Support for adding carrier grade features to a build.

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Recipe name Version Description
alltasks-cge 1.0
cge-complete-image 1.0 A console-only image that fully supports the target device hardware.
cpuspeed 1.5 CPU frequency adjusting daemon
drbd 9.0.16-1 Distributed block device driver for Linux
evlog 1.6.1 Enterprise Event Logging
evlog-telco 1.5.1 Enterprise Event Logging Telco Extensions
gnet 2.0.8 GNet is a simple network library. It is written in C, object-oriented, and built upon GLib.
gsnmp 0.3.0 SNMP library written on top of glib and gnet.
hpitest 3.2.0 Compliance test suite developed by the SAFORUM for its SAF Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specifications
libscsihotswap 3.1 Software library for accessing the SCSI/FC hotswap interface
netmap-p0c 1.0 netmap kernel modules
netmap-tools-p0c 1.0 netmap tools
nfs4-acl-tools 0.3.3 This package contains commandline utilities for the Linux NFSv4 client
packagegroup-additional-oe-tools-cgl 1.0 Additional packages
packagegroup-cge-utilities 1.0 CGE Functionality
packagegroup-cgl-applications 1.0 Application packages required to satisfy the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification
packagegroup-profile-cgl 1.0 Additional packages for cgl profile
pcoredump 0.2.0 Live Application Dump userspace tool
socket 1.1 create a TCP or a UNIX domain socket and connect to stdin/out
uefi git UEFI - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface