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ROS (Robot Operating System) support layer Melodic Morenia release

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The meta-ros1-melodic layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
abbblacklisted 1.3.1-1 ROS-Industrial support for ABB manipulators (metapackage).
abb-driver 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial nodes for interfacing with ABB robot controllers. </p> <p> This package is part of the ROS-Industrial program and contains nodes for interfacing with ABB industrial robot controllers. </p>
abb-irb2400-moveit-configblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> MoveIt package for the ABB IRB 2400. </p> <p> An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the ABB IRB 2400 with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework. </p>
abb-irb2400-moveit-plugins 1.3.1-1 <p> MoveIt plugins for the ABB 2400 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains plugins for use with MoveIt and ABB 2400 manipulators. Plugins included support the 2400. See the ABB 2400 support package for information on used joint angle and velocity limits. </p> <p> Before using any of the plugins included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p>
abb-irb2400-supportblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB 2400 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB 2400 manipulators. This currently includes the base model. </p> <p> Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the ABB data sheets. All URDFs / XACROs are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options). </p> <p> Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p> <p> The unqualified IRB 2400 model will be removed in ROS-Lunar, please use the IRB 2400-12/1.55 as a replacement. </p>
abb-irb4400-supportblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB 4400 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB 4400 manipulators. This currently includes the L30. </p> <p> Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the <a href="$file/Product%20specification%204400%20M99%20BWOS3.2.pdf"> ABB IRB 4400 product specification document</a> (Article No: 3HAC 8770-1). All urdfs / xacros are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options). </p> <p> Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p>
abb-irb5400-supportblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB 5400 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB 5400 manipulators. This currently includes the base model. </p> <p> Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the ABB data sheets. All URDFs / XACROs are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options). </p> <p> Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p>
abb-irb6600-supportblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB 6600 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB 6600 manipulators. This currently includes the base model. </p> <p> Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the ABB data sheets. All URDFs / XACROs are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options). </p> <p> Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p> <p> The unqualified IRB 6400 model will be removed in ROS-Lunar, please use the abb_irb6640_support as a replacement. </p>
abb-irb6640-moveit-configblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> MoveIt package for the ABB IRB 6640. </p> <p> An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the ABB IRB 6640 with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework. </p>
abb-irb6640-supportblacklisted 1.3.1-1 <p> ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB 6640 (and variants). </p> <p> This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB 6640 manipulators. This currently includes the IRB 6640-185/2.8m (6640-185) only. </p> <p> Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the <a href="">ABB IRB 6640 technical data sheet</a> (Version: 3HAC 028284-001 Rev. N). All urdfs / xacros are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options). </p> <p> Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with. </p>
abb-resources 1.3.1-1 <p> Shared configuration data for ABB manipulators. </p> <p> This package contains common urdf / xacro resources used by ABB related packages. </p>
abseil-cpp 0.4.2-1 The abseil_cpp package
acado 1.2.3 ACADO Toolkit
access-point-control 1.0.16-1 Defines an API for access point control based on dynamic_reconfigure. Other packages must implement the API for various access-point models: for example: hostapd_access_point for hostapd-based control or linksys_access_point for Linksys router web interface.
ackermann-msgs 1.0.1 ROS messages for robots using Ackermann steering.
ackermann-steering-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller for a steer drive mobile base.
actionlib 1.12.0-1 The actionlib stack provides a standardized interface for interfacing with preemptable tasks. Examples of this include moving the base to a target location, performing a laser scan and returning the resulting point cloud, detecting the handle of a door, etc.
actionlib-lispblacklisted 0.2.12-1 actionlib_lisp is a native implementation of the famous actionlib in Common Lisp. It provides a client and a simple server.
actionlib-msgs 1.12.7 actionlib_msgs defines the common messages to interact with an action server and an action client. For full documentation of the actionlib API see the <a href="">actionlib</a> package.
actionlib-tutorials 0.1.11 The actionlib_tutorials package
adi-driverblacklisted 1.0.3 The adi_driver package
agni-tf-toolsblacklisted 0.1.2-1 This package provides a gui program as well as a rviz plugin to publish static transforms. Both support the transformation between various Euler angle representations. The rviz plugin also allows to configure the transform with an interactive marker.
ainstein-radarblacklisted 2.0.2-1 ROS support for Ainstein radar sensors.
ainstein-radar-drivers 2.0.2-1 ROS drivers (interfaces) and nodes for Ainstein radars.
ainstein-radar-filters 2.0.2-1 Filtering and data conversion utilities for radar data.
ainstein-radar-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 2.0.2-1 Radar sensor plugins for the Gazebo simulator.
ainstein-radar-msgs 2.0.2-1 ROS message definitions for Ainstein radars.
ainstein-radar-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 2.0.2-1 Radar message type plugins for RViz.
ainstein-radar-tools 2.0.2-1 Tools for monitoring and validating radar data.
allocators 1.0.25 Contains aligned allocation functions, as well as an STL-compatible AlignedAllocator class.
amcl 1.16.5-1 <p> amcl is a probabilistic localization system for a robot moving in 2D. It implements the adaptive (or KLD-sampling) Monte Carlo localization approach (as described by Dieter Fox), which uses a particle filter to track the pose of a robot against a known map. </p> <p> This node is derived, with thanks, from Andrew Howard's excellent 'amcl' Player driver. </p>
angles 1.9.12-1 This package provides a set of simple math utilities to work with angles. The utilities cover simple things like normalizing an angle and conversion between degrees and radians. But even if you're trying to calculate things like the shortest angular distance between two joint space positions of your robot, but the joint motion is constrained by joint limits, this package is what you need. The code in this package is stable and well tested. There are no plans for major changes in the near future.
app-manager 1.1.0 app_manager
apriltag 3.1.1-1 AprilTag detector library
apriltag-ros 3.1.1-1 A ROS wrapper of the AprilTag 3 visual fiducial detection algorithm. Provides full access to the core AprilTag 3 algorithm's customizations and makes the tag detection image and detected tags' poses available over ROS topics (including tf). The core AprilTag 3 algorithm is extended to allow the detection of tag bundles and a bundle calibration script is provided (bundle detection is more accurate than single tag detection). Continuous (camera image stream) and single image detector nodes are available.
ar-track-alvar 0.7.1 This package is a ROS wrapper for Alvar, an open source AR tag tracking library.
ar-track-alvar-msgs 0.7.1 This package is a ROS wrapper for Alvar, an open source AR tag tracking library.
arbotix 0.10.0 ArbotiX Drivers
arbotix-controllers 0.10.0 Extends the arbotix_python package with a number of more sophisticated ROS wrappers for common devices.
arbotix-firmware 0.10.0 Firmware source code for ArbotiX ROS bindings.
arbotix-msgs 0.10.0 Messages and Services definitions for the ArbotiX.
arbotix-python 0.10.0 Bindings and low-level controllers for ArbotiX-powered robots.
arbotix-sensors 0.10.0 Extends the arbotix_node package with a number of more sophisticated ROS wrappers for common devices.
ariles-ros 1.3.2-1 Catkin package Ariles serialization/configuration library
aruco-detectblacklisted 0.11.0-1 Fiducial detection based on the aruco library
asmach 1.0.16-1 SMACH, which stands for 'state machine', is a task-level architecture for rapidly creating complex robot behavior. At its core, SMACH is a ROS-independent Python library to build hierarchical state machines. SMACH is a new library that takes advantage of very old concepts in order to quickly create robust robot behavior with maintainable and modular code.
asmach-tutorialsblacklisted 1.0.16-1 This package containes numerous examples of how to use SMACH. See the examples directory.
asr-msgs 1.0.0-1 This package contains all messages that are particular to our Active Scene Recognition - Framework at Humanoids and Intelligence Systems Lab (HIS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). These messages make up the interfaces between the different collaborating components of this system. They are of critical importance and structured by the ROS communication capabilities.
assimp-develblacklisted 2.1.13-1 assimp library
assisted-teleop 0.3.3-1 The assisted_teleop node subscribes to a desired trajectory topic (geometry_msgs/Twist) and uses TrajectoryPlannerROS to find a valid trajectory close to the desired trajectory before republishing. Useful for filtering teleop commands while avoiding obstacles. This package also contains LaserScanMaxRangeFilter, which is a LaserScan filter plugin that takes max range values in a scan and turns them into valid values that are slightly less than max range.
astuff-sensor-msgs 3.0.1-1 Messages specific to AStuff-provided sensors.
async-comm 0.2.0-1 A C++ library for asynchronous serial communication
async-web-server-cpp 0.0.3 Asynchronous Web/WebSocket Server in C++
ati-force-torqueblacklisted 1.1.1-3 This package implements driver for ATI force torque sensors up to firmware 3.x. Char and Net CAN devices are supported through cob_generic_can package. The code if based on cob_forcetorque package.
audibotblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Metapackage for audibot
audibot-description 0.1.0-1 Meshes and URDF descriptions for audibot
audibot-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Gazebo model plugin to simulate Audibot
audio-captureblacklisted 0.3.3 Transports audio from a source to a destination. Audio sources can come from a microphone or file. The destination can play the audio or save it to an mp3 file.
audio-commonblacklisted 0.3.3 Common code for working with audio in ROS
audio-common-msgs 0.3.3 Messages for transmitting audio via ROS
audio-playblacklisted 0.3.3 Outputs audio to a speaker from a source node.
automotive-autonomy-msgs 3.0.3-1 Messages for vehicle automation
automotive-navigation-msgs 3.0.3-1 Generic Messages for Navigation Objectives in Automotive Automation Software
automotive-platform-msgs 3.0.3-1 Generic Messages for Communication with an Automotive Autonomous Platform
avt-vimba-camera 0.0.11-1 Wrapper of the Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) VIMBA Ethernet and Firewire SDK.
aws-common 2.1.0-1 Common AWS SDK utilities, intended for use by ROS packages using the AWS SDK
aws-ros1-common 2.0.1-1 Common utilities for ROS1 nodes using Amazon Web Services
axis-camera 0.3.0-1 Python ROS drivers for accessing an Axis camera's MJPG stream. Also provides control for PTZ cameras.
backward-ros 0.1.7 The backward_ros package is a ros wrapper of backward-cpp from
bagger 0.1.3 An application used to systematically record rosbags
baldor 0.1.2-1 The baldor package
base-local-planner 1.16.5-1 This package provides implementations of the Trajectory Rollout and Dynamic Window approaches to local robot navigation on a plane. Given a plan to follow and a costmap, the controller produces velocity commands to send to a mobile base. This package supports both holonomic and non-holonomic robots, any robot footprint that can be represented as a convex polygon or circle, and exposes its configuration as ROS parameters that can be set in a launch file. This package's ROS wrapper adheres to the BaseLocalPlanner interface specified in the <a href="">nav_core</a> package.
bayesian-belief-networksblacklisted 2.1.13-1 The bayesian_belief_networks package form, Authored by Neville Newey, Anzar Afaq, Copyright 2013 eBay Software Foundation
behaviortree-cpp 2.5.1 This package provides a behavior trees core.
behaviortree-cpp-v3 3.1.0-2 This package provides the Behavior Trees core library.
bfl 0.8.0-1 This package contains a recent version of the Bayesian Filtering Library (BFL), distributed by the Orocos Project. For stability reasons, this package is currently locked to revision 31655 (April 19, 2010), but this revision will be updated on a regular basis to the latest available BFL trunk. This ROS package does not modify BFL in any way, it simply provides a convenient way to download and compile the library, because BFL is not available from an OS package manager. This ROS package compiles BFL with the Boost library for matrix operations and random number generation.
blender-gazeboblacklisted 0.0.4-1 The blender_gazebo package
bond 1.8.3 A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated, either cleanly or by crashing. The bond remains connected until it is either broken explicitly or until a heartbeat times out.
bond-core 1.8.3 A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated, either cleanly or by crashing. The bond remains connected until it is either broken explicitly or until a heartbeat times out.
bondcpp 1.8.3 C++ implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated.
bondpy 1.8.3 Python implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated.
brics-actuator 0.7.0 Message defined in the BRICS project
calibrationblacklisted 0.10.14 Provides a toolchain running through the robot calibration process. This involves capturing calibration data, estimating parameters, and then updating the URDF.
calibration-estimationblacklisted 0.10.14 Runs an optimization to estimate the a robot's kinematic parameters. This package is a generic rewrite of pr2_calibration_estimation.
calibration-launch 0.10.14 This package contains a collection of launch files that can be helpful in configuring the calibration stack to run on your robot.
calibration-msgs 0.10.14 This package defines messages for storing calibration samples to be used in full robot calibration procedures. This package is still unstable. Expect the messages to change.
calibration-setup-helper 0.10.14 This package contains a script to generate calibration launch and configurationfiles for your robot. which is based on Michael Ferguson's calibration code
camera-calibration 1.14.0-1 camera_calibration allows easy calibration of monocular or stereo cameras using a checkerboard calibration target.
camera-calibration-parsers 1.11.13 camera_calibration_parsers contains routines for reading and writing camera calibration parameters.
camera-info-manager 1.11.13 This package provides a C++ interface for camera calibration information. It provides CameraInfo, and handles SetCameraInfo service requests, saving and restoring the camera calibration data.
camera-info-manager-py 0.2.3-1 Python interface for camera calibration information. This ROS package provides a CameraInfo interface for Python camera drivers similar to the C++ camera_info_manager package.
camera-umd 0.2.7 UMD camera metapackage
can-msgs 0.8.2-1 CAN related message types.
canopen-402blacklisted 0.8.2-1 This implements the CANopen device profile for drives and motion control. CiA(r) 402
canopen-chain-nodeblacklisted 0.8.2-1 Base implementation for CANopen chains node with support for management services and diagnostics
canopen-masterblacklisted 0.8.2-1 CiA(r) CANopen 301 master implementation with support for interprocess master synchronisation.
canopen-motor-nodeblacklisted 0.8.2-1 canopen_chain_node specialization for handling of canopen_402 motor devices. It facilitates interface abstraction with ros_control.
capabilities 0.2.0 Package which implements capabilities, including code to parse capability interface specs, to parse capability provider specs, and implement the capability server.
carla-msgs 1.0.1-1 The carla_msgs package
carrot-planner 1.16.5-1 This planner attempts to find a legal place to put a carrot for the robot to follow. It does this by moving back along the vector between the robot and the goal point.
cartesian-msgs 0.0.3 Stream cartesian commands
cartographer 1.0.0 Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations.
cartographer-ros 1.0.0-1 Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations. This package provides Cartographer's ROS integration.
cartographer-ros-msgs 1.0.0-1 ROS messages for the cartographer_ros package.
cartographer-rvizblacklisted 1.0.0-1 Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations. This package provides Cartographer's RViz integration.
catch-ros 0.3.0 ROS integration for the Catch unit test framework
catkin 0.7.23-1 Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for ROS.
catkin-pip 0.2.3-1 Catkin macros to allow using pure python packages in usual catkin workspaces with normal python workflow.
catkin-virtualenvblacklisted 0.5.2-1 Bundle python requirements in a catkin package via virtualenv.
checkerboard-detector 1.2.10 Uses opencv to find checkboards and compute their 6D poses with respect to the image. Requires the image to be calibrated.<br/> Parameters:<br/> <ul> <li>display - show the checkerboard detection</li> <li>rect%d_size_x - size of checker in x direction</li> <li>rect%d_size_y - size of checker in y direction</li> <li>grid%d_size_x - number of checkers in x direction</li> <li>grid%d_size_y - number of checkers in y direction</li> </ul><br/> There can be more than one grid%d declared, the numbers should grow consecutively starting at 0.
chomp-motion-planner 1.0.2-1 chomp_motion_planner
cis-camerablacklisted 0.0.4-1 The cis_camera package
cl-tfblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Client implementation to use TF from Common Lisp
cl-tf2blacklisted 0.2.12-1 Client implementation to use TF2 from Common Lisp
cl-transformsblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Homogeneous transform library for Common Lisp.
cl-transforms-stampedblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Implementation of TF datatypes
cl-urdfblacklisted 0.2.12-1 cl_urdf
cl-utilsblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Common Lisp utility libraries
class-loader 0.4.1 The class_loader package is a ROS-independent package for loading plugins during runtime and the foundation of the higher level ROS &quot;pluginlib&quot; library. class_loader utilizes the host operating system's runtime loader to open runtime libraries (e.g. .so/.dll files), introspect the library for exported plugin classes, and allows users to instantiate objects of said exported classes without the explicit declaration (i.e. header file) for those classes.
clear-costmap-recovery 1.16.5-1 This package provides a recovery behavior for the navigation stack that attempts to clear space by reverting the costmaps used by the navigation stack to the static map outside of a given area.
clock-relay 0.0.2-1 Specialization of message_relay for clock
cloudwatch-logger 2.2.1-1 CloudWatch Logger node for publishing logs to AWS CloudWatch Logs
cloudwatch-logs-common 1.1.2-1 AWS CloudWatch management library used by ROS1/2 node to publish logs to CloudWatch service
cloudwatch-metrics-collector 2.2.0-1 Subscriber node for the aws/monitoring topic to publish metrics to AWS Cloudwatch
cloudwatch-metrics-common 1.1.2-1 Library used by ROS1/2 node to publish metrics
cmake-modules 0.4.2 A common repository for CMake Modules which are not distributed with CMake but are commonly used by ROS packages.
cob-3d-mapping-msgs 0.6.15-1 Message, service and action definitions for environment perception.
cob-actions 0.7.2-1 This Package contains Care-O-bot specific action definitions.
cob-androidblacklisted 0.1.7-1 cob_android package provides tools for android apps operation.
cob-android-msgs 0.1.7-1 cob_android_msgs
cob-android-resource-server 0.1.7-1 cob_android_resource_server
cob-android-script-serverblacklisted 0.1.7-1 cob_android_script_server
cob-android-settings 0.1.7-1 cob_android_settings
cob-base-controller-utils 0.8.11-1 The cob_base_controller_utils package contains common utils for various base_controllers.
cob-base-drive-chainblacklisted 0.7.1-1 This package contains classes that are able to control the platform of the Care-O-Bot. This means to establish a CAN communication to drive and steering motors of the platform and later send motion commands and receive motor information.
cob-base-velocity-smoother 0.8.11-1 The 'cob_base_velocity_smoother' reads velocity messages and publishes messages of the same type for &quot;smoothed&quot; velocity to avoid shaking behavior.
cob-bms-driver 0.7.1-1 Driver package for interfacing the battery management system (BMS) on Care-O-bot.
cob-calibration-data 0.6.14-1 This repository holds the current calibration data for Care-O-bot.
cob-cam3d-throttle 0.6.15-1 cob_cam3d_throttle: only for Trottel
cob-camera-sensors 0.7.1-1 For more information read the readme.htm file located in
cob-canopen-motorblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The package cob_canopen_motor implements a controller-drive component which is connected to a can-bus and works with a canopen-interface. &quot;CanDriveItf&quot; provides a - more or less - generic interface to the controller-drive components. &quot;CanDrvie...&quot; then implements a specific setup, e.g. an ELMO Harmonica Controller in case of the &quot;CanDriveHarmonica&quot;.
cob-cartesian-controllerblacklisted 0.8.11-1 This package provides nodes that broadcast tf-frames along various (model-based) Cartesian paths (e.g. Linear, Circular). The tf-frames are interpolated using a given velocity profile (e.g. Ramp, Sinoid) and can be used as targets for the cob_frame_tracker/cob_twist_controller.
cob-collision-monitorblacklisted 0.7.3-1 The collision monitor uses the planning scene monitor to read the state of the robot and check it for collision with itselt or the environment. It addition a ground plane is added in any case. Can be used as a stand-aloan node or a move_group capability.
cob-collision-velocity-filter 0.8.11-1 The cob_collision_velocity_filter package is a package for collision avoidance using teleoperation.
cob-command-guiblacklisted 0.6.16-1 This package provides a simple GUI for operating Care-O-bot.
cob-command-toolsblacklisted 0.6.16-1 The cob_command_tools stack provides tools, for operating Care-O-bot.
cob-commonblacklisted 0.7.2-1 The cob_common stack hosts common packages that are used within the Care-O-bot repository. E.g. utility packages or common message and service definitions etc. Also the urdf desciption of the robot is located in this stack.
cob-controlblacklisted 0.8.11-1 cob_control meta-package
cob-control-mode-adapter 0.8.11-1 The cob_control_mode_adapter package provides a node that automatically loads respective ros_controllers depending on required control mode.
cob-control-msgs 0.8.11-1 Common messages and services used in various packages within cob_control.
cob-dashboardblacklisted 0.6.16-1 cob_dashboard is a modified version of [[pr2_dashboard]].
cob-default-env-config 0.6.11-1 This package contains configuration files for the default environments for Care-O-bot supported by IPA.
cob-default-robot-behaviorblacklisted 0.7.2-1 The cob_default_robot_behavior package
cob-default-robot-config 0.7.2-1 Default configuration of the different robots supported by the Care-O-bot stacks. Configuration is e.g. preconfigured joint positions.
cob-descriptionblacklisted 0.7.2-1 This package contains the description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of the Care-O-bot robot. The files in this package are parsed and used by a variety of other components. Most users will not interact directly with this package.
cob-docker-control 0.6.9-1 Autonomous docking
cob-driverblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The cob_driver stack includes packages that provide access to the Care-O-bot hardware through ROS messages, services and actions. E.g. for mobile base, arm, camera sensors, laser scanners, etc...
cob-elmo-homingblacklisted 0.7.1-1 This packagae implements the special homing procedure that is needed for old cob4/raw bases
cob-environments 0.6.11-1 This stack holds packages for IPA default environment configuration.
cob-externblacklisted 0.6.15-1 The cob_extern stack contains third party libraries needed for operating Care-O-bot. The packages are downloaded from the manufactorers website and not changed in any way.
cob-footprint-observer 0.8.11-1 The cob_footprint_observer package adjusts the footprint of the robot based on the setup (e.g. arm and/or tray).
cob-frame-tracker 0.8.11-1 The cob_frame_tracker package contains nodes that publish Twist commands based on the distance to the desired tf frame target.
cob-gazebo-objectsblacklisted 0.7.3-1 This package provides some objects and furniture for gazebo simulation.
cob-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 0.7.4-1 cob_gazebo_plugins meta-package
cob-gazebo-ros-controlblacklisted 0.7.4-1 This package contains a specialization of the gazebo_ros_control plugin. The cob_gazebo_ros_control plugin allows Multi-HardwareInterface-Support.
cob-gazebo-tools 0.7.3-1 The cob_gazebo_tools package provides helper tools for the gazebo simulation
cob-gazebo-worldsblacklisted 0.7.3-1 This package provides some worlds for gazebo simulation.
cob-generic-canblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The package cob_generic_can provides an interface for nodes on a can-bus and examplary wrappers for two PeakSys-can-libs. When a can-bus-device is generated (for an example see base_dirve_chain) you can use generic_can to create as many itfs as there will be components communicating via this can-bus. Assign type of the can communication device (e.g. usb-to-can or can-card of a specific vendor) and can-address of the target device. This package comes with wrappers for PeakSys and PeakSysUSB adapters.
cob-grasp-generationblacklisted 0.7.3-1 Grasp generation for Care-O-bot based on OpenRAVE
cob-hand 0.6.6-1 The cob_hand stack includes packages that provide access to the Care-O-bot hand through ROS serial.
cob-hand-bridge 0.6.6-1 The cob_hand_bridge package
cob-hardware-configblacklisted 0.7.2-1 This package contains configuration for each robot instance (e.g. cob4-X, raw3-X). There is a directory for each robot with configuration about urdf and hardware/device configurations.
cob-hardware-emulation 0.8.11-1 The cob_hardware_emulation package provides idealized nodes emulating real robot hardware and/or physics simulation.
cob-helper-toolsblacklisted 0.6.16-1 Helper scripts for Care-O-bot
cob-image-flip 0.6.15-1 Flips the image of Care-O-bots kinect in dependence of the viewing direction of the cameras to receive an upright image all the time.
cob-interactive-teleopblacklisted 0.6.16-1 COB teleop interactive marker for RViz provided by dcgm-robotics@FIT group.
cob-light 0.7.1-1 This package contains scripts to operate the LED lights on Care-O-bot.
cob-linear-nav 0.6.9-1 cob_linear_nav provides a simple navigation instrument driving on a linear path from current position to goal without any planning or obstacle avoidance capabilites. Obstacle avoidance should be carried out in other package, e.g. <a href="">cob_collision_velocity_filter</a>.
cob-lookat-action 0.7.3-1 cob_lookat_action
cob-manipulationblacklisted 0.7.3-1 The cob_manipulation stack includes packages that provide manipulation capabilities for Care-O-bot.
cob-map-accessibility-analysis 0.6.9-1 cob_map_accessibility_analysis receives the map from navigation as well as obstacles and inflates_obstacles topics to assemble a common obstacle map. Upon request, this node checks the accessibility of poses within thin map by (i) checking whether the pose itself is free and by (ii) checking whether there is a closed path from robot to the goal pose.
cob-mapping-slamblacklisted 0.6.9-1 cob_mapping_slam holds launch files for running SLAM using the <a href="">gmapping</a> package.
cob-mecanum-controller 0.8.11-1 The cob_mecanum_controller_node provides a lightweight base controller for mecanum drive robots. The out/input for the wheel command/state are wheel velocities in rad/s for the wheels [front left, front right, rear left, rear right]
cob-mimicblacklisted 0.7.1-1 This package implements the Care-O-bot mimic
cob-model-identifier 0.8.11-1 The cob_model_identifier package provides nodes to analyse the system response behavior of actuators to optimally tune PID controllers to be used with cob_twist_controller framework.
cob-monitoringblacklisted 0.6.16-1 cob_monitoring
cob-moveit-bringupblacklisted 0.7.3-1 MoveIt launch files
cob-moveit-config 0.7.2-1 MoveIt config files for all cob and raw
cob-moveit-interfaceblacklisted 0.7.3-1 cob_moveit_interface
cob-msgs 0.7.2-1 Messages for representing state information, such as battery information and emergency stop status.
cob-navigationblacklisted 0.6.9-1 The cob_navigation stack provides different navigation packages for <a href="">Care-O-bot</a>.
cob-navigation-config 0.6.9-1 This package holds common configuration files for running the <a href="">move_base</a> node and other navigation related nodes on the <a href="">Care-O-bot</a>.
cob-navigation-globalblacklisted 0.6.9-1 This package holds config and launch files for running the <a href="">move_base</a> node on the <a href="">Care-O-bot</a>. The move_base node is configured to run over a pre-specified static map.
cob-navigation-localblacklisted 0.6.9-1 This package holds config and launch files for running the <a href="">move_base</a> node on the <a href="">Care-O-bot</a> in an odometric frame. No static map is needed for the move_base node in this configuration.
cob-navigation-slamblacklisted 0.6.9-1 This package provides launch files for running <a href="">Care-O-bot</a> with the <a href="">gmapping</a> slam package of ROS. It further provides the usual navigation functionalities as provided by the <a href="">move_base</a> node.
cob-object-detection-msgs 0.6.15-1 This package contains message type definitions for object detection
cob-object-detection-visualizer 0.6.15-1 The cob_object_detection_visualizer package visualizes the object detection result.
cob-obstacle-distanceblacklisted 0.8.11-1 The cob_obstacle_distance package calculates distances between both robot links and obstacles to be used for obstacle avoidance within cob_twist_controller framework.
cob-obstacle-distance-moveitblacklisted 0.7.3-1 This package provides nodes for calculating the minimal distance to robot links, obstacles and octomap using MoveIt!'s PlanningSceneMonitor
cob-omni-drive-controller 0.8.11-1 The cob_omni_drive_controller package provides a ros_controller plugin for the Care-O-bot omni-directional base platform.
cob-perception-common 0.6.15-1 This stack provides utilities commonly needed for a variety of computer vision tasks.
cob-perception-msgs 0.6.15-1 This package contains common message type definitions for perception tasks.
cob-phidget-em-stateblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The cob_phidget_em_state package
cob-phidget-power-stateblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The cob_phidget_power_state package
cob-phidgetsblacklisted 0.7.1-1 cob_phidgets
cob-reflector-referencing 0.6.9-1 This package provides a node broadcasting a tf frame based on reflector markers detected within sensor_msgs::LaserScan messages. It can be used to position/reference a robot wrt to the reflektor markers.
cob-relayboard 0.7.1-1 cob_relayboard
cob-safety-controller 0.6.9-1 This package is a substitute for the private implementation of cob_safety_controller package
cob-scan-unifier 0.7.1-1 The cob_scan_unifier package holds code to unify two or more laser-scans to one unified scan-message
cob-script-serverblacklisted 0.6.16-1 The cob_script_server package provides a simple interface to operate Care-O-bot. It can be used via the python API or the actionlib interface.
