Recipe name Version Description Layer
emacs 28.2 Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor meta-oe
ros-emacs-utils 0.4.17-1 A metapackage of Emacs utils for ROS. Only there for simplifying the release process. meta-ros1-noetic
rosemacs 0.4.17-1 ROS tools for those who live in Emacs. meta-ros1-noetic
gpm 1.99.7+gite82d1a653ca94aa4ed12441424da6ce780b1e530 Console mouse driver meta-oe
jsk-tools 2.2.12-1 Includes emacs scripts, ros tool alias generator, and launch doc generator. meta-ros1-noetic
readline 8.1.2 Library for editing typed command lines openembedded-core
roslisp-repl 0.4.17-1 This package provides a script that launches Emacs with Slime (the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode) ready for Lisp development and roslisp. meta-ros1-noetic
wrangler 1.2+gitX Wrangler is an interactive refactoring tool for Erlang. meta-erlang
zile 2.4.15 Zile is lossy Emacs meta-oe