This layer is now EOL and no longer being updated. Consider moving to a layer with a supported ROS2 layer, such as meta-ros2-humble or meta-ros2-iron.

ROS (Robot Operating System) support layer Dashing Diademata release

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The meta-ros2-dashing layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
ackermann-msgs 2.0.2-1 ROS2 messages for robots using Ackermann steering.
action-msgs 0.7.4-1 Messages and service definitions common among all ROS actions.
action-tutorials 0.7.9-1 Action tutorial code examples
actionlib-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some message definitions used in the implementation or actions.
ament-clang-formatblacklisted 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against style conventions using clang-format and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-clang-tidyblacklisted 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against style conventions using clang-tidy and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-cmake 0.7.6-1 The entry point package for the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-auto 0.7.6-1 The auto-magic functions for ease to use of the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-clang-formatblacklisted 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_clang_format to lint C / C++ code using clang format.
ament-cmake-clang-tidyblacklisted 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_clang_tidy to lint C / C++ code using clang tidy.
ament-cmake-copyright 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_copyright to check every source file contains copyright reference.
ament-cmake-core 0.7.6-1 The core of the ament buildsystem in CMake. Several subcomponents provide specific funtionalities: * environment: provide prefix-level setup files * environment_hooks: provide package-level setup files and environment hooks * index: store information in an index and retrieve them without crawling * package_templates: templates from the ament_package Python package * symlink_install: use symlinks for CMake install commands
ament-cmake-cppcheck 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_cppcheck to perform static code analysis on C/C++ code using Cppcheck.
ament-cmake-cpplint 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_cpplint to lint C / C++ code using cpplint.
ament-cmake-export-definitions 0.7.6-1 The ability to export definitions to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem.
ament-cmake-export-dependencies 0.7.6-1 The ability to export dependencies to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-export-include-directories 0.7.6-1 The ability to export include directories to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-export-interfaces 0.7.6-1 The ability to export interfaces to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-export-libraries 0.7.6-1 The ability to export libraries to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-export-link-flags 0.7.6-1 The ability to export link flags to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem.
ament-cmake-flake8 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_flake8 to check code syntax and style conventions with flake8.
ament-cmake-gmock 0.7.6-1 The ability to add Google mock-based tests in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-gtest 0.7.6-1 The ability to add gtest-based tests in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-include-directories 0.7.6-1 The functionality to order include directories according to a chain of prefixes in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-libraries 0.7.6-1 The functionality to deduplicate libraries in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-lint-cmake 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_lint_cmake to lint CMake code using cmakelint.
ament-cmake-nose 0.7.6-1 The ability to add nose-based tests in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-pclint 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_pclint to perform static code analysis on C/C++ code using PCLint.
ament-cmake-pep257 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_pep257 to check code against the style conventions in PEP 257.
ament-cmake-pep8 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_pep8 to check code against the style conventions in PEP 8.
ament-cmake-pyflakes 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_pyflakes to check code using pyflakes.
ament-cmake-pytest 0.7.6-1 The ability to run Python tests using pytest in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-python 0.7.6-1 The ability to use Python in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-ros 0.7.0-1 The ROS specific CMake bits in the ament buildsystem.
ament-cmake-target-dependencies 0.7.6-1 The ability to add definitions, include directories and libraries of a package to a target in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-test 0.7.6-1 The ability to add tests in the ament buildsystem in CMake.
ament-cmake-uncrustify 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_uncrustify to check code against styleconventions using uncrustify.
ament-cmake-virtualenv 0.0.5-5 Bundle python requirements in a ament package via virtualenv.
ament-cmake-xmllint 0.7.12-1 The CMake API for ament_xmllint to check XML file using xmmlint.
ament-copyright 0.7.12-1 The ability to check source files for copyright and license information.
ament-cppcheck 0.7.12-1 The ability to perform static code analysis on C/C++ code using Cppcheck and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-cpplint 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against the Google style conventions using cpplint and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-download 0.0.1-1 CMake macros for downloading files with ament
ament-flake8 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code for style and syntax conventions with flake8.
ament-index-cpp 0.7.2-1 C++ API to access the ament resource index.
ament-index-python 0.7.2-1 Python API to access the ament resource index.
ament-lint 0.7.12-1 Providing common API for ament linter packages.
ament-lint-auto 0.7.12-1 The auto-magic functions for ease to use of the ament linters in CMake.
ament-lint-cmake 0.7.12-1 The ability to lint CMake code using cmakelint and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-lint-common 0.7.12-1 The list of commonly used linters in the ament buildsytem in CMake.
ament-package 0.7.3-1 The parser for the manifest files in the ament buildsystem.
ament-pclint 0.7.12-1 The ability to perform static code analysis on C/C++ code using pclint and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-pep257 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against the style conventions in PEP 8 and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-pep8 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against the style conventions in PEP 8 and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-pyflakes 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code using pyflakes and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-uncrustify 0.7.12-1 The ability to check code against style conventions using uncrustify and generate xUnit test result files.
ament-virtualenv 0.0.5-5 Bundle python requirements in a ament package via virtualenv.
ament-xmllint 0.7.12-1 The ability to check XML files like the package manifest using xmllint and generate xUnit test result files.
angles 1.12.2-1 This package provides a set of simple math utilities to work with angles. The utilities cover simple things like normalizing an angle and conversion between degrees and radians. But even if you're trying to calculate things like the shortest angular distance between two joint space positions of your robot, but the joint motion is constrained by joint limits, this package is what you need. The code in this package is stable and well tested. There are no plans for major changes in the near future.
apriltag 3.1.1-1 AprilTag detector library
apriltag-msgs 2.0.0-2 AprilTag message definitions
apriltag-ros 2.1.0-1 AprilTag detection node
astuff-sensor-msgs 3.0.1-1 Messages specific to AStuff-provided sensors.
async-web-server-cpp 1.0.0-1 Asynchronous Web/WebSocket Server in C++
automotive-autonomy-msgs 3.0.3-1 Messages for vehicle automation
automotive-navigation-msgs 3.0.3-1 Generic Messages for Navigation Objectives in Automotive Automation Software
automotive-platform-msgs 3.0.3-1 Generic Messages for Communication with an Automotive Autonomous Platform
aws-common 2.2.0-1 Common AWS SDK utilities, intended for use by ROS packages using the AWS SDK
aws-robomaker-simulation-ros-pkgs 1.2.1-1 AWS RoboMaker package for accessing the simulation service.
aws-ros2-common 1.0.1-1 Common utilities for ROS2 nodes using Amazon Web Services.
behaviortree-cpp 2.5.2-1 This package provides a behavior trees core.
behaviortree-cpp-v3 3.1.1-1 This package provides the Behavior Trees core library.
bond 2.0.0-1 A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated, either cleanly or by crashing. The bond remains connected until it is either broken explicitly or until a heartbeat times out.
builtin-interfaces 0.7.4-1 A package containing message and service definitions for types defined in the OMG IDL Platform Specific Model.
camera-calibration 2.1.1-1 camera_calibration allows easy calibration of monocular or stereo cameras using a checkerboard calibration target.
camera-calibration-parsers 2.1.1-1 camera_calibration_parsers contains routines for reading and writing camera calibration parameters.
camera-info-manager 2.1.1-1 This package provides a C++ interface for camera calibration information. It provides CameraInfo, and handles SetCameraInfo service requests, saving and restoring the camera calibration data.
can-msgs 2.0.0-1 CAN related message types.
cartographer 1.0.9001-1 Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations.
cartographer-ros 1.0.9003-1 Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations. This package provides Cartographer's ROS integration.
cartographer-ros-msgs 1.0.9003-1 ROS messages for the cartographer_ros package.
class-loader 1.3.3-1 The class_loader package is a ROS-independent package for loading plugins during runtime and the foundation of the higher level ROS "pluginlib" library. class_loader utilizes the host operating system's runtime loader to open runtime libraries (e.g. .so/.dll files), introspect the library for exported plugin classes, and allows users to instantiate objects of these exported classes without the explicit declaration (i.e. header file) for those classes.