cob-sick-lms1xx 0.7.1-1 This package published a laser scan message out of a Sick LMS1xx laser scanner. This version is made by fusion of ipa320/RCPRG_laser_drivers and ipa320/libLMS1xx repository. This package shuld have clearer structure and be easier to install.
cob-sick-s300 0.7.1-1 This package published a laser scan message out of a Sick S300 laser scanner.
cob-soundblacklisted 0.7.1-1 This package implements a sound play module using text2wave and aplay through python.
cob-srvs 0.7.2-1 This Package contains Care-O-bot specific service definitions.
cob-substitute 0.6.9-1 cob_substitute
cob-supported-robots 0.6.14-1 This package contains the list of supported robots within the care-o-bot family.
cob-teleopblacklisted 0.6.16-1 Teleop node
cob-trajectory-controller 0.8.11-1 This package provides a trajectory controller which controlls velocities for a chain of joints. This controller can be used e.g. with [[schunk_powercube_chain]].
cob-tricycle-controller 0.8.11-1 The cob_omni_drive_controller package provides a ros_controller plugin for the Care-O-bot tricycle base platform.
cob-twist-controllerblacklisted 0.8.11-1 The main purpose of the cob_twist_controller is to convert target twists into joint velocities. Therefore it makes use of several implemented inverse kinematics approaches at the first order differential level. The inverse differential kinematics solver considers kinematic chain extensions, singularity robustness, redundancy resolution and priority-based methods. To avoid hardware destruction there is a limiter interface active as well. Via parameter server users can dynamically configure the solving strategy.
cob-undercarriage-ctrl 0.7.1-1 cob_undercarriage_ctrl implements a controller for the omnidirectional base of Care-O-bot 3 on joint level. For a given Pltf-Twist the according wheel steering angles and linear wheel velocities are calculated based on the principle of rigid body motion. Each joint is than controlled individually to achieve the computed position and velocity
cob-utilities 0.7.1-1 Deprecated &quot;cob_utilities&quot; subsumes a number of classes, which are used in the original COb3 software. E.g. &quot;IniFile.h&quot; supports the original inifile structure of Care-O-bot 3. &quot;MathSup.h&quot; provides some basic functions like conversion from degree to radion or norming of angles within +/- PI. The package is currently used while the drivers are ported to ROS and Orocos respectively. Midterm it shall be removed and the ROS structures shall be used for reading parameters during initialization. So, don't use this package in new code!
cob-vision-utils 0.6.15-1 Contains utilities used within the object detection tool chain.
cob-voltage-controlblacklisted 0.7.1-1 Interface to IO board that manages emergency stop and battery voltage on rob@work 3
code-coverageblacklisted 0.3.0-1 CMake configuration to run coverage
codec-image-transportblacklisted 0.0.4 The codec_image_transport package
collada-parser 1.12.12 This package contains a C++ parser for the Collada robot description format. The parser reads a Collada XML robot description, and creates a C++ URDF model. Although it is possible to directly use this parser when working with Collada robot descriptions, the preferred user API is found in the urdf package.
collada-urdf 1.12.12 This package contains a tool to convert Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) documents into COLLAborative Design Activity (COLLADA) documents. Implements robot-specific COLLADA extensions as defined by
collada-urdf-jsk-patchblacklisted 2.1.13-1 unaccepted patch for collada_urdf
combined-robot-hw 0.17.0-1 Combined Robot HW class.
combined-robot-hw-tests 0.17.0-1 Tests for the combined Robot HW class.
common-msgs 1.12.7 common_msgs contains messages that are widely used by other ROS packages. These includes messages for actions (<a href="">actionlib_msgs</a>), diagnostics (<a href="">diagnostic_msgs</a>), geometric primitives (<a href="">geometry_msgs</a>), robot navigation (<a href="">nav_msgs</a>), and common sensors (<a href="">sensor_msgs</a>), such as laser range finders, cameras, point clouds.
common-tutorialsblacklisted 0.1.11 Metapackage that contains common tutorials
compressed-depth-image-transport 1.9.5 Compressed_depth_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending depth images (raw, floating-point) using PNG compression.
compressed-image-transport 1.9.5 Compressed_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending images encoded as JPEG or PNG.
concert-msgs 0.9.0 Shared communication types for the concert framework.
concert-service-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by official rocon services.
concert-workflow-engine-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by workflow engine
control-box-rstblacklisted 0.0.2-1 The control_box_rst package provides C++ libraries for predictive control, direct optimal control, optimization and simulation.
control-msgs 1.5.1-1 control_msgs contains base messages and actions useful for controlling robots. It provides representations for controller setpoints and joint and cartesian trajectories.
control-toolbox 1.17.0 The control toolbox contains modules that are useful across all controllers.
controller-interface 0.17.0-1 Interface base class for controllers.
controller-manager 0.17.0-1 The controller manager.
controller-manager-msgs 0.17.0-1 Messages and services for the controller manager.
controller-manager-tests 0.17.0-1 Tests for the controller manager.
convex-decomposition 0.1.12 Convex Decomposition Tool for Robot Model
costmap-2d 1.16.5-1 This package provides an implementation of a 2D costmap that takes in sensor data from the world, builds a 2D or 3D occupancy grid of the data (depending on whether a voxel based implementation is used), and inflates costs in a 2D costmap based on the occupancy grid and a user specified inflation radius. This package also provides support for map_server based initialization of a costmap, rolling window based costmaps, and parameter based subscription to and configuration of sensor topics.
costmap-converter 0.0.12-1 A ros package that includes plugins and nodes to convert occupied costmap2d cells to primitive types.
costmap-cspace 0.8.1-1 3-dof configuration space costmap package
costmap-cspace-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for costmap_cspace package
costmap-queue 0.2.5-1 Tool for iterating through the cells of a costmap to find the closest distance to a subset of cells.
cpp-common 0.6.13-1 cpp_common contains C++ code for doing things that are not necessarily ROS related, but are useful for multiple packages. This includes things like the ROS_DEPRECATED and ROS_FORCE_INLINE macros, as well as code for getting backtraces. This package is a component of <a href="">roscpp</a>.
cpr-multimaster-toolsblacklisted 0.0.2-1 Multi-master tools for configuration and message relaying
criutilsblacklisted 0.1.3-2 The criutils package
cv-bridge 1.13.0 This contains CvBridge, which converts between ROS Image messages and OpenCV images.
cv-camera 0.4.0-1 cv_camera uses OpenCV capture object to capture camera image. This supports camera_image and nodelet.
dataflow-lite 1.1.2-1 Light version of dataflow libraries
dataspeed-can 1.0.15-1 CAN bus tools using Dataspeed hardware
dataspeed-can-msg-filters 1.0.15-1 Time synchronize multiple CAN messages to get a single callback
dataspeed-can-tools 1.0.15-1 CAN bus introspection
dataspeed-can-usb 1.0.15-1 Driver to interface with the Dataspeed Inc. USB CAN Tool
dataspeed-pds 1.0.2 Interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Power Distribution System (PDS)
dataspeed-pds-can 1.0.2 Interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Power Distribution System (PDS) via CAN
dataspeed-pds-msgs 1.0.2 Messages for the Dataspeed Inc. Power Distribution System (PDS)
dataspeed-pds-rqtblacklisted 1.0.2 ROS rqt GUI for the Dataspeed Inc. Power Distribution System (PDS)
dataspeed-pds-scripts 1.0.2 Test scripts to interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Power Distribution System (PDS)
dataspeed-ulc 0.0.5-1 CAN interface to the Universal Lat/Lon Controller (ULC) firmware
dataspeed-ulc-can 0.0.5-1 Package to translate ROS messages to and from CAN messages to interact with the Universal Lat/Lon Controller (ULC) firmware
dataspeed-ulc-msgs 0.0.5-1 ROS messages for interacting with the Universal Lat/Lon Controller (ULC)
dbw-fca 1.0.9-1 Drive-by-wire interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Chrysler Pacifica DBW kit
dbw-fca-can 1.0.9-1 Drive-by-wire interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Chrysler Pacifica DBW kit
dbw-fca-description 1.0.9-1 URDF and meshes describing the Chrysler Pacifica.
dbw-fca-joystick-demo 1.0.9-1 Demonstration of drive-by-wire with joystick
dbw-fca-msgs 1.0.9-1 Drive-by-wire messages for the Chrysler Pacifica
dbw-mkz 1.2.7-1 Drive-by-wire interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Lincoln MKZ DBW kit
dbw-mkz-can 1.2.7-1 Drive-by-wire interface to the Dataspeed Inc. Lincoln MKZ DBW kit
dbw-mkz-description 1.2.7-1 URDF and meshes describing the Lincoln MKZ.
dbw-mkz-joystick-demo 1.2.7-1 Demonstration of drive-by-wire with joystick
dbw-mkz-msgs 1.2.7-1 Drive-by-wire messages for the Lincoln MKZ
dccomms-rosblacklisted 0.0.3-1 The dccomms_ros package
dccomms-ros-msgs 0.0.3-1 The dccomms_ros_msgs package
ddwrt-access-point 1.0.16-1 A ROS node that controls a Linksys WRT610Nv2 access point with a dd-wrt firmware. Other access points models/dd-wrt versions may be compatible as long as the web interface is identical.
ddynamic-reconfigure 0.2.0 The ddynamic_reconfigure package
ddynamic-reconfigure-python 0.0.1 The ddynamic_reconfigure_python package contains a class to instantiate dynamic reconfigure servers on the fly registering variables
default-cfg-fkie 0.8.12 The configuration node loads a given launch configuration and offers services to list or start the contained nodes. It provides additional description extracted from launch file. This is used by node_manager_fkie.
delphi-esr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi ESR
delphi-mrr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi MRR
delphi-srr-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Delphi SRR
depth-image-proc 1.14.0-1 Contains nodelets for processing depth images such as those produced by OpenNI camera. Functions include creating disparity images and point clouds, as well as registering (reprojecting) a depth image into another camera frame.
depthcloud-encoder 0.1.1-1 Point Cloud Encoder for Web-Based Streaming
depthimage-to-laserscan 1.0.8 depthimage_to_laserscan
derived-object-msgs 3.0.1-1 Abstracted Messages from Perception Modalities
desistek-saga-controlblacklisted 0.3.2 Configuration and launch files to control the Desistek SAGA ROV
desistek-saga-descriptionblacklisted 0.3.2 The robot description files for the Desistek SAGA ROV underwater vehicle
desistek-saga-gazeboblacklisted 0.3.2 Package with launch files for demonstrations with the Desistek SAGA ROV underwater vehicle
desktopblacklisted 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate several packages.
desktop-fullblacklisted 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate several packages.
diagnostic-aggregator 1.9.3 diagnostic_aggregator
diagnostic-analysis 1.9.3 The diagnostic_analysis package can convert a log of diagnostics data into a series of CSV files. Robot logs are recorded with rosbag, and can be processed offline using the scripts in this package.
diagnostic-common-diagnostics 1.9.3 diagnostic_common_diagnostics
diagnostic-msgs 1.12.7 This package holds the diagnostic messages which provide the standardized interface for the diagnostic and runtime monitoring systems in ROS. These messages are currently used by the <a href="">diagnostics</a> Stack, which provides libraries for simple ways to set and access the messages, as well as automated ways to process the diagnostic data. These messages are used for long term logging and will not be changed unless there is a very important reason.
diagnostic-updater 1.9.3 diagnostic_updater contains tools for easily updating diagnostics. it is commonly used in device drivers to keep track of the status of output topics, device status, etc.
diagnostics 1.9.3 diagnostics
diff-drive-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller for a differential drive mobile base.
distance-mapblacklisted 0.1.0-1 The distance_map metapackage
distance-map-core 0.1.0-1 The distance_map_core package.
distance-map-deadreck 0.1.0-1 Node package of the map_distance project. It contains the ROS node that instantiate the distance map plugin.
distance-map-msgs 0.1.0-1 Definition of the distance map message type.
distance-map-node 0.1.0-1 Node package of the map_distance project. It contains the ROS node that instantiate the distance map plugin.
distance-map-opencv 0.1.0-1 Node package of the map_distance project. It contains the ROS node that instantiate the distance map plugin.
distance-map-rvizblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Rviz plugin for the visualization of ditance maps.
distance-map-tools 0.1.0-1 Node package of the map_distance project. It contains the ROS node that instantiate the distance map plugin.
dlux-global-planner 0.2.5-1 Plugin based global planner implementing the nav_core2::GlobalPlanner interface.
dlux-plugins 0.2.5-1 Implementation of dlux_global_planner plugin interfaces.
dockerosblacklisted 1.1.0-1 Simply running ros nodes in docker containers on remote robots.
downwardblacklisted 2.1.13-1 fast downward: PDDL Planner (
driver-base 1.6.8 A framework for writing drivers that helps with runtime reconfiguration, diagnostics and self-test. This package is deprecated.
driver-common 1.6.8 The driver_common stack contains classes and tools that are useful throughout the driver stacks. It currently contains: driver_base: A base class for sensors to provide a consistent state machine (retries, error handling, etc.) and interface timestamp_tools: Classes to help timestamp hardware events
drone-wrapperblacklisted 1.3.1-1 The drone_wrapper package
dwa-local-planner 1.16.5-1 This package provides an implementation of the Dynamic Window Approach to local robot navigation on a plane. Given a global plan to follow and a costmap, the local planner produces velocity commands to send to a mobile base. This package supports any robot who's footprint can be represented as a convex polygon or cicrle, and exposes its configuration as ROS parameters that can be set in a launch file. The parameters for this planner are also dynamically reconfigurable. This package's ROS wrapper adheres to the BaseLocalPlanner interface specified in the <a href="">nav_core</a> package.
dwb-critics 0.2.5-1 Implementations for dwb_local_planner TrajectoryCritic interface
dwb-local-planner 0.2.5-1 Plugin based local planner implementing the nav_core2::LocalPlanner interface.
dwb-msgs 0.2.5-1 Message/Service definitions specifically for the dwb_local_planner
dwb-plugins 0.2.5-1 Standard implementations of the GoalChecker and TrajectoryGenerators for dwb_local_planner
dynamic-edt-3d 1.9.0-1 The dynamicEDT3D library implements an inrementally updatable Euclidean distance transform (EDT) in 3D. It comes with a wrapper to use the OctoMap 3D representation and hooks into the change detection of the OctoMap library to propagate changes to the EDT.
dynamic-reconfigure 1.6.3-1 The dynamic_reconfigure package provides a means to update parameters at runtime without having to restart the node.
dynamic-robot-state-publisher 1.1.1 Improved ROS robot_state_publisher which can update the robot model via dynamic_reconfigure.
dynamic-tf-publisher 2.2.10 dynamically set the tf trensformation
dynamixel-sdk 3.7.21-1 This package is wrapping version of ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK for ROS. The ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK, or SDK, is a software development library that provides Dynamixel control functions for packet communication. The API is designed for Dynamixel actuators and Dynamixel-based platforms.
dynamixel-workbenchblacklisted 2.0.0 Dynamixel-Workbench is dynamixel solution for ROS. This metapackage allows you to easily change the ID, baudrate and operating mode of the Dynamixel. Furthermore, it supports various controllers based on operating mode and Dynamixel SDK. These controllers are commanded by operators.
dynamixel-workbench-controllers 2.0.0 This package contains examples of applying the 'dynamixel_workbench_toolbox' library developed on the basis of dynamixel_sdk to various operating modes of Dynamixel.
dynamixel-workbench-msgs 2.0.0 This package includes ROS messages and services for dynamixel_workbench packages
dynamixel-workbench-operators 2.0.0 This package contains nodes that control the Dynamixel by communicating with the server registered in the 'dynamixel_workbench_controllers' package
dynamixel-workbench-single-manager 2.0.0 This package is single manager for a Dynamixel. It provides a terminal environment to check the status of Dynamixel and control it before using Dynamixel
dynamixel-workbench-single-manager-guiblacklisted 2.0.0 It provides a grapic user interface to check the status of Dynamixel and control it before using Dynamixel
dynamixel-workbench-toolbox 2.0.0 This package is composed of 'dynamixel_item', 'dynamixel_tool', 'dynamixel_driver' and 'dynamixel_workbench' class. The 'dynamixel_item' is saved as control table item and information of Dynamixels. The 'dynamixel_tool' class loads its by model number of Dynamixels. The 'dynamixel_driver' class includes wraped function used in DYNAMIXEL SDK. The 'dynamixel_workbench' class make simple to use Dynamixels
easy-markers 0.2.4 Python library to assist in publishing markers easily
eband-local-planner 0.4.0-1 eband_local_planner implements a plugin to the base_local_planner. It implements the Elastic Band method on the SE2 manifold.
eca-a9-controlblacklisted 0.1.6 Configuration and launch files to control the ECA A9 AUV
eca-a9-descriptionblacklisted 0.1.6 Robot description for the ECA A9 AUV
eca-a9-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.6 Package with launch files for demonstrations with the ECA A9 AUV
ecl 0.60.3 Metapackage bringing all of ecl together.
ecl-build 0.61.8-1 Collection of cmake/make build tools primarily for ecl development itself, but also contains a few cmake modules useful outside of the ecl.
ecl-command-line 0.62.2 Embeds the TCLAP library inside the ecl. This is a very convenient command line parser in templatised c++.
ecl-concepts 0.62.2 Introduces a compile time concept checking mechanism that can be used most commonly to check for required functionality when passing template arguments.
ecl-config 0.61.6 These tools inspect and describe your system with macros, types and functions.
ecl-console 0.61.6 Color codes for ansii consoles.
ecl-containers 0.62.2 The containers included here are intended to extend the stl containers. In all cases, these implementations are designed to implement c++ conveniences and safety where speed is not sacrificed. Also includes techniques for memory debugging of common problems such as buffer overruns.
ecl-converters 0.62.2 Some fast/convenient type converters, mostly for char strings or strings. These are not really fully fleshed out, alot of them could use the addition for the whole range of fundamental types (e.g. all integers, not just int, unsigned int). They will come as the need arises.
ecl-converters-lite 0.61.6 These are a very simple version of some of the functions in ecl_converters suitable for firmware development. That is, there is no use of new, templates or exceptions.
ecl-core 0.62.2 A set of tools and interfaces extending the capabilities of c++ to provide a lightweight, consistent interface with a focus for control programming.
ecl-core-apps 0.62.2 This includes a suite of programs demo'ing various aspects of the ecl_core. It also includes various benchmarking and utility programs for use primarily with embedded systems.
ecl-devices 0.62.2 Provides an extensible and standardised framework for input-output devices.
ecl-eigen 0.62.2 This provides an Eigen implementation for ecl's linear algebra.
ecl-errors 0.61.6 This library provides lean and mean error mechanisms. It includes c style error functions as well as a few useful macros. For higher level mechanisms, refer to ecl_exceptions.
ecl-exceptions 0.62.2 Template based exceptions - these are simple and practical and avoid the proliferation of exception types. Although not syntatactically ideal, it is convenient and eminently practical.
ecl-filesystem 0.62.2 Cross platform filesystem utilities (until c++11 makes its way in).
ecl-formatters 0.62.2 The formatters here simply format various input types to a specified text format. They can be used with most streaming types (including both ecl and stl streams).
ecl-geometry 0.62.2 Any tools relating to mathematical geometry. Primarily featuring polynomials and interpolations.
ecl-io 0.61.6 Most implementations (windows, posix, ...) have slightly different api for low level input-output functions. These are gathered here and re-represented with a cross platform set of functions.
ecl-ipc 0.62.2 Interprocess mechanisms vary greatly across platforms - sysv, posix, win32, there are more than a few. This package provides an infrastructure to allow for developing cross platform c++ wrappers around the lower level c api's that handle these mechanisms. These make it not only easier to utilise such mechanisms, but allow it to be done consistently across platforms.
ecl-license 0.61.8-1 Maintains the ecl licenses and also provides an install target for deploying licenses with the ecl libraries.
ecl-linear-algebra 0.62.2 Ecl frontend to a linear matrix package (currently eigen).
ecl-lite 0.61.6 Libraries and utilities for embedded and low-level linux development.
ecl-manipulation 0.60.3 Includes basic manipulation related structures as well as a few algorithms currently used at Yujin Robot.
ecl-manipulators 0.60.3 Deploys various manipulation algorithms, currently just feedforward filters (interpolations).
ecl-math 0.62.2 This package provides simple support to cmath, filling in holes or redefining in a c++ formulation where desirable.
ecl-mobile-robot 0.60.3 Contains transforms (e.g. differential drive inverse kinematics) for the various types of mobile robot platforms.
ecl-mpl 0.62.2 Metaprogramming tools move alot of runtime calculations to be shifted to compile time. This has only very elementary structures at this stage.
ecl-navigation 0.60.3 This stack aims to bring the common tools and algorithms needed to develop navigation algorithms, in particular slam. It does not focus on the end-point solution, rather the tools needed to create a variety of end-point solutions.
ecl-sigslots 0.62.2 Provides a signal/slot mechanism (in the same vein as qt sigslots, boost::signals etc for intra-process communication. These include some improvements - they do not need a preprocessor, are fully type safe, allow for simple connections via a posix style string identifier and are multithread-safe.
ecl-sigslots-lite 0.61.6 This avoids use of dynamic storage (malloc/new) and thread safety (mutexes) to provide a very simple sigslots implementation that can be used for *very* embedded development.
ecl-statistics 0.62.2 Common statistical structures and algorithms for control systems.
ecl-streams 0.62.2 These are lightweight text streaming classes that connect to standardised ecl type devices.
ecl-threads 0.62.2 This package provides the c++ extensions for a variety of threaded programming tools. These are usually different on different platforms, so the architecture for a cross-platform framework is also implemented.
ecl-time 0.62.2 Timing utilities are very dependent on the system api provided for their use. This package provides a means for handling different timing models. Current support - posix rt : complete. - macosx : posix timers only, missing absolute timers. - win : none.
ecl-time-lite 0.61.6 Provides a portable set of time functions that are especially useful for porting other code or being wrapped by higher level c++ classes.
ecl-tools 0.61.8-1 Tools and utilities for ecl development.
ecl-type-traits 0.62.2 Extends c++ type traits and implements a few more to boot.
ecl-utilities 0.62.2 Includes various supporting tools and utilities for c++ programming.
effort-controllers 0.15.1-1 effort_controllers
eigen-conversions 1.12.1-1 Conversion functions between: - Eigen and KDL - Eigen and geometry_msgs.
eigen-stl-containers 0.1.8 This package provides a set of typedef's that allow using Eigen datatypes in STL containers
eigenpy 1.6.9-1 Bindings between Numpy and Eigen using Boost.Python
eml 1.8.15-2 This is an implementation of the EtherCAT master protocol for the PR2 robot based on the work done at Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre.
epos2-motor-controller 1.0.0-4 EPOS2 motor controller driver
ethercat-grant 0.2.5 Makes it possible to run the ros_ethercat_loop without using sudo. Forked from pr2-grant
ethercat-hardware 1.8.19-1 Package for creating a hardware interface to the robot using the EtherCAT motor controller/driver
ethercat-trigger-controllers 1.10.17-1 Controllers to operate the digital output of the motor controller boards and the projector board. This package has not been reviewed and should be considered unstable.
eus-assimpblacklisted 0.4.3 eus_assimp
euscolladablacklisted 0.4.3 euscollada
euslispblacklisted 9.27.0-1 EusLisp is an integrated programming system for the research on intelligent robots based on Common Lisp and Object-Oriented programming
eusurdfblacklisted 0.4.3 urdf models converted from euslisp
executive-smach 2.0.1 This metapackage depends on the SMACH library and ROS SMACH integration packages.
executive-smach-visualizationblacklisted 3.0.0-1 This metapackage depends on the SMACH visualization tools.
exoticablacklisted 5.1.3-3 The Extensible Optimization Toolset (EXOTica) is a library for defining problems for robot motion planning. This package serves similar to a metapackage and contains dependencies onto all core-released exotica packages. It also builds the documentation.
exotica-aico-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Implementation of the Approximate Inference Control algorithm (AICO)
exotica-cartpole-dynamics-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Cartpole dynamics solver plug-in for Exotica
exotica-collision-scene-fclblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Collision checking using the FCL library.
exotica-collision-scene-fcl-latestblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Collision checking and distance computation using the latest version of the FCL library.
exotica-coreblacklisted 5.1.3-3 The Extensible Optimization Toolset (EXOTica) is a library for defining problems for robot motion planning.
exotica-core-task-mapsblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Common taskmaps provided with EXOTica.
exotica-ddp-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Various DDP Solvers
exotica-double-integrator-dynamics-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Double integrator dynamics solver plug-in for Exotica
exotica-dynamics-solversblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Metapackage for all dynamics solvers bundled with core EXOTica.
exotica-examplesblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Package containing examples and system tests for EXOTica.
exotica-ik-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Pseudo-inverse unconstrained end-pose solver
exotica-ilqg-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 ILQG Solver (Todorov and Li, 2004)
exotica-ilqr-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 ILQR Solver (Li and Todorov, 2004)
exotica-levenberg-marquardt-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 A Levenberg-Marquardt solver for EXOTica
exotica-ompl-control-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Kinodynamic Control Solvers from OMPL
exotica-ompl-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Exotica solvers based on the Open Motion Planning Libary (OMPL)
exotica-pendulum-dynamics-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Pendulum dynamics solver plug-in for Exotica
exotica-pinocchio-dynamics-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Dynamics solver plug-in using Pinocchio for Exotica
exotica-pythonblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Python bindings for EXOTica
exotica-quadrotor-dynamics-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Quadrotor dynamics solver plug-in for Exotica
exotica-scipy-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 SciPy-based Python solvers for Exotica
exotica-time-indexed-rrt-connect-solverblacklisted 5.1.3-3 Time-Indexed RRT-Connect solver (Humanoids 2018)
exotica-val-description 1.0.0-1 val_description version including our updated meshes for unit testing and visualisation. Based on the OpenHumanoids fork of the val_description package by NASA JSC. The most current version of the original package can be found at
face-detector 1.2.0-1 Face detection in images.
fake-jointblacklisted 0.0.4-1 This metapackage depends on fake-joint related package for ros_control.
fake-joint-driver 0.0.4-1 The fake_joint_driver package
fake-joint-launchblacklisted 0.0.4-1 Collection of the launch files for fake_joint_driver.
fake-localization 1.16.5-1 A ROS node that simply forwards odometry information.
fcl-catkin 0.6.0-1 fcl_catkin
fetch-auto-dock-msgs 1.1.1 Messages for fetch_auto_dock package
fetch-bringupblacklisted 0.8.8-1 Bringup for fetch
fetch-calibration 0.8.2-1 Launch and configuration files for calibrating Fetch using the 'robot_calibration' package.
fetch-depth-layer 0.8.2-1 The fetch_depth_layer package
fetch-description 0.8.2-1 URDF for Fetch Robot.
fetch-driver-msgs 1.1.1 Messages for the fetch_drivers package
fetch-driversblacklisted 0.8.8-1 The public fetch_drivers package is a binary only release. fetch_drivers contains both the drivers and firmware for the fetch and freight research robots. There should be no reason to use these drivers unless you're running on a fetch or a freight research robot. This package, is a cmake/make only package which installs the binaries for the drivers and firmware.
fetch-gazeboblacklisted 0.9.2-1 Gazebo package for Fetch.
fetch-gazebo-demoblacklisted 0.9.2-1 Demos for fetch_gazebo package.
fetch-ikfast-plugin 0.8.2-1 Kinematics plugin for Fetch robot, generated through IKFast
fetch-maps 0.8.2-1 The fetch_maps package
fetch-moveit-configblacklisted 0.8.2-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the fetch_urdf with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework
fetch-navigation 0.8.2-1 Configuration and launch files for running ROS navigation on Fetch.
fetch-open-auto-dock 0.1.2 An open-source version of the Fetch charge docking system.
fetch-rosblacklisted 0.8.2-1 Fetch ROS, packages for working with Fetch and Freight
fetch-simple-linear-controller 0.0.1-1 Position feedback controller for simple linear motion of the fetch robot's end-effector.
fetch-simulationblacklisted 0.9.2-1 Fetch Simulation, packages for working with Fetch and Freight in Gazebo
fetch-teleop 0.8.2-1 Teleoperation for fetch and freight.
fetch-toolsblacklisted 0.2.1 Commands for performing common operations when developing on the robots. For help, run `fetch -h` and `fetch COMMAND -h`.
