This layer adds recipes to build wlroots based compositors under wayland. It contains wlroots, sway, wayfire and some additional recipes that might come useful.

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Recipe name Version Description
aalib 1.4.0 AAlib is a portable library for rendering graphics as ASCII art.
agreety 0.8.0 agreety
asciinema 2.2.0 Terminal session recorder and the best companion of
autotiling 1.6.1 Switch the layout splith/splitv depending on the currently focused window dimensions.
autotiling-rs 0.1.3 This automatically alternates the container layout between horizontal and vertical for successive new containers.
azote 1.9.5 Azote is a GTK+3 based frontend for swaybg.
azote-palettes 1.0.1 This tool creates a palette of up to 36 colours out of a jpg or png image.
basu 0.2.0 The sd-bus library, extracted from systemd.
cage 0.1.4 Cage: a Wayland kiosk
callaudiod 0.1.4 callaudiod is a daemon for dealing with audio routing during phone calls.
calls 43_alpha.2 A phone dialer and call handler.
clay git clay is a wayland compositor that does whatever I want my wayland compositor to do. Its features follows my mood.
cxxopts 3.0.0 This is a lightweight C++ option parser library, supporting the standard GNU style syntax for options.
date 3.0.1 A date and time library based on C++11/14/17.
ddcpopup 0.1 ddcpopup allows to control basic settings of external (not laptop built-in) monitors.
ddcutil 1.2.2 ddcutil is a Linux program for querying and changing monitor settings, such as brightness and color levels.
dmenu-wayland 0.1+304c8e917651ee02b16ebf0b7097a5c53fa2236b dmenu for wayland
elogind 249-pre Elogind User, Seat and Session Manager.
fcft 3.1.3 A simple library for font loading and glyph rasterization using FontConfig, FreeType and pixman.
feedbackd 0.0.0+git20220208 A daemon to provide haptic, led and audio feedback triggered by application events.
fnott 1.3.0 Lightweight notification daemon for wlroots-based Wayland compositors.
font-awesome-otf 6.1.1 Font Awesome
foot 1.13.1 A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator.
fuzzel 1.6.2 Fuzzel is a Wayland-native application launcher.
gimp 2.99.12 The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program
gom 0.4 libgom - GObject Data Mapper.
gopsuinfo 0.1.2 Go version of the psuinfo python script.
granite 6.2.0 Granite is a companion library for GTK and GLib.
greetd 0.8.0 greetd is a minimal and flexible login manager daemon that makes no assumptions about what you want to launch.
grim 1.4.0 Image Grabber For Wayland
gtk-layer-shell 0.7.0 A library to write GTK applications that use Layer Shell
gtkgreet 1.3.2 GTK based greeter for greetd, to be run under cage or similar.
gtklock 1.3.0 GTK-based lockscreen for Wayland.
highway 0.17.0 Highway is a C++ library for SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data)
inih 55 inih (INI Not Invented Here)
iwgtk 0.8 iwgtk is a wireless networking GUI for Linux with supported functionality similar to that of iwctl.
kanshi 1.2.0 kanshi allows you to define output profiles that are automatically enabled and disabled on hotplug.
libdecor 0.1.0 libdecor - A client-side decorations library for Wayland clients
libjxl 0.6.1 Reference implementation of JPEG XL (encoder and decoder)
libvarlink 23 varlink is an interface description format and protocol accessible to both humans and machines.
light 1.2.2 A program to control backlights (and other hardware lights) in GNU/Linux.
mako 1.6 A lightweight notification daemon for Wayland.
mpvpaper 1.2.1 MPVPaper allows you to play videos with mpv as your wallpaper.
nwg-bar 0.1.0 nwg-bar for wlroots based compositors.
nwg-displays 0.1.4 Output management utility for sway Wayland compositor, inspired by wdisplays and wlay.
nwg-dock 0.2.2 GTK3-based dock for wlroots based compositors.