cloudwatch-logger 3.0.1-1 CloudWatch Logger node for publishing logs to AWS CloudWatch Logs
cloudwatch-logs-common 1.1.5-1 AWS CloudWatch management library used by ROS1/2 node to publish logs to CloudWatch service
cloudwatch-metrics-collector 3.0.1-1 Subscriber node for the aws/monitoring topic to publish metrics to AWS Cloudwatch
cloudwatch-metrics-common 1.1.5-1 Library used by ROS1/2 node to publish metrics
common-interfaces 0.7.1-1 common_interfaces contains messages and services that are widely used by other ROS packages.
composition 0.7.9-1 Examples for composing multiple nodes in a single process.
composition-interfaces 0.7.4-1 A package containing message and service definitions for managing composable nodes in a container process.
compressed-depth-image-transport 2.1.0-1 Compressed_depth_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending depth images (raw, floating-point) using PNG compression.
compressed-image-transport 2.1.0-1 Compressed_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending images encoded as JPEG or PNG.
connext-cmake-moduleblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Provide CMake module to find RTI Connext.
console-bridge-vendor 1.2.0-1 Wrapper around console_bridge, providing nothing but a dependency on console_bridge, on some systems. On others, it provides an ExternalProject build of console_bridge.
contracts-lite-vendor 0.4.1-1 ROS 2 wrapper for the Contracts Lite project.
control-msgs 2.2.0-1 control_msgs contains base messages and actions useful for controlling robots. It provides representations for controller setpoints and joint and cartesian trajectories.
controller-interface 0.0.1-1 Description of controller_interface
controller-manager 0.0.1-1 Description of controller_manager
controller-parameter-server 0.0.1-1 parameter server for loading specific controller configurations
costmap-converter 0.1.0-1 A ros package that includes plugins and nodes to convert occupied costmap2d cells to primitive types.
costmap-converter-msgs 0.1.0-1 Package containing message types for costmap conversion
costmap-queue 0.2.6-1 The costmap_queue package
cv-bridge 2.1.4-1 This contains CvBridge, which converts between ROS2 Image messages and OpenCV images.
cyclonedds 0.7.0-2 Eclipse Cyclone DDS is a very performant and robust open-source DDS implementation. Cyclone DDS is developed completely in the open as an Eclipse IoT project.
cyclonedds-cmake-module 0.7.0-1 Provide CMake module to find Eclipse CycloneDDS.
dataflow-lite 1.1.5-1 Light version of dataflow libraries
delphi-esr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi ESR
delphi-mrr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi MRR
delphi-srr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi SRR
demo-nodes-cpp 0.7.9-1 C++ nodes which were previously in the ros2/examples repository but are now just used for demo purposes.
demo-nodes-cpp-rosnative 0.7.9-1 C++ nodes which access the native handles of the rmw implemenation.
demo-nodes-py 0.7.9-1 Python nodes which were previously in the ros2/examples repository but are now just used for demo purposes.
depth-image-proc 2.1.1-1 Contains components for processing depth images such as those produced by OpenNI camera. Functions include creating disparity images and point clouds, as well as registering (reprojecting) a depth image into another camera frame.
depthimage-to-laserscan 2.2.5-1 depthimage_to_laserscan
derived-object-msgs 3.0.1-1 Abstracted Messages from Perception Modalities
desktopblacklisted 0.7.4-1 A package which extends 'ros_base' and includes high level packages like vizualization tools and demos.
diagnostic-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some diagnostics related message and service definitions.
diagnostic-updater 2.0.0-1 diagnostic_updater contains tools for easily updating diagnostics. it is commonly used in device drivers to keep track of the status of output topics, device status, etc.
dollyblacklisted 0.1.1-2 Meta-package for Dolly, the robot sheep.
dolly-follow 0.1.1-2 Follow node for Dolly, the robot sheep.
dolly-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.1-2 Launch Gazebo simulation with Dolly robot.
dummy-map-server 0.7.9-1 dummy map server node
dummy-robot-bringup 0.7.9-1 dummy robot bringup
dummy-sensors 0.7.9-1 dummy sensor nodes
dwb-controller 0.2.6-1 TODO
dwb-core 0.2.6-1 TODO
dwb-critics 0.2.6-1 The dwb_critics package
dwb-msgs 0.2.6-1 Message/Service definitions specifically for the dwb_core
dwb-plugins 0.2.6-1 Standard implementations of the GoalChecker and TrajectoryGenerators for dwb_core
dynamic-edt-3d 1.9.3-1 The dynamicEDT3D library implements an inrementally updatable Euclidean distance transform (EDT) in 3D. It comes with a wrapper to use the OctoMap 3D representation and hooks into the change detection of the OctoMap library to propagate changes to the EDT.
dynamixel-sdk 3.7.40-10 This package is wrapping version of ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK for ROS 2. The ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK, or SDK, is a software development library that provides Dynamixel control functions for packet communication. The API is designed for Dynamixel actuators and Dynamixel-based platforms.
ecl-build 1.0.2-1 Collection of cmake/make build tools primarily for ecl development itself, but also contains a few cmake modules useful outside of the ecl.
ecl-command-line 1.0.4-1 Embeds the TCLAP library inside the ecl. This is a very convenient command line parser in templatised c++.
ecl-concepts 1.0.4-1 Introduces a compile time concept checking mechanism that can be used most commonly to check for required functionality when passing template arguments.
ecl-config 1.0.3-2 These tools inspect and describe your system with macros, types and functions.
ecl-console 1.0.3-2 Color codes for ansii consoles.
ecl-containers 1.0.4-1 The containers included here are intended to extend the stl containers. In all cases, these implementations are designed to implement c++ conveniences and safety where speed is not sacrificed. Also includes techniques for memory debugging of common problems such as buffer overruns.
ecl-converters 1.0.4-1 Some fast/convenient type converters, mostly for char strings or strings. These are not really fully fleshed out, alot of them could use the addition for the whole range of fundamental types (e.g. all integers, not just int, unsigned int). They will come as the need arises.
ecl-converters-lite 1.0.3-2 These are a very simple version of some of the functions in ecl_converters suitable for firmware development. That is, there is no use of new, templates or exceptions.
ecl-core 1.0.4-1 A set of tools and interfaces extending the capabilities of c++ to provide a lightweight, consistent interface with a focus for control programming.
ecl-core-apps 1.0.4-1 This includes a suite of programs demo'ing various aspects of the ecl_core. It also includes various benchmarking and utility programs for use primarily with embedded systems.
ecl-devices 1.0.4-1 Provides an extensible and standardised framework for input-output devices.
ecl-eigen 1.0.4-1 This provides an Eigen implementation for ecl's linear algebra.
ecl-errors 1.0.3-2 This library provides lean and mean error mechanisms. It includes c style error functions as well as a few useful macros. For higher level mechanisms, refer to ecl_exceptions.
ecl-exceptions 1.0.4-1 Template based exceptions - these are simple and practical and avoid the proliferation of exception types. Although not syntatactically ideal, it is convenient and eminently practical.
ecl-filesystem 1.0.4-1 Cross platform filesystem utilities (until c++11 makes its way in).
ecl-formatters 1.0.4-1 The formatters here simply format various input types to a specified text format. They can be used with most streaming types (including both ecl and stl streams).
ecl-geometry 1.0.4-1 Any tools relating to mathematical geometry. Primarily featuring polynomials and interpolations.
ecl-io 1.0.3-2 Most implementations (windows, posix, ...) have slightly different api for low level input-output functions. These are gathered here and re-represented with a cross platform set of functions.
ecl-ipc 1.0.4-1 Interprocess mechanisms vary greatly across platforms - sysv, posix, win32, there are more than a few. This package provides an infrastructure to allow for developing cross platform c++ wrappers around the lower level c api's that handle these mechanisms. These make it not only easier to utilise such mechanisms, but allow it to be done consistently across platforms.
ecl-license 1.0.2-1 Maintains the ecl licenses and also provides an install target for deploying licenses with the ecl libraries.
ecl-linear-algebra 1.0.4-1 Ecl frontend to a linear matrix package (currently eigen).
ecl-lite 1.0.3-2 Libraries and utilities for embedded and low-level linux development.
ecl-manipulators 1.0.4-1 Deploys various manipulation algorithms, currently just feedforward filters (interpolations).
ecl-math 1.0.4-1 This package provides simple support to cmath, filling in holes or redefining in a c++ formulation where desirable.
ecl-mobile-robot 1.0.4-1 Contains transforms (e.g. differential drive inverse kinematics) for the various types of mobile robot platforms.