fetchit-challengeblacklisted 0.9.2-1 The fetchit_challenge package
ffblacklisted 2.1.13-1 ff: pddl planner. see
ffhablacklisted 2.1.13-1 ffha: PDDL Planner (
fiducial-msgs 0.11.0-1 Package containing message definitions for fiducials
fiducial-slam 0.11.0-1 ROS node to build a 3D map of fiducials and estimate robot pose from fiducial transforms
fiducialsblacklisted 0.11.0-1 Localization using fiducial markers
file-management 1.1.2-1 AWS CloudWatch management library used to manage offline files.
filters 1.8.1 This library provides a standardized interface for processing data as a sequence of filters. This package contains a base class upon which to build specific implementations as well as an interface which dynamically loads filters based on runtime parameters.
find-object-2dblacklisted 0.6.2-1 The find_object_2d package
fingertip-pressure 1.8.19-1 This package provides access to the PR2 fingertip pressure sensors. This information includes:
fkie-message-filters 1.0.1-1 Improved ROS message filters
fkie-potree-rviz-pluginblacklisted 1.0.0 Render large point clouds in rviz
flatbuffers 1.1.0 Google flatbuffers.
flexbe-behavior-engine 1.2.3-1 A meta-package to aggregate all the FlexBE packages
flexbe-core 1.2.3-1 flexbe_core provides the core smach extension for the FlexBE behavior engine.
flexbe-input 1.2.3-1 flexbe_input enables to send data to onboard behavior when required.
flexbe-mirror 1.2.3-1 flexbe_mirror implements functionality to remotely mirror an executed behavior.
flexbe-msgs 1.2.3-1 flexbe_msgs provides the messages used by FlexBE.
flexbe-onboard 1.2.3-1 flexbe_onboard implements the robot-side of the behavior engine from where all behaviors are started.
flexbe-states 1.2.3-1 flexbe_states provides a collection of predefined states. Feel free to add new states.
flexbe-testing 1.2.3-1 flexbe_testing provides a framework for unit testing states.
flexbe-widget 1.2.3-1 flexbe_widget implements some smaller scripts for the behavior engine.
flir-boson-usb 1.2.1-1 A simple USB camera driver for the FLIR BOSON using OpenCV
fmi-adapterblacklisted 1.0.3-1 Wraps FMUs for co-simulation
fmi-adapter-examplesblacklisted 1.0.3-1 Provides small examples for use of the fmi_adapter package
force-torque-sensor 1.0.0-1 The force_torque_sensor package
force-torque-sensor-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller to publish state of force-torque sensors
forward-command-controller 0.15.1-1 forward_command_controller
four-wheel-steering-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller for a four wheel steering mobile base.
four-wheel-steering-msgs 1.0.0 ROS messages for robots using FourWheelSteering.
franka-control 0.6.0-1 franka_control provides a hardware node to control a Franka Emika research robot
franka-description 0.6.0-1 franka_description contains URDF files and meshes of Franka Emika robots
franka-example-controllersblacklisted 0.6.0-1 franka_example_controllers provides example code for controlling Franka Emika research robots with ros_control
franka-gripper 0.6.0-1 This package implements the franka gripper of type Franka Hand for the use in ros
franka-hw 0.6.0-1 franka_hw provides hardware interfaces for using Franka Emika research robots with ros_control
franka-msgs 0.6.0-1 franka_msgs provides messages specific to Franka Emika research robots
franka-rosblacklisted 0.6.0-1 franka_ros is a metapackage for all Franka Emika ROS packages
franka-visualization 0.6.0-1 This package contains visualization tools for Franka Emika.
freight-bringupblacklisted 0.8.8-1 Bringup for freight
fsrobo-rblacklisted 0.7.1-1 Meta package for FSRobo-R
fsrobo-r-bringupblacklisted 0.7.1-1 The fsrobo_r_bringup package
fsrobo-r-descriptionblacklisted 0.7.1-1 <p>URDF Description package for FSRobo-R</p> <p>This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for FSRobo-R robot</p>
fsrobo-r-driver 0.7.1-1 The fsrobo_r_driver package
fsrobo-r-moveit-configblacklisted 0.7.1-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the fsrobo_r with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
fsrobo-r-msgs 0.7.1-1 The fsrobo_r_msgs package
fsrobo-r-trajectory-filtersblacklisted 0.7.1-1 plugins for filtering trajectories.
gateway-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by the gateway model.
gazebo-msgs 2.8.6-1 Message and service data structures for interacting with Gazebo from ROS.
gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 2.8.6-1 Robot-independent Gazebo plugins for sensors, motors and dynamic reconfigurable components.
gazebo-rosblacklisted 2.8.6-1 Provides ROS plugins that offer message and service publishers for interfacing with <a href="">Gazebo</a> through ROS. Formally simulator_gazebo/gazebo
gazebo-ros-controlblacklisted 2.8.6-1 gazebo_ros_control
gazebo-ros-pkgsblacklisted 2.8.6-1 Interface for using ROS with the <a href="">Gazebo</a> simulator.
gazebo-rosdevblacklisted 2.8.6-1 Provides a cmake config for the default version of Gazebo for the ROS distribution.
gencpp 0.6.5-1 C++ ROS message and service generators.
generic-throttle 0.6.16-1 This package provides a throttle for ROS topics
geneusblacklisted 2.2.6 EusLisp ROS message and service generators.
genlispblacklisted 0.4.16 Common-Lisp ROS message and service generators.
genmsg 0.5.15-1 Standalone Python library for generating ROS message and service data structures for various languages.
gennodejs 2.0.1 Javascript ROS message and service generators.
genpy 0.6.9-1 Python ROS message and service generators.
geodesy 0.5.3 Python and C++ interfaces for manipulating geodetic coordinates.
geographic-info 0.5.3 Geographic information metapackage. Not needed for wet packages, use only to resolve dry stack dependencies.
geographic-msgs 0.5.3 ROS messages for Geographic Information Systems.
geometric-shapes 0.6.1 This package contains generic definitions of geometric shapes and bodies.
geometry 1.12.1-1 <p>A metapackage for geometry library suite.</p> <p><b>Migration</b>: Since ROS Hydro, tf has been &quot;deprecated&quot; in favor of <a href="">tf2</a>. tf2 is an iteration on tf providing generally the same feature set more efficiently. As well as adding a few new features.<br/> As tf2 is a major change the tf API has been maintained in its current form. Since tf2 has a superset of the tf features with a subset of the dependencies the tf implementation has been removed and replaced with calls to tf2 under the hood. This will mean that all users will be compatible with tf2. It is recommended for new work to use tf2 directly as it has a cleaner interface. However tf will continue to be supported for through at least J Turtle. </p>
geometry-msgs 1.12.7 geometry_msgs provides messages for common geometric primitives such as points, vectors, and poses. These primitives are designed to provide a common data type and facilitate interoperability throughout the system.
geometry-tutorialsblacklisted 0.2.2 Metapackage of geometry tutorials ROS.
geometry2 0.6.5 A metapackage to bring in the default packages second generation Transform Library in ros, tf2.
gl-dependencyblacklisted 1.1.0 This encapsulates the GL dependency for a specific ROS distribution and its Qt version
global-planner 1.16.5-1 A path planner library and node.
global-planner-tests 0.2.5-1 A collection of tests for checking the validity and completeness of global planners.
gmapping 1.4.1-1 This package contains a ROS wrapper for OpenSlam's Gmapping. The gmapping package provides laser-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), as a ROS node called slam_gmapping. Using slam_gmapping, you can create a 2-D occupancy grid map (like a building floorplan) from laser and pose data collected by a mobile robot.
goal-passer 0.3.3-1 A global planner plugin for move_base that simply passes the target pose on as a global plan. Useful for debugging local planners.
gps-common 0.3.1-1 GPS messages and common routines for use in GPS drivers
gps-umd 0.3.1-1 gps_umd metapackage
gpsd-client 0.3.1-1 connects to a GPSd server and broadcasts GPS fixes using the NavSatFix message
graft 0.2.3-2 Graft is not yet finished. It's intended to be a full replacement to robot_pose_ekf, including native absolute references, and arbitrary topic configuration. If you try to use Graft now, please note that not all parameters are configured and you will not always see a change in behavior by modifying the parameters.
graph-msgs 0.1.0 ROS messages for publishing graphs of different data types
grasping-msgs 0.3.1 Messages for describing objects and how to grasp them.
grid-mapblacklisted 1.6.2-1 Meta-package for the universal grid map library.
grid-map-core 1.6.2-1 Universal grid map library to manage two-dimensional grid maps with multiple data layers.
grid-map-costmap-2d 1.6.2-1 Interface for grid maps to the costmap_2d format.
grid-map-cv 1.6.2-1 Conversions between grid maps and OpenCV images.
grid-map-demosblacklisted 1.6.2-1 Demo nodes to demonstrate the usage of the grid map library.
grid-map-filters 1.6.2-1 Processing grid maps as a sequence of ROS filters.
grid-map-loader 1.6.2-1 Loading and publishing grid maps from bag files.
grid-map-msgs 1.6.2-1 Definition of the multi-layered grid map message type.
grid-map-octomap 1.6.2-1 Conversions between grid maps and OctoMap types.
grid-map-pcl 1.6.2-1 Conversions between grid maps and Point Cloud Library (PCL) types.
grid-map-ros 1.6.2-1 ROS interface for the grid map library to manage two-dimensional grid maps with multiple data layers.
grid-map-rviz-pluginblacklisted 1.6.2-1 RViz plugin for displaying grid map messages.
grid-map-sdf 1.6.2-1 Generates signed distance fields from grid maps.
grid-map-visualization 1.6.2-1 Configurable tool to visualize grid maps in RViz.
gripper-action-controller 0.15.1-1 The gripper_action_controller package
grpc 0.0.10 Catkinized gRPC Package
gscam 1.0.1 A ROS camera driver that uses gstreamer to connect to devices such as webcams.
gundam-robotblacklisted 0.0.3-1 gundam_robot is a meta package for GUNDAM RX-78 robot controller and simulator
gundam-rx78-controlblacklisted 0.0.3-1 gundam_rx78_control contains launch and configuration scripts for the ros controller of the GUNDAM RX-78 robot
gundam-rx78-descriptionblacklisted 0.0.3-1 gundam_rx78_description contains the ROS URDF file of the GUNDAM RX-78 robot
gundam-rx78-gazeboblacklisted 0.0.3-1 gundam_rx78_gazebo contains launch scripts for simulating the GUNDAM RX-78 robot in the gazebo simulation
h264-encoder-coreblacklisted 2.0.3-1 Common base code for ROS1/ROS2 H264 encoder node
h264-video-encoderblacklisted 1.1.4-1 ROS1 H264 encoder node
handeyeblacklisted 0.1.1-2 The handeye package
hardware-interface 0.17.0-1 Hardware Interface base class.
haros-catkinblacklisted 0.1.1-1 Catkin integration for HAROS (version 3.6.0)
health-metric-collector 2.0.1-1 The health_metric_collector package
hebi-cpp-api 3.1.1-1 A ROS package providing access to the HEBI C++ API.
hebi-description 0.1.0-1 ROS models for HEBI components
hector-components-description 0.5.0 hector_components_description contains URDF xacro macros for robot components, so they are easily attachable to robot models.
hector-compressed-map-transport 0.4.0-1 hector_compressed_map_transport provides means for transporting compressed map data through the use of image_transport.
hector-gazeboblacklisted 0.5.1 hector_gazebo provides packages related to to simulation of robots using gazebo (gazebo plugins, world files etc.)
hector-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 0.5.1 hector_gazebo_plugins provides gazebo plugins from Team Hector. Currently it contains a 6wd differential drive plugin, an IMU sensor plugin, an earth magnetic field sensor plugin, a GPS sensor plugin and a sonar ranger plugin.
hector-gazebo-thermal-camerablacklisted 0.5.1 hector_gazebo_thermal_camera provides a gazebo plugin that produces simulated thermal camera images. The plugin uses modified code from the gazebo_ros_camera plugin.
hector-gazebo-worldsblacklisted 0.5.1 hector_gazebo_worlds provides gazebo scenarios used by Team Hector Darmstadt
hector-geotiffblacklisted 0.4.0-1 hector_geotiff provides a node that can be used to save occupancy grid map, robot trajectory and object of interest data to RoboCup Rescue compliant GeoTiff images.
hector-geotiff-pluginsblacklisted 0.4.0-1 hector_geotiff_plugins contains plugins that extend geotiff maps generated by hector_geotiff.
hector-imu-attitude-to-tf 0.4.0-1 hector_imu_attitude_to_tf is a lightweight node that can be used to publish the roll/pitch attitude angles reported via a imu message to tf.
hector-imu-tools 0.4.0-1 hector_imu_tools provides some tools for processing IMU messages
hector-map-server 0.4.0-1 hector_map_server provides a service for retrieving the map, as well as for raycasting based obstacle queries (finds next obstacle in the map, given start and endpoint in any tf coordinate frame).
hector-map-tools 0.4.0-1 hector_map_tools contains some functions related to accessing information from OccupancyGridMap maps. Currently consists of a single header.
hector-mapping 0.4.0-1 hector_mapping is a SLAM approach that can be used without odometry as well as on platforms that exhibit roll/pitch motion (of the sensor, the platform or both). It leverages the high update rate of modern LIDAR systems like the Hokuyo UTM-30LX and provides 2D pose estimates at scan rate of the sensors (40Hz for the UTM-30LX). While the system does not provide explicit loop closing ability, it is sufficiently accurate for many real world scenarios. The system has successfully been used on Unmanned Ground Robots, Unmanned Surface Vehicles, Handheld Mapping Devices and logged data from quadrotor UAVs.
hector-marker-drawing 0.4.0-1 hector_marker_drawing provides convenience functions for easier publishing of visualization markers.
hector-models 0.5.0 hector_models contains (urdf) models of robots, sensors etc.
hector-nav-msgs 0.4.0-1 hector_nav_msgs contains messages and services used in the hector_slam stack.
hector-sensors-description 0.5.0 hector_sensors_description contains URDF xacro macros for sensors, so they are easily attachable to robot models and usable in gazebo.
hector-sensors-gazeboblacklisted 0.5.1 hector_sensors_gazebo depends on the necessary plugins for using the sensors from the hector_models repository.
hector-slamblacklisted 0.4.0-1 The hector_slam metapackage that installs hector_mapping and related packages.
hector-slam-launchblacklisted 0.4.0-1 hector_slam_launch contains launch files for launching hector_slam with different robot systems/setups/postprocessing scenarios.
hector-trajectory-server 0.4.0-1 hector_trajectory_server keeps track of tf trajectories extracted from tf data and makes this data accessible via a service and topic.
hector-xacro-tools 0.5.0 hector_xacro_tools
hls-lfcd-lds-driver 1.1.0-1 ROS package for LDS(HLS-LFCD2). The LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) is a sensor sending the data to Host for the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Simultaneously the detecting obstacle data can also be sent to Host. HLDS(Hitachi-LG Data Storage) is developing the technology for the moving platform sensor such as Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Home Robot, Robotics Lawn Mower Sensor, etc.
hostapd-access-point 1.0.16-1 A ROS node that controls a hostapd-based access point. It is mainly intended for use with a wireless network adapter running in master mode. It implements the dynamic_reconfigure interface defined in the [[access_point_control]] package.
hpp-fclblacklisted 1.0.1-2 HPP fork of FCL with bug fixes.
husky-baseblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Clearpath Husky robot driver
husky-bringupblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Clearpath Husky installation and integration package
husky-cartographer-navigation 0.0.2-1 Launch files and code for autonomous navigation of the Husky using Google Cartographer
husky-controlblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Clearpath Husky controller configurations
husky-description 0.4.2-1 Clearpath Husky URDF description
husky-desktopblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Metapackage for Clearpath Husky visualization software
husky-gazeboblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Clearpath Husky Simulator bringup
husky-msgs 0.4.2-1 Messages for Clearpath Husky
husky-navigation 0.4.2-1 Autonomous mapping and navigation demos for the Clearpath Husky
husky-robotblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Metapackage for Clearpath Husky robot software
husky-simulatorblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Metapackage for Clearpath Husky simulation software
husky-vizblacklisted 0.4.2-1 Visualization configuration for Clearpath Husky
ibeo-core 2.0.2 The ibeo_core package
ibeo-lux 2.0.1 ROS driver for IBEO LUX
ibeo-msgs 3.0.1-1 The ibeo_msgs package
ieee80211-channels 1.0.16-1 This package provides mapping from frequencies to IEEE802.11 channels and vice-versa.
ifm3dblacklisted 0.6.2-2 ifm pmd-based 3D ToF Camera ROS package
ifm3d-coreblacklisted 0.17.0-9 Library and Utilities for working with ifm pmd-based 3D ToF Cameras
ifoptblacklisted 2.0.7-1 An <a href="">Eigen-</a> based interface to Nonlinear Programming solver <a href="">Ipopt</a>. Inuitive and efficient C++ implementation of variables, costs and constraints using Eigen. Easy integration in your projects in catkin or pure cmake.
igvc-self-drive-descriptionblacklisted 0.1.4-1 Meshes and URDF descriptions for Gem vehicle
igvc-self-drive-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.4-1 Gazebo models and runtime configuration for igvc_self_drive simulator
igvc-self-drive-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 0.1.4-1 Gazebo plugins for IGVC Self-Drive simulator
igvc-self-drive-simblacklisted 0.1.4-1 Metapackage for igvc_self_drive_sim
iirob-filters 0.9.1-1 The iirob_filters package implements following filters: 1) Low-Pass 2) Moving Mean 3) Gravity Compensation (used for force-torque sensors) 4) Threshold Filter 5) Kalman Filter
image-cb-detector 0.10.14 Provide a node that extracts checkerboard corners from ROS images. This package is still experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
image-common 1.11.13 Common code for working with images in ROS.
image-geometry 1.13.0 `image_geometry` contains C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically. It interfaces the calibration parameters in sensor_msgs/CameraInfo messages with OpenCV functions such as image rectification, much as cv_bridge interfaces ROS sensor_msgs/Image with OpenCV data types.
image-pipeline 1.14.0-1 image_pipeline fills the gap between getting raw images from a camera driver and higher-level vision processing.
image-proc 1.14.0-1 Single image rectification and color processing.
image-publisher 1.14.0-1 <p> Contains a node publish an image stream from single image file or avi motion file. </p>
image-rotate 1.14.0-1 <p> Contains a node that rotates an image stream in a way that minimizes the angle between a vector in some arbitrary frame and a vector in the camera frame. The frame of the outgoing image is published by the node. </p> <p> This node is intended to allow camera images to be visualized in an orientation that is more intuitive than the hardware-constrained orientation of the physical camera. This is particularly helpful, for example, to show images from the PR2's forearm cameras with a consistent up direction, despite the fact that the forearms need to rotate in arbitrary ways during manipulation. </p> <p> It is not recommended to use the output from this node for further computation, as it interpolates the source image, introduces black borders, and does not output a camera_info. </p>
image-transport 1.11.13 image_transport should always be used to subscribe to and publish images. It provides transparent support for transporting images in low-bandwidth compressed formats. Examples (provided by separate plugin packages) include JPEG/PNG compression and Theora streaming video.
image-transport-plugins 1.9.5 A set of plugins for publishing and subscribing to sensor_msgs/Image topics in representations other than raw pixel data. For example, for viewing a stream of images off-robot, a video codec will give much lower bandwidth and latency. For low frame rate tranport of high-definition images, you might prefer sending them as JPEG or PNG-compressed form.
image-view 1.14.0-1 A simple viewer for ROS image topics. Includes a specialized viewer for stereo + disparity images.
image-view2 2.2.10 A simple viewer for ROS image topics with draw-on features
imagesiftblacklisted 1.2.10 For every image, computes its sift features and send a new message with the image, its intrinsic parameters, and the features. Parameters include: display - shows the image on the local computer
imagezero 0.2.4 ImageZero is a fast lossless image compression algorithm for RGB color photos.
imagezero-image-transport 0.2.4 A plugin to image_transport for transparently sending images encoded with ImageZero.
imagezero-ros 0.2.4 A library that provides convenient methods for manipulating ROS images with ImageZero
imu-complementary-filter 1.2.1-1 Filter which fuses angular velocities, accelerations, and (optionally) magnetic readings from a generic IMU device into a quaternion to represent the orientation of the device wrt the global frame. Based on the algorithm by Roberto G. Valenti etal. described in the paper &quot;Keeping a Good Attitude: A Quaternion-Based Orientation Filter for IMUs and MARGs&quot; available at .
imu-filter-madgwick 1.2.1-1 Filter which fuses angular velocities, accelerations, and (optionally) magnetic readings from a generic IMU device into an orientation. Based on code by Sebastian Madgwick,
imu-pipeline 0.2.3 imu_pipeline
imu-processors 0.2.3 Processors for sensor_msgs::Imu data
imu-sensor-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller to publish state of IMU sensors
imu-toolsblacklisted 1.2.1-1 Various tools for IMU devices
imu-transformer 0.2.3 Node/nodelet combination to transform sensor_msgs::Imu data from one frame into another.
industrial-coreblacklisted 0.7.1-1 ROS-Industrial core stack contains packages and libraries for supporing industrial systems
industrial-deprecated 0.7.1-1 The Industrial deprecated package contains nodes, launch files, etc... that are slated for deprecation. This package is the last place something will end up before being deleted. If you are missing a package/node and find it's contents here, then you should consider a replacement.
industrial-msgs 0.7.1-1 The industrial message package containes industrial specific messages definitions. This package is part of the ROS-Industrial program.
industrial-robot-client 0.7.1-1 industrial robot client contains generic clients for connecting to industrial robot controllers with servers that adhere to the simple message protocol.
industrial-robot-simulator 0.7.1-1 The industrial robot simulator is a stand in for industrial robot driver node(s). It adheres to the driver specification for industrial robot controllers.
industrial-robot-status-controller 0.1.2-1 A ros_control controller that reports robot status using the ROS-Industrial RobotStatus message.
industrial-robot-status-interface 0.1.2-1 Exposes ROS-Industrial's RobotStatus info from hardware_interfaces for consumption by ros_control controllers.
industrial-trajectory-filtersblacklisted 0.7.1-1 <p> ROS Industrial libraries/plugins for filtering trajectories. </p> <p> This package is part of the ROS Industrial program and contains libraries and moveit plugins for filtering robot trajectories. </p>
industrial-utils 0.7.1-1 Industrial utils is a library package that captures common funcitonality for the ROS-Industrial distribution.
interactive-marker-proxy 0.1.2 A Proxy Server for Interactive Markers
interactive-marker-tutorials 0.10.3 The interactive_marker_tutorials package
interactive-marker-twist-server 1.2.0 Interactive control for generic Twist-based robots using interactive markers
interactive-markers 1.11.4 3D interactive marker communication library for RViz and similar tools.
interval-intersection 0.10.14 Tools for calculating the intersection of interval messages coming in on several topics. This package is experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
ipa-3d-fov-visualization 0.6.15-1 The ipa_3d_fov_visualization package allows to visualize the field-of-view of a camera.
ipr-externblacklisted 0.8.8-1 Package with external libraries used in Industrial and Service workspaces. Currentlly supported Libraries: Reflexxes, Libmodbus.
ira-laser-toolsblacklisted 1.0.4-1 The ira_laser_tools package. These nodes are meant to provide some utils for lasers, like listen to different laser scan sources and merge them in a single scan or generate virtual laser scans from a pointcloud.
ivcon 0.1.7 Mesh Conversion Utility Used to generate '.iv' files from '.stl' files. This package has not been changed since 2001 and appears to be very stable. We plan on keeping this package in this revision for mesh conversions. This package is only available as a single source file for download. There are no local modifications to this package.
jackal-cartographer-navigation 0.0.1-1 Launch files and code for autonomous navigation of the Jackal using Google Cartographer
jackal-control 0.6.4-1 Controllers for Jackal
jackal-description 0.6.4-1 URDF robot description for Jackal
jackal-desktopblacklisted 0.3.2-1 Packages for working with Jackal from a ROS desktop.
jackal-gazeboblacklisted 0.3.0-1 Launchfiles to use Jackal in Gazebo.
jackal-msgs 0.6.4-1 Messages exclusive to Jackal, especially for representing low-level motor commands and sensors.
jackal-navigation 0.6.4-1 Launch files and code for autonomous navigation of the Jackal
jackal-simulatorblacklisted 0.3.0-1 Packages for simulating Jackal.
jackal-tutorialsblacklisted 0.6.4-1 Jackal's tutorials.
jackal-vizblacklisted 0.3.2-1 Visualization launchers and helpers for Jackal.
jderobot-assetsblacklisted 1.0.0-1 The jderobot_assets package
jderobot-camvizblacklisted 0.1.0-1 camViz package
jderobot-color-tuner 0.0.3-6 The jderobot_color_tuner tool package
jderobot-dronesblacklisted 1.3.1-1 The jderobot_drones stack
joint-limits-interface 0.17.0-1 Interface for enforcing joint limits.
joint-state-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller to publish joint state
joint-state-publisher 1.12.15-1 This package contains a tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF.
joint-state-publisher-gui 1.12.15-1 This package contains a GUI tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF.
joint-states-settler 0.10.14 Provides a node that reports how long a subset of joints has been settled. That is, it calculates how long a set of joints has remained within a specified threshold. This package is experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
joint-trajectory-action 1.10.17-1 The joint_trajectory_action is a node that exposes an action interface to a joint trajectory controller.
joint-trajectory-action-tools 0.0.11 joint_trajectory_action_tools
joint-trajectory-controller 0.15.1-1 Controller for executing joint-space trajectories on a group of joints.
joint-trajectory-generator 0.0.11 joint_trajectory_generator action takes in a trajectory specified by a number of joint positions, and it generates a new smooth trajectory through these joint positions.
jointstick 0.9.1-2 Move any joint with any controller!
joy 1.13.0-1 ROS driver for a generic Linux joystick. The joy package contains joy_node, a node that interfaces a generic Linux joystick to ROS. This node publishes a &quot;Joy&quot; message, which contains the current state of each one of the joystick's buttons and axes.
joy-listener 0.2.4 Translates joy msgs
joy-teleop 0.3.1-1 A (to be) generic joystick interface to control a robot
joystick-driversblacklisted 1.13.0-1 This metapackage depends on packages for interfacing common joysticks and human input devices with ROS.
joystick-interrupt 0.8.1-1 Interrupt cmd_vel by joystick input
jpeg-streamer 0.2.7 tools for streaming JPEG-formatted CompressedImage topics over HTTP
jsk-3rdpartyblacklisted 2.1.13-1 <p>Metapackage that contains commonly used 3rdparty toolset for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-commonblacklisted 2.2.10 <p>Metapackage that contains commonly used toolset for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-common-msgs 4.3.1 <p>Metapackage that contains commonly used messages for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-datablacklisted 2.2.10 The jsk_data package
jsk-footstep-msgs 4.3.1 jsk_footstep_msgs
jsk-gui-msgs 4.3.1 jsk_gui_msgs
jsk-hark-msgs 4.3.1 jsk_hark_msgs
jsk-interactiveblacklisted 2.1.5 jsk_interactive
jsk-interactive-markerblacklisted 2.1.5 jsk interactive markers
jsk-interactive-testblacklisted 2.1.5 jsk_interactive_test
jsk-model-toolsblacklisted 0.4.3 <p>Metapackage that contains model_tools package for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-network-tools 2.2.10 jsk_network_tools
jsk-pcl-rosblacklisted 1.2.10 ROS nodelets for pointcloud perception.
jsk-pcl-ros-utilsblacklisted 1.2.10 ROS utility nodelets for pointcloud perception.
jsk-perceptionblacklisted 1.2.10 ROS nodes and nodelets for 2-D image perception.
jsk-pr2eusblacklisted 0.3.14-3 <p>Metapackage that contains robot eus client package for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-recognitionblacklisted 1.2.10 <p>Metapackage that contains recognition package for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-recognition-msgs 1.2.10 ROS messages for jsk_pcl_ros and jsk_perception.
jsk-recognition-utilsblacklisted 1.2.10 C++ library about sensor model, geometrical modeling and perception.
jsk-roseusblacklisted 1.7.4-1 <p>Metapackage that contains roseus package for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jsk-rqt-pluginsblacklisted 2.1.5 The jsk_rqt_plugins package
jsk-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 2.1.5 The jsk_rviz_plugins package
jsk-tilt-laser 2.2.10 The jsk_tilt_laser package
jsk-toolsblacklisted 2.2.10 Includes emacs scripts, ros tool alias generator, and launch doc generator.
