Recipe name Version Description Layer
core-image-epiphany 1.0 An image that provides a complete build environment for working with the Epiphany co-processor meta-parallella
epiphany WebKit based web browser for GNOME openembedded-core
epiphany-elf-binutils meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-binutils-cross meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-binutils-cross-canadian meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-cross meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-cross-canadian meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-cross-initial meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-runtime meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-runtime-nativesdk meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-gcc-source meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-libgcc meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-libgcc-nativesdk meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-libgloss meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-libgloss-nativesdk meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-newlib meta-epiphany
epiphany-elf-newlib-nativesdk meta-epiphany
epiphany-firefox-replacement 1.0 meta-angstrom
epiphany-sdk 1.0 Epiphany SDK Build and Install Package meta-epiphany
libpipeline 1.5.0 pipeline manipulation library openembedded-core
libpipeline 1.4.0 pipeline manipulation library meta-debian
libpipeline 1.4.1 A pipeline manipulation library meta-resin-common
lttng-modules-ipipe 2.3.3 Linux Trace Toolkit KERNEL MODULE meta-eldk
nativesdk-epiphany-sdk 1.0 Epiphany SDK Build and Install Package meta-epiphany
oprofile-ipipe meta-eldk
oprofileui-ipipe 0.0+gitX User Interface for the System-Wide Profiler meta-eldk
oprofileui-server-ipipe 0.0+gitX User Interface for the System-Wide Profiler meta-eldk
packagegroup-core-tools-profile-ipipe 1.0 Profiling tools meta-eldk
packagegroup-epiphany-buildessential 1.0 Essential Epiphany build dependencies meta-parallella
packagegroup-epiphany-elf-buildessentialfromsource 1.0 Essential build dependencies meta-epiphany
packagegroup-epiphany-sdk-buildessentialfromsource 1.0 Essential build dependencies meta-epiphany
packagegroup-epiphany-tools 1.0 Epiphany tools meta-parallella
perf-ipipe 1.0 Performance analysis tools for Linux meta-eldk
pipeman 1.0.0 Pipeman meta-opie
python-pip 9.0.3 PIP is a tool for installing and managing Python packages meta-python
python3-pip 9.0.3 The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages openembedded-core
systemtap-uprobes-ipipe 3.1 UProbes kernel module for SystemTap meta-eldk
tickypip 0.1.2 Tickypip meta-opie
tickypip-levels 1.1 Tickypip levels from NetWalk Group meta-opie
esdk 2014.11 Epiphany SDK meta-parallella
esdk 2016.3.1 Epiphany SDK meta-parallella
gst-instruments git Profiling utilities for GStreamer 1.0 pipelines meta-multimedia
gst-instruments 0.2.1+gitX Profiling utilities for GStreamer 1.0 pipelines meta-bistro
ipc-run 0.96 IPC::Run allows you run and interact with child processes using files, pipes, and pseudo-ttys. Both system()-style and scripted usages are supported and may be mixed. Likewise, functional and OO API styles are both supported and may be mixed. meta-oe
log-any-adapter-daemontools-perl 0.101 In the daemontools way of thinking, a daemon writes all its logging output to STDOUT (or STDERR), which is a pipe to a logger process. Doing this instead of other logging alternatives keeps your program simple and allows you to capture errors generated by deeper libraries (like libc) which aren't aware of your logging API. If you want complicated logging you can keep those details in the logging process and not bloat each daemon you write. meta-cpan
net-async-http-perl 0.41 This object class implements an asynchronous HTTP user agent. It sends requests to servers, returning Future instances to yield responses when they are received. The object supports multiple concurrent connections to servers, and allows multiple requests in the pipeline to any one connection. Normally, only one such object will be needed per program to support any number of requests. meta-cpan
pv 1.5.3 Terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline meta-oe
python-sarge 0.1.4 A wrapper for subprocess which provides command pipeline functionality. meta-maker
python-snakefood 1.4 Dependency graphing for Python meta-python