ecl-mpl 1.0.4-1 Metaprogramming tools move alot of runtime calculations to be shifted to compile time. This has only very elementary structures at this stage.
ecl-sigslots 1.0.4-1 Provides a signal/slot mechanism (in the same vein as qt sigslots, boost::signals etc for intra-process communication. These include some improvements - they do not need a preprocessor, are fully type safe, allow for simple connections via a posix style string identifier and are multithread-safe.
ecl-sigslots-lite 1.0.3-2 This avoids use of dynamic storage (malloc/new) and thread safety (mutexes) to provide a very simple sigslots implementation that can be used for *very* embedded development.
ecl-statistics 1.0.4-1 Common statistical structures and algorithms for control systems.
ecl-streams 1.0.4-1 These are lightweight text streaming classes that connect to standardised ecl type devices.
ecl-threads 1.0.4-1 This package provides the c++ extensions for a variety of threaded programming tools. These are usually different on different platforms, so the architecture for a cross-platform framework is also implemented.
ecl-time 1.0.4-1 Timing utilities are very dependent on the system api provided for their use. This package provides a means for handling different timing models. Current support - posix rt : complete. - macosx : posix timers only, missing absolute timers. - win : none.
ecl-time-lite 1.0.3-2 Provides a portable set of time functions that are especially useful for porting other code or being wrapped by higher level c++ classes.
ecl-tools 1.0.2-1 Tools and utilities for ecl development.
ecl-type-traits 1.0.4-1 Extends c++ type traits and implements a few more to boot.
ecl-utilities 1.0.4-1 Includes various supporting tools and utilities for c++ programming.
eigen-stl-containers 1.0.0-1 This package provides a set of typedef's that allow using Eigen datatypes in STL containers
eigen3-cmake-module 0.1.1-1 Exports a custom CMake module to find Eigen3.
example-interfaces 0.7.1-1 Contains message and service definitions used by the examples.
examples-rclcpp-minimal-action-client 0.7.5-1 Minimal action client examples
examples-rclcpp-minimal-action-server 0.7.5-1 Minimal action server examples
examples-rclcpp-minimal-client 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal service clients
examples-rclcpp-minimal-composition 0.7.5-1 Minimalist examples of composing nodes in the same process
examples-rclcpp-minimal-publisher 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal publisher nodes
examples-rclcpp-minimal-service 0.7.5-1 A minimal service server which adds two numbers
examples-rclcpp-minimal-subscriber 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal subscribers
examples-rclcpp-minimal-timer 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal nodes which have timers
examples-rclpy-executors 0.7.5-1 Examples of creating and using exectors to run multiple nodes in the same process
examples-rclpy-minimal-action-client 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal action clients using rclpy.
examples-rclpy-minimal-action-server 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal action servers using rclpy.
examples-rclpy-minimal-client 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal service clients using rclpy.
examples-rclpy-minimal-publisher 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal publishers using rclpy.
examples-rclpy-minimal-service 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal service servers using rclpy.
examples-rclpy-minimal-subscriber 0.7.5-1 Examples of minimal subscribers using rclpy.
fastcdr 1.0.13-1 CDR serialization implementation.
fastrtps 1.8.4-3 Implementation of RTPS standard.
fastrtps-cmake-module 0.7.2-1 Provide CMake module to find eProsima FastRTPS.
file-management 1.1.5-1 AWS CloudWatch management library used to manage offline files.
fmi-adapter 2.0.0-1 Wraps FMUs for co-simulation
fmi-adapter-examples 2.0.0-1 Provides small examples for use of the fmi_adapter package
fmilibrary-vendor 1.0.1-1 Wrapper (aka vendor package) around the FMILibrary by Modelon AB (
foonathan-memory-vendor 0.3.0-1 Foonathan/memory vendor package for Fast-RTPS.
gazebo-msgs 3.3.5-3 Message and service data structures for interacting with Gazebo from ROS2.
gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 3.3.5-3 Robot-independent Gazebo plugins for sensors, motors and dynamic reconfigurable components.
gazebo-rosblacklisted 3.3.5-3 Utilities to interface with <a href="">Gazebo</a> through ROS.
gazebo-ros-pkgsblacklisted 3.3.5-3 Interface for using ROS with the <a href="">Gazebo</a> simulator.
gazebo-rosdevblacklisted 3.3.5-3 Provides a cmake config for the default version of Gazebo for the ROS distribution.
geodesy 1.0.1-1 Python and C++ interfaces for manipulating geodetic coordinates.
geographic-info 1.0.1-1 Geographic information metapackage. Not needed for wet packages, use only to resolve dry stack dependencies.
geographic-msgs 1.0.1-1 ROS messages for Geographic Information Systems.
geometry-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some geometry related message definitions.
gmock-vendor 1.8.9000-1 The package provides GoogleMock.
gps-msgs 1.0.4-1 GPS messages for use in GPS drivers
gps-tools 1.0.4-1 GPS routines for use in GPS drivers
gps-umd 1.0.4-1 gps_umd metapackage
gpsd-client 1.0.4-1 connects to a GPSd server and broadcasts GPS fixes using the NavSatFix message
grbl-msgs 0.0.2-1 ROS2 Messages package for GRBL devices
grbl-ros 0.0.15-1 ROS2 package to interface with a GRBL serial device
gtest-vendor 1.8.9000-1 The package provides GoogleTest.
gurumdds-cmake-moduleblacklisted 0.7.8-1 Provide CMake module to find GurumNetworks GurumDDS.
h264-encoder-coreblacklisted 2.0.3-1 Common base code for ROS1/ROS2 H264 encoder node
h264-video-encoderblacklisted 2.0.0-1 ROS2 H264 encoder node
hardware-interface 0.0.1-1 ROS2 ros_control hardware interface
health-metric-collector 3.0.1-1 Package providing a ROS node for sending health metrics to Cloudwatch Metrics
hls-lfcd-lds-driver 2.0.3-1 ROS package for LDS(HLS-LFCD2). The LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) is a sensor sending the data to Host for the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Simultaneously the detecting obstacle data can also be sent to Host. HLDS(Hitachi-LG Data Storage) is developing the technology for the moving platform sensor such as Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Home Robot, Robotics Lawn Mower Sensor, etc.
ibeo-msgs 3.0.1-1 The ibeo_msgs package
ifm3d-core 0.18.0-1 Library and Utilities for working with ifm pmd-based 3D ToF Cameras
image-geometry 2.1.4-1 `image_geometry` contains C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically. It interfaces the calibration parameters in sensor_msgs/CameraInfo messages with OpenCV functions such as image rectification, much as cv_bridge interfaces ROS sensor_msgs/Image with OpenCV data types.
image-pipeline 2.1.1-1 image_pipeline fills the gap between getting raw images from a camera driver and higher-level vision processing.
image-proc 2.1.1-1 Single image rectification and color processing.
image-publisher 2.1.1-1 Contains a node publish an image stream from single image file or avi motion file.
image-rotate 2.1.1-1 <p> Contains a node that rotates an image stream in a way that minimizes the angle between a vector in some arbitrary frame and a vector in the camera frame. The frame of the outgoing image is published by the node. </p> <p> This node is intended to allow camera images to be visualized in an orientation that is more intuitive than the hardware-constrained orientation of the physical camera. This is particularly helpful, for example, to show images from the PR2's forearm cameras with a consistent up direction, despite the fact that the forearms need to rotate in arbitrary ways during manipulation. </p> <p> It is not recommended to use the output from this node for further computation, as it interpolates the source image, introduces black borders, and does not output a camera_info. </p>
image-tools 0.7.9-1 Tools to capture and play back images to and from DDS subscriptions and publications.
image-transport 2.1.1-1 image_transport should always be used to subscribe to and publish images. It provides transparent support for transporting images in low-bandwidth compressed formats. Examples (provided by separate plugin packages) include JPEG/PNG compression and Theora streaming video.
image-transport-plugins 2.1.0-1 A set of plugins for publishing and subscribing to sensor_msgs/Image topics in representations other than raw pixel data. For example, for viewing a stream of images off-robot, a video codec will give much lower bandwidth and latency. For low frame rate tranport of high-definition images, you might prefer sending them as JPEG or PNG-compressed form.
image-view 2.1.1-1 A simple viewer for ROS image topics. Includes a specialized viewer for stereo + disparity images.
