This layer provides support for building Xen, KVM, Libvirt, and associated packages necessary for constructing OE-based virtualized solutions.

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The meta-virtualization layer depends upon:


The meta-virtualization layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
aardvark-dns 1.2.0 A container-focused DNS server
app-container 1.0 Basic Application container image
app-container-curl 1.0 Curl Application container image
buildah 1.29 A tool that facilitates building OCI container images.
busybox-initrd 1.36.0 Tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities in a single small executable
catatonit 0.1.7 A container init that is so simple it's effectively brain-dead.
ceph 15.2.15 User space components of the Ceph file system
cgroup-lite 1.15 Light-weight package to set up cgroups at system boot.
cloud-image-compute 1.0
cloud-image-controller 1.0
cloud-image-guest 1.0
cloud-init 23.1 Init scripts for use on cloud images
cni v1.1.2+gitf024754da8d49bdac31d99d04355ddfe0340f8eb Container Network Interface - networking for Linux containers
compose-file 3.0+gitX Parser for the Compose file format (version 3)
conmon 2.1.3+gitX An OCI container runtime monitor
container-base 1.0 Basic container image
container-dummy-provides 1.0 Dummy packages which handle excluding packages from the sdk, e.g. ensuring perl is excluded from buildtools
container-host-config 1.0 Configuration Package for container hosts
containerd-opencontainers v1.7.1+gitX containerd is a daemon to control runC
cri-o 1.26.2+gitc0557b868876e6b824e9a947f7a6f647973b1700 Open Container Initiative-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface
cri-tools 1.26.1+git4daea44918cc34b63617c6c9e9923f43d47ddfdd CLI and validation tools for Kubelet Container Runtime Interface (CRI)
criu 3.17.1+gitX CRIU
crun 1.8.3+gitd2ff390d37ca163ebff2467382b3a6d6c77c5ca6 A fast and low-memory footprint OCI Container Runtime fully written in C.
dev86 0.16.21+gitX This is a cross development C compiler, assembler and linker environment for the production of 8086 executables (Optionally MSDOS COM)
diod 1.0.24+gitX Diod is a user space server for the kernel v9fs client.
docker-ce 23.0.2-ce+git219f21bf07502b447095649b5a2764661737f164 Linux container runtime
docker-compose v2.17.2 Multi-container orchestration for Docker
docker-distribution v2.8.1+gitX The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content
docker-moby 24.0.5+git00e46f85f6e46bb4b02c33da253f901c473794e9 Linux container runtime
fuse-overlayfs 1.9 FUSE implementation of overlayfs.
go-build 0.1-gitf24efd33fb18469e9cfe4d1bfe8e2c90ec8c4e93 console for runx
go-capability 0.0+gitX Utilities for manipulating POSIX capabilities in Go.
go-cli 1.1.0+gitX A small package for building command line apps in Go
go-connections 0.2.1+gitX Utility package to work with network connections
go-context git A golang registry for global request variables.
go-dbus 4.0.0+gitX Native Go bindings for D-Bus
go-digest v1.0.0-rc0+gitX Common digest package used across the container ecosystem.
go-distribution 2.6.0+gitX The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content
go-errors v0.8.1+gitX Simple error handling primitives
go-fsnotify v1.5.1+gitX A golang registry for global request variables.
go-libtrust 0.0+gitX Primitives for identity and authorization
go-logrus 0.11.0+gitX A golang registry for global request variables.
go-md2man 1.0.10+gitX A markdown to manpage generator.
go-metalinter 0.0+gitX Go Meta Linter.
go-mux git A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang.
go-patricia 2.2.6+gitX A generic patricia trie (also called radix tree) implemented in Go (Golang)
go-pty git PTY interface for Go
go-systemd 4+gitX Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal, D-Bus, and unit files
grpc-go 1.41.0+gitX The Go language implementation of gRPC. HTTP/2 based RPC
gunicorn 20.0.4 WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX
helloworld-flask 0.1 Demo flask application
hyperstart v0.2+gitX The tiny Init service for HyperContainer
ipxe 1.20.1+gitX Open source network boot firmware
irqbalance 1.8.0+gitX IRQ allocation daemon
k3s v1.25.8+k3s1+git9e22489dafb15989cafa7b6bd52ed949471dd057 Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management
kata-agent git Agent run inside a virtual machine, which spawns containers and processes
kata-proxy git Kata Containers stdio proxy component
kata-runtime git The Command-Line Interface (CLI) part of the Kata Containers runtime component
kata-shim git Handle stdio and signals of the container process
kubernetes v1.27.5+git93e0d7146fb9c3e9f68aa41b2b4265b2fcdb0a4c Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management
kvm-image-minimal 1.0 A minimal kvm image
kvmtool 5.10.0+gitX Native Linux KVM tool
libibverbs 1.2.1 Support InfiniBand verbs
libslirp-virt 4.6.1+gitX A general purpose TCP-IP emulator
libucl 1.03 Data compression library
libvirt 9.2.0 A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux.
libvirt-glib 4.0.0 A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux.
libvmi 0.14.0+gitX An introspection library, written in C, focused on reading and writing memory from virtual machines (VM's).
