Name readline
Version 5.2
Summary Library for editing typed command lines
Description The GNU Readline library provides a set of functions for use by applications that allow users to edit command lines as they are typed in. Both Emacs and vi editing modes are available. The Readline library includes additional functions to maintain a list of previously-entered command lines, to recall and perhaps reedit those lines, and perform csh-like history expansion on previous commands.
Section libs
License GPL-2.0-or-later
Recipe file recipes-core/readline/
Layer meta-gplv2 (master branch)
  • autotools
  • siteconfig
  • siteinfo
  • autoconf-native
  • automake-native
  • libtool-cross
  • libtool-native
  • ncurses
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-compilerlibs
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-gcc
  • virtual/libc



Patch Status
readline-5.2/configure-fix.patch Pending
files/config-dirent-symbols.patch Submitted (
readline-5.2/fix-redundant-rpath.patch Inappropriate


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Branch Recipe
master readline 5.2 (this recipe)
kirkstone (Yocto Project 4.0) readline 5.2
honister (Yocto Project 3.4) readline 5.2
hardknott (Yocto Project 3.3) readline 5.2
gatesgarth (Yocto Project 3.2) readline 5.2
dunfell (Yocto Project 3.1) readline 5.2
zeus (Yocto Project 3.0) readline 5.2
warrior (Yocto Project 2.7) readline 5.2
thud (Yocto Project 2.6) readline 5.2
sumo (Yocto Project 2.5) readline 5.2
rocko (Yocto Project 2.4) readline 5.2
pyro (Yocto Project 2.3) readline 5.2