intra-process-demo 0.7.9-1 Demonstrations of intra process communication.
joint-state-publisher 2.0.1-1 This package contains a tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF.
joint-state-publisher-guiblacklisted 2.0.1-1 This package contains a GUI tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF.
joy 2.3.2-1 ROS2 driver for a generic Linux joystick. Will contain a MacOS and Windows version later. The joy package contains joy_node, a node that interfaces a generic Linux joystick to ROS2. This node publishes a &quot;Joy&quot; message, which contains the current state of each one of the joystick's buttons and axes.
joy-teleop 1.1.0-1 A (to be) generic joystick interface to control a robot
kartech-linear-actuator-msgs 3.0.1-1 The kartech_linear_actuator_msgs package
kdl-parser 2.2.1-1 The Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL) defines a tree structure to represent the kinematic and dynamic parameters of a robot mechanism. <tt>kdl_parser</tt> provides tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF.
key-teleop 1.1.0-1 A text-based interface to send a robot movement commands.
kinesis-manager 2.0.1-1 AWS Kinesis stream management library intended for use with the Kinesis Video Producer SDK
kinesis-video-msgs 3.1.0-1 Messages for transmitting video frames to Kinesis Video Streams.
kinesis-video-streamer 3.1.0-1 Kinesis Video Streams producer node
lanelet2blacklisted 1.1.1-1 Meta-package for lanelet2
lanelet2-core 1.1.1-1 Lanelet2 core module
lanelet2-examplesblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Examples for working with Lanelet2
lanelet2-ioblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Parser/Writer module for lanelet2
lanelet2-maps 1.1.1-1 Example maps in the lanelet2-format
lanelet2-projectionblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Lanelet2 projection library for lat/lon to local x/y conversion
lanelet2-pythonblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Python bindings for lanelet2
lanelet2-routingblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Routing module for lanelet2
lanelet2-traffic-rulesblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Package for interpreting traffic rules in a lanelet map
lanelet2-validationblacklisted 1.1.1-1 Package for sanitizing lanelet maps
laser-geometry 2.0.0 This package contains a class for converting from a 2D laser scan as defined by sensor_msgs/LaserScan into a point cloud as defined by sensor_msgs/PointCloud or sensor_msgs/PointCloud2. In particular, it contains functionality to account for the skew resulting from moving robots or tilting laser scanners.
laser-proc 1.0.2-1 laser_proc
launch 0.8.7-1 The ROS launch tool.
launch-ros 0.8.10-1 ROS specific extensions to the launch tool.
launch-ros-sandboxblacklisted 0.0.2-4 Extension to launch_ros to provide the ability to run nodes in sandboxed environments.
launch-testing 0.8.7-1 A package to create tests which involve launch files and multiple processes.
launch-testing-ament-cmakeblacklisted 0.8.7-1 A package providing cmake functions for running launch tests from the build.
launch-testing-ros 0.8.10-1 A package providing utilities for writing ROS2 enabled launch tests.
lex-common 1.0.0-1 Lex Common utilities, intended for use by Lex clients
lex-common-msgs 3.1.0-1 Common messages for interacting with Amazon Lex using the lex_node package
lex-node 3.1.0-1 Package providing a ROS node for interacting with Amazon Lex
lgsvl-bridge 0.3.0-1 LGSVL Simulator Bridge
lgsvl-msgs 0.0.4-1 Message definitions for interfacing with the LGSVL Simulator for ROS and ROS 2.
libcurl-vendor 2.1.3-1 Wrapper around libcurl, it provides a fixed CMake module and an ExternalProject build of it.
libphidget22 2.0.2-1 This package wraps the libphidget22 to use it as a ROS dependency
libphidget22-upstream 1.4.20190605 This package wraps the libphidget22 to use it as a ROS dependency
librealsense2blacklisted 2.16.5-1 Library for capturing data from the Intel(R) RealSense(TM) SR300 and D400 cameras. This effort was initiated to better support researchers, creative coders, and app developers in domains such as robotics, virtual reality, and the internet of things. Several often-requested features of RealSense(TM); devices are implemented in this project, including multi-camera capture.
libyaml-vendor 1.0.0-1 Wrapper around libyaml, provides the last version (1.8.0 rc) that ships with a CMake module
lifecycle 0.7.9-1 Package containing demos for lifecycle implementation
lifecycle-msgs 0.7.4-1 A package containing some lifecycle related message and service definitions.
logging-demo 0.7.9-1 Examples for using and configuring loggers.
map-msgs 2.0.2-1 This package defines messages commonly used in mapping packages.
mapvizblacklisted 2.1.0-1 mapviz
mapviz-interfaces 2.1.0-1 ROS interfaces used by Mapviz
mapviz-pluginsblacklisted 2.1.0-1 Common plugins for the Mapviz visualization tool
marti-can-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_can_msgs
marti-common-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_common_msgs
marti-dbw-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_dbw_msgs
marti-nav-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_nav_msgs
marti-perception-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_perception_msgs
marti-sensor-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_sensor_msgs
marti-status-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_status_msgs
marti-visualization-msgs 1.2.0-1 marti_visualization_msgs
message-filters 3.1.3-1 A set of ROS2 message filters which take in messages and may output those messages at a later time, based on the conditions that filter needs met.
ml-classifiers 1.0.1-1 ml_classifiers
mobileye-560-660-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Mobileye 560/660
mouse-teleop 1.1.0-1 A mouse teleop tool for holonomic mobile robots.
move-base-msgs 2.0.2-1 Holds the action description and relevant messages for the move_base package.
mrt-cmake-modules 1.0.8-1 CMake Functions and Modules for automating CMake
multires-imageblacklisted 2.1.0-1 multires_image
nav-2d-msgs 0.2.6-1 Basic message types for two dimensional navigation, extending from geometry_msgs::Pose2D.
nav-2d-utils 0.2.6-1 A handful of useful utility functions for nav_2d packages.
nav-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some navigation related message and service definitions.
nav2-amcl 0.2.6-1 <p> amcl is a probabilistic localization system for a robot moving in 2D. It implements the adaptive (or KLD-sampling) Monte Carlo localization approach (as described by Dieter Fox), which uses a particle filter to track the pose of a robot against a known map. </p> <p> This node is derived, with thanks, from Andrew Howard's excellent 'amcl' Player driver. </p>
nav2-behavior-tree 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-bringup 0.2.6-1 Bringup scripts and configurations for the navigation2 stack
nav2-bt-navigator 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-common 0.2.6-1 Common support functionality used throughout the navigation 2 stack
nav2-costmap-2d 0.2.6-1 This package provides an implementation of a 2D costmap that takes in sensor data from the world, builds a 2D or 3D occupancy grid of the data (depending on whether a voxel based implementation is used), and inflates costs in a 2D costmap based on the occupancy grid and a user specified inflation radius. This package also provides support for map_server based initialization of a costmap, rolling window based costmaps, and parameter based subscription to and configuration of sensor topics.
nav2-dwb-controller 0.2.6-1 ROS2 controller (DWB) metapackage
nav2-dynamic-params 0.2.6-1 This package provides a validation class for ROS2 parameters with validation based on parameter type and defined bounds. Support for custom validation callbacks is also provided. Some useful convenience functions for event callbacks are also provided
nav2-lifecycle-manager 0.2.6-1 A controller/manager for the lifecycle nodes of the Navigation 2 system
nav2-map-server 0.2.6-1 Refactored map server for ROS2 Navigation
nav2-msgs 0.2.6-1 Messages and service files for the navigation2 stack
nav2-navfn-planner 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-recoveries 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 0.2.6-1 Navigation 2 plugins for rviz
nav2-system-testsblacklisted 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-util 0.2.6-1 TODO
nav2-voxel-grid 0.2.6-1 voxel_grid provides an implementation of an efficient 3D voxel grid. The occupancy grid can support 3 different representations for the state of a cell: marked, free, or unknown. Due to the underlying implementation relying on bitwise and and or integer operations, the voxel grid only supports 16 different levels per voxel column. However, this limitation yields raytracing and cell marking performance in the grid comparable to standard 2D structures making it quite fast compared to most 3D structures.
nav2-world-model 0.2.6-1 TODO
navigation2 0.2.6-1 ROS2 Navigation Stack
neobotix-usboard-msgs 3.0.1-1 neobotix_usboard package
nmea-msgs 2.0.0-1 The nmea_msgs package contains messages related to data in the NMEA format.
