Recipe name Version Description Layer
php 7.3.7 A server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language meta-oe
chicken-egg-php-s11n 1.0.3 Serialization/unserialization of PHP data types. meta-chicken
phpmyadmin Web-based MySQL administration interface meta-webserver
cura-engine 14.03 CuraEngine - a C++ application for 3D printing GCode generation meta-maker
grpc 1.14.1 A high performance, open source, general-purpose RPC framework. Provides gRPC libraries for multiple languages written on top of shared C core library (C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#) meta-networking
libnet-libidn-perl 0.12 Net::LibIDN - Perl bindings for GNU Libidn meta-perl
xdebug 2.7.2 Debugging and profiling extension for PHP meta-webserver