jsk-topic-toolsblacklisted 2.2.10 jsk_topic_tools
jsk-visualizationblacklisted 2.1.5 <p>Metapackage that contains visualization package for jsk-ros-pkg</p>
jskeusblacklisted 1.2.1-1 EusLisp software developed and used by JSK at The University of Tokyo
json-msgs 0.0.3 JSON ROS message
json-transportblacklisted 0.0.3 JSON transport for ROS
juliusblacklisted 2.1.13-1 julius: Open-Source Large Vocabulary CSR Engine (
julius-rosblacklisted 2.1.13-1 The julius_ros package
kalman-filter 0.2.4 Simple Kalman Filter in Python
kartech-linear-actuator-msgs 3.0.1-1 The kartech_linear_actuator_msgs package
kdl-conversions 1.12.1-1 Conversion functions between KDL and geometry_msgs types.
kdl-parser 1.13.1 The Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL) defines a tree structure to represent the kinematic and dynamic parameters of a robot mechanism. <tt>kdl_parser</tt> provides tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF.
kdl-parser-py 1.13.1 The Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL) defines a tree structure to represent the kinematic and dynamic parameters of a robot mechanism. <tt>kdl_parser_py</tt> provides Python tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF.
key-teleop 0.3.1-1 A text-based interface to send a robot movement commands
kinesis-manager 2.0.1-1 AWS Kinesis stream management library intended for use with the Kinesis Video Producer SDK
kinesis-video-msgs 2.0.2-1 Messages for transmitting video frames to Kinesis Video Streams
kinesis-video-streamer 2.0.2-1 Kinesis Video Streams producer node
kobuki-core 0.7.8 Non-ROS software for Kobuki, Yujin Robot's mobile research base.
kobuki-dock-drive 0.7.8 Dock driving library for Kobuki. Users owning a docking station for Kobuki can use this tool to develop autonomous docking drive algorithms.
kobuki-driver 0.7.8 C++ driver library for Kobuki: Pure C++ driver library for Kobuki. This is for those who do not wish to use ROS on their systems.
kobuki-ftdiblacklisted 0.7.8 Utilities for flashing and enabling Kobuki's USB connection. This package contains tools for flashing the Kobuki's FTDI chip (usually done at the factory). The special firmware for the FTDI chip (USB to serial converter) enables it to appear as /dev/kobuki on the user's PC.
kobuki-msgs 0.7.0-1 <p> Kobuki message and service types: custom messages and services for Kobuki packages. </p>
ksql-airportblacklisted 0.0.1-1 The ksql_airport package
kvh-geo-fog-3dblacklisted 1.3.3-1 Provides a driver node for KVH GEO FOG 3D INS sensors, messages, and rviz plugins.
kvh-geo-fog-3d-driver 1.3.3-1 A ROS driver for the KVH Geo Fog 3D INS family of systems.
kvh-geo-fog-3d-msgs 1.3.3-1 kvh_geo_fog_3d_msgs contains raw messages for the KVH GEO FOG 3D INS devices.
kvh-geo-fog-3d-rvizblacklisted 1.3.3-1 The KVH GEO FOG 3D rviz plugin package
laptop-battery-monitor 0.2.1-1 Simple script to check battery status
laser-assembler 1.7.7-2 Provides nodes to assemble point clouds from either LaserScan or PointCloud messages
laser-cb-detector 0.10.14 Extracts checkerboard corners from a dense laser snapshot. This package is experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
laser-filtering 0.0.4 ROS Libraries for filtering specific kinds of laser scans
laser-filters 1.8.8-1 Assorted filters designed to operate on 2D planar laser scanners, which use the sensor_msgs/LaserScan type.
laser-filters-jsk-patch 2.1.13-1 laser_filters_jsk_patch
laser-geometry 1.6.4 This package contains a class for converting from a 2D laser scan as defined by sensor_msgs/LaserScan into a point cloud as defined by sensor_msgs/PointCloud or sensor_msgs/PointCloud2. In particular, it contains functionality to account for the skew resulting from moving robots or tilting laser scanners.
laser-pipeline 1.6.3 Meta-package of libraries for processing laser data, including converting laser data into 3D representations.
laser-proc 0.1.5 laser_proc
laser-scan-densifier 0.7.1-1 The laser_scan_densifier takes in a LaserScan message and densifies it. Node is inspired by laser_scan_sparsifier (
laser-scan-publisher-tutorial 0.2.3-1 The laser_scan_publisher_tutorial package
laser-tilt-controller-filter 0.1.28-1 laser_tilt_controller_filter
lauv-controlblacklisted 0.1.6 Collection of configuration and launch files to start controllers for the LAUV.
lauv-descriptionblacklisted 0.1.6 Robot description files for the LAUV.
lauv-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.6 Sample launch files to start a simulated LAUV in Gazebo.
leg-detector 1.2.0-1 Leg Detector using a machine learning approach to find leg-like patterns of laser scanner readings.
leuze-bringupblacklisted 1.0.1-1 This package contains .
leuze-descriptionblacklisted 1.0.1-1 This package contains .
leuze-msgs 1.0.1-1 Contains the specific leuze messages.
leuze-phidget-driver 1.0.1-1 The phidget interface kit driver package for leuze lasers
leuze-ros-driversblacklisted 1.0.1-1 The leuze_ros_drivers metapackage
leuze-rsl-driver 1.0.1-1 ROS Driver for the Leuze RSL series laser scanner.
lex-common 1.0.0-1 Lex Common utilities, intended for use by Lex clients
lex-common-msgs 2.0.2-1 Common messages for interacting with Amazon Lex using the lex_node package
lex-node 2.0.2-1 Package providing a ROS node for interacting with Amazon Lex
lgsvl-msgs 0.0.2-1 The lgsvl_msgs package for ground truth data.
libcmt 2.1.13-1 libCMT ROS Wrapper
libcreate 2.0.0-1 C++ library for interfacing with iRobot's Create 1 and Create 2
libdlib 0.6.15-1 This package wraps the external c++ library dlib ( in a ROS package, so other packages can use it. The code was obtained from . For further descriptions and tutorials see the Makefile.tarball and .
libfranka 0.7.1-1 libfranka is a C++ library for Franka Emika research robots
libg2oblacklisted 2018.3.25 The libg2o library from
libmavconn 1.0.0-1 MAVLink communication library. This library provide unified connection handling classes and URL to connection object mapper. This library can be used in standalone programs.
libmodbus 0.8.8-1 The iirob_filters package implements following filters: 1) Low-Pass 2) Moving Mean 3) Gravity Compensation (used for force-torque sensors) 4) Threshold Filter
libntcan 0.6.15-1 This package wraps the libntcan to use it as a ros dependency.
libpcan 0.6.15-1 This package wraps the libpcan to use it as a ros dependency
libphidget21blacklisted 0.7.9-1 This package wraps the libphidget21 to use it as a ROS dependency
libphidgetsblacklisted 0.6.15-1 This package wraps the libphidgets to use it as a ros dependency
libqt-concurrentblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-concurrent metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-coreblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-core metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-guiblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-gui metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-networkblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-network metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-openglblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-opengl metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-opengl-rosdevblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-opengl metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-rosdevblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-dev metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-svg-rosdevblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-svg-dev metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
libqt-widgetsblacklisted 1.0.1 libqt-widgets metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
librealsense2blacklisted 2.33.1-2 Library for capturing data from the Intel(R) RealSense(TM) SR300, D400 Depth cameras and T2xx Tracking devices. This effort was initiated to better support researchers, creative coders, and app developers in domains such as robotics, virtual reality, and the internet of things. Several often-requested features of RealSense(TM); devices are implemented in this project.
libreflexxestype2 0.8.8-1 Package with ReflexxesTypeII implementation and header files
librviz-tutorialblacklisted 0.10.3 Tutorial showing how to compile your own C++ program with RViz displays and features.
libsensors-monitor 0.2.1-1 A ROS node for using libsensors to provide diagnostics information about the sensors on a computer system.
libsiftfastblacklisted 2.1.13-1 Library to compute SIFT features
libuvc 0.0.6 USB Video Class driver library
libuvc-camerablacklisted 0.0.10-1 USB Video Class camera driver
libuvc-rosblacklisted 0.0.10-1 libuvc_ros metapackage
linksys-access-point 1.0.16-1 A ROS node that controls a Linksys access point with a Linksys WRT610n-compatible web interface.
linux-networkingblacklisted 1.0.16-1 The linux_networking package
linux-peripheral-interfaces 0.2.1-1 Simple scripts which help utilise, monitor, interact with computer hardware abstracted by a linux OS.
lms1xx 0.2.0-1 The lms1xx package contains a basic ROS driver for the SICK LMS1xx line of LIDARs.
lockfree 1.0.25 The lockfree package contains lock-free data structures for use in multithreaded programming. These kinds of data structures are generally not as easy to use as single-threaded equivalents, and are not always faster. If you don't know you need to use one, try another structure with a lock around it first.
locomotor 0.2.5-1 Locomotor is an extensible path planning coordination engine that replaces move_base. The goal is to provide a mechanism for controlling what happens when the global and local planners succeed and fail. It leverages ROS callback queues to coordinate multiple threads.
locomotor-msgs 0.2.5-1 Action definition for Locomotor
locomove-base 0.2.5-1 Extension of locomotor that implements move_base's functionality.
lpg-planner 2.1.13-1 lpg_planner: LPGL Planner (
lusb 1.1.0 Library for interfacing to USB devices
lvr2blacklisted 19.12.1-1 The Las Vegas Surface Reconstruction Toolkit is an Open Source toolkit to reconstruct triangle meshes from unordered point clouds. It supports the generation of textured models either using colored point clouds or point clouds plus images and according calibration matrices. The LVR toolkit provides an Open Source C++ API for meshing and texture generation as well as an I/O interface to store the generated meshes in different exchange formats including Stanford PLY, Wavefront OBJ and Collada. In contrast to other meshing software, it focuses on reconstruction of large scale environments on city scale from high resolution point clouds.
map-laser 0.0.4 Filters a laser scan to remove points that are in the current static map
map-merge-3dblacklisted 0.1.1 Merging multiple 3D maps, represented as pointclouds, without knowledge of initial positions of robots.
map-msgs 1.13.0 This package defines messages commonly used in mapping packages.
map-organizer 0.8.1-1 Layered costmap organizer package
map-organizer-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for map_organizer_msgs package
map-server 1.16.5-1 map_server provides the <tt>map_server</tt> ROS <a href="">Node</a>, which offers map data as a ROS <a href="">Service</a>. It also provides the <tt>map_saver</tt> command-line utility, which allows dynamically generated maps to be saved to file.
mapvizblacklisted 1.2.0-1 mapviz
mapviz-pluginsblacklisted 1.2.0-1 Common plugins for the Mapviz visualization tool
marker-msgs 0.0.6 The marker_msgs package contains messages usable to setup a marker/fiducial system. The package distinguishes between two types of messages. First messages to describe the properties of a marker/fiducial detection system and the detected markers. Secondly messages used to represent a map of markers/features with covariances as it would be produced by a SLAM system or published by a map server for self-localization.
marti-can-msgs 0.8.0 marti_can_msgs
marti-common-msgs 0.8.0 marti_common_msgs
marti-data-structures 2.11.0-1 marti_data_structures
marti-nav-msgs 0.8.0 marti_nav_msgs
marti-perception-msgs 0.8.0 marti_perception_msgs
marti-sensor-msgs 0.8.0 marti_sensor_msgs
marti-status-msgs 0.8.0 marti_status_msgs
marti-visualization-msgs 0.8.0 marti_visualization_msgs
master-discovery-fkieblacklisted 0.8.12 Discover the running ROS Masters in local network. The discovering is done by sending an echo heartbeat messages to a defined multicast group. The alternative is to use a zeroconf/avahi daemon to register the ROS master as service and discover other ROS masters.
master-sync-fkieblacklisted 0.8.12 Synchronize the local ROS master to the remote masters discovered by master_discovery_fkie node. The registration of topics and services is only perform by local ROS master.
mav-comm 3.3.2 Contains messages and services for MAV communication
mav-msgs 3.3.2 Package containing messages for communicating with rotary wing MAVs
mav-planning-msgs 3.3.2 Messages specific to MAV planning, especially polynomial planning.
mavlink 2020.3.3-1 MAVLink message marshaling library. This package provides C-headers and C++11 library for both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of protocol. For pymavlink use separate install via rosdep (python-pymavlink).
mavros 1.0.0-1 MAVROS -- MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS with proxy for Ground Control Station.
mavros-extras 1.0.0-1 Extra nodes and plugins for <a href="">MAVROS</a>.
mavros-msgs 1.0.0-1 mavros_msgs defines messages for <a href="">MAVROS</a>.
mbf-abstract-core 0.2.5-1 This package provides common interfaces for navigation specific robot actions. It contains the AbstractPlanner, AbstractController and AbstractRecovery plugin interfaces. This interfaces have to be implemented by the plugins to make the plugin available for Move Base Flex. The abstract classes provides a meaningful interface enabling the planners, controllers and recovery behaviors to return information, e.g. why something went wrong. Derivided interfaces can, for example, provide methods to initialize the planner, controller or recovery with map representations like costmap_2d, grid_map or other representations.
mbf-abstract-nav 0.2.5-1 The mbf_abstract_nav package contains the abstract navigation server implementation of Move Base Flex (MBF). The abstract navigation server is not bound to any map representation. It provides the actions for planning, controlling and recovering. MBF loads all defined plugins at the program start. Therefor, it loads all plugins which are defined in the lists *planners*, *controllers* and *recovery_behaviors*. Each list holds a pair of a *name* and a *type*. The *type* defines which kind of plugin to load. The *name* defines under which name the plugin should be callable by the actions.
mbf-costmap-core 0.2.5-1 This package provides common interfaces for navigation specific robot actions. It contains the CostmapPlanner, CostmapController and CostmapRecovery interfaces. The interfaces have to be implemented by the plugins to make them available for Move Base Flex using the mbf_costmap_nav navigation implementation. That implementation inherits the mbf_abstract_nav implementation and binds the system to a local and a global costmap.
mbf-costmap-nav 0.2.5-1 The mbf_costmap_nav package contains the costmap navigation server implementation of Move Base Flex (MBF). The costmap navigation server is bound to the <a href="">costmap_2d</a> representation. It provides the Actions for planning, controlling and recovering. At the time of start MBF loads all defined plugins. Therefor, it loads all plugins which are defined in the lists *planners*, *controllers* and *recovery_behaviors*. Each list holds a pair of a *name* and a *type*. The *type* defines which kind of plugin to load. The *name* defines under which name the plugin should be callable by the actions. Additionally the mbf_costmap_nav package comes with a wrapper for the old navigation stack and the plugins which inherits from the <a href="">nav_core</a> base classes. Preferably it tries to load plugins for the new API. However, plugins could even support both <a href="">move_base</a> and <a href="">move_base_flex</a> by inheriting both base class interfaces located in the <a href="">nav_core</a> package and in the <a href="mbf_costmap_core">mbf_costmap_core</a> package.
mbf-msgs 0.2.5-1 The move_base_flex messages package providing the action definition files for the action GetPath, ExePath, Recovery and MoveBase. The action servers providing these action are implemented in <a href="">mbf_abstract_nav</a>.
mbf-simple-nav 0.2.5-1 The mbf_simple_nav package contains a simple navigation server implementation of Move Base Flex (MBF). The simple navigation server is bound to no map representation. It provides actions for planning, controlling and recovering. MBF loads all defined plugins which are defined in the lists *planners*, *controllers* and *recovery_behaviors*. Each list holds a pair of a *name* and a *type*. The *type* defines which kind of plugin to load. The *name* defines under which name the plugin should be callable by the actions. It tries to load the defined plugins which implements the defined interfaces in <a href="">mbf_abstract_core</a>.
mbf-utility 0.2.5-1 The mbf_utility package
mcl-3dl 0.2.1-1 3-D/6-DOF localization for mobile robots with 3-D LIDAR(s)
mcl-3dl-msgs 0.2.0-1 The mcl_3dl message definition package
mcmillan-airfieldblacklisted 0.0.1-1 The mcmillan_airfield package
md49-base-controller 0.1.4-1 The md49_base_controller package
md49-messages 0.1.4-1 The md49_messages package
md49-serialport 0.1.4-1 The md49_serialport package
mecanum-gazebo-pluginblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Plugin which uses directional friction to simulate mecanum wheels.
media-export 0.3.0-1 Placeholder package enabling generic export of media paths.
message-filters 1.14.5-1 A set of message filters which take in messages and may output those messages at a later time, based on the conditions that filter needs met.
message-generation 0.4.1-1 Package modeling the build-time dependencies for generating language bindings of messages.
message-relay 0.0.2-1 Package to programmatically spawn message, service, and action relays. To add support for a message/service dependency, please add to the build dependencies in package.xml and CMakeLists.txt
message-runtime 0.4.12 Package modeling the run-time dependencies for language bindings of messages.
microstrain-3dmgx2-imu 1.5.13-1 A driver for IMUs compatible the microstrain 3DM-GX2 and 3DM-GX3 protocol. Includes a heavily modified standalone driver pulled from the player distribution, and a ROS node.
microstrain-mips 0.0.3-1 The microstrain_mips package provides a driver for the LORD/Microstrain 3DM_GX5_XX GPS-aided IMU sensor.
mikrotik-swos-tools 1.0.1-1 Integration between ROS (Robot Operating System) and Mikrotik SwOS
mini-maxwell 2.1.13-1 mini_maxwell
mir-actions 1.0.4-1 Action definitions for the MiR100 robot
mir-descriptionblacklisted 1.0.4-1 URDF description of the MiR100 robot
mir-driverblacklisted 1.0.4-1 A reverse ROS bridge for the MiR100 robot
mir-dwb-critics 1.0.4-1 Trajectory critics for the dwb_local_planner that work well together with the SBPL global planner on the MiR robot
mir-gazeboblacklisted 1.0.4-1 Simulation specific launch and configuration files for the MiR100 robot.
mir-msgs 1.0.4-1 Message definitions for the MiR100 robot
mir-navigationblacklisted 1.0.4-1 Launch and configuration files for move_base, localization etc. on the MiR robot.
mir-robotblacklisted 1.0.4-1 URDF description, Gazebo simulation, navigation, bringup launch files, message and action descriptions for the MiR100 robot.
mk 1.14.8-1 A collection of .mk include files for building ROS architectural elements. Most package authors should use cmake .mk, which calls CMake for the build of the package. The other files in this package are intended for use in exotic situations that mostly arise when importing 3rdparty code.
ml-classifiers 1.0.1-1 ml_classifiers
mobileye-560-660-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definitions for the Mobileye 560/660
mongodb-logblacklisted 0.5.2-1 The mongodb_log package
mongodb-storeblacklisted 0.5.2-1 A package to support MongoDB-based storage and analysis for data from a ROS system, eg. saved messages, configurations etc
mongodb-store-msgs 0.5.2-1 The mongodb_store_msgs package
monocam-settler 0.10.14 Listens on a ImageFeatures topic, and waits for the data to settle. This package is experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
mouse-teleop 0.3.1-1 A mouse teleop tool for holonomic mobile robots.
move-base 1.16.5-1 The move_base package provides an implementation of an action (see the <a href="">actionlib</a> package) that, given a goal in the world, will attempt to reach it with a mobile base. The move_base node links together a global and local planner to accomplish its global navigation task. It supports any global planner adhering to the nav_core::BaseGlobalPlanner interface specified in the <a href="">nav_core</a> package and any local planner adhering to the nav_core::BaseLocalPlanner interface specified in the <a href="">nav_core</a> package. The move_base node also maintains two costmaps, one for the global planner, and one for a local planner (see the <a href="">costmap_2d</a> package) that are used to accomplish navigation tasks.
move-base-flex 0.2.5-1 Move Base Flex (MBF) is a backwards-compatible replacement for move_base. MBF can use existing plugins for move_base, and provides an enhanced version of the planner, controller and recovery plugin ROS interfaces. It exposes action servers for planning, controlling and recovering, providing detailed information of the current state and the plugin’s feedback. An external executive logic can use MBF and its actions to perform smart and flexible navigation strategies. Furthermore, MBF enables the use of other map representations, e.g. meshes or grid_map This package is a meta package and refers to the Move Base Flex stack packages.The abstract core of MBF – without any binding to a map representation – is represented by the <a href="">mbf_abstract_nav</a> and the <a href="">mbf_abstract_core</a>. For navigation on costmaps see <a href="">mbf_costmap_nav</a> and <a href="">mbf_costmap_core</a>.
move-base-msgs 1.13.0 Holds the action description and relevant messages for the move_base package
move-slow-and-clear 1.16.5-1 move_slow_and_clear
moveitblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Meta package that contains all essential package of MoveIt!. Until Summer 2016 MoveIt! had been developed over multiple repositories, where developers' usability and maintenance effort was non-trivial. See <a href="">the detailed discussion for the merge of several repositories</a>.
moveit-chomp-optimizer-adapter 1.0.2-1 MoveIt planning request adapter utilizing chomp for solution optimization
moveit-commanderblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Python interfaces to MoveIt
moveit-controller-manager-example 1.0.2-1 An example controller manager plugin for MoveIt. This is not functional code.
moveit-core 1.0.2-1 Core libraries used by MoveIt!
moveit-experimental 1.0.2-1 Experimental packages for MoveIt!
moveit-fake-controller-managerblacklisted 1.0.2-1 A fake controller manager plugin for MoveIt.
moveit-kinematics 1.0.2-1 Package for all inverse kinematics solvers in MoveIt!
moveit-msgs 0.10.0 Messages, services and actions used by MoveIt
moveit-plannersblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Metapacakge that installs all available planners for MoveIt
moveit-planners-chomp 1.0.2-1 The interface for using CHOMP within MoveIt!
moveit-planners-omplblacklisted 1.0.2-1 MoveIt! interface to OMPL
moveit-pluginsblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Metapackage for MoveIt! plugins.
moveit-pr2blacklisted 0.7.3-1 All PR2-specific packages for MoveIt
moveit-python 0.3.3-1 A pure-python interaface to the MoveIt! ROS API.
moveit-resources 0.6.5-1 Resources used for MoveIt! testing
moveit-rosblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! that use ROS
moveit-ros-benchmarksblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Enhanced tools for benchmarks in MoveIt!
moveit-ros-control-interface 1.0.2-1 ros_control controller manager interface for MoveIt!
moveit-ros-manipulationblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! used for manipulation
moveit-ros-move-groupblacklisted 1.0.2-1 The move_group node for MoveIt
moveit-ros-perceptionblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! connecting to perception
moveit-ros-planningblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Planning components of MoveIt! that use ROS
moveit-ros-planning-interfaceblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! that offer simpler interfaces to planning and execution
moveit-ros-robot-interactionblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! that offer interaction via interactive markers
moveit-ros-visualizationblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! that offer visualization
moveit-ros-warehouseblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Components of MoveIt! connecting to MongoDB
moveit-runtimeblacklisted 1.0.2-1 moveit_runtime meta package contains MoveIt! packages that are essential for its runtime (e.g. running MoveIt! on robots).
moveit-setup-assistantblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Generates a configuration package that makes it easy to use MoveIt!
moveit-sim-controllerblacklisted 0.2.0-1 A simulation interface for a hardware interface for ros_control, and loads default joint values from SRDF
moveit-simple-controller-manager 1.0.2-1 A generic, simple controller manager plugin for MoveIt.
moveit-visual-toolsblacklisted 3.5.2 Helper functions for displaying and debugging MoveIt! data in Rviz via published markers
movie-publisherblacklisted 1.3.0-1 Node for using a video file as video topic source.
mpc-local-plannerblacklisted 0.0.2-1 The mpc_local_planner package implements a plugin to the base_local_planner of the 2D navigation stack. It provides a generic and versatile model predictive control implementation with minimum-time and quadratic-form receding-horizon configurations.
mpc-local-planner-examplesblacklisted 0.0.2-1 The mpc_local_planner_examples package
mpc-local-planner-msgs 0.0.2-1 This package provides message types that are used by the package mpc_local_planner
mrpt-bridgeblacklisted 0.1.25 C++ library to convert between ROS messages and MRPT classes
mrpt-ekf-slam-2dblacklisted 0.1.10-1 This package is a wrapper for the implementation of EKF-based SLAM with range-bearing sensors, odometry, and a 2D (+heading) robot pose, and 2D landmarks.
mrpt-ekf-slam-3dblacklisted 0.1.10-1 This package is a wrapper for the implementation of EKF-based SLAM with range-bearing sensors, odometry, a full 6D robot pose, and 3D landmarks.
mrpt-graphslam-2dblacklisted 0.1.10-1 Implement graphSLAM using the mrpt-graphslam library, in an online fashion by directly reading measurements off ROS Topics.
mrpt-icp-slam-2dblacklisted 0.1.10-1 mrpt_icp_slam_2d contains a wrapper on MRPT's 2D ICP-SLAM algorithms.
mrpt-local-obstaclesblacklisted 0.1.26-1 Maintains a local obstacle map (point cloud, voxels or occupancy grid) from recent sensor readings within a configurable time window.
mrpt-localizationblacklisted 0.1.26-1 Package for robot 2D self-localization using dynamic or static (MRPT or ROS) maps. The interface is similar to amcl ( but supports different particle-filter algorithms, several grid maps at different heights, range-only localization, etc.
mrpt-mapblacklisted 0.1.26-1 The mrpt_map is able to publish a mrpt map as ros occupancy grid like the map_server
mrpt-msgs 0.1.22 ROS messages for MRPT classes and objects
mrpt-navigationblacklisted 0.1.26-1 Tools related to the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT). Refer to for further documentation.
mrpt-rawlogblacklisted 0.1.26-1 This package enables you to record a rawlog from a ROS drive robot. At the moment the package is able to deal with odometry and 2d laser scans.
mrpt-rbpf-slamblacklisted 0.1.10-1 This package is used for gridmap SLAM. The interface is similar to gmapping ( but the package supports different particle-filter algorithms, range-only SLAM, can work with several grid maps simultaneously and more.
mrpt-reactivenav2dblacklisted 0.1.26-1 Reactive navigation for 2D robots using MRPT navigation algorithms (TP-Space)
mrpt-slamblacklisted 0.1.10-1 mrpt_slam
mrpt-tutorials 0.1.26-1 Example files used as tutorials for MRPT ROS packages
mrpt1blacklisted 1.5.9-1 Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) version 1.5.x
mrt-cmake-modules 1.0.1-1 CMake Functions and Modules for automating CMake
multi-interface-roamblacklisted 1.0.16-1 sdsdddsdsds
multi-map-serverblacklisted 2.2.10 multi_map_server provides the
multi-object-tracking-lidar 1.0.2-1 ROS package for Multiple objects detection, tracking and classification from LIDAR scans/point-clouds
multimaster-fkieblacklisted 0.8.12 The metapackage to combine the nodes required to establish and manage a multimaster network. This requires no or minimal configuration. The changes are automatically detected and synchronized.
multimaster-launchblacklisted 0.0.2-1 Multi-master bringup launch files for CPR platforms
multimaster-msgs 0.0.2-1 The multimaster_msgs package
multimaster-msgs-fkie 0.8.12 The messages required by multimaster packages.
multires-imageblacklisted 1.2.0-1 multires_image
multisenseblacklisted 4.0.3-1 multisense catkin driver
multisense-bringupblacklisted 4.0.3-1 multisense_bringup
multisense-cal-checkblacklisted 4.0.3-1 multisense_cal_check
multisense-description 4.0.3-1 multisense_description
multisense-lib 4.0.3-1 multisense_lib
multisense-rosblacklisted 4.0.3-1 multisense_ros
mvsimblacklisted 0.2.1 Node for the &quot;multivehicle simulator&quot; framework.
nanomsgblacklisted 0.4.1 The nanomsg package
nao-meshesblacklisted 0.1.12-2 meshes for the Aldebaran Robotics NAO
naoqi-bridge-msgs 0.0.8 The naoqi_bridge_msgs package provides custom messages for running Aldebaran's robot such as NAO and Pepper. See the packages nao_robot and pepper_robot for details.
naoqi-driverblacklisted 0.5.11 Driver module between Aldebaran's NAOqiOS and ROS. It publishes all sensor and actuator data as well as basic diagnostic for battery, temperature. It subscribes also to RVIZ simple goal and cmd_vel for teleop.
naoqi-libqiblacklisted 2.9.0-8 Aldebaran's libqi: a core library for NAOqiOS development
naoqi-libqicoreblacklisted 2.9.0-5 Aldebaran's libqicore: a layer on top of libqi
nav-2d-msgs 0.2.5-1 Basic message types for two dimensional navigation, extending from geometry_msgs::Pose2D.