nonpersistent-voxel-layer 2.0.2-1 include This package provides an implementation of a 3D costmap that takes in sensor data from the world, builds a 3D occupancy grid of the data for only one iteration.
novatel-gps-driver 4.1.0-1 Driver for NovAtel receivers
novatel-gps-msgs 4.1.0-1 Messages for proprietary (non-NMEA) sentences from Novatel GPS receivers.
object-analytics-msgs 0.5.4-2 object analytics message definition
object-analytics-node 0.5.4-2 The object_analytics_node package
object-analytics-rviz 0.5.4-2 Display object analytics result in rviz
object-msgs 0.4.0-1 This package defines messages for NCS inference
octomap 1.9.3-1 The OctoMap library implements a 3D occupancy grid mapping approach, providing data structures and mapping algorithms in C++. The map implementation is based on an octree. See for details.
octovisblacklisted 1.9.3-1 octovis is visualization tool for the OctoMap library based on Qt and libQGLViewer. See for details.
ompl 1.4.2-2 OMPL is a free sampling-based motion planning library.
opensplice-cmake-moduleblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Provide CMake module to find PrismTech OpenSplice.
orocos-kdl 3.2.2-1 This package contains a recent version of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project.
osrf-pycommon 0.1.9-1 Commonly needed Python modules, used by Python software developed at OSRF.
osrf-testing-tools-cpp 1.2.3-1 Testing tools for C++, and is used in various OSRF projects.
ouster-msgs 0.0.2-1 ROS2 messages for ouster lidar driver
packagegroup-ros-world-dashing 1.0 All non-test packages for the target from files/dashing/cache.yaml
pacmod-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definition files for the PACMod driver
pacmod3 1.3.1-1 AutonomouStuff PACMod v3 Driver Package
pcl-conversions 2.0.0-1 Provides conversions from PCL data types and ROS message types
pcl-msgs 1.0.0-1 Package containing PCL (Point Cloud Library)-related ROS messages.
pendulum-control 0.7.9-1 Demonstrates ROS 2's realtime capabilities with a simulated inverted pendulum.
pendulum-msgs 0.7.9-1 Custom messages for real-time pendulum control.
people-msgs 1.3.0-1 Messages used by nodes in the people stack.
perception-pcl 2.0.0-1 PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack. PCL-ROS is the preferred bridge for 3D applications involving n-D Point Clouds and 3D geometry processing in ROS.
phidgets-accelerometer 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Accelerometer devices
phidgets-analog-inputs 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Analog Input devices
phidgets-api 2.0.2-1 A C++ Wrapper for the Phidgets C API
phidgets-digital-inputs 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Digital Input devices
phidgets-digital-outputs 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Digital Output devices
phidgets-drivers 2.0.2-1 API and ROS drivers for Phidgets devices
phidgets-gyroscope 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Gyroscope devices
phidgets-high-speed-encoder 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets high speed encoder devices
phidgets-ik 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets InterfaceKit devices
phidgets-magnetometer 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Magnetometer devices
phidgets-motors 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Motor devices
phidgets-msgs 2.0.2-1 Custom ROS messages for Phidgets drivers
phidgets-spatial 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Spatial 3/3/3 devices
phidgets-temperature 2.0.2-1 Driver for the Phidgets Temperature devices
pluginlib 2.3.3-1 The pluginlib package provides tools for writing and dynamically loading plugins using the ROS build infrastructure. To work, these tools require plugin providers to register their plugins in the package.xml of their package.
poco-vendor 1.2.1-1 CMake shim over the poco library.
px4-msgs 2.0.1-1 Package with the ROS-equivalent of PX4 uORB msgs
py-trees 1.3.0-1 Pythonic implementation of behaviour trees.
py-trees-jsblacklisted 0.5.0-1 Qt-based viewer for py_trees in ROS.
py-trees-ros 1.2.1-2 ROS2 extensions and behaviours for py_trees.
py-trees-ros-interfaces 1.2.0-1 Interfaces used by py_trees_ros and py_trees_ros_tutorials.
py-trees-ros-tutorialsblacklisted 1.0.5-1 ROS2 extensions and behaviours for py_trees.
py-trees-ros-viewerblacklisted 0.1.3-1 A Qt-JS application for visualisation of executing/log-replayed behaviour trees in a ROS2 ecosystem.
python-cmake-module 0.7.11-1 Provide CMake module with extra functionality for Python.
python-qt-bindingblacklisted 1.0.2-1 This stack provides Python bindings for Qt. There are two providers: pyside and pyqt. PySide2 is available under the GPL, LGPL and a commercial license. PyQt is released under the GPL. Both the bindings and tools to build bindings are included from each available provider. For PySide, it is called &quot;Shiboken&quot;. For PyQt, this is called &quot;SIP&quot;. Also provided is adapter code to make the user's Python code independent of which binding provider was actually used which makes it very easy to switch between these.
qt-dotgraphblacklisted 1.0.9-1 qt_dotgraph provides helpers to work with dot graphs.
qt-guiblacklisted 1.0.9-1 qt_gui provides the infrastructure for an integrated graphical user interface based on Qt. It is extensible with Python- and C++-based plugins (implemented in separate packages) which can contribute arbitrary widgets. It requires either PyQt or PySide bindings.
qt-gui-appblacklisted 1.0.9-1 qt_gui_app provides the main to start an instance of the integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui.
qt-gui-coreblacklisted 1.0.9-1 Integration of the ROS package system and ROS-specific plugins for a Qt-based GUI.
qt-gui-cppblacklisted 1.0.9-1 qt_gui_cpp provides the foundation for C++-bindings for qt_gui and creates bindings for every generator available. At least one specific binding must be available in order to use C++-plugins.
qt-gui-py-commonblacklisted 1.0.9-1 qt_gui_py_common provides common functionality for GUI plugins written in Python.
quality-of-service-demo-cpp 0.7.9-1 C++ Demo applications for Quality of Service features
quality-of-service-demo-py 0.7.9-1 Python Demo applications for Quality of Service features
radar-msgs 3.0.1-1 Generic Radar Messages
raptor-can-dbc-parser 1.0.0-1 DBC file interface. Read a DBC file, unpack CAN messages and convert to engineering units, pack values into CAN messages for publishing.
raptor-dbw-can 1.0.0-1 CAN translator for drive-by-wire interface to the New Eagle Raptor DBW kit
raptor-dbw-joystick 1.0.0-1 Joystick controller that interfaces with raptor_dbw_can node
raptor-dbw-msgs 1.0.0-1 Messages for drive-by-wire interface to the New Eagle Raptor DBW kit
raptor-pdu 1.0.0-1 Interface for the New Eagle Multiplex Power Distribution Module (MPDM)
raptor-pdu-msgs 1.0.0-1 Power distribution messages for drive-by-wire interface to the New Eagle Raptor DBW kit
raspimouse 1.0.1-1 RaspiMouse ROS 2 node
raspimouse-msgs 1.0.1-1 RaspiMouse messages
rc-common-msgs 0.5.3-1 Common msg and srv definitions used by Roboception's ROS2 packages
rc-dynamics-api 0.10.2-1 The rc_dynamics_api provides an API for easy handling of the dynamic-state data streams provided by Roboception's stereo camera with self-localization. See Dynamic-state estimates of the rc_visard relate to its self-localization and ego-motion estimation. These states refer to rc_visard's current pose, velocity, or acceleration and are published on demand via several data streams. For a complete list and descriptions of these dynamics states and the respective data streams please refer to rc_visard's user manual.
rc-genicam-api 2.4.4-1 GenICam/GigE Vision Convenience Layer. This package combines the Roboception convenience layer for images with the GenICam reference implementation and a GigE Vision transport layer. It is a self contained package that permits configuration and image streaming of GenICam / GigE Vision 2.0 compatible cameras like the Roboception rc_visard. This package also provides some tools that can be called from the command line for discovering cameras, changing their configuration and streaming images. Although the tools are meant to be useful when working in a shell or in a script, their main purpose is to serve as example on how to use the API for reading and setting parameters, streaming and synchronizing images. See for licensing terms of the different parts.
rc-reason-clients 0.2.1-1 Clients for interfacing with Roboception reason modules on rc_visard and rc_cube.
