This layer provides RetroArch front-end and libretro cores emulators recipes for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto.

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The meta-libretro layer depends upon:


The meta-libretro layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
81-libretro git Sinclair ZX81 emulator - EightyOne port for libretro
atari800-libretro git Atari 8-bit/800/5200 emulator - Atari800 port for libretro
beetle-gba-libretro git Standalone port of Mednafen GBA to libretro
beetle-lynx-libretro git Atari Lynx emulator - Mednafen Lynx Port for libretro, itself a fork of Handy
beetle-ngp-libretro git Neo Geo Pocket(Color)emu - Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket core port for libretro
beetle-pce-fast-libretro git PCEngine emu - Mednafen PCE Fast port for libretro
beetle-pcfx-libretro git PCFX emulator - Mednafen PCFX Port for libretro
beetle-psx-libretro git PSX emulator - Mednafen PSX Port for libretro
beetle-saturn-libretro git Saturn emulator - Mednafen Saturn port for libretro
beetle-supergrafx-libretro git SuperGrafx TG-16 emulator - Mednafen PCE Fast port for libretro
beetle-vb-libretro git Virtual Boy emulator - Mednafen VB (optimised) port for libretro
beetle-wswan-libretro git Wonderswan emu - Mednafen WonderSwan core port for libretro
bk-libretro git BK-0010/0011/Terak 8510a emulator
bluemsx-libretro git MSX/MSX2/Colecovision emu - blueMSX port for libretro
bsnes-libretro git Super Nintendo emu - bsnes port for libretro
caprice32-libretro git Amstrad CPC emu - Caprice32 port for libretro
desmume-libretro git NDS emu - DESMUME
desmume2015-libretro git NDS emu - DESMUME (2015 version)
dinothawr-libretro git Dinothawr - standalone libretro puzzle game
dolphin-emu git Dolphin is a GameCube / Wii emulator
dolphin-libretro git Dolphin is a GameCube / Wii emulator, allowing you to play games for these two platforms on PC with improvements.
dosbox-libretro git Dosbox port to libretro
emu-station 2.9.0
fbalpha2012-libretro git Arcade emu - Final Burn Alpha ( port for libretro
fbneo-libretro git Arcade emu - FinalBurn Neo v0.2.97.44 (WIP) port for libretro
fceumm-libretro git
flycast-libretro git
fmsx-libretro git MSX/MSX2 emu - fMSX port for libretro
freechaf-libretro git ChannelF emulator for libretro
freeimage 3.18.0 FreeImage tool used by WhatsApp Purple
freeintv-libretro git Intellivision emulator for libretro
fuse-libretro git ZX Spectrum emu - Fuse port for libretro
gambatte-libretro git Gameboy Color emu - libgambatte port for libretro
genesis-plus-gx-libretro git
glslang 8.13.3559 An OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator.
gpsp-libretro git
gw-libretro git Game and Watch simulator
handy-libretro git Atari Lynx emulator - Handy port for libretro
hatari-libretro git Atari emulator - Hatari port for libretro
kronos-libretro git Saturn & ST-V emulator - Kronos port for libretro
mame-libretro git
mame2000-libretro git
mame2003-libretro git
mame2003-plus-libretro git
mame2010-libretro git
mame2015-libretro git
mame2016-libretro git
mgba-libretro git
mrboom-libretro git Mr.Boom - 8 players Bomberman clone for libretro.
mupen64plus-libretro git N64 emulator - Mupen64Plus + GLideN64 for libretro (next version)
neocd-libretro git Neo Geo CD emulator for libretro
nestopia-libretro git NES emu - Nestopia (enhanced) port for libretro
np2kai-libretro git PC98 emu - Modified Neko Project II port for libretro
nxengine-libretro git Cave Story engine clone - NxEngine port for libretro
o2em-libretro git Odyssey 2 / Videopac emu - O2EM port for libretro
opera-libretro git 3DO emu - 4DO/libfreedo port for libretro
packagegroup-libretro-arcade 1.0 Libretro Arcade cores
packagegroup-libretro-atari 1.0 Libretro Atari cores
packagegroup-libretro-cores 1.0 Libretro cores package group
packagegroup-libretro-dreamcast 1.0 Libretro Dreamcast cores
packagegroup-libretro-extra-cores 1.0 Libretro extra cores package group
packagegroup-libretro-gba 1.0 Libretro GameBoy Advanced cores
packagegroup-libretro-gbc 1.0 Libretro GameBoy Color cores
packagegroup-libretro-n64 1.0 Libretro Nintendo 64 cores
packagegroup-libretro-nes 1.0 Libretro Nintendo Entertainment System cores
packagegroup-libretro-pc 1.0 Libretro PC cores
packagegroup-libretro-psx 1.0 Libretro PlayStation (One) cores
packagegroup-libretro-saturn 1.0 Libretro Sega Saturn cores
packagegroup-libretro-snes 1.0 Libretro SNES cores
packagegroup-standalone-emulators 1.0 Standalone emulators package group
parallel-n64-libretro git N64 emu - Highly modified Mupen64Plus port for libretro
pcsx-rearmed-libretro git
picodrive-libretro git Sega 8/16 bit emu - picodrive arm optimised libretro core
pokemini-libretro git Pokemon Mini emulator - PokeMini port for libretro
ppsspp-libretro git PlayStation Portable emu - PPSSPP port for libretro
prboom-libretro git Doom/Doom II engine - PrBoom port for libretro
prosystem-libretro git Atari 7800 ProSystem emu - ProSystem port for libretro
puae-libretro git P-UAE Amiga emulator port for libretro
px68k-libretro git SHARP X68000 Emulator
quasi88-libretro git NEC PC-8801 emu - Quasi88 port for libretro
quicknes-libretro git NES emulator - QuickNES Port for libretro
redream-libretro git Dreamcast emulator - redream port for libretro
retro-image-full 1.0 RetroArch full image
retro-image-minimal 1.0 RetroArch minimal image
retro-image-standard 1.0 RetroArch standard image
retro-user 1.0 Retro default user
retroarch 1.8.5 Cross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API
retroarch-assets 1.0 Assets needed for RetroArch
retroarch-autoconfig 1.0 RetroArch joypad autoconfig files
retroarch-database 1.0 RetroArch Database containing cheatcode files, content data files, etc.
retroarch-libretro-info 1.0 RetroArch additional headers with info about libretro cores
retroarch-overlays 1.0 RetroArch overlay collection
retroarch-service 1.0 Systemd service for RetroArch
retroarch-shaders 1.0 Vulkan GLSL RetroArch shader system
snes9x2002-libretro git
snes9x2005-libretro git
snes9x2010-libretro git
stella2014-libretro git Atari 2600 emulator - Stella port for libretro
superflappybirds-libretro 1.0 Super Flappy Birds - Multiplayer Flappy Bird Clone
tgbdual-libretro git Gameboy Color emu - TGB Dual port for libretro
tyrquake-libretro git Quake 1 engine - Tyrquake port for libretro
vba-next-libretro git
vecx-libretro git Vectrex emulator - vecx port for libretro
vice-libretro git C64 emulator - port of VICE for libretro
virtualjaguar-libretro git Atari Jaguar emu - Virtual Jaguar (optimised) port for libretro
yabause-libretro git Sega Saturn emu - Yabause (optimised) port for libretro