This layer provides security tools, hardening tools for Linux kernels and libraries for implementing security mechanisms.

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The meta-security layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bastille 3.2.1 Linux hardening tool
buck-security 0.7 Linux security scanner
checksec 1.5 Program radominization
checksecurity 2.0.14 basic system security checks
lib-perl 0.63 This is a small simple module which simplifies the manipulation of @INC at compile time. It is typically used to add extra directories to Perl's search path so that later 'use' or 'require' statements will find modules which are not located in the default search path.
libcap-ng 0.7.3 An alternate posix capabilities library
libcurses-perl 1.31 lib-curses provides an interface between Perl programs and the curses library.
libhtml-parser-perl 3.71 This package contains the module with friends.
libnet-dns-perl 0.72 This package contains the module with friends.
libnet-ssleay-perl 1.55 Perl module for using OpenSSL
libnetaddr-ip-perl 4.069 This package contains the module with friends.
libseccomp 2.1.1 interface to seccomp filtering mechanism
libwhisker2-perl 2.5 Libwhisker is a Perl module geared specificly for HTTP testing.
nikto 2.1.5 web server scanner
nmap 6.46 network auditing tool
packagegroup-core-security 1.0 Security packagegroup for Poky
pinentry 0.8.3 This is a collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol as described by the aegypten project
redhat-security 1.0 redhat security tools