nav-2d-utils 0.2.5-1 A handful of useful utility functions for nav_core2 packages.
nav-core 1.16.5-1 This package provides common interfaces for navigation specific robot actions. Currently, this package provides the BaseGlobalPlanner, BaseLocalPlanner, and RecoveryBehavior interfaces, which can be used to build actions that can easily swap their planner, local controller, or recovery behavior for new versions adhering to the same interface.
nav-core-adapter 0.2.5-1 This package contains adapters for using `nav_core` plugins as `nav_core2` plugins and vice versa (more or less). See for more information.
nav-core2 0.2.5-1 Interfaces for Costmap, LocalPlanner and GlobalPlanner. Replaces nav_core.
nav-grid 0.2.5-1 A templatized interface for overlaying a two dimensional grid on the world.
nav-grid-iterators 0.2.5-1 Iterator implementations for moving around the cells of a nav_grid in a number of common patterns.
nav-grid-pub-sub 0.2.5-1 Publishers and Subscribers for nav_grid data.
nav-msgs 1.12.7 nav_msgs defines the common messages used to interact with the <a href="">navigation</a> stack.
nav2d 0.4.2 Meta-Package containing modules for 2D-Navigation
nav2d-exploration 0.4.2 This package holds a collection of plugins for the RobotNavigator, that provide different cooperative exploration strategies for a team of mobile robots.
nav2d-karto 0.4.2 Graph-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping module. Includes OpenKarto GraphSLAM library by &quot;SRI International&quot;.
nav2d-localizer 0.4.2 Wrapper around Particle Filter implementation. The SelfLocalizer can be used as library or as a ros-node.
nav2d-msgs 0.4.2 Messages used for 2D-Navigation.
nav2d-navigator 0.4.2 This package provides a node for higher level navigation of a mobile robot in a planar environment. It needs a map and the robot's position within this map to create a plan for navigation. When used together with a SLAM module it can also be used to perform autonomous exploration of the robot's workspace.
nav2d-operator 0.4.2 The operator is a lightweight, purely reactive obstacle-avoidance module for mobile robots moving in a planar environment. The operator node works by evaluating a set of predefined motion primitives based on a local costmap and a desired direction. The best evaluated motion command will be send to the mobile base.
nav2d-remote 0.4.2 This package is used to manually control a robot that uses the operator and navigator node from navigation_2d. Currently there is one node to control one robot with a joystick and one to control multiple robots in simulation. It can send commands directly to the operator or start and stop navigator actions.
nav2d-tutorials 0.4.2 Contains a set of tutorials that run 2D-Navigation within Stage-Simulator.
navfn 1.16.5-1 navfn provides a fast interpolated navigation function that can be used to create plans for a mobile base. The planner assumes a circular robot and operates on a costmap to find a minimum cost plan from a start point to an end point in a grid. The navigation function is computed with Dijkstra's algorithm, but support for an A* heuristic may also be added in the near future. navfn also provides a ROS wrapper for the navfn planner that adheres to the nav_core::BaseGlobalPlanner interface specified in <a href="">nav_core</a>.
navigation 1.16.5-1 A 2D navigation stack that takes in information from odometry, sensor streams, and a goal pose and outputs safe velocity commands that are sent to a mobile base.
navigation-experimentalblacklisted 0.3.3-1 A collection of navigation plugins and tools: Various recovery behaviors, local and global planner plugins for move_base, a teleop filter for obstacle avoidance, a simple control-based move_base replacement etc.
navigation-layers 0.5.0 Extra navigation layers.
navigation-stageblacklisted 0.2.3-1 This package holds example launch files for running the ROS navigation stack in stage.
navigation-tutorialsblacklisted 0.2.3-1 Navigation related tutorials.
neobotix-usboard-msgs 3.0.1-1 neobotix_usboard package
neonavigationblacklisted 0.8.1-1 The neonavigation meta-package including 3-dof configuration space planner
neonavigation-common 0.8.1-1 Common headers for neonavigation meta-package
neonavigation-launchblacklisted 0.8.1-1 Demonstration and sample launch files for neonavigation meta-package
neonavigation-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for neonavigation package
neonavigation-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 0.3.0 Rviz plugins for neonavigation package
nerian-stereoblacklisted 3.7.0-1 Driver node for SceneScan and SP1 stereo vision sensors by Nerian Vision GmbH
network-autoconfigblacklisted 0.1.1-2 ROS Networking Autoconfiguration
network-control-tests 1.0.16-1 Test suite for the packages that are part of the &quot;WiFi Test Setup&quot; project: network_monitor_udp, network_traffic_control, hostapd_access_point, linksys_access_point, ddwrt_access_point.
network-detector 1.0.16-1 A ROS node that watches a given network interface and publishes whether it is both UP and RUNNING (indicating that a cable is plugged into it and communication is happening, for instance) or not.
network-interface 2.1.0 Network interfaces and messages.
network-monitor-udp 1.0.16-1 Facilities to monitor a network connection by sending UDP packets from a client to a server, which bounces them back to the client. The client collects statistics on latency and loss. The server is a C standalone utility or a ROS node. The client can be a ROS node, a standalone utility or a python class.
network-traffic-control 1.0.16-1 A ROS node that allows control of network emulation parameters such as bandwidth, loss and latency for a Linux network interface.
nloptblacklisted 2.1.13-1 nlopt
nmea-comms 1.2.0 The nmea_comms package provides helper nodes for transmitting and receiving the NMEA sentences.
nmea-gps-pluginblacklisted 0.0.2-1 The nmea_gps_plugin package
nmea-msgs 1.1.0 The nmea_msgs package contains messages related to data in the NMEA format.
nmea-navsat-driver 0.5.2-1 Package to parse NMEA strings and publish a very simple GPS message. Does not require or use the GPSD deamon.
nmea-to-geopose 0.0.1-1 The nmea_to_geopose package
node-manager-fkieblacklisted 0.8.12 Graphical interface, written in PySide, to manage the running and configured ROS nodes on different hosts. For discovering the running ROS master master_discovery node will be used.
nodelet 1.9.16 The nodelet package is designed to provide a way to run multiple algorithms in the same process with zero copy transport between algorithms. This package provides both the nodelet base class needed for implementing a nodelet, as well as the NodeletLoader class used for instantiating nodelets.
nodelet-core 1.9.16 Nodelet Core Metapackage
nodelet-topic-tools 1.9.16 This package contains common nodelet tools such as a mux, demux and throttle.
nodelet-tutorial-math 0.1.11 Package for Nodelet tutorial.
nonpersistent-voxel-layer 1.2.3-2 include This package provides an implementation of a 3D costmap that takes in sensor data from the world, builds a 3D occupancy grid of the data for only one iteration.
novatel-gps-driver 3.9.0-1 Driver for NovAtel receivers
novatel-gps-msgs 3.9.0-1 Messages for proprietary (non-NMEA) sentences from Novatel GPS receivers.
novatel-msgs 1.1.0 ROS messages which represent raw Novatel SPAN data.
novatel-span-driver 1.1.0 Python driver for NovAtel SPAN devices.
ntpd-driver 1.2.0-1 ntpd_driver sends TimeReference message time to ntpd server
obj-to-pointcloudblacklisted 0.8.1-1 OBJ file to pointcloud message converter package
object-recognition-msgs 0.4.1 Object_recognition_msgs contains the ROS message and the actionlib definition used in object_recognition_core
ocean-battery-driver 1.1.7 This is an interface to the Ocean Server Technology Intelligent Battery and Power System.
octomap 1.9.0-1 The OctoMap library implements a 3D occupancy grid mapping approach, providing data structures and mapping algorithms in C++. The map implementation is based on an octree. See for details.
octomap-mapping 0.6.4-1 Mapping tools to be used with the <a href="">OctoMap library</a>, implementing a 3D occupancy grid mapping.
octomap-msgs 0.3.3-1 This package provides messages and serializations / conversion for the <a href="">OctoMap library</a>.
octomap-ros 0.4.0 octomap_ros provides conversion functions between ROS and OctoMap's native types. This enables a convenvient use of the octomap package in ROS.
octomap-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 0.2.2-1 A set of plugins for displaying occupancy information decoded from binary octomap messages.
octomap-server 0.6.4-1 octomap_server loads a 3D map (as Octree-based OctoMap) and distributes it to other nodes in a compact binary format. It also allows to incrementally build 3D OctoMaps, and provides map saving in the node octomap_saver.
octovisblacklisted 1.9.0-1 octovis is visualization tool for the OctoMap library based on Qt and libQGLViewer. See for details.
odom-frame-publisherblacklisted 0.0.1-1 The odom_frame_publisher package
odometry-publisher-tutorial 0.2.3-1 The odometry_publisher_tutorial package
odva-ethernetipblacklisted 0.1.4 Library implementing ODVA EtherNet/IP (Industrial Protocol).
ompl 1.4.2-5 OMPL is a free sampling-based motion planning library.
omron-os32c-driverblacklisted 1.0.0 Interface driver for Omron OS32C Lidar via Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol)
open-karto 1.2.0 Catkinized ROS packaging of the OpenKarto library
open-manipulatorblacklisted 2.0.1 ROS-enabled OpenManipulator is a full open robot platform consisting of OpenSoftware​, OpenHardware and OpenCR(Embedded board)​. The OpenManipulator is allowed users to control it more easily by linking with the MoveIt! package. Moreover it has full hardware compatibility with TurtleBot3​. Even if you do not have a real robot, you can control the robot in the Gazebo simulator​.
open-manipulator-control-guiblacklisted 2.0.1 OpenManipulator GUI control package based on QT
open-manipulator-controllerblacklisted 2.0.1 OpenManipulator controller package
open-manipulator-description 2.0.1 OpenManipulator 3D model description for visualization and simulation
open-manipulator-gazeboblacklisted 1.1.0-1 Gazebo configurations package for OpenManipulator
open-manipulator-libs 2.0.1 OpenManipulator library (Kinematics lib., Dynamixel lib., Drawing path lib.)
open-manipulator-moveitblacklisted 2.0.1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the open_manipulator with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
open-manipulator-msgs 1.0.0 Messages and services package for OpenManipulator to send information about state or pose
open-manipulator-simulationsblacklisted 1.1.0-1 Simulation packages for OpenManipulator
open-manipulator-teleop 2.0.1 Provides teleoperation using keyboard for OpenManipulator.
open-manipulator-with-tb3blacklisted 1.1.0-2 ROS-enabled OpenManipulator is a full open robot platform consisting of OpenSoftware​, OpenHardware and OpenCR(Embedded board)​. The OpenManipulator is allowed users to control it more easily by linking with the MoveIt! package. Moreover it has full hardware compatibility with TurtleBot3​. Even if you do not have a real robot, you can control the robot in the Gazebo simulator​.
open-manipulator-with-tb3-description 1.1.0-2 OpenManipulator 3D model description for visualization and simulation
open-manipulator-with-tb3-gazeboblacklisted 1.1.0-2 Simulation package using gazebo for OpenManipulator with TurtleBot3
open-manipulator-with-tb3-simulationsblacklisted 1.1.0-2 Simulation packages for OpenManipulator with TurtleBot3
open-manipulator-with-tb3-toolsblacklisted 1.1.0-2 The tools package(including SLAM, Navigation, Manipulation) for OpenManipulator with TurtleBot3
open-manipulator-with-tb3-waffle-moveitblacklisted 1.1.0-2 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the om_with_tb3 with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
open-manipulator-with-tb3-waffle-pi-moveitblacklisted 1.1.0-2 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the om_with_tb3 with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
opencv 3.4.5 Opencv : The Open Computer Vision Library
opencv-apps 2.0.1-1 <p>opencv_apps provides various nodes that run internally OpenCV's functionalities and publish the result as ROS topics. With opencv_apps, you can skip writing OpenCV application codes for a lot of its functionalities by simply running a launch file that corresponds to OpenCV's functionality you want.</p> <ul> <li>You can have a look at all launch files provided here (be sure to choose the correct branch. As of Sept. 2016 indigo branch is used for ROS Indigo, Jade, and Kinetic distros).</li> <li>Some of the features covered by opencv_apps are explained in <a href="">the wiki</a>.</li> </ul> <p>The most of code is originally taken from</p>
opengm 0.6.15-1 This package wraps the external c++ library opengm in a ROS package, so other packages can use it. It downloads the source code of it and then unzips it. The library is a header-only library with command line interfaces, which aren't used, so it doesn't gets build. For further descriptions and tutorials see the Makefile.tarball and . Copyright (C) 2013 Bjoern Andres, Thorsten Beier and Joerg H.~Kappes.
openhrp3blacklisted 3.1.9-2 <p>This package does not only wrap <a href="">OpenHRP3</a> but actually provides the built artifact from the code from its <a href="">mainstream repository</a>. Being ROS-agnostic by itself, you can also use this via ROS together with the packages in <a href="">rtmros_common</a> that bridge between two framework.</p> <p><i>OpenHRP3 (Open Architecture Human-centered Robotics Platform version 3) is an integrated software platform for robot simulations and software developments. It allows the users to inspect an original robot model and control program by dynamics simulation. In addition, OpenHRP3 provides various software components and calculation libraries that can be used for robotics related software developments</i> (<a href="">excerpts from here</a>). </p> <p>The package version number is synchronized to that of mainstream, based on <a href="">this decision</a>.</p>
openni-camerablacklisted 1.11.1 A ROS driver for OpenNI depth (+ RGB) cameras. These include: Microsoft Kinect, PrimeSense PSDK, ASUS Xtion Pro and Pro Live The driver publishes raw depth, RGB, and IR image streams.
openni-description 1.11.1 Model files of OpenNI device.
openni-launchblacklisted 1.11.1 Launch files to open an OpenNI device and load all nodelets to convert raw depth/RGB/IR streams to depth images, disparity images, and (registered) point clouds.
openni2-camerablacklisted 0.4.2 Drivers for the Asus Xtion and Primesense Devices. For using a kinect with ROS, try the <a href="">freenect stack</a>
openni2-launchblacklisted 0.4.2 Launch files to start the openni2_camera drivers using rgbd_launch.
openrtm-aistblacklisted 1.1.2-3 <p>This package represents <a href="">OpenRTM-aist</a> that's built within ROS eco system. Although being ROS-agnostic by itself, you can use this via ROS together with the packages in <a href="">rtmros_common</a> that bridge between two framework.</p> <p><i>OpenRTM-aist is an <a href=";arnumber=1545521&amp;">RT-Middleware</a>-baseed, component-oriented software platform to robotics development that is made and maintained in AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Japan </i> (<a href="">excerpts from here</a>)</p> <p>Its development is happening at <a href=""></a>. The repository listed below is where the development of its ROS wrapper happening.</p>
openrtm-aist-pythonblacklisted 1.1.0 <p>Python binding of OpenRTM-AIST (see <a href="">openrtm_aist</a> for further information).</p> <p><i>OpenRTM-aist is an <a href=";arnumber=1545521&amp;">RT-Middleware</a>-baseed, component-oriented software platform to robotics development that is made and maintained in AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Japan </i> (<a href="">excerpts from here</a>)</p>
openslam-gmapping 0.2.1-1 The catkinized verseion of openslam_gmapping package (
opt-camera 2.1.13-1 opt_camera
optpp-catkinblacklisted 2.4.0-1 The OPT++ catkin wrapper package
orocos-kdl 1.4.0 This package contains a recent version of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project.
orocos-kinematics-dynamics 1.4.0 This package depends on a recent version of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project. It is a meta-package that depends on kdl which contains the c++ version and pykdl which contains the generated python bindings.
osg-interactive-markersblacklisted 1.0.2-2 This package is basically an OpenSceneGraph (OSG) adaptation of the Interactive Markers client writen for rviz/Ogre.
osg-markersblacklisted 1.0.2-2 osg_markers can be used to create Markers geometry in OSG.
osg-utilsblacklisted 1.0.2-2 osg_utils is a library that contains some classes that may be useful in ROS-OSG applications.
osm-cartography 0.2.5-1 Geographic mapping using Open Street Map data.
ouster-driver 0.1.7 OS1 ROS client
oxford-gps-eth 1.1.1-1 Ethernet interface to OxTS GPS receivers (NCOM packet structure)
p2os-doc 2.1.1-3 Contains the Documentation for the p2os driver/componenets
p2os-driver 2.1.1-3 Driver file descriptions for P2OS/ARCOS robot
p2os-launchblacklisted 2.1.1-3 Launch and config files designed for use with the p2os stack.
p2os-msgs 2.1.1-3 Defines the messages that are used to communicate with the p2os_driver package and the ROS infrastructure.
p2os-teleop 2.1.1-3 A teleoperation node for the p2os_driver package.
p2os-urdfblacklisted 2.1.1-3 URDF file descriptions for P2OS/ARCOS robot
packagegroup-ros-world-melodic 1.0 All non-test packages for the target from files/crystal/cache.yaml
pacmod 2.1.0-1 AutonomouStuff PACMod driver package
pacmod-game-control 3.0.1-1 ROS Package for controlling the AStuff PACMod with a Joystick
pacmod-msgs 3.0.1-1 Message definition files for the PACMod driver
pacmod3 1.3.0-1 AutonomouStuff PACMod v3 Driver Package
panda-moveit-configblacklisted 0.7.3-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the panda with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
parameter-assertions 0.1.0-1 A library for ROS parameter assertions
parrot-arsdkblacklisted 3.14.1 Catkin wrapper for the official ARSDK from Parrot
pcl-conversions 1.7.0-2 Provides conversions from PCL data types and ROS message types
pcl-msgs 0.2.0 Package containing PCL (Point Cloud Library)-related ROS messages.
pcl-ros 1.7.0-2 PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack. PCL-ROS is the preferred bridge for 3D applications involving n-D Point Clouds and 3D geometry processing in ROS.
people 1.2.0-1 The people stack holds algorithms for perceiving people from a number of sensors.
people-msgs 1.2.0-1 Messages used by nodes in the people stack.
people-tracking-filter 1.2.0-1 A collection of filtering tools for tracking people's locations
people-velocity-tracker 1.2.0-1 Track the output of the leg_detector to indicate the velocity of person.
pepper-meshesblacklisted 0.2.4-3 meshes for the Aldebaran Robotics Pepper
pepperl-fuchs-r2000 0.1.3 The Pepperl+Fuchs R2000 laser range finder driver package
perception 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate several packages.
perception-pcl 1.7.0-2 PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack. PCL-ROS is the preferred bridge for 3D applications involving n-D Point Clouds and 3D geometry processing in ROS.
pgm-learnerblacklisted 2.1.13-1 Parameter/Structure Estimation and Inference for Bayesian Belief Network
pheeno-ros-description 0.1.0 The pheeno_ros_description package
phidgets-apiblacklisted 0.7.9-1 A C++ Wrapper for the Phidgets C API
phidgets-driversblacklisted 0.7.9-1 API and ROS drivers for Phidgets devices
phidgets-high-speed-encoderblacklisted 0.7.9-1 Driver for the Phidgets high speed encoder devices
phidgets-ikblacklisted 0.7.9-1 Driver for the Phidgets InterfaceKit devices
phidgets-imublacklisted 0.7.9-1 Driver for the Phidgets Spatial 3/3/3 devices
photo 1.0.3-1 The photo package provides access to digital cameras. Much of the underlying functionality is provide by the gPhoto libary. The system package libgphoto2-2-dev or equivalent is required.&gt;
pid 0.0.27 Launch a PID control node.
pilz-controlblacklisted 0.5.14-1 This package provides a specialized joint_trajectory_controller that can be moved into holding state via service call. No further trajectories will be accepted/followed in this state.
pilz-extensions 0.4.10-1 The pilz_extensions package. Here are classes extending the functionality of other packages. On the long run these extensions should become pull requests on the respective packages.
pilz-industrial-motionblacklisted 0.4.10-1 The pilz_industrial_motion package
pilz-industrial-motion-testutilsblacklisted 0.4.10-1 Helper scripts and functionality to test industrial motion generation
pilz-msgs 0.4.10-1 The pilz_msgs package
pilz-robot-programmingblacklisted 0.4.10-1 An Easy to use API to execute standard industrial robot commands like Ptp, Lin, Circ and Sequence using Moveit.
pilz-robotsblacklisted 0.5.14-1 The metapackage
pilz-status-indicator-rqtblacklisted 0.5.14-1 Showing information about operation mode, status and speed override of the robot.
pilz-testutils 0.5.14-1 This package contains testing utilities used by Pilz packages.
pilz-trajectory-generationblacklisted 0.4.10-1 The pilz_trajectory_generation package containing the MoveIt! plugin pilz_command_planner.
pilz-utilsblacklisted 0.5.14-1 The pilz_utils package contains utilities used by Pilz packages
pinocchio 2.3.1-1 A fast and flexible implementation of Rigid Body Dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives.
planner-cspace 0.8.1-1 3-dof configuration space planner for mobile robot
planner-cspace-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for planner_cspace package
plotjugglerblacklisted 2.6.2-1 PlotJuggler: juggle with data
pluginlib 1.12.1 The pluginlib package provides tools for writing and dynamically loading plugins using the ROS build infrastructure. To work, these tools require plugin providers to register their plugins in the package.xml of their package.
pluginlib-tutorials 0.1.11 The pluginlib_tutorials package
point-cloud-publisher-tutorial 0.2.3-1 The point_cloud_publisher_tutorial package
pointcloud-to-laserscan 1.4.1-1 Converts a 3D Point Cloud into a 2D laser scan. This is useful for making devices like the Kinect appear like a laser scanner for 2D-based algorithms (e.g. laser-based SLAM).
polled-camera 1.11.13 polled_camera contains a service and C++ helper classes for implementing a polled camera driver node and requesting images from it. The package is currently for internal use as the API is still under development.
pose-base-controller 0.3.3-1 A node that provides the move_base action server interface, but instead of planning simply drives towards the target pose using a control-based approach.
pose-cov-opsblacklisted 0.2.1 C++ library for SE(2/3) pose and 2D/3D point composition operations with uncertainty
pose-follower 0.3.3-1 A implementation of a local planner that attempts to follow a plan as closely as possible.
posedetection-msgs 4.3.1 posedetection_msgs provides messages and services to facilitate passing pose detection results and features.
position-controllers 0.15.1-1 position_controllers
power-monitor 1.1.7 The power_monitor collects messages from the ocean_battery_server and the pr2_power_board, and publishes a summary of their data in a friendlier message format.
power-msgs 0.4.0-1 ROS messages for power measurement and breaker control.
pr2-app-manager 0.6.1 Scripts and tools for running the application manager on the PR2.
pr2-appsblacklisted 0.6.1 Basic applications for the PR2 robot
pr2-arm-kinematics 1.0.10 This package provides a kinematics implementation for the PR2 robot. It can be used to compute forward and inverse kinematics.
pr2-arm-move-ik 0.0.11 Move the pr2 arm using inverse kinematics
pr2-calibration-controllersblacklisted 1.10.17-1 The pr2_calibration_controllers package contains the controllers used to bring all the joints in the PR2 to a calibrated state.
pr2-commonblacklisted 1.12.4-1 URDF description of the robot kinematics and dynamics, 3D models of robot components, information required for gazebo to simulate the PR2, and messages specific to the PR2 such as detailed information about its power board and fingertip pressure sensors.
pr2-common-action-msgs 0.0.11 The pr2_common_action_msgs package
pr2-common-actions 0.0.11 Various actions which help in moving the arms of the PR2 or getting data from its tilting laser.
pr2-controller-configuration-gazeboblacklisted 2.0.14 A copy of the pr2_controller_configuration package, for use in the PR2 simulator. We maintain two copies to allow for controller gains to be set differently between hardware and simulation.
pr2-controller-interface 1.8.18 This package specifies the interface to a realtime controller. A controller that implements this interface can be executed by the <a href="">controller manager</a> in the real time control loop. The package basically contains the C++ controller base class that all controllers need to inherit from.
pr2-controller-managerblacklisted 1.8.18 The controller manager (CM) package provides the infrastructure to run controllers in a hard realtime loop.
pr2-controllersblacklisted 1.10.17-1 Contains the controllers that run in realtime on the PR2 and supporting packages.
pr2-controllers-msgs 1.10.17-1 Messages, services, and actions used in the pr2_controllers stack.
pr2-dashboard-aggregator 1.12.4-1 A simple script that aggregates all of the topics that a &quot;pr2_dashboard&quot; app might be interested in.
pr2-descriptionblacklisted 1.12.4-1 This package contains the description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of the PR2 robot. The files in this package are parsed and used by a variety of other components. Most users will not interact directly with this package.
pr2-ethercat-drivers 1.8.19-1 This stack contains drivers for the ethercat system and the peripherals that connect to it: motor control boards, fingertip sensors, texture projector, hand accelerometer.
pr2-gazeboblacklisted 2.0.14 Launch scripts for simulating the PR2 in <a href="">gazebo</a>. The simulation equivalent of pr2.launch is found here. pr2_fingertip_pressure_contact_translator produces the same ROS topics as fingertip_pressure package for simulated PR2.
pr2-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 2.0.14 Gazebo Plugins for various PR2-specific sensors and actuators on the robot.
pr2-gripper-actionblacklisted 1.10.17-1 The pr2_gripper_action provides an action interface for using the gripper. Users can specify what position to move to (while limiting the force) and the action will report success when the position is reached or failure when the gripper cannot move any longer.
pr2-hardware-interface 1.8.18 This package contains the C++ interfaces to the PR2 hardware components that are controlled over EtherCAT. This includes the motors and encoders needed to control the PR2 mechanism, as well as components like the pressure sensors in the fingertips, camera triggers, etc... All of the hardware components in this interface are directly available to the controllers inside the hard realtime control loop.
pr2-head-action 1.10.17-1 The PR2 head action is a node that provides an action interface for pointing the head of the PR2. It passes trajectory goals to the controller, and reports success when they have finished executing.
pr2-kinematics 1.0.10 The pr2_kinematics package
pr2-machine 1.12.4-1 This package contains the xxx.machine files that describe the different hosts a node can be spawned on. Currently there is one machine file for the pr2 robot, and one for the simulated pr2 robot.
pr2-mannequin-modeblacklisted 0.6.1 The pr2_mannequin_mode package
pr2-mechanismblacklisted 1.8.18 The pr2_mechanism stack contains the infrastructure to control the PR2 robot in a hard realtime control loop.
pr2-mechanism-controllersblacklisted 1.10.17-1 The pr2_mechanism_controllers package contains realtime controllers that are meant for specific mechanisms of the PR2.
pr2-mechanism-diagnostics 1.8.18 The `pr2_mechanism_diagnostics` node subscribes to `mechanism_statistics` and publishes diagnostics data for joints and controllers on `/diagnostics`.
pr2-mechanism-model 1.8.18 <p> This package contains the robot model that is used by the realtime controllers inside <a href="">controller manager</a>. This robot model focuses on controlling the robot mechanism in a realtime control loop, and therefore it only contains the components of a robot that are relevant in realtime: the robot joints (with encoders, transmisisons and actuators) and the kinematic/dynamic model of the robot. </p> <p> The pr2_mechanism_model package is well tested and is released with a stable API. </p>
pr2-mechanism-msgs 1.8.2 This package defines services that are used to communicate with the realtime control loop. It also defines messages that represent the state of the realtime controllers, the joints and the actuators.
pr2-move-base 0.1.28-1 pr2_move_base
pr2-moveit-configblacklisted 0.7.3-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the pr2 with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework
pr2-moveit-plugins 0.7.3-1 PR2 specific plugins for MoveIt
pr2-msgs 1.12.4-1 Messages for representing PR2 state, such as battery information and the PR2 fingertip sensors.
pr2-navigation 0.1.28-1 The pr2_navigation stack holds common configuration options for running the
pr2-navigation-config 0.1.28-1 This package holds common configuration files for running the
pr2-navigation-global 0.1.28-1 This package holds XML files for running the
pr2-navigation-local 0.1.28-1 This package holds xml files for running the
pr2-navigation-perception 0.1.28-1 This package holds navigation-specific sensor configuration options and launch files for the PR2.
pr2-navigation-self-filter 0.1.28-1 Filters the robot's body out of point clouds.
pr2-navigation-slam 0.1.28-1 This package holds launch files for running the
pr2-navigation-teleop 0.1.28-1 This package holds a special teleop configuration for the PR2 robot that should be used when running applications that use autonomous navigation.
pr2-position-scripts 0.6.1 This package contains a number of scripts to set various components of the PR2. They are used in the apps to improve usablity.
