There are several packages which are unique to OpenWRT. This layer is collection of recipes for OpenEmbedded Infrastructure to be able to build those packages.

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The meta-openwrt layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
base-files-scripts 1.0 Subpackages from base-files from OpenWrt core
cgi-io 1.0+gitX
firewall3 git OpenWrt firewall configuration utility
fstools git OpenWrt filesystem utilities
ipset 7.9 Administration tool for IP sets
iwinfo git Library for accessing wireless device drivers
jsonpath git OpenWrt JSON parsing utility
libnl-tiny git This package contains a stripped down version of libnl
libroxml 3.0.2+gitX This library is minimum, easy-to-use, C implementation for xml file parsing.
libroxml 2.3.0 This library is minimum, easy-to-use, C implementation for xml file parsing.
libubox 2.0.0+gitX C utility functions for OpenWrt
lua-socket git Networking extension library for Lua
lua5.1 5.1.5 Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications.
luci git OpenWrt LuCI web user interface
lucihttp 1.0 LuCI HTTP utility library
make-ext4fs git Standalone fork of Android's make_ext4fs utility
netifd git OpenWrt Network interface configuration daemon
odhcp6c git OpenWrt DHCPv6 client
odhcpd git OpenWrt DHCP/DHCPv6(-PD)/RA Server & Relay
openwrt-image-base 1.0 OpenWrt Minimal Complete Image
openwrt-image-full 1.0 OpenWrt Minimal Complete Image
openwrt-image-juci 1.0 OpenWrt Minimal Complete Image
openwrt-image-minimal 1.0 OpenWrt Minimal Complete Image
packagegroup-openwrt-base 1.0 Normal Openwrt system requirements
packagegroup-openwrt-full 1.0 Extras Openwrt system requirements
packagegroup-openwrt-minimal 1.0 Minimal complete Openwrt system requirements
procd git procd is the new OpenWrt process management daemon written in C
procd-inittab 1.0 Inittab configuration for procd
relayd git OpenWrt IPv4 pseudo-bridge routing daemon
rpcd git OpenWrt UBUS RPC server
ubox git OpenWrt system helper toolbox
ubus git OpenWrt system message/RPC bus
uci git Library and utility for the Unified Configuration Interface for OpenWrt
uclient git libubox HTTP client library
ucode 1.0+gitX
ugps git OpenWrt GPS daemon
uhttpd git Tiny HTTP server
umbim git OpenWrt MBIM modem utility
umdnsd git OpenWrt MDNS daemon
uqmi git OpenWrt uqmi utility
usbmode git usbmode - usb_modeswitch replacement
usign git OpenWrt tiny signify replacement
ustream-ssl git Small stream SSL library
xtables-addons 3.25 non-mainline-kernel netfilter extensions