Builds the PHOne SHell ( for OpenEmbedded

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The meta-phosh layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
callaudiod 0.1.1 Call audio routing daemon
core-image-phosh 1.0 A basic Phosh image
core-image-phosh-gnome 1.0 A Phosh image with GNOME applications
feedbackd 0.0.0 A daemon to provide haptic feedback on events
packagegroup-phosh-essential 1.0 Phosh Shell
phoc 0.9.0 Wayland compositor for mobile phones like the Librem 5
phosh 0.14.0 A pure Wayland shell prototype for GNOME on mobile devices
squeekboard 1.14.0+gitX A Wayland virtual keyboard
umockdev 0.15.5 Mock hardware devices for creating unit tests and bug reporting
usbguard 1.0.0+gitX USB device allowlisting tool