This layer contains recipes for workspace and application products of the KDE community. For KDE Frameworks recipes see meta-kf5.

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The meta-kde layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alligator 24.05.0 Kirigami-based RSS reader
angelfish 24.05.0
appstream 1.0.0 AppStream is a collaborative effort for making machine-readable software metadata easily available.
aura-browser 5.27.80 Aura Browser
blinken 24.05.0 Blinken
bluedevil 6.0.2 Bluedevil
breeze 6.0.2 Breeze Style
core-image-plasma-bigscreen 1.0 A basic KDE Plasma Bigscreen image
core-image-plasma-mobile 1.0 A basic KDE Plasma Mobile image
discover 6.0.2 Discover
dragon 24.05.0 Dragon
elisa 24.05.0 Elisa
futuresql git A non-blocking database framework for Qt
gcompris 2.4 GCompris
gwenview 24.05.0 Gwenview - Image Viewer
heaptrack 1.5.0 Heaptrack
itinerary 24.05.0 Itinerary and boarding pass management application
kactivitymanagerd 6.0.2 KActivity Manager Daemon
kanagram 24.05.0 Kanagram
kasts 24.05.0 Kasts
kclock 24.05.0 Clock app for Plasma Mobile
kcolorpicker 0.3.1 QToolButton with color popup menu with lets you select a colors
kde-cli-tools 6.0.2 KDE Cli Tools
kdeconnect-kde 24.05.0 KDE Connect
kdecoration 6.0.2 Plugin based library to create window decorations
kdeedu-data 24.05.0 KDE Education Data
kdialog 24.05.0 KDialog
kgamma 6.0.2 Adjust your monitor's gamma settings
kglobalacceld 6.0.2 KGlobalAccelD
khangman 24.05.0 KHangMan
kimageannotator 0.7.1 Tool for annotating images
kirigami-addons 1.2.1 Add-ons for the Kirigami framework
kirigami-gallery 24.05.0 Kirigami Gallery
kitinerary 24.05.0 Data Model and Extraction System for Travel Reservation information
kjournald 24.05.0 Framework for interacting with systemd-journald
kmime 24.05.0 KMime
kmines 24.05.0 KMines
koko 24.05.0 KoKo Gallery Application
kongress 24.05.0 Companion application for conferences
konsole 24.05.0 Konsole
kopeninghours 24.05.0 Library for parsing and evaluating OSM opening hours expressions
kosmindoormap 24.05.0 OSM multi-floor indoor map renderer
kpeoplevcard 0.1.1 KPeople VCard Backend
kpipewire 6.0.2 KPipeWire
kpkpass 24.05.0 KPkPass
kpublictransport 24.05.0 KPublicTransport
kquickimageeditor 0.3.0 KoKo Gallery Application
krdp 5.27.80 Library and examples for creating an RDP server
krecorder 24.05.0 KRecorder
krfb 24.05.0 Small server for the RFB protocol (vnc)
krfb 24.02.1 Small server for the RFB protocol (vnc)
kscreen 6.0.2 KScreen
kscreenlocker 6.0.2 KScreenLocker
ktrip 24.05.0 Public Transport Assistance for Mobile Devices
kwayland 6.0.2 Qt-style API to interact with the wayland-client and wayland-server API
kweather 24.05.0 Weather application for Plasma Mobile
kweathercore 0.8.0 Library to facilitate retrieval of weather information including forecasts and alerts
kwin 6.0.2 KWin
kwordquiz 24.05.0 KWordQuiz
layer-shell-qt 6.0.2 Layer Shell Qt
libchewing 0.5.1 The intelligent phonetic input method library
libdisplay-info 0.1.1 EDID and DisplayID library.
libkdegames 24.05.0 libkdegames
libkeduvocdocument 24.05.0 KEduVocDocument
libkscreen 6.0.2 KScreen library
libksysguard 6.0.2 KSysGuard library
libphonenumber 8.13.17 libphonenumber
libpinyin 2.6.2 Library to deal with pinyin.
libplasma 6.0.2 Plasma library and runtime components
libqalculate 4.2.0 Qalculate! library and CLI
libreoffice-dictionaries LibreOffice Dictionaries
maliit-framework-qt6 2.3.1
maliit-keyboard-qt6 2.3.1
marble 24.05.0 Marble
milou 6.0.2 Milou
ocean-sound-theme 6.0.2 Ocean Sound Theme
okular 24.05.0 Okular
packagegroup-kde-applications 1.0 KDE Applications
packagegroup-plasma-bigscreen-workspace 1.0 KDE Plasma Bigscreen
packagegroup-plasma-desktop-workspace 1.0 KDE Plasma Desktop
packagegroup-plasma-full 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
packagegroup-plasma-mobile 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
packagegroup-plasma-mobile-applications 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
packagegroup-plasma-mobile-workspace 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
plank-player 5.27.80 Plank Player
plasma-activities 6.0.2 Core components for the KDE's Activities System
plasma-activities-stats 6.0.2 A library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system
plasma-bigscreen 5.27.80 Plasma Bigscreen
plasma-camera git Plasma Camera
plasma-desktop 6.0.2 Plasma for the Desktop
plasma-disks 6.0.2 Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure.
plasma-firewall 6.0.2 Control Panel for your system firewall
plasma-integration 6.0.2 Plasma Integration
plasma-mobile 6.0.2 Plasma shell for mobile devices
plasma-nano 6.0.2 A minimal plasma shell package intended for embedded devices
plasma-nm 6.0.2 Plasma NM
plasma-pa 6.0.2 Plasma PA
plasma-remotecontrollers 5.27.80 Plasma Remotecontrollers
plasma-settings 23.01.90 Plasma Mobile Settings
plasma-systemmonitor 6.0.2 Plasma System Monitor
plasma-vault 6.0.2 Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults
plasma-welcome 6.0.2 Welcome Center
plasma-workspace 6.0.2 Plasma Workspace
plasma5support 6.0.2 Support components for porting from KF5/Qt5 to KF6/Qt6
polkit-kde-agent-1 6.0.2 KDE Polkit Agent
powerdevil 6.0.2 Powerdevil
pulseaudio-qt 1.3.90 PulseAudio-Qt
pulseaudio-qt 1.3.0 KF5 PulseAudio Qt Bindings - libpulse bindings for Qt
qcoro 0.10.0 QCoro
qmlkonsole 24.05.0 Terminal app for Plasma Mobile
qmltermwidget 0.2.0 QMLTermWidget
qqc2-breeze-style 6.0.2 Breeze inspired QtQuickControls 2 Style
qtkeychain 0.14.1 QtKeychain
sddm 0.21.0 QML based Display Manager
systemsettings 6.0.2 System Settings
ttf-noto 2019.01.11 Google Noto fonts
ttf-noto-cjk 2019.03.30 Google Noto CJK fonts
wayland 1.22.0 Wayland, a protocol between a compositor and clients
wayland-protocols 1.32 Collection of additional Wayland protocols
xdg-desktop-portal-kde 6.0.2 XDG Desktop Portal KDE
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