rc-reason-msgs 0.2.1-1 Msg and srv definitions for rc_reason_clients
rcdiscover 1.0.4-1 This package contains tools for the discovery of Roboception devices via GigE Vision.
rcl 0.7.10-1 The ROS client library common implementation. This package contains an API which builds on the ROS middleware API and is optionally built upon by the other ROS client libraries.
rcl-action 0.7.10-1 Package containing a C-based ROS action implementation
rcl-interfaces 0.7.4-1 The ROS client library common interfaces. This package contains the messages and services which ROS client libraries will use under the hood to communicate higher level concepts such as parameters.
rcl-lifecycle 0.7.10-1 Package containing a C-based lifecycle implementation
rcl-logging-log4cxx 0.2.1-1 C API providing common interface to a shared library wrapping 3rd party loggers.
rcl-logging-noop 0.2.1-1 An rcl logger implementation that doesn't do anything with log messages.
rcl-yaml-param-parser 0.7.10-1 Package containing various utility types and functions for C
rclc 1.0.0-1 The ROS client library in C.
rclc-examples 1.0.0-1 Example of using rclc_executor
rclc-lifecycle 1.0.0-1 rclc lifecycle convenience methods.
rclcpp 0.7.16-1 The ROS client library in C++.
rclcpp-action 0.7.16-1 Adds action APIs for C++.
rclcpp-components 0.7.16-1 Package containing tools for dynamically loadable components
rclcpp-lifecycle 0.7.16-1 Package containing a prototype for lifecycle implementation
rclpy 0.7.11-1 Package containing the Python client.
rcpputils 0.1.1-1 Package containing utility code for C++. Currently only Clang thread safety annotation macros
rcutils 0.7.6-1 Package containing various utility types and functions for C
realsense-camera-msgs 2.0.4-2 A package containing realsense camera messages definitions.
realsense-ros2-camerablacklisted 2.0.4-2 The realsense_ros2_camera package
realtime-tools 2.0.0-1 Contains a set of tools that can be used from a hard realtime thread, without breaking the realtime behavior.
resource-retriever 2.1.3-1 This package retrieves data from url-format files such as http://, ftp://, package:// file://, etc., and loads the data into memory. The package:// url for ros packages is translated into a local file:// url. The resourse retriever was initially designed to load mesh files into memory, but it can be used for any type of data. The resource retriever is based on the the libcurl library.
rmw 0.7.2-1 Contains the ROS middleware API.
rmw-connext-cppblacklisted 0.7.6-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using RTI Connext static code generation in C++.
rmw-connext-shared-cppblacklisted 0.7.6-1 C++ types and functions shared by the ROS middleware interface to RTI Connext Static and RTI Connext Dynamic.
rmw-cyclonedds-cpp 0.7.0-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using Eclipse CycloneDDS in C++.
rmw-fastrtps-cpp 0.7.8-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using eProsima FastRTPS static code generation in C++.
rmw-fastrtps-dynamic-cpp 0.7.8-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using eProsima FastRTPS static code generation in C++.
rmw-fastrtps-shared-cpp 0.7.8-1 Code shared on static and dynamic type support of rmw_fastrtps_cpp.
rmw-gurumdds-cppblacklisted 0.7.12-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using GurumNetworks GurumDDS static code generation in C++.
rmw-gurumdds-shared-cppblacklisted 0.7.12-1 Code shared on static and dynamic type support of rmw_gurumdds_cpp.
rmw-implementation 0.7.2-1 The decision which ROS middleware implementation should be used for C++.
rmw-implementation-cmake 0.7.2-1 CMake functions which can discover and enumerate available implementations.
rmw-opensplice-cppblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Implement the ROS middleware interface using PrismTech OpenSplice static code generation in C++.
robomaker-simulation-msgs 1.2.1-1 AWS RoboMaker package containing ROS service definitions for service endpoints provided inside of an AWS RoboMaker simulation.
robot-localization 3.0.3-1 Provides nonlinear state estimation through sensor fusion of an abritrary number of sensors.
robot-state-publisher 2.2.5-1 ROS2 version of the robot_state_publisher package
ros-base 0.7.4-1 A package which extends 'ros_core' and includes other basic functionalities like tf2 and urdf.
ros-controllers 0.0.1-2 Description of ros_controllers
ros-core 0.7.4-1 A package to aggregate the packages required to use publish / subscribe, services, generate messages and other core ROS concepts.
ros-environment 2.3.0-1 The package provides the environment variables `ROS_VERSION` and `ROS_DISTRO`.
ros-monitoring-msgs 2.0.0-1 Messages for publishing monitoring data about ROS systems
ros-testingblacklisted 0.1.1-1 The entry point package to launch testing in ROS.
ros-workspace 0.7.2-1 Provides the prefix level environment files for ROS 2 packages.
ros1-bridge 0.7.9-1 A simple bridge between ROS 1 and ROS 2
ros1-rosbag-storage-vendor 0.0.6-2 Vendor package for rosbag_storage of ROS1
ros2-control 0.0.1-1 Metapackage for ROS2 control related packages
ros2-ouster 0.0.2-1 ROS2 Drivers for the Ouster OS-1 Lidar
ros2action 0.7.11-1 The action command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2bag 0.1.8-1 Entry point for rosbag in ROS 2
ros2cli 0.7.11-1 Framework for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2component 0.7.11-1 The component command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2launch 0.8.10-1 The launch command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2lifecycle 0.7.11-1 The lifecycle command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2msg 0.7.11-1 The msg command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2multicast 0.7.11-1 The multicast command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2node 0.7.11-1 The node command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2param 0.7.11-1 The param command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2pkg 0.7.11-1 The pkg command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2run 0.7.11-1 The run command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2service 0.7.11-1 The service command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2srv 0.7.11-1 The srv command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2test 0.1.1-1 The test command for ROS 2 launch tests.
ros2topic 0.7.11-1 The topic command for ROS 2 command line tools.
ros2trace 0.2.8-1 The trace command for ROS 2 command line tools.
rosapi 1.0.2-1 Provides service calls for getting ros meta-information, like list of topics, services, params, etc.
rosauth 2.0.1-1 Server Side tools for Authorization and Authentication of ROS Clients
rosbag2 0.1.8-1 ROSBag2 client library
rosbag2-bag-v2-plugins 0.0.6-2 Package containing storage and converter plugins for rosbag 1
rosbag2-converter-default-plugins 0.1.8-1 Package containing default plugins for format converters
rosbag2-storage 0.1.8-1 ROS2 independent storage format to store serialized ROS2 messages
rosbag2-storage-default-plugins 0.1.8-1 ROSBag2 SQLite3 storage plugin
rosbag2-test-common 0.1.8-1 Commonly used test helper classes and fixtures for rosbag2
rosbag2-tests 0.1.8-1 Tests package for rosbag2
rosbag2-transport 0.1.8-1 Layer encapsulating ROS middleware to allow rosbag2 to be used with or without middleware
rosbridge-library 1.0.2-1 The core rosbridge package, repsonsible for interpreting JSON andperforming the appropriate ROS action, like subscribe, publish, call service, and interact with params.
rosbridge-msgs 1.0.2-1 Package containing message files
rosbridge-server 1.0.2-1 A WebSocket interface to rosbridge.
rosbridge-suite 1.0.2-1 Rosbridge provides a JSON API to ROS functionality for non-ROS programs. There are a variety of front ends that interface with rosbridge, including a WebSocket server for web browsers to interact with. Rosbridge_suite is a meta-package containing rosbridge, various front end packages for rosbridge like a WebSocket package, and helper packages.
rosgraph-msgs 0.7.4-1 Messages relating to the ROS Computation Graph. These are generally considered to be low-level messages that end users do not interact with.
rosidl-adapter 0.7.10-1 API and scripts to parse .msg/.srv/.action files and convert them to .idl.
rosidl-cmake 0.7.10-1 The CMake functionality to invoke code generation for ROS interface files.
rosidl-default-generators 0.7.0-1 A configuration package defining the default ROS interface generators.
rosidl-default-runtime 0.7.0-1 A configuration package defining the runtime for the ROS interfaces.
rosidl-generator-c 0.7.10-1 Generate the ROS interfaces in C.
rosidl-generator-cpp 0.7.10-1 Generate the ROS interfaces in C++.