nwg-drawer 0.3.0 GTK3-based application launcher for wlroots based compositors.
nwg-icon-picker 0.0.1 This program is intended to work as the icon picker for nwg-panel, but it may be used standalone.
nwg-launchers 0.6.3 nwg-launchers written in c++
nwg-look 0.1.4 Nwg-look is a GTK3 settings editor, designed to work properly in wlroots-based Wayland environment.
nwg-menu 0.1.1 MenuStart plugin to nwg-panel.
nwg-panel 0.7.7 GTK3-based panel for wayland.
nwg-shell-config 0.3.14 nwg-shell config utility.
nwg-shell-wallpapers 1.0 A selection of wallpapers contributed to the nwg-shell project.
nwg-wrapper 0.1.2 GTK3-based wrapper to display a script output, or a text file content on the desktop in wlroots-based compositors.
nwgocc 0.0.1 nwg Control Center is a highly customisable, GTK-based GUI, intended for use with window managers.
pamixer 1.6 Pulseaudio command line mixer.
phoc 0.21.1 wlroots based Phone compositor as used on the Librem5.
phosh 0.21.0 a pure wayland shell for mobile devices like Purism's Librem 5.
python-brotli 1.0.9 Python Module for the Brotli compression algorithm.
python-i3ipc 2.2.1 An improved Python library to control i3wm and sway.
python-xlib 0.31 The Python X Library.
python3-colorthief 0.2.1 This tool creates a palette of up to 36 colours out of a jpg or png image.
python3-geopy 2.2.0 geopy is a Python client for several popular geocoding web services.
scdoc 1.11.2 scdoc is a simple man page generator for POSIX systems written in C99.
sirula 1.0.1 Sirula (simple rust launcher) is an app launcher for wayland
slurp 1.3.2 Region Selector For Wayland
sofia-sip 1.13.8 RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent library.
squeekboard 1.19.0 A Wayland virtual keyboard
squeekboard 1.17.1 A Wayland virtual keyboard
srain 1.4.1 Modern IRC client written in GTK.
swappy 1.4.0 A Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS
sway 1.7 A Wayland WM
swaybg 1.1.1 swaybg is a wallpaper utility for Wayland compositors.
swayidle 1.7.1 This is sway's idle management daemon.
swaylock 1.6 swaylock is a screen locking utility for Wayland compositors.
swaync 0.7.2 A simple notification daemon with a GTK gui for notifications and the control center.
swaysettings 0.3.0 A GUI for configuring your sway desktop
tllist 1.1.0 A C header file only implementation of a typed linked list.
tuigreet 0.7.3 Graphical console greeter for greetd
utf8proc 2.7.0 A small, clean C library that provides Unicode normalization, case-folding, and other operations for data in the UTF-8 encoding.
waybar 0.9.13 Wayland bar for Wlroots based compositors
wayfire 0.7.4 A Wayland WM
wcm 0.7.0 Wayfire Config Manager
wf-config 0.7.1 A library for managing configuration files, written for wayfire
wf-recorder 0.2.1+2a901365571de8b86a7eaf95fe9d0cd5a5645579 A Wayland Screen Recorder
wf-shell 0.7.0 A GTK3-based panel for wayfire
wf-touch git Touchscreen gesture library
wf-utils git Contains utility classes for Wayfire
wl-clipboard 2.0+d2c32f2b4d469f53070e8c4052dea6f412de3916 Wayland clipboard utilities
wlgreet 0.3 Raw wayland greeter for greetd, to be run under sway or similar.
wlroots 0.15.1 A modular Wayland compositor library
wlsunset 0.2.0 Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland compositors supporting wlr-gamma-control-unstable-v1.
wob 0.13 A lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for wlroots based Wayland compositors.
xcur2png 0.7.1 xcur2png is a program which let you take PNG image from X cursor, and generate config-file which is reusable by xcursorgen.
yambar 1.8.0 Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland.