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The meta-slugos layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
beep 1.2.2 A console utility to make a beep noise
devio 1.2 devio - block devio io
meta-toolchain-slugos 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
slugos-extd-image 1.0 SlugOS Extended image
slugos-image 1.0 Generic SlugOS image
slugos-init 5.0 SlugOS initial network config via sysconf
slugos-native 1.0 Packages that are required for the SlugOS native build environment
slugos-native-packages 1.0 Packages that are to be compiled natively for the SlugOS firmware
slugos-packages 1.0 Packages that are compatible with the SlugOS firmware
task-slugos 1.0 Task packages for the SlugOS distribution
task-slugos-extd 1.0 Task packages for the SlugOS Extended image
task-slugos-toolchain-host 1.0 Target packages for the standalone SDK
task-slugos-toolchain-target 1.0 Packages for a standalone SDK or external toolchain
udev 118 udev is a daemon which dynamically creates and removes device nodes from /dev/, handles hotplug events and loads drivers at boot time. It replaces the hotplug package and requires a kernel not older than 2.6.12.
slugos SlugOS Linux Distribution for the NSLU2