This layer add support to STMicroelectronics STM32MP board (

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The meta-st-stm32mp layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alsa-state-script 1.0 Alsa script file for alsa state restoration
alsa-state-stm32mp1 1.0 Alsa scenario files to enable alsa state restoration
alsa-state-stm32mp2 1.0 Alsa scenario files to enable alsa state restoration
bluetooth-suspend 1.0 Systemd service to suspend/resume correctly bluetooth
cmsis-svd 0.4+gitX CMSIS SVD data files and parser
copro-sdk 1.0.0 CoPro development kit built
external-dt v5.0-stm32mp-r1 Provides Device Tree files for STM32MP boards
fip-stm32mp 5.1 FIP generation
gcc-arm-none-eabi-native 11.3 Baremetal GCC for ARM
gcnano-driver-stm32mp 6.4.15-${GCNANO_SUBVERSION}-r1 GCNano kernel drivers
gcnano-userland-multi-binary-debug-stm32mp 6.4.15+ [DEBUG] Vivante libraries OpenGL ES, OpenVG and EGL (multi backend)
gcnano-userland-multi-binary-stm32mp 6.4.15+ Vivante libraries OpenGL ES, OpenVG and EGL (multi backend)
hidapi-stm32mp 0.10.1-git.X Multi-platform library to interface with USB and Bluetooth HID-Class devices
libb64 1.4.1+gitX Library for base64 encoding/decoding data
libopencsd 1.4.0 OpenCSD - An open source CoreSight(tm) Trace Decode library
linux-examples-stm32mp1 5.4+X ST STM32MP1 projects for Linux examples
linux-firmware-bluetooth-bcm4343 3.1 Bluetooth firmware for BCM4343
linux-stm32mp 6.1.82-stm32mp-r2 Linux STM32MP Kernel
m33projects-stm32mp2 1.0.0 STM32MP2 Firmware examples for CM33
m4fwcoredump 1.0 Script to manage coredump of cortexM4
m4projects-stm32mp1 1.6.0 STM32MP1 Firmware examples for CM4
nativesdk-gcc-arm-none-eabi 11.3 Baremetal GCC for ARM
openocd-stm32mp 0.12.0+dev.X-stm32mp25-r1-rc2 Free and Open On-Chip Debugging, In-System Programming and Boundary-Scan Testing
optee-os-stm32mp 3.19.0-stm32mp-r2 OPTEE TA development kit for stm32mp
optee-sdk 1.0.0 TA development kit built from optee_os, needed to build OP-TEE TAs
packagegroup-st-demo 1.0 List of package to install on Userfs (with potential dependency)
python3-terminaltables 3.1.0 Python3 compatibility library
sdcard-raw-tools 1.0 Script for creating raw SDCARD image ready to flash
st-image-bootfs 1.0 STM32MP bootfs Image
st-image-bootfs-efi 1.0 STM32MP bootfs EFI Image
st-image-userfs 1.0 STM32MP userfs Image
st-image-vendorfs 1.0 STM32MP vendorfs Image
stm32mp-ddr-phy A2022.11 Firmware for DDR PHY on STM32MP
stm32mp-efi 5.0.0 Provide 'ubootefi.var' file for U-Boot efi boot
stm32mp-extlinux 3.1.1 Provide 'extlinux.conf' file for U-Boot
stm32mp-g0 v1.0.0 STM32MP Firmware for G0
stm32wrapper4dbg 4.0.1 Wrapper for FSBL to debug TF-A U-Boot and bare metal on STM32MP
svd-tools git Python script for using CMSIS SVD parser with GDB
sysdig-driver 0.28.0+gitX A New System Troubleshooting Tool Built for the Way You Work
tf-a-stm32mp v2.8.15-stm32mp-r2 Trusted Firmware-A for STM32MP1
tf-a-tools v2.8.15-stm32mp-r2 Cert_create & Fiptool for fip generation for Trusted Firmware-A
tf-m-stm32mp v1.7.0-stm32mp25 Trusted Firmware for Cortex-M
u-boot-fw-config-stm32mp 2021.10 U-Boot bootloader fw_printenv/setenv utilities
u-boot-stm32mp v2022.10-stm32mp-r2 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices for stm32mp
u-boot-stm32mp-splash 2018.11 Universal Boot Loader Splash Screen for stm32mp embedded devices
u-boot-tools-stm32mp v2022.10-stm32mp-r2
stm32mp1 Configuration for all STM32MP1 boards (EV, DK, ...)
stm32mp13-disco [EXAMPLE] STM32MP135F-DK board ONLY with Optee boot and SDcard support
stm32mp15-disco [EXAMPLE] STM32MP157F-DK2 board ONLY with Optee boot and SDcard support
stm32mp15-eval [EXAMPLE] STM32MP157F-EV1 board ONLY with Optee boot and SDcard support
stm32mp2 Configuration for all STM32MP2 boards (EV, DK, ...)
stm32mp25-disco Configuration STM32MP25 disco boards (DK)
stm32mp25-eval Configuration for all STM32MP25 eval boards (EV)
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