pr2-power-board 1.1.7 This provides a ROS node for the PR2 Power Board.
pr2-power-drivers 1.1.7 Power drivers for the PR2 robot.
pr2-simulatorblacklisted 2.0.14 The pr2_simulator package
pr2-teleop 0.6.1 The pr2_teleop package
pr2-teleop-generalblacklisted 0.6.1 pr2_teleop_general
pr2-tilt-laser-interface 0.0.11 Provides a set of tools/actions for manipulating the pr2's tilting laser. Simplifies previously complex tasks, such as fetching a single sweep, given a set of desired parameters for both the laser driver and tilting platform.
pr2-tuck-arms-action 0.0.11 The pr2_tuck_arms_action package
pr2-tuckarm 0.6.1 Tucks the arms of the PR2 robot into a safe position for moving the base of the robot. This also moves the arms out of the view of the tilting laser scanner, as much as possible.
pr2eusblacklisted 0.3.14-3 pr2eus
pr2eus-moveitblacklisted 0.3.14-3 pr2eus_moveit
pr2eus-tutorialsblacklisted 0.3.14-3 pr2eus_tutorials
prbt-gazeboblacklisted 0.5.14-1 Launch prbt robot in an empty Gazebo world.
prbt-grippersblacklisted 0.0.4-1 The package provides gripper support for the pilz_robots package.
prbt-hardware-supportblacklisted 0.5.14-1 Control hardware functions of the PRBT manipulator like STO for Stop1 functionality.
prbt-ikfast-manipulator-plugin 0.5.14-1 The prbt_ikfast_manipulator_plugin package
prbt-moveit-configblacklisted 0.5.14-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the prbt with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
prbt-pg70-supportblacklisted 0.0.4-1 PRBT support for Schunk pg70 gripper.
prbt-supportblacklisted 0.5.14-1 Mechanical, kinematic and visual description of the Pilz light weight arm PRBT.
prosilica-camera 1.9.4-1 A ROS driver node for AVT/Prosilica Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras.
prosilica-gige-sdk 1.26.3-1 AVT GigE SDK version 1.26 for ROS
ps3joy 1.13.0-1 Playstation 3 SIXAXIS or DUAL SHOCK 3 joystick driver. Driver for the Sony PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS or DUAL SHOCK 3 joysticks. In its current state, this driver is not compatible with the use of other Bluetooth HID devices. The driver listens for a connection on the HID ports, starts the joystick streaming data, and passes the data to the Linux uinput device so that it shows up as a normal joystick.
psen-scanblacklisted 1.0.4-1 The psen_scan package for Pilz laser scanner
px4-msgs 1.0.0-1 Package with the ROS-equivalent of PX4 uORB msgs
py-trees 0.6.8 Pythonic implementation of behaviour trees.
py-trees-msgs 0.3.6 Messages used by py_trees_ros and some extras for the mock demos/tests.
py-trees-rosblacklisted 0.5.18 Ros extensions and behaviours for py_trees.
pybind11-catkin 2.4.3-1 The pybind11 package
pyros-test 0.0.6-1 Basic test nodes for Pyros dynamic ROS interface
pyros-utilsblacklisted 0.1.4-1 Miscellaneous tools for pyROS
python-orocos-kdl 1.4.0 This package contains the python bindings PyKDL for the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project.
python-qt-bindingblacklisted 0.4.0-1 This stack provides Python bindings for Qt. There are two providers: pyside and pyqt. PySide is released under the LGPL. PyQt is released under the GPL. Both the bindings and tools to build bindings are included from each available provider. For PySide, it is called &quot;Shiboken&quot;. For PyQt, this is called &quot;SIP&quot;. Also provided is adapter code to make the user's Python code independent of which binding provider was actually used which makes it very easy to switch between these.
qpmad 1.0.2-1 qpmad QP solver
qt-build 0.2.10-1 Currently just maintains a cmake api for simplifying the building of qt apps within the ros framework.
qt-create 0.2.10-1 Provides templates and scripts for creating qt-ros packages (similar to roscreate-pkg).
qt-dotgraphblacklisted 0.4.0-1 qt_dotgraph provides helpers to work with dot graphs.
qt-guiblacklisted 0.4.0-1 qt_gui provides the infrastructure for an integrated graphical user interface based on Qt. It is extensible with Python- and C++-based plugins (implemented in separate packages) which can contribute arbitrary widgets. It requires either PyQt or PySide bindings.
qt-gui-appblacklisted 0.4.0-1 qt_gui_app provides the main to start an instance of the integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui.
qt-gui-coreblacklisted 0.4.0-1 Integration of the ROS package system and ROS-specific plugins for a Qt-based GUI.
qt-gui-cppblacklisted 0.4.0-1 qt_gui_cpp provides the foundation for C++-bindings for qt_gui and creates bindings for every generator available. At least one specific binding must be available in order to use C++-plugins.
qt-gui-py-commonblacklisted 0.4.0-1 qt_gui_py_common provides common functionality for GUI plugins written in Python.
qt-qmakeblacklisted 1.0.1 qt*-qmake metapackage supporting qt4 and qt5
qt-rosblacklisted 0.2.10-1 Simple qt cmake build tools and master-chooser style application template.
qt-tutorialsblacklisted 0.2.10-1 Example qt programs, generated from code similar to that used by the roscreate-qt-pkg script and styled on roscpp_tutorials.
quaternion-operation 0.0.3-2 The quaternion_operation package
qwt-dependency 1.1.0 This encapsulates the Qwt dependency for a specific ROS distribution and its Qt version
radar-msgs 3.0.1-1 Generic Radar Messages
radar-omnipresense 0.3.0 This is the radar driver package developed for the omnipresense radar module.
rail-manipulation-msgs 0.0.14-1 Common Manipulation Messages and Services Used in RAIL Manipulation Packages
rail-mesh-icpblacklisted 0.0.4-1 Enables matching a mesh model file (e.g. STL) to a point cloud using ROS.
rail-segmentation 0.1.15-1 Segmentation Functionality from the RAIL Lab
random-numbers 0.3.2 This library contains wrappers for generating floating point values, integers, quaternions using boost libraries. The constructor of the wrapper is guaranteed to be thread safe and initialize its random number generator to a random seed. Seeds are obtained using a separate and different random number generator.
range-sensor-layer 0.5.0 Navigation Layer for Range sensors like sonar and IR
raw-descriptionblacklisted 0.7.2-1 This package contains the description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of the Care-O-bot robot. The files in this package are parsed and used by a variety of other components. Most users will not interact directly with this package.
rc-cloud-accumulatorblacklisted 1.0.4 A viewer for the SLAM component of roboception based on ROS and PCL
rc-common-msgs 0.4.1-1 Common msg and srv definitions used by Roboception's ROS packages
rc-dynamics-apiblacklisted 0.10.0-1 The rc_dynamics_api provides an API for easy handling of the dynamic-state data streams provided by Roboception's stereo camera with self-localization. See Dynamic-state estimates of the rc_visard relate to its self-localization and ego-motion estimation. These states refer to rc_visard's current pose, velocity, or acceleration and are published on demand via several data streams. For a complete list and descriptions of these dynamics states and the respective data streams please refer to rc_visard's user manual.
rc-genicam-api 2.3.3-1 GenICam/GigE Vision Convenience Layer. This package combines the Roboception convenience layer for images with the GenICam reference implementation and a GigE Vision transport layer. It is a self contained package that permits configuration and image streaming of GenICam / GigE Vision 2.0 compatible cameras like the Roboception rc_visard. This package also provides some tools that can be called from the command line for discovering cameras, changing their configuration and streaming images. Although the tools are meant to be useful when working in a shell or in a script, their main purpose is to serve as example on how to use the API for reading and setting parameters, streaming and synchronizing images. See for licensing terms of the different parts.
rc-hand-eye-calibration-client 2.7.0-1 The rc_hand_eye_calibration_client package
rc-pick-client 2.7.0-1 The ros client for roboception grasp generation modules
rc-roi-manager-guiblacklisted 2.7.0-1 The ros client for the region of interest manager of the itempick and boxpick modules
rc-tagdetect-client 2.7.0-1 The ros client for roboception tag detection modules
rc-visardblacklisted 2.7.0-1 Roboception rc_visard support meta package
rc-visard-description 2.7.0-1 Visualization package for rc_visard
rc-visard-driverblacklisted 2.7.0-1 The rc_visard_driver provides data from a Roboception rc_visard 3D sensor on several ROS topics.
rcdiscover 1.0.2-1 This package contains tools for the discovery of rc_visard sensors via GigE Vision.
realsense2-camerablacklisted 2.2.13-1 RealSense Camera package allowing access to Intel T265 Tracking module and SR300 and D400 3D cameras
realsense2-description 2.2.13-1 RealSense Camera description package for Intel 3D D400 cameras
realtime-tools 1.15.1-1 Contains a set of tools that can be used from a hard realtime thread, without breaking the realtime behavior.
resized-image-transportblacklisted 1.2.10 ROS nodes to publish resized images.
resource-retriever 1.12.6-1 This package retrieves data from url-format files such as http://, ftp://, package:// file://, etc., and loads the data into memory. The package:// url for ros packages is translated into a local file:// url. The resourse retriever was initially designed to load mesh files into memory, but it can be used for any type of data. The resource retriever is based on the the libcurl library.
respeaker-rosblacklisted 2.1.13-1 The respeaker_ros package
rexrov2-controlblacklisted 0.1.3 The rexrov2_control package
rexrov2-descriptionblacklisted 0.1.3 The robot description files for the RexROV 2 underwater vehicle
rexrov2-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.3 Package with launch files for demonstrations with the RexROV 2 vehicle
rgbd-launch 2.2.2 Launch files to open an RGBD device and load all nodelets to convert raw depth/RGB/IR streams to depth images, disparity images, and (registered) point clouds.
ridgeback-cartographer-navigation 0.0.1-1 Launch files and code for autonomous navigation of the Ridgeback using Google Cartographer
ridgeback-control 0.2.3-1 Controllers for Ridgeback
ridgeback-description 0.2.3-1 URDF robot description for Ridgeback
ridgeback-desktopblacklisted 0.1.1-1 Packages for working with Ridgeback from a ROS desktop.
ridgeback-gazeboblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Launchfiles to use Ridgeback in Gazebo.
ridgeback-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 0.1.0-1 A fork of hector_gazebo_plugins to provide the ros_force_based_move plugin.
ridgeback-msgs 0.2.3-1 Messages exclusive to Ridgeback, especially for representing low-level motor commands and sensors.
ridgeback-navigation 0.2.3-1 Launch files and code for autonomous navigation of the Ridgeback
ridgeback-simulatorblacklisted 0.1.0-1 Packages for simulating Ridgeback.
ridgeback-vizblacklisted 0.1.1-1 Visualization launchers and helpers for Ridgeback.
robot 1.4.1 A metapackage which extends ros_base and includes ROS libaries for any robot hardware. It may not contain any GUI dependencies.
robot-activity 0.1.1 The robot_activity package implements ROS node lifecycle
robot-activity-msgs 0.1.1 This package contains messages used by robot_activity, such as node's state and error
robot-activity-tutorials 0.1.1 The robot_activity_tutorials package
robot-body-filterblacklisted 1.1.6-1 Filters the robot's body out of laser scans or point clouds.
robot-calibration 0.6.2-1 Calibrate a Robot
robot-calibration-msgs 0.6.2-1 Messages for calibrating a robot
robot-controllers 0.6.0 Some basic robot controllers for use with robot_controllers_interface.
robot-controllers-interface 0.6.0 Generic framework for robot controls.
robot-controllers-msgs 0.6.0 Messages for use with robot_controllers framework.
robot-localization 2.6.6-1 Provides nonlinear state estimation through sensor fusion of an abritrary number of sensors.
robot-mechanism-controllersblacklisted 1.10.17-1 Generic Mechanism Controller Library
robot-navigation 0.2.5-1 The robot_navigation package
robot-one 0.1.1-1 This package allows to use the Robot One Framework with ROS. The supported features of the framework includes the simulator and connection with the physical robots
robot-pose-ekf 1.14.5 The Robot Pose EKF package is used to estimate the 3D pose of a robot, based on (partial) pose measurements coming from different sources. It uses an extended Kalman filter with a 6D model (3D position and 3D orientation) to combine measurements from wheel odometry, IMU sensor and visual odometry. The basic idea is to offer loosely coupled integration with different sensors, where sensor signals are received as ROS messages.
robot-self-filter 0.1.31 Filters the robot's body out of point clouds.
robot-setup-tf-tutorial 0.2.3-1 The robot_setup_tf_tutorial package
robot-state-publisher 1.14.0-1 This package allows you to publish the state of a robot to <a href="">tf</a>. Once the state gets published, it is available to all components in the system that also use <tt>tf</tt>. The package takes the joint angles of the robot as input and publishes the 3D poses of the robot links, using a kinematic tree model of the robot. The package can both be used as a library and as a ROS node. This package has been well tested and the code is stable. No major changes are planned in the near future.
robot-upstart 0.3.0 The robot_upstart package provides scripts which may be used to install and uninstall Ubuntu Linux upstart jobs which launch groups of roslaunch files.
robotis-manipulator 1.0.0 This package contains the manipulation API and functions for controlling the manipulator.
rocon-app-manager-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by the platform app manager.
rocon-bubble-icons 0.3.2 Bubble icon library for rocon.
rocon-console 0.3.2 Command line python console utilities (mostly for colourisation).
rocon-device-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by rocon devices
rocon-ebnf 0.3.2 Internal packaging of the 0.91 version of the simple python <a href="">EBNF</a> parser written by LParis.
rocon-icons 0.3.2 Icons for rocon.
rocon-interaction-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by rocon interactions.
rocon-interactions 0.3.2 Interaction management for human interactive agents in the concert.
rocon-launch 0.3.2 A multi-roslaunch (for single and multi-master systems).
rocon-master-info 0.3.2 Publish master information - name, description, icon.
rocon-msgs 0.9.0 Communication types (msgs/srvs/actions) for robotics in concert (aka multimaster).
rocon-python-comms 0.3.2 Service pair libraries for pub/sub non-blocking services.
rocon-python-redis 0.3.2 Locally patched version of the python redis client (
rocon-python-utils 0.3.2 Python system and ros utilities.
rocon-python-wifi 0.3.2 The pythonwifi package is available through pypi, but not through a deb package. This is copy of the package suitable for use through the ROS ecosystem.
rocon-semantic-version 0.3.2 Internal packaging of the 2.2.2 version of the python semantic version module.
rocon-service-pair-msgs 0.9.0 Paired pubsubs generators for non-blocking services.
rocon-std-msgs 0.9.0 Standard messages used by other rocon specific package types.
rocon-tools 0.3.2 Utilities and tools developed for rocon, but usable beyond the boundaries of rocon.
rocon-tutorial-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by rocon tutorials.
rocon-uri 0.3.2 Module for working with rocon uri strings.
roomba-stageblacklisted 0.2.3-1 The roomba_stage package
ros 1.14.8-1 ROS packaging system
ros-base 1.4.1 A metapackage which extends ros_core and includes other basic non-robot tools like actionlib, dynamic reconfigure, nodelets, and pluginlib.
ros-canopenblacklisted 0.8.2-1 A generic canopen implementation for ROS
ros-comm 1.14.5-1 ROS communications-related packages, including core client libraries (roscpp, rospy) and graph introspection tools (rostopic, rosnode, rosservice, rosparam).
ros-control 0.17.0-1 A set of packages that include controller interfaces, controller managers, transmissions and hardware_interfaces.
ros-control-boilerplate 0.5.0-1 Simple simulation interface and template for setting up a hardware interface for ros_control
ros-controllersblacklisted 0.15.1-1 Library of ros controllers
ros-core 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate the packages required to use publish / subscribe, services, launch files, and other core ROS concepts.
ros-emacs-utilsblacklisted 0.4.13 A metapackage of Emacs utils for ROS. Only there for simplifying the release process.
ros-environment 1.2.2-1 The package provides the environment variables `ROS_VERSION`, `ROS_DISTRO`, `ROS_PACKAGE_PATH`, and `ROS_ETC_DIR`.
ros-introspection 1.0.1 The ros_introspection package
ros-monitoring-msgs 1.0.1-1 Messages for publishing monitoring data about ROS systems
ros-numpy 0.0.3-1 A collection of conversion function for extracting numpy arrays from messages
ros-pytest 0.1.2-2 The ros_pytest package
ros-realtime 1.0.25 The ros_realtime package
ros-reflexxesblacklisted 0.8.8-1 The ros_reflexxes package
ros-speech-recognitionblacklisted 2.1.13-1 ROS wrapper for Python SpeechRecognition library
ros-tutorialsblacklisted 0.9.2-1 ros_tutorials contains packages that demonstrate various features of ROS, as well as support packages which help demonstrate those features.
ros-type-introspection 2.0.4-1 The ros_type_introspection package allows the user to parse and deserialize ROS messages which type is unknown at compilation time.
rosapi 0.11.4-1 Provides service calls for getting ros meta-information, like list of topics, services, params, etc.
rosatomic 1.0.25 rosatomic provides the C++11-style atomic operations by pulling symbols from the proposed Boost.Atomic package into the ros namespace. Once C++11-style atomics (std::atomic) are available from compilers, rosatomic will conditionally use those instead.
rosauth 1.0.1 Server Side tools for Authorization and Authentication of ROS Clients
rosbag 1.14.5-1 This is a set of tools for recording from and playing back to ROS topics. It is intended to be high performance and avoids deserialization and reserialization of the messages.
rosbag-editorblacklisted 0.4.2-1 The rosbag_editor package
rosbag-fancy 0.1.1-1 rosbag with terminal UI
rosbag-migration-rule 1.0.0 This empty package allows to export rosbag migration rule files without depending on rosbag.
rosbag-pandasblacklisted 0.5.3 Create a Pandas data frame from a ros bag file.
rosbag-storage 1.14.5-1 This is a set of tools for recording from and playing back ROS message without relying on the ROS client library.
rosbaglive 0.2.4 Plays rosbags as though they were happening NOW.
rosbash 1.14.8-1 Assorted shell commands for using ros with bash.
rosbash-params 1.0.2 Tools for writing ros-node-like bash scripts
rosboost-cfg 1.14.8-1 Contains scripts used by the rosboost-cfg tool for determining cflags/lflags/etc. of boost on your system
rosbridge-library 0.11.4-1 The core rosbridge package, responsible for interpreting JSON and performing the appropriate ROS action, like subscribe, publish, call service, and interact with params.
rosbridge-msgs 0.11.4-1 Package containing message files
rosbridge-server 0.11.4-1 A WebSocket interface to rosbridge.
rosbridge-suite 0.11.4-1 Rosbridge provides a JSON API to ROS functionality for non-ROS programs. There are a variety of front ends that interface with rosbridge, including a WebSocket server for web browsers to interact with. Rosbridge_suite is a meta-package containing rosbridge, various front end packages for rosbridge like a WebSocket package, and helper packages.
rosbuild 1.14.8-1 rosbuild contains scripts for managing the CMake-based build system for ROS.
rosclean 1.14.8-1 rosclean: cleanup filesystem resources (e.g. log files).
roscompile 1.0.1 The roscompile package
rosconsole 1.13.11-1 ROS console output library.
rosconsole-bridge 0.5.3 rosconsole_bridge is a package used in conjunction with console_bridge and rosconsole for connecting console_bridge-based logging to rosconsole-based logging.
roscpp 1.14.5-1 roscpp is a C++ implementation of ROS. It provides a <a href="">client library</a> that enables C++ programmers to quickly interface with ROS <a href="">Topics</a>, <a href="">Services</a>, and <a href=" Server">Parameters</a>. roscpp is the most widely used ROS client library and is designed to be the high-performance library for ROS.
roscpp-core 0.6.13-1 Underlying data libraries for roscpp messages.
roscpp-serialization 0.6.13-1 roscpp_serialization contains the code for serialization as described in <a href="">MessagesSerializationAndAdaptingTypes</a>. This package is a component of <a href="">roscpp</a>.
roscpp-traits 0.6.13-1 roscpp_traits contains the message traits code as described in <a href="">MessagesTraits</a>. This package is a component of <a href="">roscpp</a>.
roscpp-tutorials 0.9.2-1 This package attempts to show the features of ROS step-by-step, including using messages, servers, parameters, etc.
roscreate 1.14.8-1 roscreate contains a tool that assists in the creation of ROS filesystem resources. It provides: <tt>roscreate-pkg</tt>, which creates a new package directory, including the appropriate build and manifest files.
rosdiagnostic 1.9.3 Command to print aggregated diagnostic contents to the command line
rosdoc-liteblacklisted 0.2.9 This ROS package wraps documentation tools like doxygen, sphinx, and epydoc, making it convenient to generate ROS package documentation. It also generates online documentation for the ROS wiki.
rosemacsblacklisted 0.4.13 ROS tools for those who live in Emacs.
roseusblacklisted 1.7.4-1 EusLisp client for ROS Robot Operating System.
roseus-mongoblacklisted 1.7.4-1 The roseus_mongo package
roseus-smachblacklisted 1.7.4-1 roseus_smach * Euslisp state machine class. it will be moved. * Message publisher for visualizing current state by smach_viewer. * Simple pickle dump script for debugging state machine. * Execute state machine as a action server.
roseus-tutorialsblacklisted 1.7.4-1 roseus_tutorials
rosfmt 6.2.0-1 fmt is an open-source formatting library for C++. It can be used as a safe and fast alternative to (s)printf and IOStreams.
rosgraph 1.14.5-1 rosgraph contains the rosgraph command-line tool, which prints information about the ROS Computation Graph. It also provides an internal library that can be used by graphical tools.
rosgraph-msgs 1.11.2 Messages relating to the ROS Computation Graph. These are generally considered to be low-level messages that end users do not interact with.
roslang 1.14.8-1 roslang is a common package that all <a href="">ROS client libraries</a> depend on. This is mainly used to find client libraries (via 'rospack depends-on1 roslang').
roslaunch 1.14.5-1 roslaunch is a tool for easily launching multiple ROS <a href="">nodes</a> locally and remotely via SSH, as well as setting parameters on the <a href=" Server">Parameter Server</a>. It includes options to automatically respawn processes that have already died. roslaunch takes in one or more XML configuration files (with the <tt>.launch</tt> extension) that specify the parameters to set and nodes to launch, as well as the machines that they should be run on.
roslib 1.14.8-1 Base dependencies and support libraries for ROS. roslib contains many of the common data structures and tools that are shared across ROS client library implementations.
roslint 0.11.2 CMake lint commands for ROS packages. The lint commands perform static checking of Python or C++ source code for errors and standards compliance.
roslispblacklisted 1.9.24-1 Lisp client library for ROS, the Robot Operating System.
roslisp-commonblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Common libraries to control ROS based robots. This stack contains an implementation of actionlib (client and server) in Common Lisp, a transformation library and an implementation of tf in Common Lisp.
roslisp-replblacklisted 0.4.13 This package provides a script that launches Emacs with Slime (the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode) ready for Lisp development and roslisp.
roslisp-utilitiesblacklisted 0.2.12-1 Some utility functionality to interact with ROS using roslisp.
roslz4 1.14.5-1 A Python and C++ implementation of the LZ4 streaming format. Large data streams are split into blocks which are compressed using the very fast LZ4 compression algorithm.
rosmake 1.14.8-1 rosmake is a ros dependency aware build tool which can be used to build all dependencies in the correct order.
rosmaster 1.14.5-1 ROS <a href="">Master</a> implementation.
rosmonblacklisted 2.2.1-1 Node launcher and monitor for ROS. rosmon is a replacement for the roslaunch tool, focused on performance, remote monitoring, and usability.
rosmon-coreblacklisted 2.2.1-1 Node launcher and monitor for ROS. rosmon is a replacement for the roslaunch tool, focused on performance, remote monitoring, and usability.
rosmon-msgs 2.2.1-1 Messages for rosmon, the node launcher and monitor for ROS. rosmon is a replacement for the roslaunch tool, focused on performance, remote monitoring, and usability.
rosmsg 1.14.5-1 rosmsg contains two command-line tools: <tt>rosmsg</tt> and <tt>rossrv</tt>. <tt>rosmsg</tt> is a command-line tool for displaying information about <a href="">ROS Message types</a>. <tt>rossrv</tt> is a command-line tool for displaying information about <a href="">ROS Service types</a>.
rosnode 1.14.5-1 rosnode is a command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS <a href="">Nodes</a>, including publications, subscriptions and connections. It also contains an experimental library for retrieving node information. This library is intended for internal use only.
rosout 1.14.5-1 System-wide logging mechanism for messages sent to the /rosout topic.
rospack 2.5.5-1 ROS Package Tool
rosparam 1.14.5-1 rosparam contains the rosparam command-line tool for getting and setting ROS Parameters on the <a href="">Parameter Server</a> using YAML-encoded files. It also contains an experimental library for using YAML with the Parameter Server. This library is intended for internal use only. rosparam can be invoked within a <a href="">roslaunch</a> file.
rosparam-handler 0.1.4-1 An easy wrapper for using parameters in ROS.
rosparam-shortcuts 0.3.3-1 Quickly load variables from rosparam with good command line error checking.
rospatlite 2.1.13-1 rospatlite
rospilotblacklisted 1.5.6 rospilot
rosping 2.1.13-1 rosping is the tool to send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts where roscore is running, and send back to you as rostopic message. <br/> For echoing ROS node, use <a href="">rosnode</a>.
rospy 1.14.5-1 rospy is a pure Python client library for ROS. The rospy client API enables Python programmers to quickly interface with ROS <a href="">Topics</a>, <a href="">Services</a>, and <a href=" Server">Parameters</a>. The design of rospy favors implementation speed (i.e. developer time) over runtime performance so that algorithms can be quickly prototyped and tested within ROS. It is also ideal for non-critical-path code, such as configuration and initialization code. Many of the ROS tools are written in rospy to take advantage of the type introspection capabilities. Many of the ROS tools, such as <a href="">rostopic</a> and <a href="">rosservice</a>, are built on top of rospy.
rospy-message-converter 0.5.0 Converts between Python dictionaries and JSON to rospy messages.
rospy-tutorials 0.9.2-1 This package attempts to show the features of ROS python API step-by-step, including using messages, servers, parameters, etc. These tutorials are compatible with the nodes in roscpp_tutorial.
rosrt 1.0.25 rosrt provides classes for interfacing with ROS from within realtime systems, such as realtime-safe Publisher and Subscriber classes.
rosserial 0.8.0 Metapackage for core of rosserial.
rosserial-arduinoblacklisted 0.8.0 rosserial for Arduino/AVR platforms.
rosserial-client 0.8.0 Generalized client side source for rosserial.
rosserial-embeddedlinux 0.8.0 rosserial for embedded Linux enviroments
rosserial-mbed 0.8.0 rosserial for mbed platforms.
rosserial-msgs 0.8.0 Messages for automatic topic configuration using rosserial.
rosserial-python 0.8.0 A Python-based implementation of the rosserial protocol.
rosserial-server 0.8.0 A more performance- and stability-oriented server alternative implemented in C++ to rosserial_python.
rosserial-tivac 0.8.0 rosserial for TivaC Launchpad evaluation boards.
rosserial-vex-cortex 0.8.0 rosserial for Cortex/AVR platforms.
rosserial-vex-v5 0.8.0 rosserial for the VEX Cortex V5 Robot Brain platform.
rosserial-windows 0.8.0 rosserial for Windows platforms.
rosserial-xbee 0.8.0 Allows multipoint communication between rosserial nodes connected to an xbee. All nodes communicate back to a master xbee connected to a computer running ROS. This software currently only works with Series 1 Xbees. This pkg includes python code from the python-xbee project:
rosservice 1.14.5-1 rosservice contains the rosservice command-line tool for listing and querying ROS <a href="">Services</a>. It also contains a Python library for retrieving information about Services and dynamically invoking them. The Python library is experimental and is for internal-use only.
rostate-machine 0.0.2-3 The rostate_machine package
rostest 1.14.5-1 Integration test suite based on roslaunch that is compatible with xUnit frameworks.
rosthrottle 1.2.0-3 ROS Python package for throttling ROS topics programatically in Python. Sits on top of the ros_comm topic_tools throttle utility.
rostime 0.6.13-1 Time and Duration implementations for C++ libraries, including roscpp.
rostopic 1.14.5-1 rostopic contains the rostopic command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS <a href="">Topics</a>, including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and ROS <a href="">Messages</a>. It also contains an experimental Python library for getting information about and interacting with topics dynamically. This library is for internal-use only as the code API may change, though it does provide examples of how to implement dynamic subscription and publication behaviors in ROS.