rosidl-generator-dds-idl 0.7.1-1 Generate the DDS interfaces for ROS interfaces.
rosidl-generator-py 0.7.11-1 Generate the ROS interfaces in Python.
rosidl-parser 0.7.10-1 The parser for ROS interface files.
rosidl-runtime-py 0.7.11-1 Runtime utilities for working with generated ROS interfaces in Python.
rosidl-typesupport-c 0.7.1-1 Generate the type support for C messages.
rosidl-typesupport-connext-cblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Generate the C interfaces for RTI Connext.
rosidl-typesupport-connext-cppblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Generate the C++ interfaces for RTI Connext.
rosidl-typesupport-cpp 0.7.1-1 Generate the type support for C++ messages.
rosidl-typesupport-fastrtps-c 0.7.2-1 Generate the C interfaces for eProsima FastRTPS.
rosidl-typesupport-fastrtps-cpp 0.7.2-1 Generate the C++ interfaces for eProsima FastRTPS.
rosidl-typesupport-interface 0.7.10-1 The interface for rosidl typesupport packages.
rosidl-typesupport-introspection-c 0.7.10-1 Generate the message type support for dynamic message construction in C.
rosidl-typesupport-introspection-cpp 0.7.10-1 Generate the message type support for dynamic message construction in C++.
rosidl-typesupport-opensplice-cblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Generate the C interfaces for PrismTech OpenSplice.
rosidl-typesupport-opensplice-cppblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Generate the C++ interfaces for PrismTech OpenSplice.
rqtblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt is a Qt-based framework for GUI development for ROS. It consists of three parts/metapackages<br/> <ul> <li>rqt (you're here)</li> <li><a href="">rqt_common_plugins</a> - ROS backend tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime.</li> <li><a href="">rqt_robot_plugins</a> - Tools for interacting with robots during their runtime.</li> </ul> rqt metapackage provides a widget <a href="">rqt_gui</a> that enables multiple `rqt` widgets to be docked in a single window.
rqt-actionblacklisted 1.0.1-1 rqt_action provides a feature to introspect all available ROS action types. By utilizing rqt_msg, the output format is unified with it and rqt_srv. Note that the actions shown on this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-common-pluginsblacklisted 1.0.0-1 rqt_common_plugins metapackage provides ROS backend graphical tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime.<br/> <br/> To run any rqt plugins, just type in a single command &quot;rqt&quot;, then select any plugins you want from the GUI that launches afterwards.<br/> <br/> rqt consists of three following metapackages:<br/> <ul> <li><a href="">rqt</a> - core modules of rqt (ROS GUI) framework. rqt plugin developers barely needs to pay attention to this metapackage.</li> <li>rqt_common_plugins (you're here!)</li> <li><a href="">rqt_robot_plugins</a> - rqt plugins that are particularly used with robots during their runtime.</li><br/> </ul> <br/>
rqt-consoleblacklisted 1.1.1-1 rqt_console provides a GUI plugin for displaying and filtering ROS messages.
rqt-graphblacklisted 1.0.5-1 rqt_graph provides a GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS computation graph.<br/> Its components are made generic so that other packages where you want to achieve graph representation can depend upon this pkg (use <a href="">rqt_dep</a> to find out the pkgs that depend. rqt_dep itself depends on rqt_graph too).
rqt-guiblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt_gui provides the main to start an instance of the ROS integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui.
rqt-gui-cppblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt_gui_cpp enables GUI plugins to use the C++ client library for ROS.
rqt-gui-pyblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt_gui_py enables GUI plugins to use the Python client library for ROS.
rqt-image-viewblacklisted 1.0.5-1 rqt_image_view provides a GUI plugin for displaying images using image_transport.
rqt-msgblacklisted 1.0.2-1 A Python GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types. Note that the msgs available through this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-plotblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt_plot provides a GUI plugin visualizing numeric values in a 2D plot using different plotting backends.
rqt-publisherblacklisted 1.1.0-1 rqt_publisher provides a GUI plugin for publishing arbitrary messages with fixed or computed field values.
rqt-py-commonblacklisted 1.0.7-1 rqt_py_common provides common functionality for rqt plugins written in Python. Despite no plugin is provided, this package is part of the rqt_common_plugins repository to keep refactoring generic functionality from these common plugins into this package as easy as possible. Functionality included in this package should cover generic ROS concepts and should not introduce any special dependencies beside &quot;ros_base&quot;.
rqt-py-consoleblacklisted 1.0.0-1 rqt_py_console is a Python GUI plugin providing an interactive Python console.
rqt-reconfigureblacklisted 1.0.7-1 This rqt plugin provides a way to view and edit parameters on nodes.
rqt-robot-monitorblacklisted 1.0.4-1 rqt_robot_monitor displays diagnostics_agg topics messages that are published by <a href="">diagnostic_aggregator</a>. rqt_robot_monitor is a direct port to rqt of <a href="">robot_monitor</a>. All diagnostics are fall into one of three tree panes depending on the status of diagnostics (normal, warning, error/stale). Status are shown in trees to represent their hierarchy. Worse status dominates the higher level status.<br/> <ul> Ex. 'Computer' category has 3 sub devices. 2 are green but 1 is error. Then 'Computer' becomes error. </ul> You can look at the detail of each status by double-clicking the tree nodes.<br/> Currently re-usable API to other pkgs are not explicitly provided.
rqt-robot-steeringblacklisted 1.0.0-1 rqt_robot_steering provides a GUI plugin for steering a robot using Twist messages.
rqt-service-callerblacklisted 1.0.3-1 rqt_service_caller provides a GUI plugin for calling arbitrary services.
rqt-shellblacklisted 1.0.0-1 rqt_shell is a Python GUI plugin providing an interactive shell.
rqt-srvblacklisted 1.0.1-1 A Python GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types. Note that the srvs available through this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-topblacklisted 1.0.0-1 RQT plugin for monitoring ROS processes.
rqt-topicblacklisted 1.0.0-1 rqt_topic provides a GUI plugin for displaying debug information about ROS topics including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and ROS Messages.
rt-usb-9axisimu-driver 2.0.0-2 The rt_usb_9axisimu_driver package
rttest 0.7.1-1 Instrumentation library for real-time performance testing
rviz-assimp-vendor 6.1.8-1 Wrapper around assimp, providing nothing but a dependency on assimp, on some systems. On others, it provides a fixed CMake module or even an ExternalProject build of assimp.
rviz-commonblacklisted 6.1.8-1 Common rviz API, used by rviz plugins and applications.
rviz-default-pluginsblacklisted 6.1.8-1 Several default plugins for rviz to cover the basic functionality.
rviz-ogre-vendorblacklisted 6.1.8-1 Wrapper around ogre3d, it provides a fixed CMake module and an ExternalProject build of ogre.
rviz-renderingblacklisted 6.1.8-1 Library which provides the 3D rendering functionality in rviz.
rviz-rendering-testsblacklisted 6.1.8-1 Example plugin for RViz - documents and tests RViz plugin development
rviz-visual-testing-frameworkblacklisted 6.1.8-1 3D testing framework for RViz.
rviz2blacklisted 6.1.8-1 3D visualization tool for ROS.
self-test 2.0.0-1 self_test
sensor-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some sensor data related message and service definitions.
serial-driver 0.0.6-4 A template class and associated utilities which encapsulate basic reading from serial ports
shape-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some message definitions which describe geometric shapes.
shared-queues-vendor 0.1.8-1 Vendor package for concurrent queues from moodycamel
sick-scan2 0.1.4-1 A ROS2 driver for the SICK TiM series of laser scanners. This package is based on the sick_scan-Repository.
slam-toolboxblacklisted 2.0.4-1 This package provides a sped up improved slam karto with updated SDK and visualization and modification toolsets
slide-show 0.1.0-1 Publishes images from the file system.
smclib 2.0.0-1 The State Machine Compiler (SMC) from converts a language-independent description of a state machine into the source code to support that state machine. This package contains the libraries that a compiled state machine depends on, but it does not contain the compiler itself.
sophus 1.0.2 C++ implementation of Lie Groups using Eigen.
spatio-temporal-voxel-layerblacklisted 2.0.2-1 The spatio-temporal 3D obstacle costmap package
sqlite3-vendor 0.1.8-1 SQLite 3 vendor package
sros2 0.7.2-1 Command line tools for managing SROS2 keys
sros2-cmake 0.7.2-1 CMake macros to configure security for nodes
std-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some standard message definitions.