lopper v1.0.2+gitX Device Tree Lopper
lxc 5.0.2+gitX lxc aims to use these new functionnalities to provide an userspace container object
lxcfs 4.0.7 LXCFS is a userspace filesystem created to avoid kernel limitations
nagios-core 4.4.6 A host/service/network monitoring and management system core files
nagios-nrpe 4.0.2 Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
nagios-nsca 2.9.2 Nagios Service Check Acceptor
nagios-plugins 2.2.1 A host/service/network monitoring and management system plugins
nerdctl v1.3.0 Docker-compatible CLI for containerd
netavark 1.2.0 A container network stack
netns 0.5.3+gitX Runc hook for setting up default bridge networking.
notary 0.6.1+gitX Notary is a Docker project that allows anyone to have trust over arbitrary collections of data
oath 2.6.2
oci-image-spec v1.0.2+gitX The OCI Image Format project creates and maintains the software shipping container image format spec
oci-image-tools 1.0.0-rc3+gitX A collection of tools for working with the OCI image format specification
oci-runtime-spec v1.0.2+gitX The Open Container Initiative develops specifications for standards on Operating System process and application containers
oci-runtime-tools 0.9.0+gitX oci-runtime-tool is a collection of tools for working with the OCI runtime specification
oci-systemd-hook 0.2.0+gitX OCI systemd hook enables users to run systemd in docker and OCI
openvswitch 3.1.1+X OpenvSwitch
packagegroup-container 1.0 All packages for container host
packagegroup-kubernetes 1.0 packagegroups for various kubernets (and variants) roles
podman 4.4.3+gitX A daemonless container engine
podman-compose 1.0.3 An implementation of docker-compose with podman backend
podman-tui v0.9.0+gitX podman-tui is a Terminal User Interface to interact with podman
python3-boto3 1.17.51 Amazon Web Services API
python3-botocore 1.20.51 The low-level, core functionality of boto 3.
python3-bugsnag 4.1.0 Automatic error monitoring for django, flask, etc.
python3-cached-property 1.5.2 A decorator for caching properties in classes.
python3-colorama 0.4.6 Cross-platform colored terminal text.
python3-docker 5.0.0 A Python library for the Docker Engine API.
python3-docker-compose 1.29.2 Multi-container orchestration for Docker
python3-docker-pycreds 0.4.0 Python bindings for the docker credentials store API
python3-dockerpty 0.4.1 Python library to use the pseudo-tty of a docker container
python3-docopt 0.6.2 Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile
python3-dotenv 0.17.0 Python Dot Env Handler
python3-dtc 1.6.1+gitX Python Library for the Device Tree Compiler
python3-fastentrypoints 0.12 Make entry_points specified in load more quickly
python3-flask-cors 3.0.10 A Flask extension adding a decorator for CORS support
python3-nacl 1.3.0 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
python3-newrelic New Relic Python Agent
python3-sphinx-420 4.2.0 Python documentation generator
python3-udica 0.2.7+gitX A tool for generating SELinux security policies for containers
python3-webob 1.8.7 WSGI request and response object
riddler 0.1.0+gitX Convert `docker inspect` to opencontainers (OCI compatible) runc spec.
runc-docker 1.1.7+gitX runc container cli tools
runc-opencontainers 1.1.7+gitX runc container cli tools
runv 0.4.0+gitb360a686abc6c6e896382990ef1b93ef07c7a677 Hypervisor-based Runtime for OCI
runx v1.0-gitedc9350a79ede0365066c9743080e3dc6430d602 runx stuff
seabios 1.16.0 SeaBIOS
singularity 2.3.1+gitX
skopeo v1.11.2+gitX Work with remote images registries - retrieving information, images, signing content
slirp4netns 1.2.0+gitX User-mode networking for unprivileged network namespaces.
sloci-image v0.1.0+gitX A simple CLI tool for packing rootfs into a single-layer OCI image
spf13-cobra v1.6.0+gitX A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
spf13-pflag v1.0.5+gitX Drop-in replacement for Go's flag package, implementing POSIX/GNU-style --flags.
tini 0.19.0 Minimal init for containers
umoci v0.4.7+gitX umoci modifies Open Container images
upx 3.96+X Ultimate executable compressor.
uxen-guest-image-minimal 1.0 A Linux guest image for the uXen type-2 hypervisor.
uxen-guest-tools 4.1.8 uXen type-2 Open Source hypervisor Linux guest tools
vgabios 0.8a Plex86/Bochs LGPL VGABios
virt-viewer 11.0+gitX Virtual Machine Viewer
virt-what 1.21 Detect if we are running in a virtual machine
xen 4.18+gitX Xen hypervisor
xen 4.17+stableX Xen hypervisor
xen 4.16+stableX Xen hypervisor
xen-guest-image-minimal 1.0 A Xen guest image.
xen-image-minimal 1.0 A minimal xen image
xen-rpi-u-boot-scr 1.0 U-boot boot script for Xen on Raspberry Pi 4
xen-tools 4.18+gitX Xen hypervisor tools
xen-tools 4.17+stableX Xen hypervisor tools
xen-tools 4.16+stableX Xen hypervisor tools
xtf 0+gitX Xen Test Framework
xtf-image 1.0 A minimal Xen Test Framework (XTF) image for testing the Xen hypervisor
xvisor 0.3.0+gitX Xvisor is an open-source type-1 hypervisor, which aims at providing a monolithic, light-weight, portable, and flexible virtualization solution.
xvisor-image-minimal 1.0 A minimal Xvisor image
yocto-cfg-fragments v5.14+git25509cd5563356638e78d33ec7e5354225fbd3db Kernel configuration fragments
yq 4.30.8+gitdd6cf3df146f3e2c0f8c765a6ef9e35780ad8cc1 a lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor