgets
kunitconversion 6.2.0 Support for unit conversion
kuserfeedback 6.2.0 A QtQuick module providing high-performance charts.
kwallet 6.2.0 Secure and unified container for user passwords
kwidgetsaddons 6.2.0 Addons to QtWidgets
kwindowsystem 6.2.0 Access to the windowing system
kxmlgui 6.2.0 User configurable main windows
libdmtx 0.7.7 Library for reading and writing data matrix barcodes
libkexiv2 23.08.1 Wrapper around Exiv2 library to manipulate picture metadata as EXIF and XMP
modemmanager-qt 6.2.0 Qt wrapper for ModemManager API
networkmanager-qt 6.2.0 Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API
oxygen-icons 6.0.0 Oxygen icon theme
packagegroup-kf6-full 5.249.0 All meta-kf6 packages
phonon 4.12.0 Phonon
plasma-wayland-protocols 1.13.0 Plasma Wayland Protocols
polkit-qt-1 0.200.0 Polkit-Qt-1
prison 6.2.0 Barcode abstraction layer providing uniform access to generation of barcodes
purpose 6.2.0 Offers available actions for a specific purpose
qca 2.3.7 QCA
qqc2-desktop-style 6.2.0 QtQuickControls 2 style that integrates with the desktop
solid 6.2.0 Hardware integration and detection
sonnet 6.2.0 Support for spellchecking
syndication 6.2.0 An RSS/Atom parser library
syntax-highlighting 6.2.0 Syntax Highlighting
threadweaver 6.2.0 High-level multithreading framework
zxing-cpp 2.2.1 ZXing-C++
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