rostwitterblacklisted 2.1.13-1 The rostwitter package
rosunit 1.14.8-1 Unit-testing package for ROS. This is a lower-level library for rostest and handles unit tests, whereas rostest handles integration tests.
roswtf 1.14.5-1 roswtf is a tool for diagnosing issues with a running ROS system. Think of it as a FAQ implemented in code.
roswww 0.1.12 Feathery lightweight web server for ROS, that is based on <a href="">Tornado</a> web server module.
rotate-recovery 1.16.5-1 This package provides a recovery behavior for the navigation stack that attempts to clear space by performing a 360 degree rotation of the robot.
rotors-comm 2.2.3 RotorS specific messages and services.
rotors-control 2.2.3 RotorS control package
rotors-description 2.2.3 The rotors_description package provides URDF models of the AscTec multicopters.
rotors-evaluation 2.2.3 The dataset evaluation package for the RotorS simulator.
rotors-gazeboblacklisted 2.2.3 The rotors_gazebo package
rotors-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 2.2.3 The rotors_gazebo_plugins package
rotors-hil-interface 2.2.3 RotorS Hardware-in-the-loop interface package
rotors-joy-interface 2.2.3 The rotors_joy_interface package to control MAVs with a joystick
rotors-simulatorblacklisted 2.2.3 RotorS is a MAV gazebo simulator.
route-network 0.2.5-1 Route network graphing and path planning.
rplidar-ros 1.7.0 The rplidar ros package, support rplidar A2/A1 and A3
rqtblacklisted 0.5.1-1 rqt is a Qt-based framework for GUI development for ROS. It consists of three parts/metapackages<br/> <ul> <li>rqt (you're here)</li> <li><a href="">rqt_common_plugins</a> - ROS backend tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime.</li> <li><a href="">rqt_robot_plugins</a> - Tools for interacting with robots during their runtime.</li> </ul> rqt metapackage provides a widget <a href="">rqt_gui</a> that enables multiple `rqt` widgets to be docked in a single window.
rqt-actionblacklisted 0.4.9 rqt_action provides a feature to introspect all available ROS action (from actionlib) types. By utilizing rqt_msg, the output format is unified with it and rqt_srv. Note that the actions shown on this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-bagblacklisted 0.4.12 rqt_bag provides a GUI plugin for displaying and replaying ROS bag files.
rqt-bag-pluginsblacklisted 0.4.12 rqt_bag provides a GUI plugin for displaying and replaying ROS bag files.
rqt-common-pluginsblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_common_plugins metapackage provides ROS backend graphical tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime.<br/> <br/> To run any rqt plugins, just type in a single command &quot;rqt&quot;, then select any plugins you want from the GUI that launches afterwards.<br/> <br/> rqt consists of three following metapackages:<br/> <ul> <li><a href="">rqt</a> - core modules of rqt (ROS GUI) framework. rqt plugin developers barely needs to pay attention to this metapackage.</li> <li>rqt_common_plugins (you're here!)</li> <li><a href="">rqt_robot_plugins</a> - rqt plugins that are particularly used with robots during their runtime.</li><br/> </ul> <br/>
rqt-consoleblacklisted 0.4.9-1 rqt_console provides a GUI plugin for displaying and filtering ROS messages.
rqt-controller-managerblacklisted 0.17.0-1 Graphical frontend for interacting with the controller manager.
rqt-depblacklisted 0.4.9 rqt_dep provides a GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS dependency graph.
rqt-drone-teleopblacklisted 1.3.1-1 A common drone teleop interface for all drone exercises in the JdeRobot Robotics Academy
rqt-ez-publisherblacklisted 0.5.0-1 The rqt_ez_publisher package
rqt-graphblacklisted 0.4.11-1 rqt_graph provides a GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS computation graph.<br/> Its components are made generic so that other packages where you want to achieve graph representation can depend upon this pkg (use <a href="">rqt_dep</a> to find out the pkgs that depend. rqt_dep itself depends on rqt_graph too).
rqt-ground-robot-teleopblacklisted 1.3.1-1 A common ground robot teleop interface for all ground robot exercises in the JdeRobot Robotics Academy
rqt-guiblacklisted 0.5.1-1 rqt_gui provides the main to start an instance of the ROS integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui.
rqt-gui-cppblacklisted 0.5.1-1 rqt_gui_cpp enables GUI plugins to use the C++ client library for ROS.
rqt-gui-pyblacklisted 0.5.1-1 rqt_gui_py enables GUI plugins to use the Python client library for ROS.
rqt-image-viewblacklisted 0.4.14-1 rqt_image_view provides a GUI plugin for displaying images using image_transport.
rqt-joint-trajectory-controllerblacklisted 0.15.1-1 Graphical frontend for interacting with joint_trajectory_controller instances.
rqt-joint-trajectory-plotblacklisted 0.0.5-1 The rqt_joint_trajectory_plot package
rqt-launchblacklisted 0.4.8 This rqt plugin ROS package provides easy view of .launch files. User can also start and end node by node that are defined in those files.
rqt-launchtreeblacklisted 0.2.0-1 An RQT plugin for hierarchical launchfile configuration introspection.
rqt-logger-levelblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_logger_level provides a GUI plugin for configuring the logger level of ROS nodes.<br/> <br/> rqt_logger_level takes over `wx`-based tool [[rxloggerlevel]].
rqt-moveitblacklisted 0.5.7 An rqt-based tool that assists monitoring tasks for <a href="">MoveIt!</a> motion planner developers and users. Currently the following items are monitored if they are either running, existing or published: <ul> <li>Node: /move_group</li> <li>Parameter: [/robot_description, /robot_description_semantic]</li> <li>Topic: Following types are monitored. Published &quot;names&quot; are ignored.<br/> [sensor_msgs/PointCloud, sensor_msgs/PointCloud2, sensor_msgs/Image, sensor_msgs/CameraInfo]</li> </ul> Since this package is not made by the MoveIt! development team (although with assistance from the them), please post issue reports to the designated tracker (not MoveIt!'s main tracker).
rqt-msgblacklisted 0.4.8 A Python GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types. Note that the msgs available through this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-multiplotblacklisted 0.0.10 rqt_multiplot provides a GUI plugin for visualizing numeric values in multiple 2D plots using the Qwt plotting backend.
rqt-nav-viewblacklisted 0.5.7 rqt_nav_view provides a gui for viewing navigation maps and paths.
rqt-plotblacklisted 0.4.9 rqt_plot provides a GUI plugin visualizing numeric values in a 2D plot using different plotting backends.
rqt-pose-viewblacklisted 0.5.8 rqt_pose_view provides a GUI plugin for visualizing 3D poses.
rqt-publisherblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_publisher provides a GUI plugin for publishing arbitrary messages with fixed or computed field values.
rqt-py-commonblacklisted 0.5.1-1 rqt_py_common provides common functionality for rqt plugins written in Python. Despite no plugin is provided, this package is part of the rqt_common_plugins repository to keep refactoring generic functionality from these common plugins into this package as easy as possible. Functionality included in this package should cover generic ROS concepts and should not introduce any special dependencies beside &quot;ros_base&quot;.
rqt-py-consoleblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_py_console is a Python GUI plugin providing an interactive Python console.
rqt-py-treesblacklisted 0.3.1 rqt_py_trees provides a GUI plugin for visualizing py_trees behaviour trees based on rqt_tf_tree.
rqt-reconfigureblacklisted 0.5.1-1 This rqt plugin succeeds former dynamic_reconfigure's GUI (reconfigure_gui), and provides the way to view and edit the parameters that are accessible via dynamic_reconfigure.<br/> <br/> (12/27/2012) In the future, arbitrary parameters that are not associated with any nodes (which are not handled by dynamic_reconfigure) might become handled. However, currently as the name indicates, this pkg solely is dependent on dynamic_reconfigure that allows access to only those params latched to nodes.
rqt-robot-dashboardblacklisted 0.5.7 rqt_robot_dashboard provides an infrastructure for building robot dashboard plugins in rqt.
rqt-robot-monitorblacklisted 0.5.9-1 rqt_robot_monitor displays diagnostics_agg topics messages that are published by <a href="">diagnostic_aggregator</a>. rqt_robot_monitor is a direct port to rqt of <a href="">robot_monitor</a>. All diagnostics are fall into one of three tree panes depending on the status of diagnostics (normal, warning, error/stale). Status are shown in trees to represent their hierarchy. Worse status dominates the higher level status.<br/> <ul> Ex. 'Computer' category has 3 sub devices. 2 are green but 1 is error. Then 'Computer' becomes error. </ul> You can look at the detail of each status by double-clicking the tree nodes.<br/> Currently re-usable API to other pkgs are not explicitly provided.
rqt-robot-pluginsblacklisted 0.5.7 Metapackage of rqt plugins that are particularly used with robots during its operation.<br/> <br/> To run any rqt plugins, just type in a single command &quot;rqt&quot;, then select any plugins you want from the GUI that launches afterwards.<br/> <br/> rqt consists of three following metapackages:<br/> <ul> <li><a href="">rqt</a> - provides a container window where all rqt tools can be docked at. rqt plugin developers barely needs to pay attention.</li> <li><a href="">rqt_common_plugins</a> - ROS backend tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime.</li> <li>rqt_robot_plugins (You're here!)</li> </ul>
rqt-robot-steeringblacklisted 0.5.10-1 rqt_robot_steering provides a GUI plugin for steering a robot using Twist messages.
rqt-rosmonblacklisted 2.2.1-1 rqt GUI for rosmon, the node launcher and monitor for ROS. rosmon is a replacement for the roslaunch tool, focused on performance, remote monitoring, and usability.
rqt-rotorsblacklisted 2.2.3 The rqt_rotors package
rqt-runtime-monitorblacklisted 0.5.7 rqt_runtime_monitor provides a GUI plugin viewing DiagnosticsArray messages.
rqt-rvizblacklisted 0.6.0 rqt_rviz provides a GUI plugin embedding <a href="">RViz</a>. Note that this rqt plugin does NOT supersede RViz but depends on it.
rqt-service-callerblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_service_caller provides a GUI plugin for calling arbitrary services.
rqt-shellblacklisted 0.4.9 rqt_shell is a Python GUI plugin providing an interactive shell.
rqt-srvblacklisted 0.4.8 A Python GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types. Note that the srvs available through this plugin is the ones that are stored on your machine, not on the ROS core your rqt instance connects to.
rqt-tf-treeblacklisted 0.6.0 rqt_tf_tree provides a GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS TF frame tree.
rqt-topblacklisted 0.4.8 RQT plugin for monitoring ROS processes.
rqt-topicblacklisted 0.4.11-1 rqt_topic provides a GUI plugin for displaying debug information about ROS topics including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and ROS Messages.
rqt-webblacklisted 0.4.8 rqt_web is a simple web content viewer for rqt. Users can show web content in Qt-based window by specifying its URL.
rslidar 1.0.2 Basic ROS support for the Robosense 3D LIDARs.
rslidar-driver 1.0.2 segmentation
rslidar-msgs 1.0.2 ROS message definitions for Rslidar 3D LIDARs.
rslidar-pointcloud 1.0.2 Point cloud conversions for rslidar 3D LIDARs.
rtabmapblacklisted 0.19.3-2 RTAB-Map's standalone library. RTAB-Map is a RGB-D SLAM approach with real-time constraints.
rtabmap-rosblacklisted 0.19.3-1 RTAB-Map's ros-pkg. RTAB-Map is a RGB-D SLAM approach with real-time constraints.
rtctreeblacklisted 3.0.1 <p>API for interacting with running RT-Components and managing RTM-based systems using OpenRTM-aist.</p>
rtshellblacklisted 3.0.1-2 <p>Shell commands for managing RT-Middleware running on OpenRTM-aist.</p>
rtsprofileblacklisted 2.0.0-1 <p>Library to read, manipulate and write RT system profiles using the RTSProfile XML schema.</p>
rvizblacklisted 1.13.7-1 3D visualization tool for ROS.
rviz-imu-pluginblacklisted 1.2.1-1 RVIZ plugin for IMU visualization
rviz-plugin-tutorialsblacklisted 0.10.3 Tutorials showing how to write plugins for RViz.
rviz-python-tutorialblacklisted 0.10.3 Tutorials showing how to call into rviz internals from python scripts.
rviz-visual-toolsblacklisted 3.8.0-4 Utility functions for displaying and debugging data in Rviz via published markers
rxcpp-vendor 4.1.0-1 A vendor package for RxCpp
rxros 0.1.0-1 The RxROS package
rxros-tf 0.1.0-1 Extensions to RxROS for working with TF.
safe-teleop-base 0.0.3-1 This package provides automatic collision avoidance and is intended to be used for safer teleoperation of a robot base.
safe-teleop-pr2 0.0.3-1 Launch files for running safe_teleop_base on pr2
safe-teleop-stageblacklisted 0.0.3-1 Demo of safe_teleop in stage
safety-limiter 0.8.1-1 Motion limiter package for collision prevention
safety-limiter-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for safety_limiter_msgs package
sainsmart-relay-usbblacklisted 0.0.2 SainSmart USB relay driver controller
sand-islandblacklisted 0.0.1-1 The sand_island package
sbg-driver 2.0.2-1 The SBG ROS Driver package
sbpl 1.3.1 Search-based planning library (SBPL).
sbpl-lattice-plannerblacklisted 0.3.3-1 The sbpl_lattice_planner is a global planner plugin for move_base and wraps the SBPL search-based planning library.
sbpl-recoveryblacklisted 0.3.3-1 A recovery behavior that uses the sbpl lattice planner and the pose follower to try to plan in full 3D to get the robot out of really tricky situations.
scenario-test-tools 0.6.16-1 The scenario_test_tools package implements helpers for scriptable scenario testing. It allows to set up a test harness for eg. a state machine or other high level behavior by providing mocked implementations for various action servers and services that work together
scheduler-msgs 0.9.0 Messages used by the rocon scheduler.
schunk-description 0.6.14-1 This package contains the description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of different schunk components. The files in this package are parsed and used by a variety of other components. Most users will not interact directly with this package.
schunk-libm5apiblacklisted 0.6.14-1 This package wraps the libm5api to use it as a ros dependency. Original sources from
schunk-modular-roboticsblacklisted 0.6.14-1 This stack includes packages that provide access to the Schunk hardware through ROS messages, services and actions.
schunk-powercube-chainblacklisted 0.6.14-1 This packages provides a configurable driver of a chain of Schunk powercubes. The powercube chain is configured through parameters. Most users will not directly interact with this package but with the corresponding launch files in other packages, e.g. schunk_bringup, cob_bringup, ...
schunk-sdhblacklisted 0.6.14-1 This package provides an interface for operating the schunk dexterous hand (SDH), including the tactile sensors.
schunk-simulated-tactile-sensorsblacklisted 0.6.14-1 This package provides simulated tactile sensors for the Schunk Dextrous Hand (SDH) which is mounted on the Care-O-bot arm. The node subscribes to the Gazebo bumper topics of the SDH. It transforms the Gazebo feedback to the &quot;tactile_data&quot; topic to provide the same tactile sensor interface as the schunk_sdh package. The following parameters can be set: * cells_x: The number of patches on the tactile sensor in the direction perpendicular to the finger. Defaults to 6. * cells_y: The number of patches on the tactile sensor along the direction of the finger. Defaults to 14. * output_range: The maximum output value of one patch. Defaults to 3500. * sensitivity: The change of output in one patch per Newton. Defaults to 350. The sensitivity can be approximated by the following formula: S = output_range / (measurement_range * cell_area) - The measurement range of the tactile pads is 250 kPa (from the data sheet). - The output range can be determined by experiment from the real SDH. It is about 3500. - The cell area is the size of one patch. Length and width of the area are determined by dividing the length/width of the collision surface by the number of cells in the respective direction. Important: In most cases this is NOT the cell area that is given in the data sheet! * filter_length: The length of the moving average filter which smoothes the values from simulation. Defaults to 10. The node subscribes to the following topics to receive data from the simulation: * thumb_2/state * thumb_3/state * finger_12/state * finger_13/state * finger_22/state * finger_23/state The node publishes the processed data on the following topic: * tactile_data The simulated bumper must obtain the collision data in the link that the sensor is attached to. This is achieved by setting the &quot;frameName&quot; property in the gazebo_ros_bumper controller.
sdhlibrary-cpp 0.2.10-1 This is SDHLibrary-CPP, the C++ library to access an SDH (SCHUNK Dexterous Hand)
seed-r7-bringupblacklisted 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_bringup package
seed-r7-description 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_description package
seed-r7-moveit-configblacklisted 0.3.3-1 Meta package for bringup.
seed-r7-navigationblacklisted 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_navigation package
seed-r7-robot-interface 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_robot_interface package
seed-r7-ros-controller 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_ros_controller package
seed-r7-ros-pkgblacklisted 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_ros_pkg package
seed-r7-samplesblacklisted 0.3.3-1 The seed_r7_samples package
seed-r7-typef-moveit-configblacklisted 0.3.3-1 An automatically generated package with all the configuration and launch files for using the SEED-Noid-Mover-typeF with the MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework
seed-smartactuator-sdk 0.0.4-1 The seed_smartactuator_sdk package
self-test 1.9.3 self_test
semantic-point-annotator 0.1.28-1 A node which annotates 3D point cloud data with semantic labels.
sensor-msgs 1.12.7 This package defines messages for commonly used sensors, including cameras and scanning laser rangefinders.
serial 1.2.1 Serial is a cross-platform, simple to use library for using serial ports on computers. This library provides a C++, object oriented interface for interacting with RS-232 like devices on Linux and Windows.
service-tools 0.6.16-1 Service tools
settlerlib 0.10.14 Defines helper functions and routines that greatly help when trying to create a settler for a specific sensor channel. This package is experimental and unstable. Expect its APIs to change.
shape-msgs 1.12.7 This package contains messages for defining shapes, such as simple solid object primitives (cube, sphere, etc), planes, and meshes.
sick-safetyscannersblacklisted 1.0.4-1 Provides an Interface to read the sensor output of a SICK Safety Scanner
sick-scan 1.4.2-1 A ROS driver for the SICK TiM and SICK MRS series of laser scanners. This package is based on the original sick_tim-repository of Martin Günther et al.
sick-tim 0.0.16-1 A ROS driver for the SICK TiM and the SICK MRS 1000 laser scanners.
simple-graspingblacklisted 0.3.1 Basic grasping applications and demos.
simple-message 0.7.1-1 simple_message defines a simple messaging connection and protocol for communicating with an industrial robot controller. Additional handler and manager classes are included for handling connection limited systems. This package is part of the ROS-Industrial program.
simple-navigation-goals-tutorial 0.2.3-1 The simple_navigation_goals_tutorial package
simulatorsblacklisted 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate several packages.
single-joint-position-action 1.10.17-1 The single joint position action is a node that provides an action interface for commanding a trajectory to move a joint to a particular position. The action reports success when the joint reaches the desired position.
slam-gmapping 1.4.1-1 slam_gmapping contains a wrapper around gmapping which provides SLAM capabilities.
slam-karto 0.8.1 This package pulls in the Karto mapping library, and provides a ROS wrapper for using it.
slam-toolboxblacklisted 1.1.3-1 This package provides a sped up improved slam karto with updated SDK and visualization and modification toolsets
slam-toolbox-msgs 1.1.3-1 This package provides a sped up improved slam karto with updated SDK and visualization and modification toolsets
slic 2.1.13-1 SLIC-Superpizel ROS Wrapper This file contains the class elements of the class Slic. This class is an implementation of the SLIC Superpixel algorithm by Achanta et al. [PAMI'12, vol. 34, num. 11, pp. 2274-2282]. This implementation is created for the specific purpose of creating over-segmentations in an OpenCV-based environment.
slime-rosblacklisted 0.4.13 Extensions for slime to assist in working with ROS packages
slime-wrapperblacklisted 0.4.13 ROS wrapper for slime
smach 2.0.1 SMACH is a task-level architecture for rapidly creating complex robot behavior. At its core, SMACH is a ROS-independent Python library to build hierarchical state machines. SMACH is a new library that takes advantage of very old concepts in order to quickly create robust robot behavior with maintainable and modular code.
smach-msgs 2.0.1 this package contains a set of messages that are used by the introspection interfaces for smach.
smach-ros 2.0.1 The smach_ros package contains extensions for the SMACH library to integrate it tightly with ROS. For example, SMACH-ROS can call ROS services, listen to ROS topics, and integrate with <a href="">actionlib</a> both as a client, and a provider of action servers. SMACH is a new library that takes advantage of very old concepts in order to quickly create robust robot behavior with maintainable and modular code.
smach-viewerblacklisted 3.0.0-1 The smach viewer is a GUI that shows the state of hierarchical SMACH state machines. It can visualize the possible transitions between states, as well as the currently active state and the values of user data that is passed around between states. The smach viewer uses the SMACH debugging interface based on the <a href="">smach messages</a> to gather information from running state machines.
smclib 1.8.3 The State Machine Compiler (SMC) from converts a language-independent description of a state machine into the source code to support that state machine. This package contains the libraries that a compiled state machine depends on, but it does not contain the compiler itself.
social-navigation-layers 0.5.0 Plugin-based layers for the navigation stack that implement various social navigation contraints, like proxemic distance.
socketcan-bridge 0.8.2-1 Conversion nodes for messages from SocketCAN to a ROS Topic and vice versa.
socketcan-interface 0.8.2-1 Generic CAN interface description with helpers for filtering and driver implementation. Further a socketcan implementation based on boost::asio is included.
soemblacklisted 1.4.0-1 ROS wrapper for the Simple Open EtherCAT Master SOEM. This is an updated version of the original SOEM wrapper released into ROS now including the upstream Repo as a git subtree.
sophus 1.0.1-1 C++ implementation of Lie Groups using Eigen.
sound-playblacklisted 0.3.3 sound_play provides a ROS node that translates commands on a ROS topic (<tt>robotsound</tt>) into sounds. The node supports built-in sounds, playing OGG/WAV files, and doing speech synthesis via festival. C++ and Python bindings allow this node to be used without understanding the details of the message format, allowing faster development and resilience to message format changes.
spacenav-nodeblacklisted 1.13.0-1 ROS interface to the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 6DOF joystick.
sparse-bundle-adjustment 0.4.3-1 ROS wrapper for the sparse bundle adjustment (sba) library (needed for slam_karto)
spatio-temporal-voxel-layerblacklisted 1.3.5-2 The spatio-temporal 3D obstacle costmap package
speech-recognition-msgs 4.3.1 speech_recognition_msgs
srdfdom 0.5.1 Parser for Semantic Robot Description Format (SRDF).
stageblacklisted 4.3.0 Mobile robot simulator
stage-rosblacklisted 1.8.0 This package provides ROS specific hooks for stage
static-tf 0.0.2 The static_tf package
static-transform-mux 1.1.0 A helper node that makes sure everybody knows about all static transforms, even if they are published by multiple publishers.
std-capabilities 0.1.0 This package contains standard capability interfaces, which describe common robot capabilities in terms of ROS concepts such as topics, services, actions, and parameters.
std-msgs 0.5.12 Standard ROS Messages including common message types representing primitive data types and other basic message constructs, such as multiarrays. For common, generic robot-specific message types, please see <a href="">common_msgs</a>.
std-srvs 1.11.2 Common service definitions.
stereo-image-proc 1.14.0-1 Stereo and single image rectification and disparity processing.
stereo-msgs 1.12.7 stereo_msgs contains messages specific to stereo processing, such as disparity images.
swri-consoleblacklisted 1.1.0 A rosout GUI viewer developed at Southwest Research Insititute as an alternative to rqt_console.
swri-console-util 2.11.0-1 swri_console_util
swri-dbw-interface 2.11.0-1 This package provides documentation on common interface conventions for drive-by-wire systems.
swri-geometry-util 2.11.0-1 swri_geometry_util
swri-image-util 2.11.0-1 swri_image_util
swri-math-util 2.11.0-1 swri_math_util
swri-nodelet 2.11.0-1 This package provides a simple script to write simple launch files that can easily switch between running nodelets together or as standalone nodes.
swri-opencv-util 2.11.0-1 swri_opencv_util
swri-prefix-tools 2.11.0-1 Contains scripts that are useful as prefix commands for nodes started by roslaunch.
swri-profiler 0.2.2-1 swri_profiler provides basic tools for real-time selective profiling of ROS C++ nodes.
swri-profiler-msgs 0.2.2-1 Messages for the swri_profiler tool.
swri-profiler-toolsblacklisted 0.2.2-1 Provides tools for viewing data produced by nodes that use the swri_profiler library to output profiling information.
swri-roscpp 2.11.0-1 swri_roscpp
swri-rospy 2.11.0-1 This package provides added functionaliy on top of rospy, including a single-threaded callback queue.
swri-route-util 2.11.0-1 This library provides functionality to simplify working with the navigation messages defined in marti_nav_msgs.
swri-serial-util 2.11.0-1 swri_serial_util
swri-string-util 2.11.0-1 swri_string_util
swri-system-util 2.11.0-1 swri_system_util
swri-transform-util 2.11.0-1 The swri_transform_util package contains utility functions and classes for transforming between coordinate frames.
swri-yaml-util 2.11.0-1 Provides wrappers around the yaml-cpp library for various utility functions and to abstract out the API changes made to yaml-cpp between ubuntu:precise and ubuntu:trusty.
talos-description 1.0.45 The talos_description package
talos-description-calibration 1.0.45 This package contains the description of the hand-eye calibration of the TALOS robot. The files in this package are used also from the talos_description package.
talos-description-inertial 1.0.45 Inertial parameters of talos
teb-local-plannerblacklisted 0.8.4-1 The teb_local_planner package implements a plugin to the base_local_planner of the 2D navigation stack. The underlying method called Timed Elastic Band locally optimizes the robot's trajectory with respect to trajectory execution time, separation from obstacles and compliance with kinodynamic constraints at runtime.
teb-local-planner-tutorialsblacklisted 0.2.4-1 The teb_local_planner_tutorials package
teleop-tools 0.3.1-1 A set of generic teleoperation tools for any robot.
teleop-tools-msgs 0.3.1-1 The teleop_tools_msgs package
teleop-twist-joy 0.1.3 Generic joystick teleop for twist robots.
teleop-twist-keyboard 0.6.2 Generic keyboard teleop for twist robots.
teraranger 2.1.0-1 This package provides ros nodes for single sensors from Terabee
teraranger-array 2.0.0-1 This package provides ros nodes for multi-sensor arrays from Terabee
test-diagnostic-aggregator 1.9.3 Basic diagnostic_aggregator tests are in the
test-mavros 1.0.0-1 Tests for MAVROS package
test-osm 0.2.5-1 These are regression tests for the osm_cartography and route_network packages. They are packaged separately to avoid unnecessary implementation dependencies.
tf 1.12.1-1 tf is a package that lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time. tf maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree structure buffered in time, and lets the user transform points, vectors, etc between any two coordinate frames at any desired point in time. <p><b>Migration</b>: Since ROS Hydro, tf has been &quot;deprecated&quot; in favor of <a href="">tf2</a>. tf2 is an iteration on tf providing generally the same feature set more efficiently. As well as adding a few new features.<br/> As tf2 is a major change the tf API has been maintained in its current form. Since tf2 has a superset of the tf features with a subset of the dependencies the tf implementation has been removed and replaced with calls to tf2 under the hood. This will mean that all users will be compatible with tf2. It is recommended for new work to use tf2 directly as it has a cleaner interface. However tf will continue to be supported for through at least J Turtle. </p>
tf-conversions 1.12.1-1 This package contains a set of conversion functions to convert common tf datatypes (point, vector, pose, etc) into semantically identical datatypes used by other libraries. The conversion functions make it easier for users of the transform library (tf) to work with the datatype of their choice. Currently this package has support for the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL) and the Eigen matrix library. This package is stable, and will get integrated into tf in the next major release cycle (see roadmap).
tf-remapper-cpp 1.1.1 More efficient version of tf/tf_remap able to handle TFs at kHz with tens of subscribers.
tf2 0.6.5 tf2 is the second generation of the transform library, which lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time. tf2 maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree structure buffered in time, and lets the user transform points, vectors, etc between any two coordinate frames at any desired point in time.
tf2-bullet 0.6.5 tf2_bullet
tf2-eigen 0.6.5 tf2_eigen
tf2-geometry-msgs 0.6.5 tf2_geometry_msgs
tf2-kdl 0.6.5 KDL binding for tf2
tf2-msgs 0.6.5 tf2_msgs
tf2-py 0.6.5 The tf2_py package
tf2-relay 0.0.2-1 Specialization of message_relay for tf2
tf2-ros 0.6.5 This package contains the ROS bindings for the tf2 library, for both Python and C++.
tf2-sensor-msgs 0.6.5 Small lib to transform sensor_msgs with tf. Most notably, PointCloud2
tf2-server 1.0.5-1 TF2 server that can provide transforms over separate TF topics
tf2-tools 0.6.5 tf2_tools
tf2-web-republisher 0.3.2 Republishing of Selected TFs
theora-image-transport 1.9.5 Theora_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending an image stream encoded with the Theora codec.
tile-mapblacklisted 1.2.0-1 Tile map provides a slippy map style interface for visualizing OpenStreetMap and GooleMap tiles. A mapviz visualization plug-in is also implemented
timestamp-tools 1.6.8 This package is currently for internal use only. Its API may change without warning in the future. This package is deprecated.
topic-tools 1.14.5-1 Tools for directing, throttling, selecting, and otherwise messing with ROS topics at a meta level. None of the programs in this package actually know about the topics whose streams they are altering; instead, these tools deal with messages as generic binary blobs. This means they can be applied to any ROS topic.
towrblacklisted 1.4.1 A light-weight, Eigen-based C++ library for trajectory optimization for legged robots. This library provides implementations for variables, costs and constraints that can be used to represent a legged locomotion problem. The resulting Nonlinear Programming Problem (NLP) can then be solved with off-the-shelf solvers, e.g. Ipopt using the generic optimizer interface <a href="">ifopt</a>.
towr-rosblacklisted 1.4.1 A ROS dependent wrapper for <a href="">towr</a>. Adds a keyboard user interface to set different goal states, motions and robots and visualizes the produced motions plan in rviz using <a href="">xpp</a>.
trac-ikblacklisted 1.5.1-1 The ROS packages in this repository were created to provide an improved alternative Inverse Kinematics solver to the popular inverse Jacobian methods in KDL. TRAC-IK handles joint-limited chains better than KDL without increasing solve time.
trac-ik-examplesblacklisted 1.5.1-1 This package contains the source code for testing and comparing trac_ik
trac-ik-kinematics-pluginblacklisted 1.5.1-1 A MoveIt! Kinematics plugin using TRAC-IK
trac-ik-libblacklisted 1.5.1-1 TRAC-IK is a faster, significantly more reliable drop-in replacement for KDL's pseudoinverse Jacobian solver. The TRAC-IK library has a very similar API to KDL's IK solver calls, except that the user passes a maximum time instead of a maximum number of search iterations. Additionally, TRAC-IK allows for error tolerances to be set independently for each Cartesian dimension (x,y,z,roll,pitch.yaw).
trac-ik-pythonblacklisted 1.5.1-1 The trac_ik_python package contains a python wrapper using SWIG for trac_ik_lib
tracetools 0.2.1-1 Wrapper interface for tracing libraries
track-odometry 0.8.1-1 Odometry slip compensation package
trajectory-msgs 1.12.7 This package defines messages for defining robot trajectories. These messages are also the building blocks of most of the <a href="">control_msgs</a> actions.
trajectory-tracker 0.8.1-1 Path following control package for wheeled mobile robot
trajectory-tracker-msgs 0.8.0-1 Message definitions for trajectory_tracker package
trajectory-tracker-rviz-pluginsblacklisted 0.3.0 Rviz plugins for trajectory_tracker_msgs
transmission-interface 0.17.0-1 Transmission Interface.
ttsblacklisted 1.0.2-1 Package enabling a robot to speak with a human voice by providing a Text-To-Speech ROS service
turtle-actionlibblacklisted 0.1.11 turtle_actionlib demonstrates how to write an action server and client with the turtlesim. The shape_server provides and action interface for drawing regular polygons with the turtlesim.
turtle-tfblacklisted 0.2.2 turtle_tf demonstrates how to write a tf broadcaster and listener with the turtlesim. The tutle_tf_listener commands turtle2 to follow turtle1 around as you drive turtle1 using the keyboard.
turtle-tf2blacklisted 0.2.2 turtle_tf2 demonstrates how to write a tf2 broadcaster and listener with the turtlesim. The tutle_tf2_listener commands turtle2 to follow turtle1 around as you drive turtle1 using the keyboard.
turtlebot3 1.2.2-1 ROS packages for the Turtlebot3 (meta package)
turtlebot3-applications 1.1.0 ROS packages for the turtlebot3 applications (meta package)
turtlebot3-applications-msgs 1.0.0-1 Message and service types: custom messages and services for TurtleBot3 Applications packages
turtlebot3-automatic-parking 1.1.0 Package for turtlebot3 automatic_parking. You need a reflective tape and real robots. You can see parking spot using this pacakge on rviz.
turtlebot3-automatic-parking-visionblacklisted 1.1.0 Package for TurtleBot3 automatic_parking which uses ar code. This example needs a printed ar code and a TurtleBot3.
turtlebot3-autorace 1.2.0 AutoRace ROS packages for AutoRace with TurtleBot3 (meta package)
turtlebot3-autorace-camera 1.2.0 TurtleBot3 AutoRace ROS package that controls Raspberry Pi Camera, and process the image
turtlebot3-autorace-control 1.2.0 TurtleBot3 AutoRace ROS package that controls TurtleBot3 Auto
turtlebot3-autorace-core 1.2.0 TurtleBot3 AutoRace ROS package that TurtleBot3 Auto's core
turtlebot3-autorace-detect 1.2.0 AutoRace ROS packages for feature detection with TurtleBot3 Auto
turtlebot3-bringup 1.2.2-1 roslaunch scripts for starting the TurtleBot3
turtlebot3-description 1.2.2-1 3D models of the TurtleBot3 for simulation and visualization
turtlebot3-example 1.2.2-1 This package provides four TurtleBot3 basic example include move using interactive marker, move and stop using LDS, move to goal position, move to custom routes. The interactions node is that you can control the TurtleBot3 front and back side or rotate to goal position. The obstacle node is that when the robot meets an obstacle, it stops. The patrol node is that TurtleBot3 move to custom route. There are 3 route(square, triangle, circle) in this package. You can add your route and move the TurtleBot3. The pointop node is that you can insert goal position include distance x-axis, y-axis and angluar z-axis.
turtlebot3-fake 1.2.0 Package for TurtleBot3 fake node. With this package, simple tests can be done without a robot. You can do simple tests using this package on rviz without real robots.
turtlebot3-follow-filter 1.1.0 turtlebot3_follow_filter package using laser_filters for turtlebot3_follower package
turtlebot3-follower 1.1.0 The follower demo was implemented using a 360 Laser Distance Sensor LDS-01. The classification algorithm is used based on previous fitting with samples of person and obstacles positions to take actions. It follows someone in front of the robot within a 50 centimeter range and 140 degrees.
turtlebot3-gazeboblacklisted 1.2.0 Gazebo simulation package for the TurtleBot3
turtlebot3-msgs 1.0.0 Message and service types: custom messages and services for TurtleBot3 packages
turtlebot3-navigation 1.2.2-1 The turtlebot3_navigation provides roslaunch scripts for starting the navigation.
turtlebot3-panorama 1.1.0 This app utilises pano_ros for taking snapshots and stitching them together to create panorama pictures.
turtlebot3-simulationsblacklisted 1.2.0 ROS packages for the turtlebot3 simulation (meta package)
turtlebot3-slam 1.2.2-1 The turtlebot3_slam package provides roslaunch scripts for starting the SLAM
turtlebot3-teleop 1.2.2-1 Provides teleoperation using keyboard for TurtleBot3.
turtlesimblacklisted 0.9.2-1 turtlesim is a tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages.
turtlesim-dash-tutorialblacklisted 1.0.0-2 The turtlesim_dash_tutorial package
tuw-airskin-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_airskin_msgs package
tuw-aruco 0.1.1-1 This is a wrapper around the marker detection library ArUco.
tuw-checkerboard 0.1.1-1 The tuw_checkerboard package is designed to detect one checkerboard and to estimate the pose of the checkerboard relative to the camera. The detection itself is based on the opencv functions for checkerboards.
tuw-ellipses 0.1.1-1 The tuw_ellipses package contains a computer vision library which is able to detect ellipses within images. The package is able to estimate the pose of the circle related to the ellipse the circle diameter as well as the camera parameter are known. A dynamic reconfigure interface allows the user to tune the parameter of the system to ones needs. But be aware that the pose of a projected circle within a image (ellipse) has two solutions and only one is published as TF.
tuw-gazebo-msgs 0.0.13 Message and service data structures.
tuw-geometry 0.0.3 The tuw_geometry package
tuw-geometry-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_geometry_msgs package
tuw-marker-detection 0.1.1-1 The tuw_marker_detection package
tuw-marker-pose-estimation 0.1.1-1 This node does pose estimation for detected fiducials (marker_msgs/FiducialDetection.msg)
tuw-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_msgs meta package
tuw-multi-robot-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_multi_robot_msgs package contains messages for sending graph, route and sync data over topics.
tuw-nav-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_nav_msgs package
tuw-object-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_object_msgs package. This pkg provides a set of messages used to detect, map and track objects of different types.
tuw-vehicle-msgs 0.0.13 The tuw_vehicle_msgs package
twist-mux 3.1.0-1 Twist multiplexer, which multiplex several velocity commands (topics) and allows to priorize or disable them (locks).
twist-mux-msgs 2.1.0-6 The twist_mux msgs and actions package
twist-recovery 0.3.3-1 A recovery behavior that performs a particular used-defined twist.
ubiquity-motor 0.10.0-1 Provides a ROS interface to Ubiquity Robotics Magni motor controllers
ublox 1.3.1-1 Provides a ublox_gps node for u-blox GPS receivers, messages, and serialization packages for the binary UBX protocol.
ublox-gps 1.3.1-1 Driver for u-blox GPS devices.
ublox-msgs 1.3.1-1 ublox_msgs contains raw messages for u-blox GNSS devices.
ublox-serialization 1.3.1-1 ublox_serialization provides header files for serialization of ROS messages to and from u-blox message format.
ubnt-airos-tools 1.0.1-1 Ubiquiti AirOS tools for extracting AP information to ROS
um6 1.1.3-1 The um6 package provides a C++ implementation of the CH Robotics serial protocol, and a corresponding ROS node for publishing standard ROS orientation topics from a UM6.
um7 0.0.6-1 The um7 package provides a C++ implementation of the CH Robotics serial protocol, and a corresponding ROS node for publishing standard ROS orientation topics from a UM7.
underwater-sensor-msgs 1.4.2-2 Common messages for underwater robotics
underwater-vehicle-dynamics 1.4.2-2 An underwater dynamics module
unique-id 1.0.6 ROS Python and C++ interfaces for universally unique identifiers.
unique-identifier 1.0.6 ROS messages and interfaces for universally unique identifiers. Not needed for wet packages, use only to resolve dry stack dependencies.
urdf 1.13.2-1 This package contains a C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF), which is an XML format for representing a robot model. The code API of the parser has been through our review process and will remain backwards compatible in future releases.
urdf-geometry-parser 0.0.3 Extract geometry value of a vehicle from urdf
urdf-parser-plugin 1.13.2-1 This package contains a C++ base class for URDF parsers.
urdf-sim-tutorialblacklisted 0.4.0 The urdf_sim_tutorial package
urdf-test 1.0.4 The urdf_test package
urdf-tutorialblacklisted 0.4.0 This package contains a number of URDF tutorials.
urdfdom-py 0.4.2-1 Python implementation of the URDF parser.
urg-c 1.0.405 The urg_c package
urg-node 0.1.12-1 urg_node
urg-stamped 0.0.4-1 Precisely stamped URG driver for ROS
usb-camblacklisted 0.3.6 A ROS Driver for V4L USB Cameras
usb-cam-controllersblacklisted 0.0.4 The usb_cam_controllers package
usb-cam-hardware 0.0.4 The usb_cam_hardware package
usb-cam-hardware-interface 0.0.4 The usb_cam_hardware_interface package
usv-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 1.3.0-1 Gazebo plugins for simulating Unmanned Surface Vehicles Originaly copied from
uuid-msgs 1.0.6 ROS messages for universally unique identifiers.
uuv-assistants 0.6.13 Tools and utilities to monitor and analyze the simulation
uuv-auv-control-allocator 0.6.13 Optimal allocation of forces and torques to thruster and fins of AUVs
uuv-control-cascaded-pid 0.6.13 A cascade of PID controllers for acceleration, velocity, and position control.
uuv-control-msgs 0.6.13 The uuv_control_msgs package
uuv-control-utilsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_control_utils package
uuv-descriptionsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_descriptions package
uuv-gazebo 0.6.13 The uuv_gazebo package
uuv-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 0.6.13 UUV Simulator's Gazebo plugins for simulation of hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces, and underwater actuators (e.g. thrusters and fins).
uuv-gazebo-ros-pluginsblacklisted 0.6.13 UUV Simulator's extended ROS plugins for generation of the necessary ROS services and topics during the simulation.
uuv-gazebo-ros-plugins-msgs 0.6.13 The uuv_gazebo_ros_plugins_msgs package
uuv-gazebo-worldsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_gazebo_worlds package
uuv-sensor-ros-pluginsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_sensor_ros_plugins package
uuv-sensor-ros-plugins-msgs 0.6.13 The uuv_sensor_ros_plugins_msgs package
uuv-simulatorblacklisted 0.6.13 uuv_simulator contains Gazebo plugins and ROS packages for modeling and simulating unmanned underwater vehicles
uuv-teleop 0.6.13 ROS nodes to generate command topics for vehicles and manipulators using a joystick input
uuv-thruster-manager 0.6.13 The thruster manager package
uuv-trajectory-controlblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_trajectory_control package
uuv-world-pluginsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_world_plugins package
uuv-world-ros-pluginsblacklisted 0.6.13 The uuv_world_ros_plugins package
uuv-world-ros-plugins-msgs 0.6.13 The uuv_world_ros_plugins_msgs package
uvc-camera 0.2.7 A collection of node(let)s that stream images from USB cameras (UVC) and provide CameraInfo messages to consumers. Includes a two-camera node that provides rough synchronization for stereo vision. Currently uses the base driver from Morgan Quigley's uvc_cam package.
uwsimblacklisted 1.4.2-2 UWSim is an UnderWater SIMulator for marine robotics research and development. UWSim visualizes an underwater virtual scenario that can be configured using standard modeling software. Controllable underwater vehicles, surface vessels and robotic manipulators, as well as simulated sensors, can be added to the scene and accessed externally through ROS interfaces. This allows to easily integrate the visualization tool with existing control architectures.
uwsim-osgbulletblacklisted 3.0.1-3 The OSG Bullet library adapted to UWSim. See
uwsim-osgoceanblacklisted 1.0.4-1 The OSG Ocean library adapted to UWSim. See
uwsim-osgworksblacklisted 3.0.3-2 The OSG Works library adapted to UWSim. See
vapor-masterblacklisted 0.3.0 high availability ros master
variant 0.1.5 Meta-package for the universal variant library.
variant-msgs 0.1.5 Variant messages are designed to accommodate the information content of any invariant message. They are truly generic and can freely be converted to and from specific message objects.
variant-topic-test 0.1.5 Variant topic tools testing suites.
variant-topic-tools 0.1.5 Topic tools for treating messages as variant types.
velocity-controllers 0.15.1-1 velocity_controllers
velodyne 1.5.2 Basic ROS support for the Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-description 1.0.9 URDF and meshes describing Velodyne laser scanners.
velodyne-driver 1.5.2 ROS device driver for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 1.0.9 Gazebo plugin to provide simulated data from Velodyne laser scanners.
velodyne-laserscan 1.5.2 Extract a single ring of a Velodyne PointCloud2 and publish it as a LaserScan message
velodyne-msgs 1.5.2 ROS message definitions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-pointcloud 1.5.2 Point cloud conversions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-simulatorblacklisted 1.0.9 Metapackage allowing easy installation of Velodyne simulation components.
video-stream-opencv 1.1.5 The video_stream_opencv package contains a node to publish a video stream (the protocols that opencv supports are supported, including rtsp, webcams on /dev/video and video files) in ROS image topics, it supports camera info and basic image flipping (horizontal, vertical or both) capabilities, also adjusting publishing rate.
view-controller-msgs 0.1.3 Messages for (camera) view controllers
virtual-force-publisher 2.2.10 publish end effector's force, which is estmated from joint torque value
vision-msgs 0.0.1 Messages for interfacing with various computer vision pipelines, such as object detectors.
vision-opencv 1.13.0 Packages for interfacing ROS with OpenCV, a library of programming functions for real time computer vision.
vision-vispblacklisted 0.11.1-1 Virtual package providing ViSP related packages.
vispblacklisted 3.3.0-3 ViSP standing for Visual Servoing Platform is a modular cross platform library that allows prototyping and developing applications using visual tracking and visual servoing technics at the heart of the researches done by Inria Lagadic team. ViSP is able to compute control laws that can be applied to robotic systems. It provides a set of visual features that can be tracked using real time image processing or computer vision algorithms. ViSP provides also simulation capabilities. ViSP can be useful in robotics, computer vision, augmented reality and computer animation.
visp-auto-trackerblacklisted 0.11.1-1 Online automated pattern-based object tracker relying on visual servoing. visp_auto_tracker wraps model-based trackers provided by ViSP visual servoing library into a ROS package. The tracked object should have a QRcode of Flash code pattern. Based on the pattern, the object is automaticaly detected. The detection allows then to initialise the model-based trackers. When lost of tracking achieves a new detection is performed that will be used to re-initialize the tracker. This computer vision algorithm computes the pose (i.e. position and orientation) of an object in an image. It is fast enough to allow object online tracking using a camera.
visp-bridgeblacklisted 0.11.1-1 Converts between ROS structures and ViSP structures.
visp-camera-calibrationblacklisted 0.11.1-1 visp_camera_calibration allows easy calibration of cameras using a customizable pattern and ViSP library.
visp-hand2eye-calibrationblacklisted 0.11.1-1 visp_hand2eye_calibration estimates the camera position with respect to its effector using the ViSP library.
visp-trackerblacklisted 0.11.1-1 Wraps the ViSP moving edge tracker provided by the ViSP visual servoing library into a ROS package. This computer vision algorithm computes the pose (i.e. position and orientation) of an object in an image. It is fast enough to allow object online tracking using a camera.
visualization-marker-tutorials 0.10.3 The visulalization_marker_tutorials package
visualization-msgs 1.12.7 visualization_msgs is a set of messages used by higher level packages, such as <a href="/wiki/rviz">rviz</a>, that deal in visualization-specific data. The main messages in visualization_msgs is <tt>visualization_msgs/Marker</tt>. The marker message is used to send visualization &quot;markers&quot; such as boxes, spheres, arrows, lines, etc. to a visualization environment such as <a href="http:///">rviz</a>. See the rviz tutorial <a href="">rviz tutorials</a> for more information.
visualization-osgblacklisted 1.0.2-2 visualization_osg is a metapackage providing support for visualization of geometry using the OpenSceneGraph rendering engine.
visualization-tutorialsblacklisted 0.10.3 Metapackage referencing tutorials related to rviz and visualization.
visualstatesblacklisted 0.2.3-3 The VisualStates is reactive hierarchical visual robot planning tool.
vizblacklisted 1.4.1 A metapackage to aggregate several packages.
voice-textblacklisted 2.1.13-1 voice_text (
volksbot-driver 1.0.0-3 Driver for the Volksbot robot.
voxel-grid 1.16.5-1 voxel_grid provides an implementation of an efficient 3D voxel grid. The occupancy grid can support 3 different representations for the state of a cell: marked, free, or unknown. Due to the underlying implementation relying on bitwise and and or integer operations, the voxel grid only supports 16 different levels per voxel column. However, this limitation yields raytracing and cell marking performance in the grid comparable to standard 2D structures making it quite fast compared to most 3D structures.
vrpn 7.34.0-1 The VRPN is a library and set of servers that interfaces with virtual-reality systems, such as VICON, OptiTrack, and others.
vrpn-client-ros 0.2.2 ROS client nodes for the <a href="">VRPN</a> library, compatible with VICON, OptiTrack, and other <a href="">hardware interfaces</a>.
vrx-gazeboblacklisted 1.3.0-1 The ROS package for the RobotX competition running in Gazebo.
wamv-descriptionblacklisted 1.3.0-1 This package provides a URDF model of WAM-V
wamv-gazeboblacklisted 1.3.0-1 Provides templates and examples for integrating the WAM-V model into gazebo with dynamics, sensors, etc.
warehouse-ros 0.9.3-1 Persistent storage of ROS messages
warehouse-ros-mongoblacklisted 0.9.1-1 Implementation of warehouse_ros for MongoDB
warthog-control 0.1.1-2 Controllers for Warthog
warthog-description 0.1.1-2 URDF robot description for Warthog
warthog-desktopblacklisted 0.0.1-1 Packages for working with Warthog from a ROS desktop.
warthog-gazeboblacklisted 0.2.0-1 Launchfiles to use Warthog in Gazebo.
warthog-msgs 0.1.1-2 Messages exclusive to Warthog, especially for representing low-level motor commands and sensors.
warthog-simulatorblacklisted 0.2.0-1 Packages for simulating Warthog
warthog-vizblacklisted 0.0.1-1 Visualization launchers and helpers for Warthog.
wave-gazeboblacklisted 1.3.0-1 This package contains Gazebo media, models and worlds for simulating water waves and dynamics for surface vessels. There are ROS launch scripts that may be used to launch a Gazebo session and load a world and models using `roslaunch`.
wave-gazebo-pluginsblacklisted 1.3.0-1 This package contains Gazebo plugins for the simulation of water surface waves and hydrostatic and hydrodynamics forces.
web-video-serverblacklisted 0.2.1-1 HTTP Streaming of ROS Image Topics in Multiple Formats
webkit-dependencyblacklisted 1.1.0 This encapsulates the WebKit dependency for a specific ROS distribution and its Qt version
webots-ros 2.0.6-1 The ROS package containing examples for interfacing ROS with the standard ROS controller of Webots
webrtcblacklisted 59.0.3 WebRTC Native API
webrtc-rosblacklisted 59.0.3 A collection of ROS utilities for using WebRTC with ROS
wge100-camera 1.8.2-1 A ROS node and assorted tools to provide access to the WGE100 camera used in the forearms and the stereo cameras of the PR2 robot.
wge100-camera-firmwareblacklisted 1.8.2-1 Source for the WGE100 Ethernet camera: Verilog source for the FPGA, Forth source for the camera firmware. Intended for camera developers. Note that a built binary from this package is checked in under wge100_camera/firmware_images/
wge100-driverblacklisted 1.8.2-1 This stack contains the ROS driver and firmware for the WGE100 camera used on the PR2 robot.
wifi-ddwrtblacklisted 0.2.0 Access to the DD-WRT wifi
wiimoteblacklisted 1.13.0-1 The wiimote package allows ROS nodes to communicate with a Nintendo Wiimote and its related peripherals, including the Nunchuk, Motion Plus, and (experimentally) the Classic. The package implements a ROS node that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Wiimote device, obtaining accelerometer and gyro data, the state of LEDs, the IR camera, rumble (vibrator), buttons, joystick, and battery state. The node additionally enables ROS nodes to control the Wiimote's LEDs and vibration for feedback to the human Wiimote operator. LEDs and vibration may be switched on and off, or made to operate according to a timed pattern.
willow-maps 1.0.3 Holds maps of Willow Garage that can be used for a number of different applications.
wu-ros-tools 0.2.4 A collection of tools for making a variety of generic ROS-related tasks easier.
xacro 1.13.5-1 Xacro (XML Macros) Xacro is an XML macro language. With xacro, you can construct shorter and more readable XML files by using macros that expand to larger XML expressions.
xmlrpcpp 1.14.5-1 XmlRpc++ is a C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. This version is heavily modified from the package available on SourceForge in order to support roscpp's threading model. As such, we are maintaining our own fork.
xpp 1.0.10 Visualization of motion-plans for legged robots. It draws support areas, contact forces and motion trajectories in RVIZ and displays URDFs for specific robots, including a one-legged, a two-legged hopper and <a href="">HyQ</a>. Example motions were generated by <a href="">towr</a>.
xpp-examples 1.0.10 Examples of how to use the xpp framework.
xpp-hyq 1.0.10 HyQ-robot specific functions for visualization in the XPP Motion Framework. These include inverse kinematics as well as urdf files for a one-legged, two-legged and four legged robot with <a href="">HyQ</a> legs. The dynamic model can be found <a href="">here</a>. See also <a href="">IIT</a>.
xpp-msgs 1.0.10 ROS messages used in the XPP framework.
xpp-quadrotor 1.0.10 The URDF file for a quadrotor to be used with the xpp packages and a simple rviz publisher of quadrotor tfs. Adapted from Daniel Mellinger, Nathan Michael, Vijay Kumar, &quot;Trajectory Generation and Control for Precise Aggressive Maneuvers with Quadrotors&quot;.
xpp-states 1.0.10 Common definitions (positions, velocities, angular angles, angular rates) and robot definitions in Cartesian and joint state used in the Xpp Motion Framework, as well as conversions to/from xpp_msgs.
xpp-vis 1.0.10 Visualization for the XPP Motion Framework.
xsens-driver 2.2.2 ROS Driver for XSens MT/MTi/MTi-G devices.
xv-11-laser-driver 0.3.0 Neato XV-11 Laser Driver. This driver works with the laser when it is removed from the XV-11 Robot as opposed to reading scans from the Neato's USB port.
yocs-ar-marker-tracking 0.8.2 Collecting, tracking and generating statistics for ar markers from ar_track_alvar.
yocs-ar-pair-approach 0.8.2 Search and approach behaviour, moving to a target in front of a pair of ar markers.
yocs-ar-pair-tracking 0.8.2 The AR pair tracking package
yocs-cmd-vel-mux 0.8.2 A multiplexer for command velocity inputs. Arbitrates incoming cmd_vel messages from several topics, allowing one topic at a time to command the robot, based on priorities. It also deallocates current allowed topic if no messages are received after a configured timeout. All topics, together with their priority and timeout are configured through a YAML file, that can be reload at runtime.
yocs-controllers 0.8.2 Library for various controller types and algorithms
yocs-diff-drive-pose-controller 0.8.2 A controller for driving a differential drive base to a pose goal or along a path specified by multiple poses. A pose consists of a 2D position (x,y) and a 1D orientation (theta).
yocs-joyop 0.8.2 Joystick teleoperation for your robot robot core
yocs-keyop 0.8.2 Keyboard teleoperation for your robot
yocs-localization-manager 0.8.2 Localization Manager helps to localize robot's position with annotated information
yocs-math-toolkit 0.8.2 Math toolkit for Yujin open control system. This package is intended to contain common use functions, mostly for simple mathematics but also for tf-related conversions. By no means it pretends to be an efficient and robust, widely used math library, but a play ground where to put common code that is typically repeated in many robot control programs.
yocs-msgs 0.7.0 Yujin's Open Control System messages, services and actions
yocs-navi-toolkit 0.8.2 Ros navigation utilities.
yocs-navigator 0.8.2 Navigation module for robots
yocs-rapps 0.8.2 Yujin open control system rapps for use with the app manager and rocon concert
yocs-safety-controller 0.8.2 A controller ensuring the safe operation of your robot. The SafetyController listens to ranger readings in order to stop (and move back), if obstacles get to close. This controller can be enabled/disabled.
yocs-velocity-smoother 0.8.2 Bound incoming velocity messages according to robot velocity and acceleration limits.
yocs-virtual-sensor 0.8.2 Virtual sensor that uses semantic map information to &quot;see&quot; obstacles undetectable by robot sensors. Current implementation cannot read obstacles from YAML files. Until this feature gets implemented, we use auxiliary scripts to read and publish files' content. Data directory contains some example files.
yocs-waypoint-provider 0.8.2 Parse a multiple poses from yaml and provide as topic and service. This package is highly inspired by yocs_waypoints_navi
yocs-waypoints-navi 0.8.2 Simple tool for waypoints navigation with two functions: <br/> * Command the robot to go to a goal by passing through a series of waypoints. <br/> * Command the robot to constantly loop through a series of waypoints, useful for patrol.
yosemite-valleyblacklisted 0.0.1-1 The yosemite_valley package
ypspur 1.17.1-1 YP-Spur is a mobile robot motion control software with coordinate frame based commands.
ypspur-ros 0.3.1-1 ROS wrapper for the mobile robot control platform YP-Spur
yujin-ocs 0.8.2 Yujin Robot's open-source control software
zeroconf-msgs 0.2.1 General ros communications used by the various zeroconf implementations.