std-srvs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some standard service definitions.
stereo-image-proc 2.1.1-1 Stereo and single image rectification and disparity processing.
stereo-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some stereo camera related message definitions.
swri-consoleblacklisted 2.0.0-1 A rosout GUI viewer developed at Southwest Research Insititute as an alternative to rqt_console.
swri-console-util 3.3.2-1 swri_console_util
swri-dbw-interface 3.3.2-1 This package provides documentation on common interface conventions for drive-by-wire systems.
swri-geometry-util 3.3.2-1 swri_geometry_util
swri-image-util 3.3.2-1 swri_image_util
swri-math-util 3.3.2-1 swri_math_util
swri-opencv-util 3.3.2-1 swri_opencv_util
swri-prefix-tools 3.3.2-1 Contains scripts that are useful as prefix commands for nodes started by roslaunch.
swri-roscpp 3.3.2-1 swri_roscpp
swri-route-util 3.3.2-1 This library provides functionality to simplify working with the navigation messages defined in marti_nav_msgs.
swri-serial-util 3.3.2-1 swri_serial_util
swri-system-util 3.3.2-1 swri_system_util
swri-transform-util 3.3.2-1 The swri_transform_util package contains utility functions and classes for transforming between coordinate frames.
system-modes 0.6.0-2 The system modes concept assumes that a robotics system is built from components with a lifecycle. It adds a notion of (sub-)systems, hiararchically grouping these nodes, as well as a notion of modes that determine the configuration of these nodes and (sub-)systems in terms of their parameter values.
system-modes-examples 0.6.0-2 Simple example system and according launch files for the system_modes package.
teleop-tools 1.1.0-1 A set of generic teleoperation tools for any robot.
teleop-tools-msgs 1.1.0-1 The teleop_tools_msgs package
teleop-twist-joy 2.2.1-1 Generic joystick teleop for twist robots.
teleop-twist-keyboard 2.3.2-1 A robot-agnostic teleoperation node to convert keyboard commands to Twist messages.
test-interface-files 0.7.1-1 A package containing message definitions and fixtures used exclusively for testing purposes.
test-msgs 0.7.4-1 A package containing message definitions and fixtures used exclusively for testing purposes.
test-osrf-testing-tools-cpp 1.2.3-1 Test package, which uses things exported by osrf_testing_tools_cpp.
test-robot-hardware 0.0.1-1 Description of test_robot_hardware
tf2 0.11.6-1 tf2 is the second generation of the transform library, which lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time. tf2 maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree structure buffered in time, and lets the user transform points, vectors, etc between any two coordinate frames at any desired point in time.
tf2-eigen 0.11.6-1 tf2_eigen
tf2-geometry-msgs 0.11.6-1 tf2_geometry_msgs
tf2-kdl 0.11.6-1 KDL binding for tf2
tf2-msgs 0.11.6-1 tf2_msgs
tf2-ros 0.11.6-1 This package contains the ROS bindings for the tf2 library, for both Python and C++.
tf2-sensor-msgs 0.11.6-1 Small lib to transform sensor_msgs with tf. Most notably, PointCloud2
theora-image-transport 2.1.0-1 Theora_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending an image stream encoded with the Theora codec.
tile-mapblacklisted 2.1.0-1 Tile map provides a slippy map style interface for visualizing OpenStreetMap and GoogleMap tiles. A mapviz visualization plug-in is also implemented
tinydir-vendor 1.1.0-1 CMake shim over tinydir:
tinyxml-vendor 0.7.0-1 CMake shim over the tinxml library.
tinyxml2-vendor 0.6.1-1 Wrapper around tinyxml2, providing nothing but a dependency on tinyxml2, on some systems. On others, it provides a fixed CMake module or even an ExternalProject build of tinyxml2.
tlsf 0.5.0-1 TLSF allocator version 2.4.6
tlsf-cpp 0.7.1-1 C++ stdlib-compatible wrapper around tlsf allocator and ROS2 examples
topic-monitor 0.7.9-1 Package containing tools for monitoring ROS 2 topics.
tracetools 0.2.8-1 Tracing wrapper for ROS 2.
tracetools-launch 0.2.8-1 Launch integration for tracing.
tracetools-readblacklisted 0.2.8-1 Tools for reading traces.
tracetools-test 0.2.8-1 Testing utilities and tests for the tracetools package.
tracetools-trace 0.2.8-1 Tools for setting up tracing sessions.
trajectory-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some robot trajectory message definitions.
tts 2.0.2-1 Package enabling a robot to speak with a human voice by providing a Text-To-Speech ROS service
tts-interfaces 2.0.2-1 Contains message and service definitions used by tts.
turtlebot3 2.1.1-2 ROS 2 packages for TurtleBot3
turtlebot3-bringup 2.1.1-2 ROS 2 launch scripts for starting the TurtleBot3
turtlebot3-cartographer 2.1.1-2 ROS 2 launch scripts for cartographer
turtlebot3-description 2.1.1-2 3D models of the TurtleBot3 for simulation and visualization
turtlebot3-example 2.1.1-2 This package provides four basic examples for TurtleBot3 (i.e., interactive marker, object detection, patrol and position control).
turtlebot3-fake-node 2.2.2-1 Package for TurtleBot3 fake node. With this package, simple tests can be done without a robot. You can do simple tests using this package on rviz without real robots.
turtlebot3-gazeboblacklisted 2.2.2-1 Gazebo simulation package for the TurtleBot3
turtlebot3-msgs 2.2.1-2 Message and service types: custom messages and services for TurtleBot3 packages for ROS2
turtlebot3-navigation2 2.1.1-2 ROS 2 launch scripts for navigation2
turtlebot3-node 2.1.1-2 TurtleBot3 driver node that include diff drive controller, odometry and tf node
turtlebot3-simulationsblacklisted 2.2.2-1 ROS 2 packages for TurtleBot3 simulations
turtlebot3-teleop 2.1.1-2 Teleoperation node using keyboard for TurtleBot3.
turtlesimblacklisted 1.0.3-1 turtlesim is a tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages.
tvm-vendor 0.7.2-1 Wrapper around Apache TVM to make it available to the ROS ecosystem.
udp-driver 0.0.6-4 A template class and associated utilities which encapsulate basic reading from UDP sockets
udp-msgs 0.0.2-1 ROS2 udp_msgs package
uncrustify-vendor 1.2.0-1 Wrapper around uncrustify, providing nothing but a dependency on uncrustify, on some systems. On others, it provides an ExternalProject build of uncrustify.
unique-identifier-msgs 2.1.1-1 ROS messages for universally unique identifiers.
urdf 2.2.0-1 This package contains a C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF), which is an XML format for representing a robot model. The code API of the parser has been through our review process and will remain backwards compatible in future releases.
urdfdom 2.2.0-1 A library to access URDFs using the DOM model.
urdfdom-headers 1.0.4-1 C++ headers for URDF.
urdfdom-py 1.0.0-1 Python implementation of the URDF parser.
urg-c 1.0.4000-1 The urg_c package
urg-node 1.0.1-1 urg_node
urg-node-msgs 1.0.0-1 urg_node_msgs
velodyne 2.0.0-1 Basic ROS support for the Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-driver 2.0.0-1 ROS device driver for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-laserscan 2.0.0-1 Extract a single ring of a Velodyne PointCloud2 and publish it as a LaserScan message
velodyne-msgs 2.0.0-1 ROS message definitions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-pointcloud 2.0.0-1 Point cloud conversions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
vision-msgs 2.0.0-1 Messages for interfacing with various computer vision pipelines, such as object detectors.
vision-opencv 2.1.4-1 Packages for interfacing ROS2 with OpenCV, a library of programming functions for real time computer vision.
visualization-msgs 0.7.1-1 A package containing some visualization and interaction related message definitions.
web-video-serverblacklisted 1.0.0-1 HTTP Streaming of ROS Image Topics in Multiple Formats
xacro 2.0.6-1 Xacro (XML Macros) Xacro is an XML macro language. With xacro, you can construct shorter and more readable XML files by using macros that expand to larger XML expressions.
yaml-cpp-vendor 6.0.1-1 Wrapper around yaml-cpp, it provides a fixed CMake module and an ExternalProject build of it.