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The meta-qt5 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
cinematicexperience 1.0 Qt5 technology demo
libconnman-qt5 1.0.98+gitX Qt Library for ConnMan
libqofono 0.87+gitrX Qt 5 bindings for the ofono dbus API
maliit-framework-qt5 0.99.0+gitX A virtual keyboard for touch-screen based user interfaces
maliit-plugins-qt5 0.99.0+gitX Plugins for a virtual keyboard for touch-screen based user interfaces
meta-toolchain-qt5 1.0 Meta package for building an installable Qt5 toolchain and SDK
nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host 1.0 Host packages for the Qt5 standalone SDK or external toolchain
nativesdk-qtbase 5.7.1+gitX SDK version of Qt/[X11|Mac|Embedded]
packagegroup-qt5-qtcreator-debug 1.0 Remote debugging tools for QtCreator integration
packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target 1.0 Target packages for Qt5 SDK
qsiv 1.1 Qt Simple Image Viewer
qt3d 5.7.1+gitX
qt5-creator 3.5.1 Qt Creator is a new cross-platform Qt IDE
qt5-demo-extrafiles 1.0 Extra files for qt5 demo
qt5-opengles2-test 1.0.4+gitrX Qt5 OpenGL ES 2.0 Test Application
qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch 1.1.3+gitrX Touchscreen driver for integrated mouse pointer in VirtualBox
qt5everywheredemo 1.0 Qt5 everywhere demo
qt5ledscreen 1.0 QT5 LedScreen
qt5nmapcarousedemo 1.0 NMap Carousel application is demonstrating the normal mapping technique using Qt5
qt5nmapper 1.0 QT5 NMapper application
qtbase 5.7.1+gitX
qtbase-native 5.7.1+gitX Native version of Qt/[X11|Mac|Embedded]
qtcanvas3d 5.7.1+gitX
qtcharts 5.7.1+gitX
qtchooser 39+git4717841185d34bbe450e3b24445f2d35e3325a6a Wrapper to select between Qt development binary versions
qtconnectivity 5.7.1+gitX
qtdatavis3d 5.7.1+gitX
qtdeclarative 5.7.1+gitX
qtdeclarative-render2d 5.7.1+gitX
qtenginio 5.7.1+gitX
qtgraphicaleffects 5.7.1+gitX
qtimageformats 5.7.1+gitX
qtlocation 5.7.1+gitX
qtmultimedia 5.7.1+gitX
qtquick1 5.7.1+gitX
qtquickcontrols 5.7.1+gitX
qtquickcontrols2 5.7.1+gitX
qtscript 5.7.1+gitX
qtsensors 5.7.1+gitX
qtserialbus 5.7.1+gitX
qtserialport 5.7.1+gitX
qtsmarthome 1.0 Qt5 smarthome QML demo application
qtsvg 5.7.1+gitX
qtsystems 5.7.1+gitX
qttools 5.7.1+gitX
qttranslations 5.7.1+gitX
qtvirtualkeyboard 5.7.1+gitX
qtwayland 5.7.1+gitX
qtwayland-native 5.7.1+gitX
qtwebchannel 5.7.1+gitX
qtwebengine 5.7.1+gitX QtWebEngine combines the power of Chromium and Qt
qtwebkit 5.7.1+gitX
qtwebkit-examples 5.7.1+gitX
qtwebsockets 5.7.1+gitX
qtx11extras 5.7.1+gitX
qtxmlpatterns 5.7.1+gitX
quazip 0.7.2 Qt/C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP package
quitbattery 1.0.0 QT5 QUItBattery
quitindicators 1.0.1 QUItIndicators components with few usage examples
tufao 1.2.1+X An asynchronous web framework for C++ built on top of Qt